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SNL Rocks for the first time in 15 years Open Thread.

Happy to see some SNL Alumni return for this funny segment. If the producers were smart, they’d fire Baldwin and bring back the best Donald they had for 20 years, Darrell Hammond. I’ll go find his segments and post them … Continue reading

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“Vindman” Is Ukrainian For “Smug Asshole”

How the hell did Mr. LTC Vindman ever get the plum assignment he currently holds? He never should have been commissioned as an officer, let alone been given a top security clearance. People have reported that he has loose lips … Continue reading

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F.O.O.T East Coast Norma Desmond Edition

Is she Schiffty or Nanzi?  LOL  this great actress could play both, good luck Dems.  Just an Open Thread, late afternoon on the East Coast, yeah, open thread 😉  Party on !  

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Nobody Bats 0 For Eternity By Accident

The Bitches of Eastwick are at it again. The View returned Thursday after being interrupted by this week’s wall-to-wall impeachment hearings coverage, to discuss that very topic. Liberal hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin claimed President Trump was running scared … Continue reading

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Under Pressure From LGBT Groups, Purveyor of Hate Chicken Severs Ties With Bigoted Paramilitary Cult

Social Justice Warriors are jubilantly proclaiming victory this week because a popular restaurant chain will no longer donate to a well-known charity. Their ultimate goal is to force all organizations, groups, businesses, and individuals to whole-heartedly adopt the SJW agenda … Continue reading

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Vindman and Vindictive Have The Same Root

My takeaway of all the impeachment testimony so far: 1. The witnesses are very sure and knowledgeable when answering questions posed by the Democrats. The witnesses are far less certain and are less knowledgeable when the Republicans ask the questions. … Continue reading

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Thorstein Veblen Was A Real Party Animal.

Thorstein Veblen is famous for two things – inventing the beer bong and writing “The Theory of the Leisure Class.” He also invented the slotted spoon as a way to help people lose weight and coined the term “conspicuous consumption” … Continue reading

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