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Leap Day Open Thread

Have a fun day ! So we’ll start with a giggle….. Stay away from Bakersfield, CA 😵🔊 — The Infamous El Guapo 🇺🇲 (@elguapo64) February 29, 2020

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Democrat Ghouls Cheer For Coronavirus Recession

Headlines: How the coronavirus could spark a severe slowdown or recession in America Recession risk increases as coronavirus spreads, economists say Yellen Says Coronavirus Could Throw U.S. Economy Into Recession There’s not a lot the Fed can do about a … Continue reading

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Think of it as evolution in action

Humans have made life too easy. We have prevented Mother Nature from pouring chlorine in the human gene pool. Some have said that we are creating an “Idiocracy” where stupid people take over the world. They have already taken over … Continue reading

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PUMA vs NeverTrump

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose I know that some of y’all remember PUMA – “Party Unity My Ass.” PUMAs were a lot like NeverTrumpers. Larry O’Connor has a few choice words for the Pious Protectors of Conservatism: … Continue reading

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VM: “The biggest problem in America is toxic gullibility…”

H/T VM A perfect TCH Open Thread starts now….. Get a damn GRIP, woman! Soledad O’Brien can’t EVEN deal with 1980 Miracle on Ice Team daring to wear MAGA hats via @twitchyteam — The 🐰 FOO (@PolitiBunny) February 24, … Continue reading

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Democrats Call For A Ban On Testosterone And Y Chromosomes

Okay, the headline is fake news. The Democrats aren’t really trying to ban male hormones and chromosomes. Not yet. Put the pussification of the American male continues apace. Here’s a headline from the Atlantic. Anybody see a problem? What It … Continue reading

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Nevada Democratic Ca-Ca Day Open Thread

Nevada Dems are using the same “apps” as Iowa’s caucuses. Good luck with that guys. Meanwhile….. Nevada (a blue state) and this is the OVERFLOW crowd. Trump has moved people beyond politics. This is not about blue or red. This … Continue reading

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