A LAT Editorial Proves Once Again That Leftists Have To Shit On Everything

Journalism RIP

I’m pretty sure my step-dad was a Democrat because he liked to ruin everything. Nothing pissed him off more than seeing me having a good time.

It’s Memorial Day, and what are the Democrats and other Leftists celebrating?

Not a damn thing. They are too busy being outraged to have any fun. And what are they outraged about? They have their panties twisted up because some Americans are wandering around on American beaches wearing nothing but a surgical mask and some sunscreen. HOW CAN ANYONE HAVE FUN WHILE PEOPLE ARE DYING??? HOW CAN DONALD TRUMP GO GOLFING DURING A PANDEMIC???

A religious (Christian) or patriotic holiday is anathema to Leftists. At Christmas they dump all over Christian beliefs. On our two biggest patriotic holidays they dump all over America. But what is better than trashing a patriotic holiday? Hijacking a patriotic holiday to dump on America and attack Trump while simultaneously dumping on the holiday too.

Check out this editorial in the LAT:

In the waning days of April, the number of people who died from COVID-19 in the United States surpassed the tally of those killed in the Vietnam War. The nation has been stunned by the many who have died in this pandemic.

We think of them today, Memorial Day, as we pause to remember and grieve for the nearly 60,000 U.S. service members who died in Vietnam — and the hundreds of thousands of other Americans who gave their lives in other wars.

As the COVID-19 death count continues to mount, it has had a cumulative and numbing effect, much like the counting of war dead. Individual cases disappear into the whole. The focus is on the number, not our fellow citizens.

Many news outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, have sought to put a human face on the COVID-19 tragedy, publishing profiles of some of the deceased, reminding the world what they had done with their lives and what remained for them to do. The remembrances sometimes include heartrending stories of the many family members and friends who were unable to be with their loved ones at the end because of coronavirus-related restrictions.

Just as the COVID-19 dead have likely been undercounted, so have the U.S. military dead in Vietnam. The official number fails to include the many veterans who died after the war as a result of lingering medical and emotional conditions.

And such tallies often don’t acknowledge that as many as 3 million Vietnamese died in that war.

Now, the American generation that suffered most in Vietnam is the most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

If COVID-19 disproportionately strikes the elderly and the vulnerable, the Vietnam War disproportionately killed the young and the vital. More than 60% of the names on the Vietnam Memorial belong to those who were 22 or younger when they died. Members of that once-young baby boomer generation are now senior citizens.


Many observers have described the struggle against the pandemic as a “war.” The COVID-19 fight is not a war but a public health crisis, striking randomly. The Vietnam War was not random; it was the result of calculated choices.

The COVID-19 and Vietnam eras do share unfortunate similarities, including officials ignoring reports and warnings, and confidently insisting on their capacity to control events. Leaders in the 1960s also assured that we could wage the war without economic sacrifice, and today many insist that we can remain safe while enjoying economic and social freedom.

That war and this pandemic have each been marked by a pronounced inequitable sharing of the burden and the cost by the poor and by racial minorities. And in neither was there official national recognition of this or a pause for national mourning.

In both crises, unspoken politics, personal ambition and arrogance too often have framed public statements as well as military and public health strategy.

Then and now we have seen official optimism and an absence of candor regarding projections of what was to come: “It is over; we have won” echoes from Vietnam to 2020. In April, President Trump said there was “light at the end of the tunnel.” Gen. William Westmoreland reported seeing a similar light in Vietnam in 1967.

During the Vietnam Era it became fashionable among the elite intelligentsia (i.e. Leftists) to hate America. They showed their disdain for the United States by burning American flags, wearing /displaying Communist uniforms and flags, setting off bombs, and calling G.I.s returning from ‘Nam “baby killers.”

They paid for their over-the-top rhetoric in 1984. Reagan was in the White House, the economy was booming, we were hosting the Summer Olympics, and it was an election year. America kicked ass in the Olympics which led to scenes of crowds of people waving American flags and chanting “U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!” We saw so many shots of Reagan at the Olympics I began to wonder how many gold medals The Gipper had won.

Reagan was unapologetically patriotic. He didn’t see anything corny or quaint about the Pledge of Allegiance or standing for the National Anthem. So when a wave of patriotism swept the nation as it does occasionally, which party reaped the benefits? (Hint: It wasn’t the party that hates America.) It was an Electoral College blowout.

Four years later, Poppy Bush shredded that Greek bohunk guy with the Pledge of Allegiance. Blowout #2. Bill Clinton was smart. He saw that some issues that play well with the Democrat urban base won’t play in Poughkeepsie. More importantly, the anti-Americanism of the Radical Left is electoral kryptonite.

That’s why this OpEd is bylined by somebody nobody ever heard of. Joe Biden won’t say these things, at least not in public. Unless he commits a gaffe, but what are the chances of that?

This OdOp (odious opinion) is directed at two groups. The first is the LoFo voters who are stupid enough to believe there is any comparison between Vietnam and the King Flu Grippe. The second group is the Trump haters on the Left who need fresh talking points. Ever notice in comment threads and on Twitter how they all seem to say the same things at the same time?

The Democrats used to send out talking points in texts and email blasts, but they discovered that all that was needed was to get their message into the stream of commerce in the Marketplace of Leftist Ideas. Sometimes a single tweet will do it. The Democrats have their monkeys well trained, they will grab it and run with it.

But is you could read between the lines of the OdOp you would see this:

Happy Fucking Memorial Day you racist bastards! We hope you all get the Trump Flu and die.

This is CNN

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171 Responses to A LAT Editorial Proves Once Again That Leftists Have To Shit On Everything

  1. votermom says:

    seriously, what’s with the upside down crucifixes?

  2. Angie says:

    Posted this in an old thread so moving it here.

    I’m shocked the NYT printed the article in the reply to Nancy by Gay Patriot, but I’m sure they will ignore it & go back to screaming how Trump is killing us all because he won’t wear a mask.

    As to Nancy’s lies: it was supposed to be 2.2 million dead & the hospital systems collapsing. Trump saved millions & not one poor soul who died did so because they lacked a bed or ventilator. Meanwhile, she spent 90% of the last 6 months running a star chamber impeachment farce without a crime or at home

  3. swanspirit says:


    Memo to NYT Libel Merchants: The U.S. Military Is Not the Ku Klux Klan
    BY STEPHEN GREEN MAY 25, 2020 12:00 PM EST

    The NYT editorial board chose Memorial Day weekend to smear the U.S. military with the Ku Klux Klan’s “blood-drenched tradition of racial terrorism.”

    Maybe when they wrote “military” they meant to use “Democrats,” because as more people ought to know, the Klan was founded to serve as the Democratic Party’s shock troops against freed blacks in the South.

    Pulling zero propaganda punches, the NYT’s banner art included an image of a white bullet with eyeholes cut out to look like a Ku Klux Klan hood.

    Follow the link to read the whole article. I just can’t believe there are people who are in the media, who hate this country so much, they would slander the military on Memorial Day weekend.

    • Cisco says:

      May I comment.?
      We no longer have a free and unbiased media.
      It is with few, very few exceptions, the Propaganda Arm of the Democrat .
      The Fourth Estate has become, is, and remains a Fifth Column.
      Even if it has to be 55 grains at a time.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Vodkapundit wrote that 🙂 He mentioned on his FB how troubled he was to have to write “military is not the ku klux klan” for an article. I hope Glasser weighed in with his expert opinion on our sh*tty media which is often good even if we don’t agree with it.

    • 49erDweet says:

      If you think today’s media knows our nation’s history, you’re very much mistaken. They write from their own slanted mindset, not actual “facts”. Basically they are novelists.

  4. Angie says:

  5. lyn says:

  6. Cisco says:

    Completed my 7 month out of that Dem cesspool, Chicago.
    More dictatorial fuckery by the Demon Dwarf Groot.
    Now actually sending CPD to raid and close churches.
    “If true”?
    I believe it because last week or so pulled a different version.
    03 AM 78 COMMENTS 

    Church Raid?

    We haven’t been able to verify this via regular means and the website is not among our regular reads, but this seems like an escalation of large proportions…..if true:

    Courtney Lewis, the pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Chicago, was in the middle of his sermon when he heard loud banging on front doors. It was the police and they were denied entry into the sanctuary. Mayor Lori Lightfoot had dispatched three squad cards and two unmarked cars filled with armed officers. A representative from the mayor’s office was also present.

    […] Pastor Lewis said the intent was to shut down their Sunday services. It was “like the Soviet-style KGB,” he said. “The only thing she hasn’t done yet is beat the doors down and arrest our members,” the pastor said.

    Pastor Lewis tells the Todd Starnes Radio Show that the men of the church were instructed not to open the doors during the services — per protocol.

    Someone on the southside has to have first hand info and/or pictures of the incident, again, if it actually happened as the pastor says. The church is at 1210 E 62nd St.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Were they this strict with the mosques? I think the Muslims took it outside during Ramadan in NYC so everybody could hear that call to prayer about a zillion times a day?

  7. Cisco says:

    Hope this shows.
    Cant keep a good man down.
    Lt.Col. West is pretty banged up in this video.
    Says he’ll be running a few miles or so in a few weeks.
    Naw, just Airborne.
    All the way Col.
    Benning ’67

  8. helenk3 says:

    i love my governor,
    Gov DiSantas want Civics taught to ever senior before the graduate. One comment was who is going to teach them. My idea is get some retired people, vets, those who worked and thrived in this country when Freedom was the best thing ever

  9. lyn says:

    • lyn says:

  10. helenk3 says:

    off topic.
    my cooking dinner tonight could have been a scene from the Lucy Show. First of all I was thinking veal parm. so I took what I thought was the veal, but instead, it was turkey fillets. Then I took the container of spaghetti sauce out of the freezer. Dropped on my toes. It Hurt and I used some words I learned on the railroad, I did not realize there was now a hole in the bottom of the container. I put in the fridge to thaw out. made fillets just as I would the veal, took the container out of the fridge, wonder why it was so wet on the bottom and not really as much liquid as usual. But on continued on, Took a baking potato cooked in micowave. Went to serve was rotten in the middle, Threw that out. Meat was ok. Then I noticed the hole in the container and had to clean my fridge.

    thinking about eating out from now on

    • Cisco says:

      I’ve read that some restaurants pass off turkey as the more expensive veal.
      Claimed that customers can’t taste the difference.
      I wonder.

      • elliesmom says:

        I will eat just about anything breaded, fried, and doused in tomato sauce and smothered with cheese. Turkey cutlets parmagiana are very good, but if someone can’t tell them from veal, then we shouldn’t be sacrificing calves for them to eat. If a restaurant is passing turkey off as veal, that’s not only fraud, it’s dangerous. While a deadly anaphylactic reaction to turkey is rare, other adverse reactions to eating turkey are not. Many people avoid turkey because it causes them to have stomach pains and/or diarrhea. Just tell people you don’t make turkey for Thanksgiving, and you’ll hear all about it. 😉

        • helenk3 says:

          I had both in my freezer and pulled out the turkey by mistake and defrosted it before I unwrapped it.

          • elliesmom says:

            I often have a “mystery dinner”. Grab some unmarked thing out of the freezer and wait until it defrosts to see what’s for dinner.

    • foxyladi14 says:

      Sounds good Helen,
      You deserve to be pampered. ❤

  11. helenk3 says:


    here goes my Irish. Does someone want to tell this asshole that many people of different colors fought and died for this country.? He can go to hell with his racism

  12. Mothy67 says:

    I have been doing a lot of texting with people I know in the bar business. I don’t know how it is in other states, but here your license can be worth more than the physical business. They seldom grant new ones. You can sell the license for whatever you can get. There can only be so many in an area. Mine was a golden investment. I had this tiny pub. It was fun to open and start, but day to day was a drag. I got offered ten times what I paid. They didn’t want the building just the license. I don’t believe most independent places can reopen. You simply cannot shut the doors for months with a small place. So I think or rather am being led to believe that all these licenses will becoming up for sale. Can banks sieze a license?
    I have heard some of the most iconic places may shutter. I am sure Dandy visited Jack’s when he was at CMU. I bet vmom’s KTE and KTY have been there. I think it may be a course requirement to graduate from Pitt. It opens at 8 am and it is really something to see. You get nurses getting off graveyard shifts and on a rainy it is packed with construction types. You get the hardcore drunks spending disability checks and begging for a smoke. I go in everytime I am near in the morning. i have met people at 9 am drinking dark liquor from Sydney and Florence. They seem to always be attending a wedding. They were sitting in Australia and looked up things to do and Jack’s came up.
    At night it becomes a real college hangout. There is always some 1.75 special. Usually Captain and diet coke. There are people that abhor it. They continuously try and get it shut down as a nuisance bar. It is but it has character.
    One time a Karen and a Chad came in and asked people if they would mind not smoking. They were laughed right out. I love dive bars. I am fortunate with any substance except cigs during Covid. I am smoking way too much. I do love getting drunk. I don’t particularly care to have two glasses of wine with dinner. I want the box and a sippy straw or a bourbon and a beer back. The people I know who work in social services think Jack’s is to blame for all ills. Unfortunately one organization here has taken over almost all mental health. They built a campus and do nearly all outpatient treatment. It is mostly group therapy. You have to walk by Jack’s to get there. Not everyone makes it to group.
    So it may close and instead of a beer in a half dirty glass we will get another Olive Garden.

  13. Dora says:

    I’m shocked. NOT!


    EXCLUSIVE: Judge Emmett Sullivan, from General Flynn Trial, Arranged Speaking Gig for James Comey at Howard University for $100,000

    The confused judge who has unconstitutionally inserted himself into the Justice Department’s case against General Flynn made some actions behind the scene that are just as troubling.


  14. Dora says:

  15. DeniseVB says:

    Morning drama on Twitter. More people got upset over “Karen’s” treatment of the dog than the fact she felt threatened by an “African American” who asked her to leash her dog. I read the thread so you don’t have to, but she lost her job….and she was made to surrender the dog back to the rescue he was adopted from. All’s well. 🙂 If she had only leashed the dog…..

    • lyn says:

      Doggie is safe.

    • DandyTIger says:

      She was kind of rough on the dog.

    • Cisco says:

      I like to think of myself as a birder.
      Duck, turkey, pheasant and that noble bird, the yardbird.
      Fried, baked, grilled or smoked, I love birds too.

    • somebody says:

      That man was anything but threatening. He was polite and patient, she was hysterical and that poor dog.

    • taw46 says:

      I do not like twitter mobs. Justine Sacco and the Covington kids come to mind. People get doxxed and their lives ruined by social media.

    • Miranda says:

      She was wrong to not leash the dog, but according to an FB thread, he said “You do what you want and so will I and you won’t like it”. Then, he tried to lure the dog with treats. This seems to be a standard method he uses to get owners to leash their dogs. It sounds to me like he’s threatening to poison the dog.

      I’m glad the dog is back at the rescue. I don’t like twitter mobs either.

  16. lyn says:

  17. lyn says:


  18. Dora says:

    • lateblum says:

      These democrat governors are all working from the same playbook.

      • Constance says:

        But Dem govs are delusional about how much control they have. I just got a email that my usual casino (Muckelshoot) is open. The Suquamish Clearwater opened last week and I knew it wouldn’t be long until all the tribes reopened. So now people can gamble and go to restaurants and drink booze all over the shut down state. If the Dems can’t make Covid deaths jump up they are going to alienate a lot of voters and lose control. But I am sure they are madly trying to infect more people. And they are virtue signaling way more than usual. I consider cotton mask wearing kabuki level virtue signaling. Having a wet rag stuck on your face is just disgusting. Many health people can isolate Staph from their face and all kinds of other bacteria are in healthy peoples nose and mouth. I do wear a mask in stores but I hang it on my rear view mirror so it gets UV light when not in use. I wish I could find a mask with zinc or copper woven in the fabric.

  19. DeniseVB says:

    No surprise here 🙂

  20. DeniseVB says:

    I can’t get enough of Trump’s Navy ! This tweet is from Pelosi’s challenger, brave woman, lol. From the comments, nobody remember a President in history who had his own private Navy 😀

  21. Dora says:

    • Consttance says:

      I wonder what happened while all of the police and fire department guys were trying to put out the fire? Probably hundreds of drug smugglers and human traffickers ran in about a mile down the border.

  22. Dora says:

  23. DeniseVB says:

    Cancel Culture going after Jimmy Fallon ? SNL did this a lot back in those days, more recently, Fred Armisen is blackface as Obama.


  24. Dora says:

    • DeniseVB says:

      A few years ago I saw a video on how they made those complex corn maizes, which was fascinating. Some kind of GPS app designer thingy that runs your tractor for you. I guess these are not our grandpas tractors anymore 🙂

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        Farmers could teach those useless journalistias a thing or two about both Mother Nature and technology. But it likely more than the little minds of MSMers can grasp.

  25. lateblum says:

    This is an interesting letter from Rick Grenell to Mark Warner… with a cc to Marco Rubio…

  26. taw46 says:

    • somebody says:

      Perhaps, that kind of growth does seem unlikely, but it is possible. POTUS is correct there is a lot of pent up demand. The stores at the shopping area near my house are as empty as the grocery stores were a couple of months ago. Empty racks and shelves. I thought they were going under, nope they just got cleaned out. Could be a fluke, we were fairly early to reopen. Most stores had oodles of clearance, their computers kept telling them to mark stuff down because it wasn’t moving.

      That’s an issue most stores will correct in other areas as they open, at least I would think so. The supply chain is slow too, trucks rolling in don’t have very much according to managers. If the low supply keeps up, that will dampen growth.

      I’ve seen pent up demand in autos too. A week or so ago, the world was my oyster, now they’re being snapped up. Once again new supply is 🐌. Seems things might spit and sputter for a little bit.

      • Island Girl says:

        We are opening up for business here in Hawaii despite their despair and freaking out. Not so much tourism by a long shot but you can definitely buy a new cool vehicle and get an oil change . Over it!

  27. Dora says:

    Citizen Journalist Busts Democrat Mail-In Voting Nursing Home Scandal in Texas


  28. helenk3 says:

    He does know how to write a letter that gets the point accross

  29. Cisco says:

    Listening to Rush.
    PropCorps talking about “grim figure’s” of Wuhan virus.
    Here’s some grim figure’s from Chiraq.
    Holiday death toll.
    One weekend, almost as bad as last weekend.

    In at least five years according to the media:

    Nine people are dead and 30 others wounded so far in weekend shootings in Chicago — the deadliest Memorial Day weekend since 2015, when 12 people were killed.

    Despite the state’s stay-at-home order, the weekend’s death toll has already surpassed last year’s holiday weekend, when seven people were killed and 34 were injured during the period from 5 p.m. Friday through 5 a.m. Tuesday.

    In 2018, seven people died and 30 others were wounded. In 2017, six people were killed and 44 others were wounded. In 2016, six people were killed and 56 wounded.
    Maybe we can set up a death clock like the one in Times Square blaming Trump.

  30. Dora says:

    Sweet girl making her parents proud. 🙂

  31. Dora says:

  32. Mt.Laurel says:

    Virginia’s fun longing governor had gone with masks for all for 1,000. But like the mayor of NYC, such mandates do not, evidently, include mr black face.

    So far, our Maryland governor appears to be sticking with masks in stores and other enclosed spaces like medical offices and on public transportation.

    Now, if I one is telecommuting from Maryland for a job based in Virginia, must one wear a mask when working from home? Inquiring minds . . ./s

    • DeniseVB says:

      LOL ! I saw a funny comment saying making masks mandatory at this stage of the pandemic is like bringing condoms to a baby shower 😀

  33. jentx says:

    I’ve given up on America getting any justice. Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, McCain, FBI, the whole bunch of them will get off with nary a taint. Cuomo killed HOW MANY SENIORS by putting the sick in nursing homes instead of hospitals he should be CHARGED WITH MURDER and in jail right now awaiting the death penalty oh and please have him reimburse the American people for the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS SPENT on ventilators, nurses, doctors, ships and make-shift hospitals set up for the MILLIONS of dead that didn’t die. But those sick seniors sure did when he denied them medical care and condemned them to die a horrid death. I have given up that the voter fraud via mail in ballots will ever stop, that anyone will really even notice or care, and that NO ONE REALLY FUCKING DIED except the seniors by Cuomo and the fucking economy and people’s dreams and hopes. If, according to the CDC that approx. 25% of the alleged covid-19 deaths are overstated and not related to covid-19 that means EXACTLY THE SAME AMOUNT OF PEOPLE DIED FROM THIS FLU as ANY OTHER FUCKING FLU except that CUOMO condemned thousands of seniors to die by sending them to nursing homes instead of hospitals so those might not have even died. Furthermore, 61% of ALL covid-19 deaths occurred in nursing homes so this means that EXACTLY who would have died from any other flu died from this flu. YES it is highly contagious and if you get it and it is your time to suffer YOU WILL SUFFER BAD it hurts like a mother fucker and if it is your time to die young, old or in-between you will die but that is fucking LIFE people. 600 doctors just wrote an open letter to President Trump talking about the DIRE SITUATION we are in with no one at the hospitals and deaths mounting up from lack of medical care, depression, domestic violence, child abuse, drugs and alcohol, as well as the impending DOOM of no jobs, no money, no hope. If I hear one more fucking stupid infomercial about how wearing a mask NOT and standing 6 feet apart (not 5 feet 11 1/2 inches mind you it must be exactly 6 feet) will save you NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT I will kill my tv. It is a nanovirus it enters and exits through all pores eyes, mouth, nose, and others (yes you know what I am talking about) and unless you are in hazmat suit with breathing tank you are going to give it and get it because the particulates are so small NOTHING STOPS IT. It can live for 3 days and travel hundreds of feet so STOP WITH THE STUPID MASKS and social distancing crap. If you are very old and sick stay home the rest of us need to start living before we lose what we have left of America. Sweden is KILLING IT with very few dead and no societal shut down but no one is talking about it. This shut down is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and has only the following reason to be going on: POWER, MONEY, and CONTROL. Remember they said at the beginning it was for 2 weeks to slow the curve. SLOW THE CURVE MY ASS it was a test to see what we would put up with and I am OVER IT. NO MORE. People are dying from fear and this is THEIR PLAN. Also, simply put to kill economy, stop Trump rally, and steal the election. I cannot make people claim their rights as Americans but I will not FUCKING GO DOWN WITHOUT a fight. Never in my life–other than people voting for Obama TWICE, the RHINOS not voting out Obamacare, the me-too movement of inane stupidity and hypocrisy, have I ever seen such utter stupidity by 330,000,000 people. NOT UNTIL THIS. COVID-19 is NOTHING PEOPLE. IT IS NOTHING. IT IS NOTHING. Repeat after me IT IS NOTHING. It is the flu. You have a 800% better chance of getting struck by lightning and dying then dying from covid-19 have you EVER lost your job, your stock value, your home and car and your peace of mind over fear of dying from getting struck by lightning???? GET UP and FIGHT BACK. GO to work, open your store, do NOT wear a mask, tell people the truth and get this country back up and moving in the right direction. You wonder how Hitler got everyone to wear yellow stars….fear. People get stupid over fear so we have to fight the ignorance with INTELLIGENCE. Hillary was never going to win and Biden is imbecile with brain disease and covid-19 is nothing burger. Oh, and if people argue with you about masks remind them they are all made in china mostly with carcinogenic material…..and if they say they are Demorats tell them to breath deep and often. WAKE UP PEOPLE please god wake up.

    • Cisco says:

      Well here’s one of a few encounters with a couple friends.
      Rubber gloves, mask & plastic face shield. The kind you can flip up and down.
      Very flimsy looking.
      Retired cop…wouldn’t wear a vest, but wears this outfit every time he goes outside.
      Another friend won’t even “social distance” me unless I dress like a Wuhan lab tech, gloves & mask and stand in the next County.
      Staying calm and carrying on.
      But cautiously.

      • Jentx says:

        Ask them what about farting I love to just blow people’s minds especially but disgusting farting where people actually let loose with more than air what about all the Nano virus particulates that exit your body when you fart yeah we making people wear masks on their ass. What about sex shouldn’t we Outlaw sex cuz you’re sharing a lot more than Nano virus particulates what about skin cells that are constantly flaking off your body to the tune of millions a day can those carry the virus can people have to cover from head to toe hotels should shut down as well as every business known to humankind in fact I think we should just all stay in our homes until we die because God dammit we will be safe

    • Cisco says:

      We’re already in a cold war with China.
      Let’s see.
      Claiming of the entire China Sea…keep out.
      Theft of intellectual property.
      Hacking civilian and supposed secure military data.
      Sell us junk, some, not all, I think is.
      Haven’t we all at some time or another.
      Ask Diane Feinstein about Chinese spy chauffeur.
      Currency manipulation.
      Any more and it may go hot.

  34. lyn says:

  35. 1539days says:

    Twitter is “fact checking” Trump’s tweets now, using CNN (of course).

    • taw46 says:

      I saw a tweet that he is liberal as well. And they both are Karens.

      • taw46 says:

        • lyn says:

          It’s so confusing. LOL.

          • taw46 says:

            Have you read the tweets? There are hundreds of them since this morning, still going on. They are openly threatening her with harm, wanting her arrested for attempted murder (because the police would have killed him when they arrived, they say), bringing up every past police incident that she of course must pay for, hating on white people. They even brought up and posted a photo of Emmett Till’s accuser (who is now 85) and said she must pay for what she did. Amy surrendered her dog, was fired from her job (supposedly), shamed. But even that is not enough blood, they want her in prison. None of this is good for our country, it really is scary to see so much hatred. And she may be a full-blown SJW (and was wrong to call the police), but I still don’t like any of it. Twitter mobs are just as dangerous as the physical ones for the harm they cause.

      • Angie says:

        They both appear to be Karens, but offering a dog a treat because he knows that will make the owner leash it (as the owner doesn’t want the dog eating treats from a stranger) isn’t a threat to her or the dog.

        The facts are: 1. She wasn’t supposed to be walking the dog in that area unleashed because it’s a bird sanctuary where many bird watchers go (something like 370 different kinds are there). 2. She equated a black guy speaking to her & pointing out that her actions were illegal as a threat. 3. She nearly killed her dog 4. She is the one who “threatened” him saying she was going to call the police and tell them “an African American man” is threatening her. 5. She then fucking did just that with fake tears.6. She was by herself walking her dog in the park wearing a mask, which shows she’s a loon right there.

        She’s a racist who knowingly used the guys race to gin up a response by the police. I don’t care how much money she donated to Obama or how much she now says “I am not a racist.”

        Now the Twitter hate mob going full “burn the witch” mode on her is not right, but she does deserve to suffer consequences based on the false 911 call & the dog choking.

  36. lyn says:

  37. Angie says:


  38. Angie says:

    My mom said to me, in all seriousness, “can’t people see that governor in Michigan has something wrong with her?”

    I started saying she’s a typical Dem commie trying to hurt Trump & she interrupts me with “No, no. Look at her face when she talks. She’s retarded.” 🤣🤣🤣

  39. votermom says:

  40. lyn says:

  41. Cisco says:

    The formal picture of mayor Groot to be place in Chicago’s City Hall.
    I miss the the DD.

    🎶Sweet home NOT CHICAGO🎶

  42. Dora says:

    What’s going to be done about it? At least close the slaughterhouse down!

  43. Cisco says:

    First this.
    And da’ community’s response to their self inflicted mayhem.
    Why the Police, of course.
    “Treatment of black & brown communities.”
    Bwhaaaaa ‘effen bwhaaaaa.

  44. Dora says:

    The latest in 3D art.

  45. Dora says:

    We are NOT ALLOWED to let another person vote for us!

    Are these people dumb or devious? Didn’t they ever hear the story about John C Calhoun being brought into the senate on a stretcher to cast his vote?

  46. DeniseVB says:

  47. DeniseVB says:

    Good Morning Lola !

  48. Angie says:


  49. Dora says:

    Spygate Law Firm That Attempted To Overturn 2016 Election Behind 2020 Voting Lawsuits

    A Democratic effort is underway in at least 16 states to overturn restrictions on mail-in balloting and third-party ballot harvesting.


  50. Dora says:

  51. Dora says:

    What a surprise! Not!


    New York Health Department website quietly deletes controversial Cuomo order that forced nursing homes to admit coronavirus patients and ‘led to 5,000 deaths’


  52. Dora says:

    I was expecting this!


    ‘Digital Health Passport’ Will Provide Health Data on Smartphones, Determine When Citizens Must Be Retested

    COVI-PASS will allow crucial medical information to be obtained by scanning a proprietary QR code.


  53. foxyladi14 says:

    Sad and True, smdh

  54. helenk3 says:

    I am watching the preparations for the space mission today. Something to do if you are driving to FLA from up north. Stop at the KittyHawk museum in NC and then stop at Cape Canaveral Fla To see how far we have come is amazing. To show kids the history of flight and watch their faces iis ffun

  55. taw46 says:

    FNC has the President and Melania on at KSC. Taking a tour before launch.

    • taw46 says:

      I see Trump’s kids and grandkids there for the launch.

    • taw46 says:

      Doug Hurley, who is flying as commander, was the pilot on the final shuttle flight (STS-135) nine years ago. I was fortunate to host Hurley and the other three crew members for a Q&A when I worked at KSC. Somewhere I have a photo with them. Exciting watching him return to space.

  56. Cisco says:

    I’m going to try.
    Watching the Space X Launch.
    Remember the old refrain, the whole worlds watching.?
    Well they better be to see how its done.
    America has suffered massive forest fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, internal dissent and now this virus.
    Hit the mat a few times, took our licks.
    But here we go you sob’s, America is back, we really never went away, and today the US of A is going into space.
    Who in the hell else could have such a magnificent comeback.?
    Huh? Damn few if any.
    Now me and Mr. Daniels are going to watch this bird launch.

  57. DandyTIger says:

    Launch cancelled due to weather. Try again in a few days. Florida weather, what are you going to do. 🙂

  58. taw46 says:

    Launch scrubbed. Bummer.

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