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I bought a new hat!

I was in Walmart buying some new socks when I saw this little beauty and I thought to myself that you can’t own too many clown hats. I want a Captain Spaulding hat, but not like the one in the … Continue reading

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The News Media’s Problems Are Self-Inflicted

Bottomfeed Ben blames “new movements” for the news media’s lack of credibility and influence. If you covered American politics between 1976 and 2012, you developed a sense of the rhythm of a party primary: A big field of candidates would … Continue reading

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Sunday Music Thread

Garden update: After working outside for several hours every day (Fri-Sat-Sun) I don’t have a single plant in the ground yet.

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So this bullshit just went down today at Politics & Prose. White nationalists disrupting @JonathanMetzl talk on his book Dying of Whiteness. Point made. @PM_Learn — Catherine Wigginton (@cewigginton) April 27, 2019 Tomatoes love bullshit. That’s why when I … Continue reading

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Meathead Open Thread

They say if you can remember the Sixties you weren’t there. Rob Reiner can’t even remember the Nineties. We have a choice to make. Either hold televised Impeachment proceedings or watch our Democracy slowly slip away. #AmericansForImpeachment — Rob Reiner … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies

I’m gonna be putting my tomatoes in the ground today. And some squash. I hope to finish by Sunday. This is an open thread. The internet is undefeated — The Fonz Awakens (@LordFonzz) April 24, 2019

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Please Tell The Honorable Elijah Cummings To Go Pound Sand Up His Ass

Elijah Cumstain is high on my list of alleged human beings that I loathe. Cumstain sits in a Congressional “safe” seat set aside for a black Democrat (duly authorized by the Voting Rights Act of 1965): Maryland’s 7th congressional district … Continue reading

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Is Howard University Going To The Dogs?

Are you oppressed? Would you like to be? From The Daily Dot: A white man has been caught on video saying the Black community should “move the campus” of Howard University if they have issues with the effects of gentrification … Continue reading

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Kamala Harris – DCW (Dead Candidate Walking)

Years ago, I witnessed someone killing a chicken by grabbing by the head and whirling the chicken around his head until the chicken’s head and body separated. The body of the chicken ran around the yard for a bit before … Continue reading

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How Do You Celebrate Earth Day?

Today is Earth Day. I usually like to celebrate the old-fashioned way, by roasting a few endangered species over burning car tires, but this year I got a really good deal on some fish.

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GOT Recap

Well, we saw a bit more of Arya than I ever thought we would, and nobody was killed. And Tormund Giantsbane puts the “wild” in “Wilding.” This is an open thread.

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Easter Open Thread

Let the games continue!  This is a rare engraving of Jesus accepting and endorsing the Easter Bunny to co-sponsor the holiday the Hallmark lobbyists have designated to help the chocolate industry make a fortune. In other news, Joe Biden will … Continue reading

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It’s 4/20 Day Open Thread

IT’S INTERNATIONAL WEED DAY! But first, from USA Today: 20 years later, Columbine survivors still struggle with ‘new normal’ Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting, and survivors are still processing the shocking tragedy that left … Continue reading

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Friday Fuck The Haters Open Thread

Kate Smith was born in 1907 and died over thirty years ago. Let her rest in peace. I bet a careful search of the NY Yankee’s history would reveal lots of things worse than anything Kate Smith is accused of. … Continue reading

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Forget Collusion, Forget Obstruction, Hot New Talking Point Is “Culture Of Lying”

The irony of a Clinton henchman lecturing someone on lying. And I don’t say “former Clinton henchman” because when you join the Clinton Crime Family you sign in blood and give them your soul. My reaction:

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The Most Absurd News Today?

“Edelweiss” is a Nazi song.  Hey, but the day isn’t over yet 😛 New York Times White House Correspondent Thinks This Song Is a Nazi Anthem… — Ron Bergeron (@RonBergeron1) April 18, 2019   It was written by Oscar … Continue reading

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Oh, no! HBO “GOT” me

I wasn’t gonna watch, but they went and had a free HBO weekend and my DVR recorded it.

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Om Mani Padme Hum Open Thread

Some days I are so overwhelming that just sit there with my eyes closed and chant “Om mani padme hum” until I feel better or the guy behind me honks his horn. I’m sick of the world right now.

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Tax Day Open Thread

If boobs were brains she’d be a freaking genius: 1/ Now that Tax Day is almost here, and Americans are seeing for themselves who the Republican Party really cares about. Here are some things to remember ahead of Tax Day: … Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread

There is only one vehicle suitable to transport all those Democrats. No, no, not that one. This one:

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