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The Fat Lady Has Sung For California

I can still remember when I was proud to be a Californian. California was the greatest state in the greatest nation on Earth. Well, the United States is still the greatest nation (until lately that was mostly due to the … Continue reading

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Donna Sum*day*mmer Open Thread

Oh No ! Keep the party going. ❤

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Impeach This !

Saturday Night Open Thread h/t Terrence ❤ THE ENTIRE FOOTBALL STADIUM CHEERED FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP You Will Not See This on FAKE NEWS! They will be quick to show 3 anti Trump protesters The People of Alabama & Louisiana Love … Continue reading

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When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

It is apparently a widely held belief that if you really really don’t want to go to jail, the cops have to let you go. This belief is not shared by cops. Cops tend to believe that if they tell … Continue reading

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Trump En Fuego

The best part about the Trump Era is watching CNN employees cry.

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Dear Democrats: What Is Your Endgame?

We are a nation divided against itself. Both sides are playing for all the marbles, but one side seems to have lost theirs. There are people out there who would rather burn it all down to the ground rather than … Continue reading

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Pray for Virginia: Election Night Open Thread 11/5/19

If we lose the House of Delegates and State Senate tonight, just call us Little California. Working on a Plan B, where the hell we gonna’ go? Northam plus a super majority state assembly are ready to pounce on gun … Continue reading

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What If The Media Gave Trump The Treatment He Deserves?

What if the media gave President Donald J. Trump the treatment he deserves? Even better – imagine if they treated him like a Democrat! I gotta go, Joe. Mom is keeping me on my toes lately. This is your Monday … Continue reading

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Funday, Sunday, Open Thread :)

It was October 9, 2016. Prior to our walking into debate…..Talk about deer in headlight…. you should have seen the reporters faces when they entered the room expecting only to see Mr Trump… and there we were. Priceless. — … Continue reading

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Trump Was Right – Biden IS Bad.

Does Vox Populi overrule TDS? Biden slides to fourth in new Iowa poll, Buttigieg surges Joe Biden slipped into fourth place among presidential candidates in the 2020 Iowa caucuses, behind front-runner Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and a surging South Bend, … Continue reading

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