I Thought “White Fragility” Meant That White People Are Easy To Beat Up

We live in a crazy world and it keeps getting crazier. I thought I had heard every cockamamie liberal idea when I was a liberal. So I was surprised when I started hearing this new phrase “White Fragility.” I thought it might be the theory explaining why there has only been one white heavyweight boxing champion in my lifetime.

Nope. This is white fragility:

white fragility[ hwahyt fruh-jil-i-tee, wahyt ]
the tendency among members of the dominant white cultural group to have a defensive, wounded, angry, or dismissive response to evidence of racism.

If someone accuses you of being a racist and you vehemently object, that is proof that you are a racist. This concept comes from the book “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism” by Beverly Robin DiAngelo. Miz DiAngelo pulled “white fragility” out of her skinny ass and struck gold. In almost any other profession she would have been a laughingstock but she is in academia.

Ever since the Ku Klux Kops assassinated St. George of Floyd in White-a-sota we have been seeing lots of mostly-peaceful riots around the country. People have been canceled for saying “All Lives Matter” or for wearing an OAN t-shirt. What is weird about all this is that the underlying premise of the BLM movement is that America is a racist country that oppresses blacks.

There is 100% agreement in academia that white people are racist. They only dispute in that regard is whether white people are evil or irredeemably evil. Oddly enough, academia is overwhelmingly white.

We are told that white people are racist. We are constantly told of white supremacist boogeymen being a scourge and an existential threat to our nation. They tell us that racism is systemic and white supremacy is codified into our laws. It is as if the Civil Rights Movement never happened.

If white people are the majority in this country and white people are all racists and white supremacists and our entire system (economic, political, and legal) are systemically racist and prejudiced against blacks, then why are we even having this conversation?

If this nation were anywhere near as bad as BLM claims we are, BLM would not be allowed to exist.

Fake Noose

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  1. Mothy67 says:

    I guess I be a fragile white person because I don’t give a fuck. I am going to have to inform my black family members that subconsciously I hate them because of their skin. It has to be done. An academic said I am a bigot. We should sever all ties. I do have all of the wires for my electronics running through a little black loop that hangs from the wall and if you squint at the right time of day after several gin & tonics it could look like a noose.

  2. foxyladi14 says:


  3. Jdhoffman says:

    Damn right I’m racist. I hate stupid people like these assholes who try to tell me I’m a racist. I have never judged anyone by the color of their skin. I judge people by their actions.

  4. Mothy67 says:

    I just discovered via twitter that my dog’s leashes resemble nooses. Sorry girls no more walks.

  5. lyn5 says:

  6. foxyladi14 says:

    When Black lives matter to Democrats, and when they don’t
    Democrats say Black lives matter but it’s becoming clear they only matter sometimes, which explains why Democrats blocked Tim Scott’s justice reform bill.
    Glenn Harlan ReynoldsOpinion columnist

  7. lyn5 says:

  8. Dora says:

  9. Mothy67 says:

    Lookie here

  10. Angie says:

    Good news!

    • Constance says:

      At least Pride managed to flush the BLM and Antifa out of the streets. Since the USA went from about 100 cases March 1st 2020 and CDC says we have about 23 million now after having been locked down for 4 months. It looks to me like half the population will have had it by December 2020. It’s looking like they can’t get a vaccine ready before it burns through the entire population.

  11. Dora says:

    Attorney General Says New Strzok Notes Described Obama White House Meeting

    The newly-declassified handwritten notes by notorious former FBI agent Peter Strzok memorialized the crucial Jan. 5, 2017, meeting at the Obama White House, according to Attorney General William Barr.


  12. Dora says:

  13. DeniseVB says:

    FFS. I recently saw this episode, they were mud masks. They came out of the bedroom while Dorothy was entertainling a black guest. Hillarity ensued.

    • Mothy67 says:

      The new hbo streamer will not be showing any South Park episodes that offend moooslims. Insult Jesus all the way but hands off profit. The creaters got 500 million in the deal.

  14. elliesmom says:

    William Jacobson (Legal Insurrection) is doing a lecture on the Cultural Purge tonight. It’s started. I’m listening on FB.

  15. taw46 says:

    We need more like her! De Blasio ran from her last year.

    • Anthony says:

      She’s my new spirit animal lol. Had to walk past the museum yesterday while running errands. I was surprised to see a sizable and very good humored crowd protecting the statue, lots of Trump signs along with a group of about 15 ppl wearing “Jews for Trump” tees. BLM was across the street, spewing hysterical bullshit through a bullhorn. The pro statue crowd was orderly, but you knew not to mess with them. Passersby were yelling “STFU! Get a job, losers!” to the BLM crowd. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

  16. DeniseVB says:

    Some good news……….

  17. Constance says:

    Regarding this posts picture…I’d prefer the boobs and young bod to the brain. Just saying, be careful what you wish for.

  18. Mothy67 says:

    I am watching The Stepford Wives on Prime. So fun. Saw it 100 years ago.

  19. lyn5 says:

  20. Mothy67 says:

    My new favorite couple.

    • 1539days says:

      The best way to keep “peaceful protesters” peaceful.

    • votermom says:

      She looks terrified
      I hope they both go to the range after this for practice

      • DeniseVB says:

        LOL, seeing a lot of “trigger” lessons on the threads. I guess what the meatheads have to worry about most then, do I feel lucky? A lot of untrained people have guns and the mob should worry about losing their testicles 😀

        • somebody says:

          Years ago when there was a crush to buy AR-15’s during O years for some reason or another some shooting, probably the CT school shooting.

          Anyway hubby was hot to trot to get an AR and they were sold old all over and price gouging was common. My brother suggested a particular site where mostly hunters sell or trade their guns. I’m not sure if the site itself required a buyer to have a CCP, but most sellers did.

          On that particular site someone was selling a Tommy gun with two drum barrels. That particular seller required more than a CCP because those type weapons are federally controlled, you have to have a special license, etc. Given hubby’s level of security clearance said license would have been easy to obtain. You also pay a special yearly fee to own one.

          Hubby was like, I want, I want, I want. I was like no, no, no. I don’t want the feds up in my business to which he said I work for them moron. OK, don’t want to pay fees for the rest of my life. But honey, I really, really want this it can be Christmas, BD, anniversary and Father’s Day for this year…….I WANT IT! No, no, no. There are more important things to spend our money on.

          I kind of wish we had bought it. That way if a gang of thugs showed up, I could scream “Say hello to my little friend” 🤣

    • taw46 says:

    • DandyTIger says:

      I fear for them. The left will out them and put all their effort into making an example of them and destroying them.

      • Mothy67 says:

        They have been doxxed already. Hope they hire some real security and send any children to boarding school in Switzerland. That is a nice house.

  21. Mothy67 says:

    I love this woman. They told her to put on a mask.

  22. Dora says:

  23. Dora says:

    • DeniseVB says:

      Gated community? They’re paying mega monthy fees, HOA better get some muscle on those gates. How sad to see this 😦 Wonder what today’s gun sales records will be? 😀

  24. DeniseVB says:

    I see Mark there a lot 🙂

  25. Mothy67 says:

    We have to wear masks to enter any store. I have a box of the cheap ones. I think I am going to write on them with a sharpie. Things like Maskless lives Matter, Gov. Wolf is asshole,Masks don’t Work, Faulci is Keebler Elf.

  26. DeniseVB says:

    AOCs GOP challenger.

  27. Mothy67 says:

    I used to enjoy the fluff NY Post in the morn. Now it is all corona, corona, corona. Really hating on Trump too.

  28. Dora says:

  29. Mothy67 says:

    My county is closing down all bars and no alcohol in restaurants. They are fucking morons. Control freaks. The rise is from those under 40. They are healthy. There were no deaths yesterday and one hospitalization with 96 new cases. There are over a million in the county. There have been 183 deaths and 2568 cases. Most of the deaths were in nursing homes and the average age was 84. It’s sad when anyone dies, but we can’t stop living. Who knows how many deaths were corona?
    I am pissed friends are going to lose restaurants. They have to operate with 50%. Alcohol sales are the only way to compensate..no one is going to pay 25 bucks for a burger in Pittsburgh.
    Let adults make their own decisions. Loathe how dims suck at governing but want to play mommy and daddy.

    • jeffhas says:

      Unfortunately Texas opened the floodgates when Gov Abbot backtracked and closed bars and cut restaurant service late last week. I cannot believe a Big Red State set the precedent… now every Blue State will play with closing, then reopening, then closing, rinse, repeat, etc. through to November…. We had everything moving towards opening – Genie out of the bottle, then Abbot put the Genie BACK in the bottle…. UGH… it will never stop now.

      • Mothy67 says:

        What is the point of having the restaurant open and not serving drinks at the table? It is just control.

        • jeffhas says:

          ‘Restaurant Service’ means they can keep the liquor flowing if they have a restaurant, but at 50% or 33% capacity or whatever arbitrary % The State decides. Bars (serves mainly alcohol) must close altogether…. I’d get a microwave and start selling microwave pizza and whatever other cr*p I could come up with… but I think it’s based on ‘mainly alcohol’ sales, so not sure how they manage it… f*cking Abbot…. Now how does Joe Public push back against a liberal State like Cali?… “well Texas is pulling back too!”…. I hate politicians.

          • somebody says:

            Florida “closed” bars, but you can order drunks to go 🤣 Restaurants are open and can serve alcohol, but at 50% capacity. Restaurants can also sell drinks to go with take out orders. Florida has open carry laws, you are not allowed to have open bottles of alcohol inside the passenger area of a vehicle, so I have no idea how to go bars are even legal, but we have them.

            Until this past week, there were no restrictions on outdoor seating at bars and restaurants. This is Florida, lots of places have huge outdoor deck areas especially those near the beach. I live in a beach town, tourist town. You could drive by and the outdoor deck areas people were crammed in like sardines. Now they are requiring 6 feet social distancing in outdoor areas too, but you can get it to go and have a party across the street or at your house.

          • jeffhas says:

            They temporarily lifted the restriction on open container to accommodate to-go drinks only from restaurants – in order to help restaurants during this time… containers must have cover (think Mason Jars, etc)… has helped a lot of places, but if you are ‘mostly alcohol’ sales, you are closed.

          • taw46 says:

            Many of our bars here in the Keys also serve food, so they are not bar bars, you see. They are “restaurants”, wink wink. Also, police do not challenge people carrying drinks in the street if you are cool about it – drink in a cup and not staggering down the street.

            Here in KW we have been required to wear masks for 2-3 months. About two weeks ago the county also required it. KW went a step further – they can fine you $500 and put you in jail for 60 days. And we have Karens all over the place snitching on people with no masks. Paradise has been ugly for several months now.

          • taw46 says:

            jeffhas, the case down here as well. The “true” bars are closed and some of them will probably go out of business. But the insanity of it all is that some places known for being a partying bar get to stay open because they also have a food license.

      • Jentx says:

        Tell me about it and let me tell you what’s going on for real. Last week Houston’s only paper the chronicle had an article it didn’t make any sense that hospitals feeling death in the streets etc etc so I read the article and it said of the 15,000 hospital beds available 13,000 still are. As usual what the fuck, calling the hospitals trying to talk to people in charge which is almost impossible calling the governor’s office which has stopped answering the phone calls and generally just making a stino. 2 days later they ran an article same paper where they have the four heads of the four largest hospitals in Houston saying the opposite that while the ICU units were getting full they had Back-up Plan and hospitals were empty and they could handle is uptick in cases. I have a close friend graduated top in her class and she is an ER Doc in Houston so we had to talk. There is an uptick in cases this was to be expected but the real problem was the 60,000 people who quote-unquote protested and then went to bars during the George Floyd ridiculousness. Our mayor I chief of police and the judge who’s been telling all of us it’s selfish to leave your home even for one second walked around for hours shoulder-to-shoulder with no masks with all of these lovely protesters cuz then went to bars that’s who is in our hospitals. Yes there is also another group of people which would be those people that went to crowded bars IE the type of bars where there’s a lot of twerking going on. You can imagine my anger especially considering the fact that National Public Radio have the audacity to have a story last week saying that not one single covid-19 has come from any protest. People it is time to rise up the misinformation the lying the cheating and the blaming the Working Class People of this country must end. What’s even more interesting according to my friend who is a top doctor is that nobody is dying the symptoms are much less severe and it looks like Houston will Peak this week in cases will rapidly drop off. Even without the protest and Bar uptick which is being blamed on us there was always going to be an uptick in cases when the shutdown ended the good thing according to my friend is that the viruses symptoms are so much weaker that it is proof positive the virus is dying on its own and will not be here when the vaccine the country is paid billions for gets here not that anyone should take it if they value their life. She said for the last two months there has not been a single case in Houston of anyone getting it from contacting a surface and who had socially distanced at least to some degree so another words unless you were down there throwing bricks and hurting police officers shoulder to shoulder or and then going to bars and reveling in that fact you are doing just fine. The sad thing is we get to pay for it all we’re told were racist we’re told were selfish and we’re losing our shirts and our minds. Time to rise up. And to top it all off we get to pay for it we get to give free money to people who have caused it we have to listen to the government heads that are lying about it and last night I read briefly the breaking news headlines at Fox and I thought I was on CNN. God help this country God protect Donald J Trump and God keep him in the White House

        • jeffhas says:

          F’ing Abbot.

        • Mothy67 says:

          Two of the top doctors at UPMC held a press conference (vmom posted it) calling out the Keebler Elf. Masks unnecessary, distancing only to a degree. He was looking at models they were looking at patients. A total lockdown is insane. Our numbers are up, but of course no one mentions the daily protests. Please tell me none of the boys in skinny jeans shared a joint.

          • Jentx says:

            Absolutely in fact I think the whole world has lost their mind and if Donald Trump doesn’t call a press conference to straighten this shit out I don’t know if we’re ever going to get okay that’s exactly what the nurse assesses me Am the Doctor my friend the doctor said to me the case is no one’s dying in Houston they’re just cases people have the flu some people have to be in the hospital but these it is can you tell I’m leaving at a loss for words right now the symptoms are so less severe there’s no death people have lost their mind after high on power and I’ll tell you what if we don’t rain it in guys it’s going to be the end of this country this is the fucking flu people

  30. Mothy67 says:

    If only it were true

  31. Mothy67 says:

    Twitter suspended Sydney Powell

    • taw46 says:

      Not suspended – yet. Restricted for “unusual activity”, what does that mean? You can still view her tweets, but I bet she can’t tweet anything. Does Twitter not like the tweets on her account or has someone hacked her account? I want more info. Of course, I am inclined to go with twitter doesn’t like her tweets.

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        It could be both. With the tweet gestapo loving an excuse to shut someone down they do not like but being able to spin it as just protecting the offending the “not a koolaid swilling bot” from the hoards.

        • taw46 says:


        • Mt.Laurel says:

          I find I must try an teach WordPress a new word. Again.
          Dear WordPress it is Horde. Not hoard. Perhaps hordes are considered archaic.

          • somebody says:

            Don’t you just love “smart” technology sometimes? 🙄

            I’m guessing one too many people typed “Hordes of illegals” or “Hordes of refugees” or “Hordes of rabid leftists in pussy hats”. So hordes was cancel cultured because it’s racist or hurt fefes. Hoarding of toilet paper and other essential items however is tres chic right now 😉

            At some point in the future “Hordes of Trump voters”, “Hordes of angry conservatives” or “Hordes of white people” will be used by the left and then spell check and autocorrect will magically know the word again.

  32. Mothy67 says:

    I went to check out bar closing response. A local reporter said Pittsburgh now had the highest number of cases in the state????????? Philly has almost 19,000 more and the county comes in at number 11. Why tell such a pathetic and easily disproven lie.

  33. elliesmom says:

    Thunderstorms predicted here so I took Ellie for an early morning walk. As we approached the beach, a handsome golden retriever raced past us and made a flying leap into the lake. I thought I recognized him, but I wasn’t sure. I let Ellie free, and she joined him for a glorious romp in the water. I kept waiting for a human to arrive for the golden, but no one came. When the raindrops started to fall, I called both dogs out of the water, and they both came. I leashed Ellie and gave both of them the walk command. When we got to his house, he left us and wriggled back under the fence. I’m not telling on him. 😉

  34. Mothy67 says:

    “But an analysis by the USA Today Network’s Pennsylvania Capitol Bureau has determined the recent spike is more than just asymptomatic cases. Nursing home residents account for about 70 percent of all coronavirus deaths in Pennsylvania.”
    They are losing their minds over the cases going up, but are saying most people are asymptomatic. So lets start shutting things down again. Ugh.

    • Constance says:

      Well the CDC said last week that they had been testing blood bank blood and various other sources of random blood samples and they now calculate there are 23 million Americans who have had Covid-19. If that’s true we went from a few hundred people March 1st to 23 million 3 months later while in a shut down. To me that says Covid is burning through the population and there is no stopping it but there is less damage as time goes on. By the time they get a vaccine there will be no one left who needs it. Also did you see Melinda Gates supposedly said she wants to vaccinate Black people first! Good God is there not already enough of a record of medical experimentation on Black people?!

    • taw46 says:

      Our number of positive cases is growing by leaps and bounds since we reopened to tourists on 6/1. (We are testing more) From 109 positives to 236 (so far no new deaths and only 3 in hospital). They are freaking out down here. So now the county has just announced it is closing all beaches and parks from 7/2 through 7/5. All 4th of July fireworks, barbecues, and events cancelled. For you tourists who made reservations, paid, and came down here to enjoy all of that, too bad! Happy Independence Day from the Keys!

      • Jentx says:

        And Saturday in Chicago a hundred fifty thousand people marched in Pride shoulder-to-shoulder it’s time to rise up if we wait one more second the chains will bind us

      • somebody says:

        The Keys are not alone Taw. Our county canceled not only the public fireworks, but private ones too. They banned any professional fireworks display in the county.

        We have many oceanfront resorts, but 2 of them are quite large. The Ritz Carlton and The Omni at Amelia Island Plantation both put on professional fireworks displays at the beach on the 4th. As you might guess locals and tourists alike pack the beach. Prime viewing between the two! As an added bonus you can also see the Mayport NAS display and sometimes the JAX beach display (depending on how far out they launch them.

        So far our beaches remain open, but the county will be deciding on mandatory masks this week. Since JAX and a couple of surrounding areas have mandated masks I expect our county commission will follow suit.

  35. Mothy67 says:

    Do you have to wear masks if you are walking down the street? We only have to when entering a store. I see almost nobody on the street donning the hideous things.

    • Miranda says:

      We’re supposed to wear them if we can’t distance, and inside all stores or businesses.

    • taw46 says:

      Masks aren’t required outside here IF you can maintain a 6’ distance. That ain’t happening on Duval street, lol. Packed. So all the Karens want the police to arrest them, so they can pay the $500 fine and spend 60 days in jail. “One Human Family” (their motto) is one ugly place these days.

      • Mothy67 says:

        I hate when they issue platitudes like your motto or we’re all in this together. No we are not. I am not singing Kumbaya or Imagine. It doesn’t take a frigging village either It takes dedicated parents. You may need help and it should be there preferably from extended family.
        My town has signs everywhere that say diversity is our strength. I ask why is that. Can you give me empirical data. So bizarre with progs– they get talking points and internalize it. The more than 2 genders was the biggest example. I am 53 have known people for 30 years. They got the memo about fluidity and there was no discussion. You are transphobic if you disagree. It was surreal. They forget I know them.

        • John Denney says:

          Only certain diversities are allowed.

          Diversity that weakens the party line is not allowed.

          Some truth is allowed, but not the whole truth.

    • somebody says:

      My husband has decided if our county mandates masks he’s going to embrace it. He’s going to wear a bandana like a stage coach robber, don a hoster with two toy six shooters and put spurs on his shoes. That last part will be a neat trick, because like any Floridian he wears flip flops everywhere. Flip flops with spurs 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      If he manages to pull off his look, I’m definitely filming and posting to YouTube. I’m thinking of getting a plague mask myself 🤣 My oldest daughter’s best friend has one and parades around NC in it. DD said people take pictures of her all the time 🤣 It embarrasses my daughter, she won’t go out with her friend if she wears it anymore. 🤣

    • Anthony says:

      No. I only wear one when I’m in a store, and even then, I don’t cover my nose. I’ve had very few oeople tell me to pull it up, and I tell them to move the fuck away from me.

      • elliesmom says:

        Just tell them you’re a mouth breather.

      • Constance says:

        That’s the thing that bothers me about this whole Karen mask situation. They never publicly attack scrappy looking men about it. My son refuses to even fake it and doesn’t even carry a mask. He’s 6’4′ 190 and a 33″ waist with a beard that’s grown into his hair. No one says a thing to him. I got bitched out for taking my mask off so I would drink a beer in a casino. They told me to lift my mask from the bottom, take a sip and put it down immediately. It’s not a good way to drink a beer.

    • lyn5 says:

      starting on Wednesday, we have to wear masks inside public spaces in Orygun.

  36. Dora says:

    But, but, but Mayor de Blasio takes such good care of the streets!


    Parked car falls into massive sinkhole in East Village

    A parked SUV was swallowed by a massive sinkhole in the East Village early Sunday when the road caved in beneath it, police said.


    • Cisco says:

      That sinkhole is bigger than is thought, because the rest of NYC is going to follow that SUV.

  37. Mothy67 says:

    A guy was arrested for refusing to wear a facemask in NC. How is this real. You can steal 55 ” tvs and get a pass, commandeer a police station and no repercussions, but refuse to breath in your own expelled air and you are going to jail?

  38. Mothy67 says:

    I give up.

  39. taw46 says:

  40. DeniseVB says:

    Watching Independence Day on AMC, oh my word. I think Bill Pullman is my favorite fake President right now.

    • lateblum says:

      I like Bill Pullman as an actor, but he openly HATES our PDJT. And has made me not want to watch him.

      • lyn5 says:

        What a dick.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Well, he’s an old washed up fart now, nobody cares. 🙂 Still a good movie, hated all the commercials, TCM has spoiled me. I couldn’t help but think, when this movie first came out, two of the leads are black, funny I just noticed that today. Thanks BLM. Of course, Will Smith’s idiot wife had to go Oscars So White a couple of decades later. Meh, on all of Hollywood, they’ve ruined the blockbusters for me anyhow with their PC casting.

        BTW, Randy “Cousin Eddie” Quaid, stole the movie 😀

  41. foxyladi14 says:

    True story! 🙄

  42. lyn5 says:

    Iran has issued an arrest warrant for President Trump along with 35 other individuals over the assassination of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani in January. Iran claims they will not try to prosecute Trump until after he leaves office.


  43. Dora says:

  44. Dora says:

    He has to be the worst mayor the city has ever had.

    • Mothy67 says:

      I am still hiding under my bed in fear of killer hornets. Or was that killer hairnets. I can’t remember.

  45. foxyladi14 says:

    Good versus evil.

  46. lyn5 says:

  47. Cisco says:

    Grootlejuice’s response to President Trump’s offer of help to stem the steadily rising body count in Chicago.
    SCC delivers again.
    “Lightfoot responded with a series of tweets late Friday. She said she stands with Pritzker and “I don’t need leadership lessons from Donald Trump.” I stand with @GovPritzker in providing for the safety and well-being of our residents.

    Really? Let’s just refresh everyone’s memories:

    Last weekend: 14 dead, 95 woundedThis weekend: 14 dead, 42 wounded (so far)June: 83 dead, 444 wounded (so ar)2020: 328 dead, 1,388 wounded

    So who exactly is Groot taking her “leadership lessons” from?

    Idi Amin? Pol Pot? Stalin? Hitler? Mao?

    Because we just aren’t seeing any sort of leadership.

    And Trump just got to cut a few more campaign commercials with Groot’s body count.

    If you haven’t heard about this tragedy, again I use SCC’S editorial.

    We’ve heard of some dumb reasons to shoot someone, but this is easily top ten:

    Two teenage boys were shot to death after asking the suspect how tall he was when they were buying candy from a store.

    The incident occurred at approximately 5 p.m. on Saturday June 20 after three teenage boys went to a store in South Chicago to buy some candy and ended up having a brief encounter with 19-year-old Laroy Battle inside the establishment.

    “The victims were walking into the store, they saw Battle, he was standing in line while at the store and the victims commented that Battle, he was quite tall, and they asked him how tall he was and hoped to be that tall someday,” said Deputy Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan “Unfortunately, we will never even see the full growth of these poor children.”

    The three teenage boys then left the store and proceeded to walk home together when police say that Battle approached them and began shooting.

    And surprise surprise:

    Police said he had a previous conviction for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, for which he received probation.

    Well, he’s 19 now, so that previous conviction must have been in adult court seeing as how it was public knowledge. Another great job by the office of the perpetually offended Crimesha. Two more bodies added to her death count.”

    UPDATE: He’s 6’3″ or 6’4″  You can read the article and find out.
    blm, eh, not so much.

    • lateblum says:

      And this afternoon, Mayor Lightfoot (Groot) said she is looking for a way to decrease the violence because the July Fourth (not Independence Day) holiday weekend is notorious for violence. She sounded shocked. Next up is Supt Brown. Also seemingly shocked that gun/gang/drug violence in Chicago is as bad as he heard before coming to the city.
      One of the reports I heard on the radio (but couldn’t find online) is that there are some gangsters/thugs who are paying kids to run drugs and do some of the retaliation killings on the streets. Un f***ing believable. Kids.

      • John Denney says:

        Kids don’t get death penalty for murder.

        Well, ok, even adults often don’t these days, but kids get a far lighter sentence. And street cred.

  48. Dora says:

  49. Dora says:

  50. Angie says:

  51. Dora says:

    • somebody says:

      Since Time Warner bought CNN, the CNN center in Atlanta has been a shell of what it once was. Most of CNN has been moved to NYC like all the other networks. The Atlanta center is supposedly still the headquarters of CNN international.

  52. taw46 says:

    Here’s our lady.

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