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Where Are The Racists?

There was a time in my youth when elected officials could be openly racist in some places in America. We had governors, Senators, at least one Supreme Court Justice and as many as four Presidents that were confirmed or alleged … Continue reading

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Jim Jordan Delivers a Body Slam To Lying Ex-Lawyer

Somebody on Twitter the other day made a comment about how disgusting it was for President Trump to have a lawyer as his “fixer.” I replied that you hire a lawyer to be your fixer because you want him to … Continue reading

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Tuesday True Statement Open Thread

Back in the innocent youthful days of my 40’s I became infatuated with the idea of social media as a virtual public forum where everybody could have their own soapbox and anyone could debate anyone. A place for pure debate, … Continue reading

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Where are the Howler Monkey Feminists ?

Shouldn’t this upset them, letting the bio males take over girls high school sports and leave them in the dust, so to speak?   I think this might create a civil war between the LGBT and Feminist radical factions of Looney … Continue reading

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The Problem With Freedom

The problem with freedom is we give it to the wrong people. Stupid people get just as much freedom as smart people. You don’t have to earn it, because some people you never met bought it for you. (If you … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Fever Open Thread

Nothing says Saturday night like Vegas, this is so cool.  Literally 😛 Global Warming hit our town this week in the form record snowfall. There were almost 60 accidents in our roadways and schools were closed. Al Gore was unavailable … Continue reading

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The Captain Joe Hazelwood Award for Excellence in Navigation goes to: Captain Bill Kristol

I saw this article by McKay Coppins at The Atlantic and immediately thought I must have smoked more weed than I realized last night. From the Department of AYFKM?: Naming and Shaming the Pro-Trump Elite The Bulwark’s writers are the … Continue reading

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