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Friday Afternoon “Fun” in Virginia Beach

Not. Shooting at our Court House. Latest newsies… All my neighbors have reported *safe*. How’s it going in your neighborhoods tonight? Open Thread !

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John McCain’s body lies a-moulderin’ in the grave . . .

  . . .  but his phat-ass daughter won’t STFU. Meggy-Mac needs to quit trippin’ about her daddy’s reputation. The man was no saint. Besides, her family forfeited the high moral ground when they told Sarah Palin she was not … Continue reading

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Where I come from “hoedown” doesn’t mean your girlfriend has fallen and can’t get up

I received some really bad news today. My eldest GC is currently in a locked medical facility for observation. The primary reason is a behavior known as “cutting.” The term “oppositional defiant disorder” was also used. He is 13. The … Continue reading

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Democrats Move Forward With Impeachment

Impeaching Donald Trump would be political suicide for the Democrats, but it’s all they have. What alternative do they have? Are they going to campaign on raising taxes? Bringing back Obamacare? Open borders? Zero economic growth? America last? All their … Continue reading

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David French, Church Lady

Dana Carvey did not invent the stereotype of the church lady, he just made a caricature of one. Not only were these church ladies real, they still exist today. When I was a young teenager the old ladies in our … Continue reading

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To The Everlasting Glory Of The Infantry . . .

I remember back in my liberal daze I always felt out of step with my fellow moonbats on patriotic holidays. I wanted to wave the flag while they wanted to burn it. Americans have never been good at mourning. I … Continue reading

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And Now For Something Completely Bonkers

I got a blast from the past last night. I came home from the store Friday night and Mom said that someone who claimed to be my old friend’s younger brother came by with a message that MOF wanted me … Continue reading

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