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Thirstday Open Thread

I have nothing else 😉 Enjoy post hump day, updates on Hurricane Isaiasiasias in the comments 😀

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2020 – The Great Gaslighting

Wikipedia: Gaslight is a 1944 American psychological thriller film, adapted from Patrick Hamilton’s play Gas Light (1938), about a woman whose husband slowly manipulates her into believing that she is going insane. The film was nominated for seven Academy Awards, … Continue reading

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WTF Wednesday Open Thread

I love this, {{{group hug}}} it will get better…. JUSTICE IS COMING! — CJTRUTH⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@cjtruth) July 29, 2020

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Dear SMOD: Please come ASAP

Here is a WaPo editorial by the Portland NAAPOC chapter President, E.D. Mondainé: Portland’s protests were supposed to be about black lives. Now, they’re white spectacle. Early in his activism, Malcolm X was asked by a young white woman what … Continue reading

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One Voice, Singing in the Darkness

I forgot how special the Manilows were, Groovy Open Thread 😀

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What color is the sky on Planet Democrat?

This strange delusion keeps showing up all over the place like poop in San Francisco: Imagine that it’s November 3, 2020, and Joe Biden has just been declared the winner of the presidential election by all the major networks except … Continue reading

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I’d be pissed off and naming names

Let me say for the billionth time: Reporters don't root for a side. Period. — Chris Cillizza (@CillizzaCNN) October 16, 2016 To hear the media tell it, they just report the news, and it’s not their fault if the … Continue reading

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Out Here In The Real World

With all the stuff I am dealing with in RL I have not been online nearly as much as I used to be. But even when I am online I find myself avoiding/ignoring a lot of stuff. Apparently, I am … Continue reading

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“Negro” Is Not A Slur

Roger Stone, doing what Roger Stone does best – stirring up shit: Roger Stone uses racial slur in interview with Black radio host Roger Stone, the GOP operative whose prison sentence was commuted earlier this month by President Trump, on … Continue reading

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Monday, Monday Open Thread

John Lewis had a nice run this weekend, opening up a fresh new thread with our special guest Teddy Roosevelt from that great band, Rushmore 😀 One of a thousand reasons he’s on Mount Rushmore — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) … Continue reading

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Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Has Died

From the White House: As a mark of respect for the memory and longstanding public service of Representative John Lewis, of Georgia, I hereby order, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United … Continue reading

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Jean ValJean Stole Bread Too, Right AOC ?

Just a little Friday Night Open Thread fun. Bread Stealer Punishment Edition. I really loved this movie, here’s the opening scene….

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Using Our Tax Dollars To Destroy America

This is apparently a real thang. If you go to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture you’ll find this crap smeared on the pages and walls. Whiteness Since white people in America hold most of the … Continue reading

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Found: Missing Land O’ Lakes Lady

This is the photo that got me kicked off Twitter, because it’s “hateful” to point out that Chrissy Teigen is in “redface” – apparently pointing it out is bad, actually dressing up  as a fake squaw is ok. For those … Continue reading

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If Jeff Sessions Had A Pair . . .

When you are hired to take a bullet for the president you better take that bullet. The news: Jeff Sessions lost an Alabama Senate GOP primary runoff on Tuesday to former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville, CNN projects, a … Continue reading

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This shiznet is way-way cray-cray. Eldon Hawkins is 58 years old and has cerebral palsy, the Columbus Dispatch reported. On the evening of May 31, he drove to get dinner and flowers and ended up in the middle of a … Continue reading

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Open Thread: Washington Swamp Rats ?

It’s happening, after 87 years, the Redskins have submitted to the mob. I suggested Swamp Rats to Ben’s “contest” because it was the least offensive name I could think of and the logo could be a cool looking snarling metro … Continue reading

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The Scary Part Is People Actually Believe This Horsesh*t

This ain’t no pair o’ dee. Last month, the City of Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights sent an email inviting “white City employees” to attend a training session on “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness,” a program designed to help … Continue reading

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Waycist, Waycist, Waycist

One characteristic of anorexia is that its victims think they are fat no matter how much weight they lose. The SJ Murky News: The US Army is investigating how a handout distributed on a base in Alabama initially included a … Continue reading

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When You Strike At A King . . .

Boo-fucking-hoo: Lt. Col. Vindman Retiring From Army, Alleges ‘Bullying’ by Trump Former White House aide Alexander Vindman, a key figure in the impeachment of President Donald Trump, said on Wednesday he was retiring from the Army after suffering what his … Continue reading

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