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R U Ready For 2020 ?

I am. Open Thread

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Same Planet, Different Worlds

Anyone who has studied the higher mathemagics (or read lotsa of good science fiction*) could tell you that there are an infinite number of alternate universes out there, separated by little more than a semicolon. Earth is apparently a place … Continue reading

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2019 Was A Crapfest (And 2020 Looks To Be Worse)

Remember the Covington Kids? Juicy Smollett? That was how the year started. It ended with the quasi-impeachment of Donald Trump. In between, we had Dippi Longstalking and Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. We saw more crap (chickenshit, bullshit, and … Continue reading

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Happy Boxing Day!

Canadians have the reputation of being super nice people. That is because they have a weird law that requires them to be nice 364 days a year. December 26th is the one day that Canadians don’t have to be nice. … Continue reading

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Merry, Merry Dear TCH Family

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They F**ked Themselves

One of Donald Trump’s secrets to success as a politician is he is fighting against some of the most incompetent and inept politicians ever. Todays’ Democrats could fall into a pile of roses and come up smelling like shit. They … Continue reading

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Like all Fascists, Notorious Racist Tom Jefferson hated the news media

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, but we know he was a fascist because he was white and he believed in the rule of law. One of the things he is infamous for doing was abusing his power to … Continue reading

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