Pre-SOTU Open Thread

You know what to do-oo-oo…


I might be asleep for it. I work early, and I’m pissed off about politics in general so much anymore.

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  1. Woke Lola says:

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      Get some rest. I understand overload – if it were not for the bizzare musical chairs being played in Virginia I would be hibernating. However, it has kept everyone around me from even mentioned the SOTU address so a very odd win-win.

  2. DeniseVB says:

    My local paper had NOTHING about the SOTU in today’s edition. Just something buried on page 3 about Donald being so darn divisive and stuff, oh yeah, and there’s a speech or something tonight. Wasn’t even on the t.v. listings page.

  3. DeniseVB says:

    Kamala’s holding a pre-buttal speech on FB Live just before the SOTU tonight. “I shall not be ignored! ”

    • 49erDweet says:

      Kamala’s use of the word “inflection” is interesting. Presumably she’s implying DJT is altering the form of “whatever”, but in fact it is the radical Dem’s who are trying to alter the shape of our government by changing all the election laws they (currently despise.

  4. DeniseVB says:

    Corky Sparky bumbles his questioning….

  5. votermom says:

    are we betting on whether RBG gers wheeled in?

  6. Dora says:

  7. DeniseVB says:

    Meanwhile, comedians still aren’t funny…..

  8. Mt.Laurel says:

    ABC news in DC is breaking down President Trump’s SOTU message of unity. Bad puns. That will show PT who is boss.

  9. DeniseVB says:

    Kerry’s on fire, just playing by the Dem rules, we must believe all women !

  10. lateblum says:

    Well, I have to leave for class soon. Guess I’ll miss all the fun. CSPAN will replay the speech after I get home. That’ll have to do.

  11. votermom says:

    • Constance says:

      I wish they would grow up and act and think independently. They are just a bunch of cheer leaders for leftist power and don’t represent the people who elect them (because the Republicans are to lazy to run against them in the west)

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      So they are simply repeating their tired theme from last year? Yet, most still look as if they simply grabbed the closest thing they owned that might come semi-close to white, regardless of fit or appropriateness of style, as if they had no time to plan.

      On the other hand, kudos for the silver haired woman in the middle in the front row on the left with the pearls. At least one of them knows that even when posturing one should wear Sunday best to the SOTU.

    • Somebody says:

      What right has POTUS attempted to take away from women? I’m serious, WTF are they even talking about.

      The right to pay higher taxes???
      The right to better pay??
      Historically low unemployment?

      • Woke Lola says:

        If you thought Obama’s dragging-us-back-to-the-bad-ole-1950s schtick was sickening, just wait until you see how far back Pelosi’s women want to drag us.

        • Mt.Laurel says:

          Most of the pink hats also love to do the medieval play acting and view The religion of pieces in the narrow rose tinted retelli gof Arabian nights via Disney.

    • Somebody says:

      A hidden MAGA supporter? On the back row, 2nd person from the end with the hat on. She isn’t wearing white.

    • lyn says:

      Red would have been better.

    • swanspirit says:

      This is terrible timing to wear white. So, all they need are the pointy white masks???Geeez, so out of touch.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Hmmm? Where have I seen that group before?

    • lateblum says:

      They looked like a high school girls’ chorus. And Nanzi was the chorus master. They were mindless puppets who rose and sat as their puppeteer directed. They looked utterly ridiculous. (I just saw it this morning and groaned.)

  12. Constance says:

    Well my SOTU party is off AGAIN. Seattle got 3 inches of snow yesterday and people still can’t get out of their driveways so we cancelled. BOO. People around here don’t have snow tires, they don’t sand or salt the roads and they don’t plow. When these deep freezes hit you just have to wait for the ice to sublimate.

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      I know it is satire but it is so hard to tell anymore.

      But really, did no one who used him as a children’s doctor even think he would qualify at the poster boy for: Signs You Should Break Up With Child’s Pediatrician.

  13. taw46 says:

    I will miss the live action tonight with the insane left. We have tickets for a musical event. Oh well, I am recording FNC so I can catch some of it when I get home. Have fun.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Cspan should repeat it, sometimes Fox does too after their later shows. Have fun at the musical, enjoy the break !

      • taw46 says:

        It was the best night of music since I moved down here, and I’ve heard some great music these last 4 years. Al Di Meola.

  14. Venus E. Lee says:

  15. DeniseVB says:

    I just saw this, I don’t remember if I have before for sure, but it’s great. Our Donald has not changed in all these years.

    • taw46 says:

      I like the early clips, had not seen this one. And you are right, he has not changed.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I spent 2015 and 2016 putting Trump history on my bloggy. I really did miss this one. In 1987 my NYC visits probably included standing on the Letterman stand by line lottery. Never got in. 😉

  16. votermom says:


  17. Shez ZK says:

    Northam has the wimmens covered too! How white of them!

    • Constance says:

      Well it’s not as bad as if they each wore their own color of flesh which is a fashion and would look not good or professional. I think this white thing reminds me of sorority girls. We’re club girls and you aren’t! .

  18. Dora says:

    I love his description of Chuckie. 🙂

  19. DandyTIger says:

    Will the Dem women be wearing hoods too?

  20. Venus E. Lee says:

  21. DandyTIger says:

    Wonder if Warren will be in white too? Or will she go with traditional leathers and headdress.

  22. Anthony says:

    Juan Williams already pissing me off

  23. lyn says:

    Is Melania wearing Burgandy?

  24. helenk3 says:

    this brought tears to my eyes

  25. elliesmom says:

    Nancy has started chewing her cud.

  26. Myiq2xu™ says:

    I won’t be watching. I used to be an avid watcher. But SOTU drinking games are pointless when you’re sober. In the immortal words of Toby Keith, “You ain’t much fun since I quit drinking.”

  27. lyn says:

  28. helenk3 says:

    my temper is rising. watching the faces (smirking ) asshole dem I want to just pick their seats and fly them and drop them off in Venezuela. they are useless as catshit to the American people.
    they have no redeeming value and just take up space and air.

    end of rant for now.

    • helenk3 says:

      did you see their faces while Trump was talking about American greatness. WW2 and other things. they looked bored. well screw them If it had been for the Men and Women who served in the military and put their lives on the line because they loved this country, these assholes would not be sitting free .

  29. lyn says:

  30. elliesmom says:

    AOC must have gotten a paycheck or some money from Mommy and Daddy. That outfit didn’t come from Target. . .or Macy’s even.

    • mcnorman says:

      Some schlepper designer wannabe is prolly offering to clothe her at the request of Madame Nanzi. I guess the Ds didn’t want to be embarrassed.

  31. lyn says:

  32. Venus E. Lee says:

  33. lyn says:

  34. lyn says:

    Trump attacks socialism!

  35. helenk3 says:

    on facebook many are talking about the women’s auxillary of the KKK on the dem side of the aisle .
    not too much thought put into the idea of they wearing white

  36. Venus E. Lee says:

  37. swanspirit says:

    What a President!!!

  38. Venus E. Lee says:

  39. Shez ZK says:

    I typed into a Fox biz live stream chat: What an AMERICAN speech!

  40. DandyTIger says:

    Best SOTU speech I’ve heard in a long, long time. Unified with the guests first, then an amazing unifying message at the end. Stunning.

  41. Anthony says:

    Stscy Abrams is lyong her way through her insane rebuttal

  42. taw46 says:

    Just got home, reading your comments. Can’t wait to watch the speech and read twitter, lol.

  43. Venus E. Lee says:

    Mean but funny

  44. lyn says:

    I like the replies.

  45. taw46 says:

  46. taw46 says:

  47. Venus E. Lee says:

    • Cisco says:

      Commissar-in -Waiting Bernie did like that.
      Not that I ever doubted Bernie’s intentions, but seeing his face tells all.

  48. Mt.Laurel says:

    For now the local yokel rumored mongers lead by the bezos brigade have put confederate uniforms in old pictures on hold to faint over the fact that PT did not bow to Nacy Poo and let run things her way.

  49. DeniseVB says:

    Pretty good for CNN viewers 😀

  50. DeniseVB says:

    One more…. 😛

  51. Venus E. Lee says:

  52. Cisco says:

    What is this Pope thinking? If at all.

    Sunni Islam’s highest authority, Ahmed el-Tayeb, believes that Christian converts should be “killed” and has said so on several occasions.

    • Dora says:

      He has got to go!

    • John Denney says:

      I’ll believe they want peace and tolerance when they no longer restrict Christian Liberty (especially conversion from Muslim to Christian), treat Christians as their equals under the law, and abandon the concept of jizyah, the tax levied against all non-Muslims.

  53. mothy2017 says:

    I fell asleep and missed the whole thing.
    I joined a new gym. I had taken a few weeks off so expected to be sore, but holy mother of God I am tore up. I had been using nautalis equipment. These new guys are something else. It wasn’t even a hard workout. Anywho I crashed and now I am wide awake at this absurd hour.

    • votermom says:

      I missed it too.
      I’m curious – what got the witches in white clapping?

    • John Denney says:

      After a workout, your heartrate will be elevated, even while lying quietly. To avoid overtraining, do not hit the machines again until your heart rate returns to normal. Very light cardio, like walking is ok until then, and beneficial to help the body recover. And drink lots of water to flush out the remnants of cell destruction.
      Voice of experience here; I once overtrained so badly I was having sleep disturbances, panic attacks, and constant, unquenchable thirst.

  54. Dora says:

    She looks like a moron!

  55. taw46 says:

    She looks like she is wearing a straitjacket…

    • elliesmom says:

      She is. It’s photoshopped. She was wearing a white sheath dress with a cape with slits to the hem in it. I’m so shallow I paid attention to her clothes.

      • taw46 says:

        Looks like they photoshopped all but one in straitjackets, lol. I was out last night, so I haven’t watched yet, but saw lots of clips. (Not shallow! I always look at the clothes. 😊)

      • swanspirit says:

        I was paying attention too. It was pretty, and dramatic. The fabric made the dtess, it was so beautiful. But very dramatic. The Dims have got themselves a major drama queen. They deserve each other.
        I also heard what she said about the SOTU . He was “unprepared ??!!? She is also a drama queen full of 🐂💩.

        • taw46 says:

          In the clips I saw, she looked like a silly school girl new to the clique. Ooh, what are they doing now? Must copy….jump around, giggle, dress like them.

  56. Dora says:

    Such class.


    Melania dresses in a $2,390 Burberry military-style black for the State of the Union in pointed contrast to Democratic women in white

    First lady Melania Trump entered the House chamber Tuesday night to a standing ovation from lawmakers wearing a black military-style suit with gold buttons and black leather gloves.

    She removed one glove to shake hands with guests in her box overlooking the House chamber.

  57. Dora says:

  58. votermom says:

    • mothy2017 says:

      Bell is okay. A stomach virus.
      Sometimes I worry that I might be a malignant narcissist. I am so self absorbed I fear implosion. I really just don’t care about a lot of shit. Had the Covington young men been actual assholes. I’d have been so what. People were not niceat a rally. Gee that has never happened before. I don’t care. I care about almost nothing. Spent almost two nights holding a mutt as she was wretching. I was powerless. Fucking dog could not tell me why. I have only so much room. My kid, my dog, family.. I am so tired of silly outrage. My give a fuck button i s in the trash.

      • votermom says:

        that must have bern so scary with Bella

        And I hear ya. I’ve been subconsciously shunning online stuff, news, etc because I’m in hermit mode. I just don’t have enough of me to go around right now.
        hugs and take care of yourself, mothy

      • Somebody says:

        Glad she’s going to be OK. I’m dealing with doggy issues myself, thought it was a bladder infection now starting to worry. We already did a 14 day round of antibiotics and at her re-check she still tested positive for an infection. So now we’re on a different antibiotic for 2 weeks. If she still has issues in 2 weeks then we go into a bunch of testing.

        The first medicine took away her appetite, so I had to coax her to eat and hand feed her. The new one has given her the runs 😲 Just for fun youngest grandbaby has an intestinal bug this morning 🤒 I guess you could say I’m having a really shitty day, literally and figuratively ☹️

  59. helenk3 says:

    why she got where she is with a used mattress and kneepads.

  60. DeniseVB says:

    Great photo from last night. PT certainly does respect the traditions of the SOTU, that history, that room ! Now I’m glad he didn’t give it from the Oval Office. 🙂 His speech will certainly be one of the historic ones.

  61. DeniseVB says:

    I don’t think the Dems watched the same speech we did, lol. So out of touch and angry and sad.

  62. DeniseVB says:

    My eyes are welling up.

  63. Dora says:

    A rally! A rally! Yeah, it’s a rally! 🙂

    • DeniseVB says:

      There’s a rally at Trump Tower next month. Brandon’s going to speak so it will be yuuuge. All the details are on FB, I’ll post the deets if you can’t access them. I think later this month there’s one on CapHill?

    • Shez ZK says:

      LOL! This is the second graphic of this type I’ve seen and I wonder where in the hell is the NPC in black face? Since we finally have a Dem #FaceCrime. Although I did see someone on Twitter last night give Nancy a quickie black face job, I thought same thing: too bad they didn’t give her black face NPC features.

  64. DeniseVB says:

    New thread up 🙂

  65. mothy2017 says:

    So Generation Z in my experience is not a snowflake and they are funny. More twitchy than twitter.
    My monster goes to a small school and they provide loads of after school stuff. I often don’t see brat until after 8 and she leaves at 530 for swim. Anywho there are only about 20 very active kids. We live very close to the city. Heroin is an epic problem a few blocks away. So the kids don’t play outside. We get stranger danger alerts all the time. Kids go to each others homes. Pup comes home with a few kids and goes to her room. Other houses as well. One boy lives near by but many parents don’t want a boy hanging out in girls bedroom. So they told everyone he is gay. He is 13. The crazy PTA ladies think they are so woke. They pat themselves on the back and celebrate how wonderful it is that he can be open.
    Thing is he’s not gay. All the kids lied so he could hang out. I cried laughing when pup told me. He thinks it’s hysterical. So devious and these are the top students. Almost all the parents think he’s gay.
    By the way I let icky have boys in her room. That’s where all the toys are and I love that she has good friends that are boys. They are going to watch out for her. Someday she will be 16 hanging out doing a bon fire after a football game in the woods. Drinking. I won’t be there. I think the guys will have her back. She has a black belt but you never know.

    • John Denney says:

      I foresee roommates signing pre-nups and getting married just for tax benefits, then getting no-fault divorces when they move out.

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