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“Trump Fatigue” is a Democrat Disease

Wishful thinking by David Ignatius at WaPo: As Trump-era politics get noisier, is a weary public tuning out? You could say many things to describe a week in which President Donald Trump got in a snit about buying Greenland, called … Continue reading

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Is Beto A White Supremacist?

Many people we shocked to see Beto O’Gringo flashing the “white power” sign in a video. I was more shocked to see what he was eating. Who the hell puts coleslaw on a hotdog? Somebody should check to see if … Continue reading

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“Everybody Knows” The Tea Party Was Racist

So the NYT published an article bashing the Tea Party. Then they got a bunch of complaints so they updated their story to add allegations of racism. They didn’t include any proof, because everybody knows the Tea Party was racist. … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders Prepares For Debating Donald Trump

Watch out Bern, Trump is a counterpuncher. When you take a swing at him, be prepared to get hit back. Also, watch out for foreign objects, like chairs and hair clippers. This is an open thread.

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The Wrong Kind Of Radicals

There are good radicals and bad radicals. Saul Alinsky wrote a handbook for the “good” radicals titled “Rules for Radicals.” Unfortunately, sometimes the wrong kind of radicals use Alinsky’s methods. Something should be done about those bad radicals. Maybe we … Continue reading

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The Butthurt Media Cried “That’s Not Fair!” And The Deplorables Laughed

The WATBs love to dish it out but they can’t take it. Trump Allies Target Journalists Over Coverage Deemed Hostile to White House A loose network of conservative operatives allied with the White House is pursuing what they say will … Continue reading

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CNN Puts The “Cray” In Crazy

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real: University psychiatrist: Trump ‘may be responsible for many more million deaths’ than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao The former chairman of the Psychiatry Department at Duke University claimed on CNN that President Trump is as bad … Continue reading

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Sorry for the late posting and the lack of content. I’m having a shitty day. I wish I could just jump ahead to tomorrow or reboot today.

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The fight to end slavery says more about us than slavery does

The NYT wants us to believe that slavery is the primary factor in the foundation and development of the United States. They want us to believe that slavery defines and shapes us to this day. The NYT is full of … Continue reading

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Uptown Funk Friday Open Thread !


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Today In Stupid: This Ad Violated Facebook’s Rules

Can you guess why this ad was rejected by Facebook? It targets women. No, seriously Some TDS (tedious) deranged nutbag at a site called Popular Info complained that it violated Facebook rules so they told the Trump campaign to take … Continue reading

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W.O.O.T. – Chosen One Edition

President Trump sarcastically referred to himself as the “Chosen One” and Leftists loosed their shit. CNN framed it as “Trump calls himself ‘the chosen one’ during erratic rant.” Most upset by the comment was Barack Obama.

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Democrats In Disguise Push For Vote Stealing Act of 2019

That is a fake quote by Stalin, but nonetheless, it is Democrat policy. Be afraid. Be very afraid. McClatchy: Republicans use McConnell allies to try and force his hand on election security A conservative group is increasing pressure on Senate … Continue reading

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Tootsday Open Thread

I’ve had a post in my head since yesterday but I can’t seem to find the time to transfer my thoughts to pixels. Mom is running me ragged today, and my 8:45am appointment yesterday with a podiatrist ended up being … Continue reading

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I got back from the podiatrist in time to catch the tail end of the Shrieking Harridans and a news clip of Beeto O’Roflmao saying we need to replace Trump to “get the economy back on track.” WTF is he … Continue reading

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The Big Switcheroo And Other Democrat Fairy Tales

Democrats love their stories. You can call them narratives, myths, fables or fairy tales, but they are just stories with one thing in common: they are all lies. Oh, there often may be some truth in them, but, taken in … Continue reading

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What Comes After “Get Woke, Go Broke?”

Karma is often a bitch, but it’s still funny watching Leftists get karma’d. Backstory: Deadspin is supposed to be a sports oriented website. It was originally part of Gawker Media. Then Hulk Hogan sued Gawker for posting a sex tape … Continue reading

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When You Come To America Leave Your Baggage Behind

My sity wanted to pick figs w/ me. I broke down reading this & worry every single day after I won for my family's safety. My cousin was texting me which photo of @IlhanMN & I they should put on … Continue reading

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Friday Means Politically Incorrect Day, Right?

Tuning out the blather on social media and enjoying this 1936 version of “Showboat” on TCM. I dedicate this scene to trigger “feminists” who really need to find a man dey can’t help loving and the race baiters who will … Continue reading

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It’s #NationalRelaxationDay Open Thread

In a recent study, researchers found that taking just 20-30 minutes a day to walk or sit in a place that you identify as being in contact with nature can reduce your stress hormones. How are you relaxing today?#NationalRelaxationDay#ThursdayThoughts — … Continue reading

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