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Happy Birthday Mr. President

Happy birthday Mr. President! You continue to be in the prayers of millions of Americans who love you, support you, and are standing behind you. Portrait by John Howard Sanden.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump — Franklin Graham (@Franklin_Graham) June 14, 2019 Another … Continue reading

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U Mad?

Some people have said that 2016 was the Year of the Angry White Male. This is supposed to explain how Trump won. There is a grain of truth to that idea. Disgruntled middle and lower-class whites were the key to … Continue reading

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From the 80’s, THIS Became my Anthem

Worked out well for me, and you? Open Thready 😀

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Bill Maher Is Sick Of America Winning

Back when Obama was still the President-Elect I said that I hoped I was wrong about him and that I wanted him to succeed because it would be good for America. Well, I was right about him and he failed … Continue reading

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When Your Token Keeps Talkin’ Too Much

Are Meghan McCain’s days numbered on The Bitchfest? Whoopi Goldberg was noticeably exuberant on The View on Monday when warring co-hosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar were out sick – and insiders have revealed to that if Whoopi had … Continue reading

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Trump Is Only Crazy On Even-Numbered Days

On odd-numbered days he’s Hitler. CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta on Sunday weighed in on discussions about President Trump’s mental state, saying he thinks Trump is “more crazy like a fox.” “I tell folks, I’m not a psychiatrist,” … Continue reading

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“YouTube Made Me A Nazi”

You think I’m joking? The NYT thinks it’s true. The Making of a YouTube Radical Caleb Cain pulled a Glock pistol from his waistband, took out the magazine and casually tossed both onto the kitchen counter. “I bought it the … Continue reading

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Weaponizing Our Compassion

This guy distills what many on the left claim to believe: I wish white Christian Conservatives had the same passion for migrant children, school shooting victims, sick toddlers, young black men, Muslim families, LGBTQ teens, the environment, and women’s autonomy … Continue reading

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Shut Up About Politics

Country singer John Rich wrote a song titled “Shut Up About Politics. He performed it live on The Five. Now Twitter has decided it’s dangerous. Hey @twitter you’ve deemed the #1 most downloaded song in country music to be harmful … Continue reading

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President Trump’s D-Day Address

This is an open thread. Below, Oddjob answers the President’s critics.

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Toxic Masculinity Beat The Nazis

Once upon a time, “manliness” was considered a virtue. Can you imagine our modern media reporting on D-Day? “We have breaking news. The invasion of mainland Europe has started. Allied forces are making an amphibious landing in Normandy. He’s a … Continue reading

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Is Cowardice A Crime?

What should we do when those we hire to “protect and serve” fail to protect? The Broward Coward has been arrested.: The Florida deputy who failed to confront a gunman during last year’s Parkland massacre has been arrested on 11 … Continue reading

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Fight Dirty

Platitudes like “Turn the other cheek” are useless in a street fight. Julie Kelly explains why David French is a wussy loser: The dust-up between New York Post op-ed editor Sohrab Ahmari and National Review author David French has offered … Continue reading

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A Pair Of Queens Trumps The Haters

America doesn’t have royalty, but Melania Trump has the grace and regal bearing of a queen. Next to her, Queen Liz looks like a short, frumpy old lady. Oh, wait . . . she is a short, frumpy old lady. … Continue reading

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The President’s New ‘Do Open Thread

President Donald J. Trump is known for many things, but his unique golden faux-combover is probably the most recognized (and mocked) thing about him. Until now. Don Surber: The change will get some getting used to, but we are a … Continue reading

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When Comedy Was Funny

We knew this was coming. The SJW’s would have to get here eventually. Forty-five years ago, Mel Brooks made what many critics agree is the single, funniest film in Hollywood history. Blazing Saddles is not only an iconic comedy, but … Continue reading

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Flashback: Tiananmen Square

I remember watching the protest in Tiananmen Square from a motel room in Tahoe. I was there in Nevada to get married to my second wife. She’s the one I affectionately refer to as “The Dragon Lady.” She didn’t really … Continue reading

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