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The Impeachment Of Donald Trump: Kabuki Theater Or Dog and Pony Show??

If we haven’t already reached Peak Stupid with the bogus impeachment of Donald Trump I don’t think I want to stick around to see what’s next. OTOH there is no place to run and hide. I honestly didn’t think the … Continue reading

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Gen. Cornwallis to George Washington: “Someday You’re Gonna Regret This”

The picture above is the painting “The Surrender of Lord Cornwallis” by John Turnbull. The original hangs in the Capitol Rotunda. In October 1781 the British Army was surrounded at Yorktown. The British commander, General Lord Cornwallis, chose to surrender … Continue reading

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Master of the House, Open Thready

Sounds like our creepy House Dems, amirite? My lyrics didn’t show up, crap.

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A New Judge A Day Keeps Socialism Away

Immigration Judge Charles Honeyman was nearing retirement, but he vowed not to leave while Donald Trump was president and risk being replaced by an ideologue with an anti-immigration agenda. But this month, he called it quits. Here's why: — … Continue reading

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Bondi. Pam Bondi

She looks like a soccer mom, but yesterday she chopped down a major pillar of the Democrats’ impeachment case. The media have been saying over and over that the Bidens were investigated and cleared. But they never say who did … Continue reading

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Hate Humor Is Fake Humor

One of the universal traits of humans is laughter. Someone once said “Man is the only animal that laughs. In Stranger in a Strange Land the character Michael Valentine Smith finally “groks” humans when he understands laughter. “No, that’s the … Continue reading

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Trump Tribe?

  Late one night on a lonely country road, a writer for Politico took a wrong turn and just kept going. He ended up at the Mid-Michigan Gun & Knife Show in Birch Run, Michigan. What he saw there was … Continue reading

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The Presumption Of Guilt

“Innocent until proven guilty” is the foundation upon which our entire justice system rests. Government has the power to grind you up and spit you out. The presumption of innocence protects you from arbitrary arrest and imprisonment. But it is … Continue reading

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Pro-Life, Pro-Women Open Thread

This is today, funny how it’s getting buried on the social medias. Last week’s Womens’ March, not so much, right? Pro-life feminism: The radical notion that both women and pre-born babies are human beings.Standing in solidarity with the March for … Continue reading

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Trollin’ Trollin’ Trollin,’ Keep Them Donkeys Lyin’

Utoob capshun: Certified genius Schiff T. Coyote demonstrates the meaning of insanity in his relentless pursuit of the elusive Trump Runner. This would be better with some “Trump Train” music at the end. This is an open you-know-what.

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What’s New Pussy Hat, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa ?

Sorry, another lame Open Thread. 😛 Bored. ^5

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Shampeachment Day One

At least I think it’s day one. I’m not sure. I can’t watch the travesty rolled up in a farce and stuffed into lunacy. My grip on sanity is tenuous enough as it is. If I have to listen to … Continue reading

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Democrats Unveil The Mountain Of Overwhelming Evidence Against Trump

The Congressional Democrat Impeachment Posse has a mountain of overwhelming evidence against Trump according to Rep. Adam “Bug-Eyes” Schiff. Prior to entering politics, Schiff designed new clothes for the emperor. This guy says what I really hope is true: According … Continue reading

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Pussyhat Dolls March

Thoughts: When the Left puts on a march or a rally there are conservative journalists who will show up and try to interview people and record what takes place. The people in charge of the event usually object and try … Continue reading

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Honoring MLK By Segregating People According To The Color Of Their Skin

I call it the “New Segregation.” This is the weekend we get to hear white people tell us what MLK would have wanted. — michaelharriot (@michaelharriot) January 18, 2020 Here are some of the replies: The Whitewashing of MLK… They … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Fever’s MLK Weekend Open Thread !

….AND OTHER STUFF…. Rock it !

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Get Out There And Hustle

I hope @ShuttleCDRKelly eviscerates her. Donate to Mark Kelly in the name of all Liberal Hacks: — soupcity (@emmbee1002) January 17, 2020 For longer than I have been alive there are thousands of coaches each year who have told hundreds … Continue reading

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The Fakest Fake News Ever

The crap runneth over. GAO finds Trump administration broke law by withholding Ukraine aid OH, NO MR. BILL! THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN ON TRUMP. It’s the beginning of the end. The fat lady is singing. The Trump administration’s decision … Continue reading

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This Impeachment bullshit cannot possibly get any weirder! Nancy Pelosi: Hold my beer

Has Nasty Nancy’s cheese slid off her cracker? Pelosi doles out impeachment pens, a signing tradition The White House is criticizing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for handing out pens she used to sign the articles of impeachment against President Donald … Continue reading

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When I Feel The Need For Moral Guidance I Always Seek Out Hollywood Celebrities

1- American democracy has always been a struggle between the misaligned protections of specific freedoms and a raging, at times intoxicating, 12 cylinder economy.It demanded vigilant/consistent regulation, compassion for the disenfranchised, and… — HABFoundation (@ABFalecbaldwin) January 13, 2020   The … Continue reading

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