Wednesday Open Thread

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  1. DeniseVB says:

    Of course,

    • swanspirit says:

      Does anyone think she’ll fly out from California to accept her award for Distinguished Liar ?

    • Miranda says:

      UNC likes them nutty.

      I’m amazed they still let their team be called the TarHeels. That was a name given to an NC Civil War regiment by General Lee. Everyone else was falling back in a fight except the NCers. Lee said “Look at those North Carolina boys! They’ve got tar on their heels!”

  2. Dora says:

    Every time I check the weather report, the storm looks worse.

    God help the people in Florida. It’s bad.


    Florida Panhandle Bracing for Category 4 Hit from Michael

    • DeniseVB says:

      It’s definitely going to be a rain event for the rest of the East Coast.

      • lateblum says:

        They are even offering free changes to already booked flights out of Chicago in anticipation of weather-related (Michael) flight cancellations here.

    • driguana says:

      Amazing how it has grown so quickly!

    • blowme0bama says:

      Have a crazy cousin that likes in Panama City, though not on the beach, but about 50 feet from an inlet who decided to stay. Unbelievable. Told her to come over here, but nothin’ doin. They’ve weathered several of these things over the years but this one is a monster. There is no question they’re going to get flooding in their house and be without electricity for a loooonnnngggg time. How someone decides to sit through something like that, I have no idea.

    • Constance says:

      Hurricane Michael somehow seems to have sneaked up on people although I don’t know how a hurricane can sneak. Prayers for everyone in it’s path.

      • Somebody says:

        It didn’t sneak up, the intensity models were way off. It was supposed to only be a CAT 1, then maybe a weak CAT 2. Yesterday ooops looks like it might be a CAT 3, this morning golly gee looks like a CAT 4, then an hour or two before landfall oh my maybe a CAT 5.

        If you live with hurricanes you’re not evacuating for a CAT 1, unless you live in a flood prone area or you have special needs. Floridians get afternoon thunderstorms with winds that high. It’s like if there were earthquake warnings telling people to evacuate for a 3.5. Even a weak CAT 2 the vast majority will ride out. CAT 3 probably 50% or more beat feet, even those that don’t necessarily need to……but who wants to go without power for days. CAT 4 and CAT 5 the majority evacuate if they can.

        That area is even more complicated with evacuations because of few roads and what roads they have are 2 lane. There are a lot of rural and poor people that can’t afford to evacuate and a lot of military families with very limited means too. There is zero public transportation.

        The biggest thing is that you have to make the decision to evacuate usually a couple of days ahead. Taw cut it really close with Irma leaving 30 hours ahead. People can and do get stuck on the road in traffic jams, which is worse than riding it out at home. Remember tropical storm force winds extend out 200 miles from the center so bad weather that closes bridges happens well ahead of the storm, quite often a day or two before. Many storms the winds go out 250 miles or more.

        Usually they are really good at predicting these storms, but sometimes not. Hurricane Andrew was a major screw up, it well exceeded what they were predicting. Who thought Irma was going to cause the massive damage hundreds of miles inland at the very northern part of the state…..nobody, but it happened.

        • taw46 says:

          I did cut it close, but not by choice. We had planned to leave that Wednesday. My BIL didn’t want to leave, and I didn’t want to leave my sister here. Then, people who evacuated here that Wednesday were stuck in traffic (all of south Florida was evacuating) and stations were running out of gas. The people we were going to stay with got evacuation orders on the east coast. (Remember, it was hitting all of Florida). Then we couldn’t get a hotel that would allow 2 dogs and a cat. When Irma shifted west, our friends decided not to evacuate, so that’s when we left to stay with them. We were extremely lucky when we left that Friday night, smooth sailing all the way, no traffic, plenty of gas, no bad weather. NWS Key West had advised anyone leaving the Keys had to leave by midnight, we left at 8:30. We stopped for gas at the first station on the turnpike and ran into lots of people we knew from KW. I do not want to ever go through that amount of stress again. I love my sister, but next time I will leave early, even if I have to leave her down here. Hurricanes are awful!

  3. Dora says:

    Build That Wall!

  4. votermom says:

    Denise , the meme you chose for the post made me laugh.

  5. Myiq2xu™ says:

    • elliesmom says:

      Elliesdad glares at me when I say squirrels are just mice who hired a better PR firm.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Squirrels are just rats in cute coats ~ “Carrie” SATC

        • dm says:

          I had a crazy old lady who lived down the street who once wrote a letter from “the neighborhood” and left it in my mailbox claiming my cat was a menace who chased her squirrels that she hand fed. I was livid. You got a complaint, step up and own it. So, took the letter to work the next day, wrote my own letter to “the neighborhood” and photocopied it back to back and distributed to everyone in my neighborhood, including my phone number and asking the “spokesperson” to step forward and contact me. She had her husband call, I explained there wasn’t a leash law for cats and to feel free to hose my cat down anytime it was in their yard, Mind you, the cat was no bigger than a fully grown squirrel. No more letters showed up. Turns out, it was the lady who slammed her door in my daughter’s face when we were selling girl scout cookies.

          Husband’s relatives from Australia were simply enthralled with the squirrels when they visited…they had never seen them before.

        • lateblum says:

          I’m with you, vm. I wouldn’t intentionally do anything to hurt a squirrel. But I hate them.

      • swanspirit says:

        My son feeds them, knows them on an individual basis, and has regular conversations with the ones who live out back. But then he feeds the birds, the turtles, the fish in the pond, and anyone else who drops by for a snack. He is in charge of our backyard wildlife management.
        I think the squirrels are North American monkeys.

        • DeniseVB says:

          Our neighbor is a hunter and sometimes throws out some deer “leftovers” in his backyard, wait for it, he feeds the vultures 😀 It’s kinda neat to watch, they are nature’s trash collectors.

          We used to have fun with the squirrels and blue jays teaching them to take a peanut from our fingers, Awww, cute. Especially watching the squirrel bury a nut, then a blue jay flying in to dig it up. We had to stop when they started tearing up my flower pots and the veggie garden, then moved on to the neighbors’ pots and gardens…..little monsters got us into so much trouble 😛

      • Constance says:

        I live on a greenbelt near the U of Washington. So we have rats that are as big as cats, rabbits, opossums, rabbits, squirrels, mice, feral cats, raccoons and thank God some coyotes moved in so the rest of the pests haven’t been so bold lately. Also a lot of birds .

    • DeniseVB says:

      Oh my, how did she ever get that thing through security?

    • Cisco says:

      A squirrel with its own nut.
      Only in America.

  6. Dora says:


  7. Dora says:

    I lost my purse the last time I was in California and I was wondering if anyone found it.


  8. DeniseVB says:

    The Party of Hillary …..

  9. Dora says:

    Gov. Huckabee is sticking it out through the storm.

    • taw46 says:

      Winds are now 145 mph, only 11 miles from a Cat 5. And if it wobbles 25 miles west, he’s in the very worst of it. He is crazy, like my BIL was before Irma. Irma was a Cat4, but not this strong. And we didn’t have a storm surge where we live. And we, and everyone around us, had damage. People are so stubborn, it’s crazy. Hope he is safe, Sarah must be worrying herself sick.

  10. DeniseVB says:

    No other problems in NYC he can fix?

  11. DeniseVB says:

    Tonight in Erie, PA, President Energizer Bunny Rally !

  12. helenk3 says:

    in a few years at this rate there will be no intermingling between men and women and no need for planned parenthood or schools

    maybe they should think about this

    • taw46 says:

      They are, and have been, going after the global market. They don’t care about America.

      “The first approach is described as a product of the “American tradition” which “prioritizes free speech for democracy, not civility.” The second is described as a product of the “European tradition,” which “favors dignity over liberty and civility over freedom.” The briefing claims that all tech platforms are now moving toward the European tradition.”

    • DeniseVB says:

      LOL. I don’t think Mikey is well liked in flyover country, nor “progressive” enough for the Dem whackadoodles.

      • lateblum says:

        Not well-liked in Chicago. He’s seen as competition to Rahmbo. Of course, all that will be moot at some point since he isn’t running for re-election.

    • Myiq2xu™ says:

      Every four years Bloomie thinks about running for POTUS. Every four years he discovers that nobody likes him.

      • mothy2017 says:

        when he ran for mayor the first time. He hired all of the strategists. All of them. No one could compete. He cleared the field before he stepped foot on it. Can’t do that on a national stage.

  13. DeniseVB says:

    This is nice and I didn’t know Jack Prosobeic’s on OAN now?

    • driguana says:

      despised moderates on the rise!!!

      • DeniseVB says:

        Yaaaaaass! The March is turning into a 72-hour street party. Antifa’s are going to have a hard time keeping up with us. The latest is a “Brett Kavanaugh Pub Crawl” starting after the rally/march. I wish I could justify $350 for the Friday night Gala at the Trump hotel, but opted for a more grassrooty take over of Harry’s on 11th street, the organizer sold that venue out in a few days. Now more are trying to organize stuff between my bathroom breaks 😛

  14. Dora says:

  15. taw46 says:

    • DeniseVB says:

      So the left and media are trying to prove righty “mob violence” from a pep rally chant? Hahahahahahahaha. Every high school in America probably violently chants “hit ’em again, hit’em again, harder, harder”

  16. Cisco says:

    The UN orders the USA.
    Well here’s your answer dumb fucks.
    Kiss my America First Ass!

  17. swanspirit says:

    Why did Nikki Hayley quit?
    Nikki has already been down the “Kavanaugh Road” and perhaps watching how virulent, hateful, and uncivil the Demagogues have become since then; she simply doesn’t want to go through that, and put her family through that again.

    I don’t know how many of you remember, but back in 2010, those foul Disgustocrats ran this same playbook on Nikki Hayley, accusing her of having had an affair with some guy who volunteered to accuse her. The fumbled the play, and she won the governorship anyway, but it was very unpleasant for her, and for her family as well.

    If she has decided not to take the risk any further, I can’t blame her. But I still am hoping she runs for the Senate. I think she would be great.

  18. Dora says:

    Only twelve more years! So live it up and have a ball.


    UN’s dire warning: Terrifying climate change data means we’re doomed in 12 years!

    Earth is on track to face devastating consequences of climate change — extreme drought, food shortages and deadly flooding — unless there’s an “unprecedented” effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, a new United Nations report warns.

  19. DeniseVB says:


  20. Dora says:

  21. Mothy67 says:

    Gosnell movie opens this Friday in 700 theaters. Box Office Mojo which lists films showing on less than 10 screens does not list it. Who owns BOM— IMDB— who owns IMDB— Amazon. The bias is everywhere. I’d go see it but i ‘d have to take 3 buses. Maybe I’ll do uber.

  22. Cisco says:

    I hate to say I told ya’ so, but I told ya’ so.
    Now the leftist morons steal Kavanaugh’s website.

  23. 49erDweet says:

    I thought squirrels were Netflix stars…….Oh, wait!

  24. Myiq2xu™ says:

  25. Underwhelmed says:

    The lack of self awareness is so complete, it’s funny:

  26. Dora says:

  27. Dora says:

    She’s even interfering in politics over there.


    Hungary hits back: Hillary Clinton is a failed politician whose losing campaign was also financed by George Soros

    Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs has hit back at Hillary Clinton’s criticism of British Prime Minister Theresa May over her Conservative Party’s rejection of the Sargentini report in the European Parliament last month.

    “Hillary Clinton is a failed politician whose losing campaign was also financed by George Soros,” Kovacs said on Twitter, reacting to an article in British tabloid the Daily Mirror on Clinton’s criticism of May “for siding with far-right Hungarian leader Viktor Orban”.

    • Cisco says:

      Clinton and Kerry, both thinking that they won the election.
      Sticking their noses and opinions where they don’t belong or are asked for.
      America needs more people like Zoltan Kovacs

  28. mothy2017 says:

    That polio like disease is in my backyard. Three kids at local hospital.
    Comments all about unvetted invasion.

  29. Cisco says:

    Has HRC lost some of her charm.?
    Someone tossed a shoe at her during a presentation.

  30. Myiq2xu™ says:

  31. Mt.Laurel says:

    Anyone interested in the Gosnell movie. I tried Bing and it brought up the movie theaters near my location (isp at work) right at the top of the page with times for the next several days. Now – I am in swampland and it is still playing quite a few places and more than once a day.

    duck duck go did not. You have to look through the results.

    • mothy2017 says:

      Two theatres in my area. It’s in 700 theaters nationwide.

    • Somebody says:

      It’s not playing in my town but it is about an hour away. I really have no desire to see it, but if I can buy tickets online to support them I will.

      • mothy2017 says:

        I actually don’t want to watch it either. Too harrowing, but like you I want to support. Its playing atvan AMC theater here so maybe I’ll just buy the tix. Great idea.

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        That is an interesting idea. I actually know a doc in dc very like gosnell. Had to sit on blue ribbon panels on infant health and mortality with him. quite frankly I do not think I would want to relive those meetings his often really horrid behavior and comments. But I would want to show support for addressing the reality in many instances that is not wrapped up in a pink hat and lies.

  32. Myiq2xu™ says:

  33. Dora says:

  34. Myiq2xu™ says:

  35. DeniseVB says:

    New thread up, tks myiq ❤

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