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Sunday Open Thread

The last thread is shutting down my computer đŸ˜€ If your 16 year old Daughter needed to get a ride home at night alone, who would you want to give her the ride? — Florida Guy (@floridaguy267) September 28, 2018 … Continue reading

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When It Feels Like A Hot Seat Because Your Pants Are On Fire

For the record: I do NOT believe Doctor Professor Christine Blasey Ford Lincoln Mercury because I do NOT find her story credible. Here are some red flags about sexual assault claims from an employment attorney. My first “red flag” about … Continue reading

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Fresh Fruit Open Thread, here’s our poster child đŸ˜‰

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“Let us not assassinate this lad further, Senator. You’ve done enough.”

Okay, it wasn’t an iconic moment in history like Welch v. McCarthy, but neither was Welch v. McCarthy. It was great political theater though. Judging by the post-game tweets and stories, Ford failed and the Resistance is FUBAR. The Democrats … Continue reading

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There was only one Prince

Music has seen many kings and queens, a few dukes and counts, and even a joker or two. But there was only one Prince.

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Will This Madness End Today?

Doubtful. Today could fizzle, or sizzle. It might even drizzle. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. The show is supposed to start at 10 am, but the fun could happen at any time.  

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Tomorrow should be lively. Pray for SMOD to save us all.

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