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R U Ready For 2020 ?

I am. Open Thread

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Same Planet, Different Worlds

Anyone who has studied the higher mathemagics (or read lotsa of good science fiction*) could tell you that there are an infinite number of alternate universes out there, separated by little more than a semicolon. Earth is apparently a place … Continue reading

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2019 Was A Crapfest (And 2020 Looks To Be Worse)

Remember the Covington Kids? Juicy Smollett? That was how the year started. It ended with the quasi-impeachment of Donald Trump. In between, we had Dippi Longstalking and Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. We saw more crap (chickenshit, bullshit, and … Continue reading

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Happy Boxing Day!

Canadians have the reputation of being super nice people. That is because they have a weird law that requires them to be nice 364 days a year. December 26th is the one day that Canadians don’t have to be nice. … Continue reading

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Merry, Merry Dear TCH Family

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They F**ked Themselves

One of Donald Trump’s secrets to success as a politician is he is fighting against some of the most incompetent and inept politicians ever. Todays’ Democrats could fall into a pile of roses and come up smelling like shit. They … Continue reading

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Like all Fascists, Notorious Racist Tom Jefferson hated the news media

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, but we know he was a fascist because he was white and he believed in the rule of law. One of the things he is infamous for doing was abusing his power to … Continue reading

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Fredo Frustrated By Evangelicals Failure To Conform To His Stereotype

Ever since Trump started rising in the polls the Left has been trying to drive wedges between Donald Trump and his supporters. So far they have failed utterly. That failure frustrates the phuck out of them. Here’s Fredo getting into … Continue reading

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‘Twas The Saturday Night Before Christmas Open Thread

Listening to this debate on the radio rather than watching it on TV really brings out the similar speech patterns and accents of the Trump defenders. Make of that what you will. Seems to me the GOP is headed for … Continue reading

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“Like watching a bunch of monkeys trying to hump a doorknob.”

If you were searching for a way to describe the Democrats handling of Impeachmentpalooza 2019, Sean Davis nailed it. When asked by Tucker Carlson about Democrats handling of impeachment, Sean Davis said it was “Like watching a bunch of monkeys … Continue reading

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The Democrat Party Is Like A Bad Weight-Loss Program

Imagine that it has been 10 years since you graduated. Since then you got married, had a couple kids, and settled down in a steady job. You look at your old graduation photos and think about how thin you looked. … Continue reading

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W.O.O.T. Like a Boss

If you were expecting a cowed and beaten Donald Trump after the Kangaroo Kongress passed two articles of because we said so impeachment, you don’t know Donald. Yesterday was a dark day in American history. I could not watch it. … Continue reading

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Did Democrats Rush Impeachment Because The Rallies Were Scheduled?

Incredible photo by @authorjerm of tonight's #ImpeachmentRally in NYC.#ImpeachAndRemove #ImpeachmentEve #NobodyIsAboveTheLaw #Trump — Emily Mijatovic (@emiliainnyc) December 18, 2019 Right now SF 🇺🇸🇺🇸 #ImpeachmentEve #impeachmentrally #NobodyIsAboveTheLaw — PaperCatResister🇺🇸 (@PaperCatInCA) December 18, 2019 Stormy night in #Portland_Maine #ImpeachmentEve #ImpeachmentRally … Continue reading

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Democrats Freakout: Days That End In “Y”

BREAKING NEWS!!!! INFAMOUS SEAT-STEALER LAUNCHES OFFENSIVE ANTI-MUSLIM HOMOPHOBIC RANT ON NOTORIOUSLY PARTISAN FAKE NEWS NETWORK!!! Sorry for the ALLCAPS but I was mimicking the Left and that’s how Democrats talk. Katie Pavlich: The Left is Having a Meltdown Because Justice … Continue reading

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How to tell if a “journalist” is a dishonest Enemy of the People or merely stupid

I admit I wobble back and forth. It’s really easy to believe that Democrats in Congress and the news media are stupid because they say so many stupid things. Stupid explains a lot. But so does evil. But it could … Continue reading

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Fake Impeachment – When Fake News Just Isn’t Enough

How stupid would you have to be to honestly believe that the Democrats case for impeachment is fact-based? Wouldn’t you expect Yale Graduates to be pretty smart? So if a Yale grad is saying something that only a very stupid … Continue reading

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Open Thread: Here We Are, the 12 Days of Christmas

Never gets old 😀

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America Is Was Advanced Citizenship

Democracy was a nice experiment. Too bad it didn’t work out. From Michael Muldowney at American Thinker: Democrats will bring about the end of the republic if they keep this up I did not like Barack Hussein Obama. He saw … Continue reading

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Watergate On Steroids

If the police want to tap a drug dealer’s cell phone they need to get a search warrant. That means a cop must complete a sworn affidavit laying out probable cause that the person whose phone they want to tap … Continue reading

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Where Are The Apologies?

They are smarter than us. Go ahead and ask them if they are smarter and they’ll tell you. They are better educated than us, more knowledgeable, morally superior, and better looking too. They told us a lotta things over the … Continue reading

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