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I Think DeBlasio Jumped the Shark in NYC Open Thread

When attacks on Jews were spiking, de Blassio was slow to act. Now he says he'll have the police arrest Jewish mourners. — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) April 29, 2020 #Jews is trending on Twitter right now, I knew it … Continue reading

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Standing The Truth On Its Head

I think all of us have had the experience of being lied about. If you have ever been dragged into court against your will you almost certainly know what I’m talking about. You get served papers telling you that your … Continue reading

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Your Premise Stinks

Back when Ronald Reagan was running for office a politician could give the same lines and jokes and the same basic speech over and over for weeks or months because it was always new to each audience. One of Reagan’s … Continue reading

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Will Trump Supporters Who Survive The War Be Placed On Trial?

We talk a lot about how crazy the Democrats are these days. But sometimes they remind us that they are even crazier than that. RD brings the crazy: So, a lot of you are wondering what it will take to … Continue reading

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Saturday Open Thread !

Love from Brooklyn !

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The Media Has The Covfefe-45 Virus

If Trump is for it, they’re against it. If Trump is against it, they’re for it. If Trump hates it they love it. If Trump loves it they hate it. If they were teenagers and Trump was their daddy, the … Continue reading

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Politics Is No Place For Purists

Otto Von Bismarck once said, “Politics is the art of the possible.” On the other hand, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman once said, “War is hell.” Not that long ago when our federal government was shut down Nasty Nana and Chuckles … Continue reading

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Jackbooted Government Fascists Separate Idaho Mother From Her Children

For the past three years, we’ve been told that the absolute worst thing you could ever do is separate parents and kids. This article is from Boise State Public Radio: Woman Arrested After Moms Stage ‘Playdate Protest’ Over Idaho Stay … Continue reading

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Did’ya Ever Have A Bad Day?

This is what I get when I turn off news and try to expand my culture with foreign movies. I was wrong. 😉 This is Faces that creep me out more than Pelosi’s Open Thread.

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“Let them eat ice cream”

Nasty Nana handed this ad to the GOP on a silver platter. She did a tone-deaf interview in the basement of her gingerbread house where she keeps the bodies of her victims in cold storage. She deserves every bit of … Continue reading

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Hindsight Is Always 20/20

Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas appeared via remote on Bill Maher’s show Friday night. Most of their discussion centered on Trump’s response to the ‘Rona and GOP opposition to Vote-by-mail. The congressman’s response to the first was better than his … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to those Tiki Torch Nazis?

This is fine, because there's no recent instance–say, while Trump's been president–of acts of violence by people egged on by this kind of demagoguery in Virginia. — Bill Kristol (@BillKristol) April 17, 2020 One upon a time it … Continue reading

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It’s Fri-YAY Open Thread

Have a laugh. Man, Delos Destinations Inc. work has really fallen off since Westworld got quarantined. They aren't even trying anymore… — Woke Lola (@lovelalola) April 17, 2020 Now make me laugh. This is an open I-hope-this-is-almost-over thread thingy!

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This Is Why I Yell At My Computer

Trump is driven by impulse, unbothered by ignorance and fueled by emotions. That is not how modern presidents have behaved. — Jennifer Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) April 15, 2020 Here we have another, “I don’t need to read it to know … Continue reading

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Why Don’t We Put The News Media In Charge? They Have All The Answers

Sometimes the answer is right there in front of your nose. I was reading an editorial in The Guardian by Richard Wolff. He was trying to be sarcastic and accidentally told the truth. Trump is devoting precious resources to the … Continue reading

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What Time is it? Wednesday ! Open Thready Time :D

One of the best non-political Shutdown articles I’ve seen today, this week? Maybe this month? So funny, I spewed my breakfast wine 😉 Kerry and Dave, got kicked to the curb from our local paper because they never did slobber … Continue reading

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Novel Politics And The Virus Circus

For most of my adult like there were only two things outside of my personal life that I was passionate about – the Oakland/LA/Oakland Raiders and politics. I stopped caring about the Raiders when they announced they were moving to … Continue reading

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Dancing on the Ceiling Open Thread

Nope, not that guy, this guy 😀 Happy Quarantine One Month Anniversary to ME. March 13 was the last time I left the house, so far so good. Living on a private backyard park helps, not bragging, just ‘splaining how … Continue reading

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Have A Happy Religious Holiday Not Celebrated by Other Religions

I was going to write a long post about the true meaning of Easter, but I decided to sleep instead. I am posting this because no matter how angry or depressed I get, this video never fails to cheer me … Continue reading

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I Think Jeebus Would Like a Holy Saturday Open Thread

Let’s continue The Celebration of Easter Weekend, shall we? 😉 ….according to the Guard at his Tomb.

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