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Full Blown Trump Derangement

One of Donald Trump’s legacies will be the thousands of mentally ill people wandering our country. They were relatively normal Democrats until Trump came along. Dear Media, here is the clear truth: Donald Trump is explicitly seeking to turn America … Continue reading

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Here are some scary witches for Halloween

NSFW Warning!!! Seeing a whole coven of old witches without makeup can make your manly bits retract up inside your abdomen. It happened to … uh … a friend of mine just this morning. To cleanse your mind of that … Continue reading

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Hallow’s Eve Open Thread

I’m not really into Halloween anymore, the past few years I’ve been criticized by kids moaning at the “snack” and “fun sized” treats we hand out.  So we doubled it, still weren’t happy.  Kids today, future snowflakes of tomorrow?  Bags … Continue reading

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Am I the only one that suspects that Jim Acosta goes home at night and masturbates to fantasy images of Sarah Huckabee Sanders dressed in black leather with spike heel boots standing over him with a whip and spanking him … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread

Congratulations Boston Red Sox !   THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! Boston Red Sox celebrate ANOTHER World Series championship! ❤⚾❤ You'll wanna RT & save this AWESOME shot!! — WCVB-TV Boston (@WCVB) October 29, 2018   The last out with the … Continue reading

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Dear Crazy People: Knock This Shit Off!

I do not care which side you are on, if you are committing violence because of Donald J. Trump then you are insane. If your support of Trump causes you to send inoperable bombs to some Democrats, you are a … Continue reading

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Dear NeverTrumpers: Go Fuck Yourselves

It started with an itty-bitty tweety-weety from professional NeverTrumper Max Bootlicker: A message from me about the disturbing silence on the right about my new book “The Corrosion of Conservatism: Why I Left the Right.” Conservatives are ducking a difficult … Continue reading

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Fake Bomber In Custody

His name is Cesar Sayoc. Democrats are celebrating and CNN talking heads are dancing in the streets because he appears to be a white Trump supporter. Also, he drove a van with a lot of stickers on it. Expect some … Continue reading

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Media Rejects Calls For Civility, Bashes Trump

The media only assigns blame, it does not accept any. Trump calls for civility at rally after suspicious packages were sent to Democratic officials At a campaign rally on the same day explosive devices were sent to his political opponents … Continue reading

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Megyn Kelly’s Public Display of Contrition

Apparently Megyn committed the mortal sin of questioning modern liberal orthodoxy. Today she was forced to make a public display of contrition. Al Roker wasn’t satisfied. He wants her whipped and branded unless she personally contacts every black person in … Continue reading

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Breaking! October surprise A, B, or C?

I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now. Obama, Hillary, and John Brennan targeted with suspicious packages. Explosive devices addressed to Hillary Clinton’s home and the house of former President Barack Obama were intercepted, and the Time Warner Center that is home to … Continue reading

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Trump Goes There

ZOMG!!! Trump can’t say that, can he? He just admitted that he is a racist, didn’t he? Last night’s rally in Houston was highlighted by Trump enjoying one of his Trumpiest moments yet. Trump stunned the news media when he … Continue reading

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M.O.O.T. – Binary Sex Edition

Trump is ruffling feathers again. Fox: Trump administration mulls rollback of Obama-era transgender protections, report says The Trump administration is considering a possible rollback of Obama-era recognitions and protections that broadened the definition of gender, according to a report Sunday. … Continue reading

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“I Am The Storm”

Coincidence? A sign from above? lol — Michael (@BigBallinPapa) October 22, 2018   Happy Monday Open Thread.  ❤  

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I guess I better post something S.O.T.

Drumroll please: NBC/WSJ Poll – Which party do you trust on the issues? Looking out for middle class: D+8 (lowest Dem lead in poll history)Dealing with economy: R+15 (biggest GOP lead in poll history)Health care: D+18 (ties biggest Dem lead … Continue reading

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Saturday Open Thread

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Friday Open Thread

This will definitely be the scariest sequel ever. That is Chris Sabo’s work up above. Down below is my handiwork.

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Crazy, Stupid, and Sleazy

I’ll let you figure out which one is which.

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My Next Ex-Wife Was On Jimmy Kimmel

I mean she was on his show, silly. She could be our first Democrat Socialist POTUS. I just got woke, I gotta DMD today, and I’m already broke. Hasta los huevos!

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ANNNND WE’RE OFF!  Its three weeks before the mid terms, and its Meme Time at the OK Corral.   Here we have Hillary reminding her base that the evil Republicans are going to try and suppress their vote Congressional Democrat … Continue reading

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