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Tom Steyer Shows Us What A Billion Dollars And Zero Scruples Can Get You

My first thought in watching this anti-Trump ad was “Well, that explains some of the odd questions and answers during the hearing.” Politico: ROBERT MUELLER was panned last week for being short in his testimony before Congress, giving little ammo … Continue reading

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Hump Day Open Thread

I have a couple ideas for posts rolling around in my head but I’m too tired to put the pixels in the proper order right now. And by the time I wake up there will probably be some breaking news … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Trump know he is supposed to apologize and beg forgiveness for speaking the truth?

"Donald trump is upset because Congressman Cummings is everything that Donald Trump is not. He is calm; he is smart; he is thoughtful; he actually works for his constituents. He is a good public servant. He is the example of … Continue reading

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Who Says Crime Doesn’t Pay?

From the Department of Are You Fucking Kidding Me: Their children cry at night after border separation. These fathers are seeking damages for the harm they suffered Three fathers who were separated from their young children when they tried to … Continue reading

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It Is NOT RACIST To Point Out The Truth – Baltimore Is A Democrat-Controlled Shithole

Democrats are always claiming that President Donald Trump lies all the time, but when he says something that is indisputably true they totally loose their shit. This is written by some Leftist douchenozzle at the Baltimore Sun: People who refuse … Continue reading

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Bite The Big Apple (Don’t Mind The MAGA Hats)

It is a major principle of law that each party in a legal action should only be allowed “one bite of the apple.” Everybody has heard of double jeopardy – the rule that says you cannot be tried twice for … Continue reading

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Stick Ball, Politics, and Can’t Always Get What You Want

Grew up in Brooklyn playing stick ball on the streets…. Them: Me: But this looks like more fun…. Here’s your Saturday/Sunday SSOOT Open Thread and beyond. Was going to schedule this for early a.m. but hey, let’s make it a … Continue reading

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“Not Exonerated” means “Innocent.”

Judge: “Mr. Foreman, do you have a verdict?” Jury Foreman: “Yes, your Honor.” Judge: “Go ahead and read it to the court, please.” Jury Foreman: “We the jury in the above-entitled action find the defendant “Not Exonerated.” Judge: “Thank you, … Continue reading

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Mad Prophets/Bad Prophets

At the end of the First Millenium, there were many prophets throughout Christendom who were prophesying the Second Coming of Jeebus. Some people were so convinced that the end of the world was imminent that they sold or gave away … Continue reading

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Ain’t No Party Like A Modo Party

For some strange reason Howie Fine Man deleted this tweet. Maybe he didn’t want anyone to know he was partying with Modo. Tonight I tweeted a pic of a Georgetown party hosted by @maureendowd, attended by @SpeakerPelosi, @SenSchumer and DC … Continue reading

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Mueller Javert Hearings

Am I close? Here’s your Thursty Open Thread đŸ˜€

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Trump put on an impromptu 16-minute exhibition of the fine art of bitch-slapping. He was en fuego. Here is my reaction to today’s crapfest: Here’s Louie Gohmert giving Mueller a 5-minute colonoscopy:

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Vox Populi Vox Trump

The New Silent Majority is waking up. Daniel Greenfield: Patriotism Wins In Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Backyard On June 17th, the St. Louis Park City Council voted 5-0 to get rid of the Pledge of Allegiance. On July 15th, just as … Continue reading

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Cory Booker Demonstrates A Textbook Case Of Toxic Masculinity

.@CoryBooker: "My testosterone sometimes makes me want to feel like punching [Trump], which would be bad for this elderly, out-of-shape man that he is if I did that — a physically weak specimen." — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) July 23, … Continue reading

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The Donald of the UK

A fat, white-blond nationalist oaf won the Prime Minister office of the UK today, and Twitter and the rest of the falling, failing media empire lost their shit. For hours there were so many awesome top 10 trends, and it … Continue reading

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The New Silent Majority

Trump sure is popular for an unpopular President, ain’t he? Salena Zito (via Don Surber): One month before before she is set to give birth to her second child, Lara Trump came here to kick off the 2020 Women for … Continue reading

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The Age of Fee-Fees

It was fun while it lasted. Way back in the 17th Century there was a philosophical revolution. This revolution is commonly known as “The Enlightenment” or “The Age of Reason.” Sadly, the Age of Reason is dead. It has been … Continue reading

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You Cannot End Racism By Making Everything About Race

I missed this when it originally came out but it’s still relevant today, It’s from a NYT editorial titled “How Ta-Nehisi Coates Gives Whiteness Power” by Thomas Chatterton Williams: Given the genuine severity of the Trump threat, some readers of … Continue reading

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50 years ago on this date I was at Hartland Bible Camp having fun and learning about Jeebus. That evening as we met in the little amphitheater the camp director told us that our astronauts had landed on the moon. … Continue reading

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Who is “We?”

Who is “we?” The reason I ask is I keep seeing people saying “This is not who we are” all over social media. That was a favorite phrase of you-know-who as well. It’s another way of saying “You’re unamerican.” So … Continue reading

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