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Is America At The Tipping Point?

I had become convinced that the America I grew up in was mostly gone and the rest was doomed. America would still be here, but it would be like Europe – A shepherd government tending sheep. It might look the … Continue reading

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NeverTrumper = Leg Humper

But . . . but . . . muh principuls. Why the Smart Move for Never-Trumpers Is to Become Democrats There’s a new debate inside the #NeverTrump movement about how to respond to a president they loathe and the Republican … Continue reading

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Having a bad day? Try following Anthony’s and Myiq ‘s Posts !

Wednesday Open Thread. It’s what I do đŸ˜› #WhyIJoinedTwitter "With Every Decision And Every Action, We Are Now Putting #AmericaFirst _ President Trump There Is NO Doubt That This Man, @realDonaldTrump LOVES Our Country! God Bless You Mr. President And … Continue reading

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