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An Old Question Of Mine Has Been Answered

The question was one I asked way back when I was just a commenter at Buffoon Juice and not a famous and influential blogger. It was probably about 2007 because Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the Whorehouse. I asked “Why … Continue reading

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What Do You Call A Canadian Antifa?

You call it a “fascist scumbag” just like all the other fascist scumbag Antifas. Violent clashes break out at Maxime Bernier event in Hamilton A peaceful protest outside an event for Maxime Bernier turned violent Sunday evening as supporters of … Continue reading

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Impeachment Thoughts

A few thoughts on this impeachment theater effort by long-simmering Democrats. First of all, the idea of the President being impeached today based on a phone call with another head of state is unprecedented. Furthermore, to have a CIA spy … Continue reading

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The Call of the Wild

I am a civilized and educated man. I live in a nation that believes in freedom of speech, or used to anyway. Officially it still does, but in practice, people tend to support their own freedom of speech, other people’s … Continue reading

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Who Cleared The Bidens?

I keep reading and hearing people in the media claim that the activities of Joe and Hunter Biden in Ukraine were investigated and they were cleared of any wrongdoing. My response has been, “Who cleared them?” Today in The Independent: … Continue reading

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Th.O.O.T. – Impeachment Posse Edition

U.S. Sheriff Adam “Mad Dog” Schiff spent the day organizing his impeachment posse. He started off with an arousing speech: “Okay people, listen up! We all know that Donald Trump deserves to be impeached. I don’t care what that drooling … Continue reading

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It will soon be Native American Genocide Day (formerly “Columbus Day”) which is the day when Leftists remind the rest of us of all the terrible bad things we did to the Indians Native Americans Indigenous People of Color. And … Continue reading

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