Does Cyrus Vance have a fishing license?

Let’s go fishing!

Reason #1,856,354 that I will never vote for another Democrat:

The Manhattan district attorney’s office suggested on Monday that it had been investigating President Trump and his company for possible bank and insurance fraud, a significantly broader inquiry than the prosecutors have acknowledged in the past.

The suggestion by the office of the district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., came in a new federal court filing arguing that Mr. Trump’s accountants should have to comply with a grand jury subpoena seeking eight years of his personal and corporate tax returns. Mr. Trump has asked a judge to declare the subpoena invalid.

Until now, the district attorney’s inquiry had appeared largely focused on hush-money payments made in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election to two women who said they had affairs with Mr. Trump.

In the new filing, the prosecutors did not explicitly identify the matters under scrutiny in the grand jury inquiry, which by law is conducted in secret. But they said that “undisputed” assertions in earlier court papers and several news reports about Mr. Trump’s business practices showed that the office had a wide legal basis for the subpoena.

“In light of these public reports of possibly extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization,” there was nothing improper or even unusual about the subpoena, the filing said.

The prosecutors cited newspaper reports, including one that concluded the president may have illegally inflated his net worth and the value of his properties to lenders and insurers. They also included an article on the congressional testimony of his former lawyer and fixer, Michael D. Cohen, who told lawmakers last year that the president had committed insurance fraud. Lawyers for the president have denied wrongdoing.

The suggestion that the investigation, which has gone on for nearly two years, was broader than Mr. Vance’s office had previously acknowledged could raise the stakes for Mr. Trump, his company and its executives, if the inquiry were ever to lead to charges of bank or insurance fraud, which are felonies.

The inquiry into the hush-money payments seemed to center on a less serious crime, the filing of false business records.

A spokesman for Mr. Vance’s office declined to comment. Lawyers for Mr. Trump did not reply to requests for comment.

Asked about the investigation at a White House briefing, Mr. Trump called it a “continuation of the worst witch hunt in American history.”

“It’s a terrible thing that they do,” Mr. Trump said, referring to Democrats. “It’s really a terrible thing.”

Mr. Trump and Mr. Vance have been locked in battle over the subpoena for almost a year in a case that already has gone to the Supreme Court. The district attorney’s office has said that fight has slowed the investigation, and it remains unclear how much work prosecutors have been able to do in the interim or whether charges are likely to result.

It is also unknown whether prosecutors are investigating other possible crimes that were not suggested in the new filing.

Rebecca Roiphe, a former assistant district attorney in Manhattan who now teaches at New York Law School, said Mr. Vance’s decision to cite public accusations of wrongdoing allowed his office to defend its subpoena without revealing the actual focus of its investigation.

“They could be going on a totally different tangent,” Professor Roiphe said. “The prosecutor is just doing what he has to do in order to suggest this is a broad white-collar investigation, which generally justifies fairly broad subpoenas to financial institutions.”

The legal term for this kind of “investigation” is a “fishing expedition.”

If the name Cyrus Vance sounds familiar, that is because his daddy, Cyrus Vance Sr., was Jimmy Carter’s Secretary of State. We all remember what a smashing success Jimmy Carter was on foreign policy. This may surprise you, but Cyrus Vance Jr. is a Democrat too.

Vance has three motives for demanding Trump’s tax returns:

1. Vance hopes the tax returns will provide/lead to evidence of a crime for which he can indict Trump.

2. Vance hopes the tax returns will contain information that he can leak to the media to embarrass Trump.

3. Vance is just being a dick.

My money is on #3. Obama’s minions already combed thru Trump’s tax returns four years ago, if not earlier. They did it illegally but if there was anything there it would have been leaked.

The same journolistas* who pushed the Russian Collusion narrative are pimping this bullshit.

*Journolista – A Democrat political operative who impersonates a journalist.

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  1. Myiq2xu says:

    • 1539days says:

      Some of those tweets are “If someone told me 2+2=5, I’d want to know more information.” This is another way to strip people of using their intuition of what is correct and incorrect. This is the same as “pronouns,” where a guy can look like a guy and “identify” as a woman. I’m so glad I read “1984” as a kid. That pretty much spelled out the rules for making people dependent on what the state tells them and not their own beliefs or memory.

    • John Denney says:

      I told Sunday school 5th grade kids that 350+100=90, then asked those who believed me to raise their hands.

      They scoffed and no one raised a hand.

      I said, “You’re not leaving this room until you believe it’s true! NOW how many believe?”

      They rolled their eyes; still no hands.

      Then I said, “As a software engineer, I can tell you this is sometimes true. NOW how many believe?”

      One hand wavered up hesitantly.

      “I see that hand! But I can tell that you don’t really understand, am I right?”

      She nodded.

      “Supposing you’re the helmsman on a ship, holding a course of 350 degrees, and the captain orders a turn to starboard of 100 degrees. What is your new course? It’s 90 degrees! Now how many believe?”

      All hands went up, amidst a chorus of, “You tricked us! You didn’t say it was degrees!”

      Belief cannot be forced. An authority may be hesitantly believed. But even kids understand and believe the truth.

  2. Myiq2xu says:

  3. 49erDweet says:

    I can make a case for the premise that 2 plus 2 can also equal 22, but that’s not important…..

  4. helenk3 says:

    I want to know when the investigation starts on Trump breathing on december 15 2017? They have investigated him on everything else, why not that????

  5. Ret Admiral J Webb is one of the few Democrats I could vote for.

  6. helenk3 says:

    My youngest daughter lives in Mamora NJ. Just talked to her. A tornado just missed her street. Electric is out in some of the town. She does have electric so there will be a pajama party at her house tonight. She was blowing up airbeds for some of her friends

    My grandaugher neighborhood in Delaware county PA is flooded.

    glad I missed the excitement

  7. helenk3 says:

    pencil neck is at it again. do you think he has a secret fantasy to be dick tracy?

  8. 49erDweet says:

    There are certain people on this earth who, when they see a bucket of cow poop, have an uncontrollable urge to stir it up, causing additional stink to rise. Coincidentally, most of them seem to be Democrats.

  9. Dora says:

    A LAS Vegas gambler was removed from the famous 4 Queens casino in handcuffs after he went in without wearing a mask.

    The man was bundled out of the building and handed over to cops for flouting public safety rules on Saturday night.

  10. lyn5 says:

  11. lyn5 says:

  12. lyn5 says:

  13. lyn5 says:

  14. lyn5 says:

    • Mothy67 says:

      Blake Lively shines light on child trafficking so I am going to give her a pass. Ryan Reynolds is funny. No one else can be Deadpool.

  15. DeniseVB says:

    Celebrities need to learn to keep their mouths shut, because we stopped caring a long time ago 😉

  16. lyn5 says:

    I hate Democrats, because they corruptly use the judicial system to investigate opponents. They are the ultimate commies.

  17. lyn5 says:

    • John Denney says:

      My Harvard educated boss used his own made up word in a conversation with me, and his meaning was the opposite of what one would expect. When I called him on it, he quoted, “Who is to be the master? Me or the word?”
      I said, “Depends on who you want to talk to, me or yourself!”

      But in the end, we have a high mutual regard for each other to this day.

  18. Mothy67 says:

    I wish I had been told 20/30 years ago to behave. I could run for office. Sadly I did rehabs and lots of sex. Oh well. I will never get by the twin pilots. Yeah i did identical twins. I would love to fight for my hometown. It was the City of Prayer. Deerhunter featured it. So much has gone wrong there. Mike Doyle represents Nancy Pelosi not his district. I have had more black in me in than a urinal at the Apollo.

  19. Dora says:

    So the new star of the party thought she could challenge the old time governor. It was embarrassing. 🙂

    • Swan Spirit says:

      Wow. She really thinks who she is. What an ego on her. She needs a major comeuppance. Like going back to bartending.

    • somebody says:

      This presumes Pelosi remains SOH, if the R’s regain control of the house then the speaker will not be Pelosi. Conversely if enough of the radical left win house seats and D’s retain control, Pelosi will not be speaker

    • helenk3 says:

      • 1539days says:

        Teachers need $100,000 a piece to build home studios!
        Teachers’ unions fought distance learning for years, now they’re pushing it because it makes Trump look bad and from fear of death, in that order. Someone should tell teachers if they die in the classroom, their death would make Trump look bad. Then they’d probably go back to schools.

        • lateblum says:

          Or maybe they’d choose to die in their classrooms to make Trump look bad. Sounds like a win-win.

    • Constance says:

      30 years ago I wouldn’t send my kids to Seattle public schools. There is a huge home school group in Washington and they have sued the state and now the state has to give them access to the state standards and curriculum, if they want them. But they also have their own recommendations and group materials purchases. They have built in ways to have social groups for their kids. There are also a lot of Catholic schools that cater to the middle class and try to help the lower classes. I think Covid may break the public schools. But the teachers are too stupid to realize it so far.

  20. helenk3 says:

    dems want a slush fund. bailout cities and states that approved rioting

  21. helenk3 says:

    In the real world, productivity counts. You do not get paid for just showing up, you have to produce.something worth getting a paycheck. Businesses are not charities .

  22. DeniseVB says:

    FFS ….

    • Dora says:

      A little dramatic, you think?

    • somebody says:

      They are all trying to outdo each other on the drama scale. A month or more ago a large group of teachers in JAX drove by the school board building with their cars all decorated with paint and signs. Then they met up at a high-school and marched from there to a local cemetery many with their kids in tow. They were NOT social distancing, chanting and singing 🙄 Didn’t seem too concerned about covid that day 🙄

      A few weeks later, not to be outdone another group of teachers in a nearby district dumped stuffed body bags in front of their school board district office.🙄

      • DeniseVB says:

        Other than not wanting to work, what other demands are they making in NYC and JAX ? I know L.A. added defunding the police and medicare for all to their wish list.

        I remember when the ATC went on strike, Reagan fired them all (before your hubby’s time?) I’m kinda hoping Trump pulls an Reagan on the teachers, nobody seems to like the teachers’ unions anyhow 🙂 I know a lot of teachers want to get back to work, so I have no sympathy for the union kabuki theater.

  23. Dora says:

    • Anthony says:

      He’s really declining. His wife should yank him out instead of propping his candidacy up

      • DeniseVB says:

        I left a comment on one of those “poor Joe” tweets mentioning because of my hubby’s 2 new hips, a shoulder and wrist, he is banned from climbing 2-story ladders, however he’s still more qualified to be President than Joe. The ladder rule is mine because I’m a better wife than Jill 😀

      • 1539days says:

        For a second, I read that as “pooping” then realized that works too.

  24. Dora says:

  25. DeniseVB says:

    Something’s up……….. I use spray disinfectant cleaners anyhow.

    • helenk3 says:

      I bought a product called nu foam from amazon. the bottle contained 100 tablets. each tablet makes 1 1/2 gal of sanitizer. I take paper towels spray the nu-foam on them and make my own sanitzer wipes.

      • Mothy67 says:

        Nu foam is the standard for bars. It kills everything.

        • DeniseVB says:

          I’d love to see the warning label on that stuff 😉

          • 1539days says:

            This video makes some calculations where one tablet in 15oz. of water makes it as strong as the Lysol wipe liquid. The active ingredient is the same between the Nu Foam and the wipes people use all the time.

          • DeniseVB says:

            I guess I took mothy’s “kills everything” too literally 😉 When I worked in a veterinary hospital, we used Windex and paper towels to wipe everything down in the clinic area. I think we used straight bleach in the parvo and other infectious diseases wing of the hospital part. In the 10 years I worked there, I never got sick 😀

    • 1539days says:

      The wipes are apparently made from a fabric that is used for PPE. It’s a supply chain issue. Luckily, I bought a can of them pre-plague.

    • Anthony says:

      “Running out”? Seriously??? Now they’re coming right out and trying to kill us lol. They should just go for it ☠🗡💣🧨⚰🤯😱

    • John Denney says:

      Crank up a homemade outdoor (hot ethanol can explode!) still to make 90% ethanol for disinfecting. If there’s methanol (toxic!) in it, it doesn’t matter, because you’re not going to drink it; it’s for sanitation, right?

    • lyn5 says:

      Bitches gotta blame Trump for everything.

    • 1539days says:

      “Nagy said her husband had high blood pressure, diabetes, a heart condition and some signs of early dementia.”
      I’m sure that 79 year old had many decades left ahead of him.

      • lateblum says:

        She also said that after he fell several times and she’d had to call 911 for help getting him up, they placed him in a nursing home for his recovery and his safety. It was AFTER he was placed in the hospital that he contracted the virus. Could he have caught the virus in the nursing home? Why yes. Yes it is. That is where my dd caught it. That is where thousands of elderly and disabled New Yorkers caught it and died from it.
        I understand her anger and her guilt. As well as her desire to blame someone other than herself. At some point, she will acknowledge her possible role – even if only to herself.
        Poor woman.

        • Swan Spirit says:

          Mooch doesn’t want the J.O.B. She isn’t shy. If she wanted the job, she would have it already, and nobody would dare get in her way. I don’t think Lazybones Obanana wants to be the second gentleman, either. LOL. Still too much work, for either of them. It’s much easier to take cheap shots from the cheap seats, than to be back on the hot seat again.

          • DeniseVB says:

            Speaking of lazybones, has Obama published his book yet? Have they broken ground on his library in Chicago yet? It’s been almost 4 years, what the hell have they both done except make themselves richer? Most former prezzies have their memoirs published and dedicating their libraries by now.

  26. helenk3 says:

    Biden will not travel to the DNC in Milwaukee. just announced on FOX

    • helenk3 says:

      group wants him to pick meeechelle as VP.
      IMHO he would be epsteined within an hour if elected

    • lateblum says:

      The professor who always calls the election long before the first votes are ever cast, is saying Biden will win this year. He said there are six factors in favor of PDJT and sever factors in favor of Biden. I only just now heard this on the morning news. (Right after the bit about the idiot teachers – posted way downstream.)

  27. Dora says:

    RIP Mr. Hamill.

    • lateblum says:

      I just heard this on the news. I am sorry to hear of his death. I enjoyed reading him.
      R.I.P. Mr. Hamill

  28. lyn5 says:

    Great rant.

  29. helenk3 says:

    On tv Trey Gowdy just talked about a way to have in -person voting and social distancing at the same time. Have to voting places open 5 or 6 days before election day. That way voters get their vote counted and social distance is kept.

    I like that idea. It is one of the few that make sense that i have heard

  30. lyn5 says:

  31. lyn5 says:

  32. lyn5 says:

    • DeniseVB says:

      I don’t think he would have tweeted that if he didn’t have the details confirmed. I hope there’s a raid on the Obama DC home in the future. I honestly think that’s ground zero for antifa and blm.

  33. foxyladi14 says:


  34. Angie says:

  35. foxyladi14 says:

    America’s streets and that our country is filled with kind, loving,
    big-hearted Americans of every race, religion, background, and creed.

  36. foxyladi14 says:


    In NYC, a judge ruled ballots without postmarks count, even if they arrived 2 days after the election.

    This gives the post office huge power. The morning after a close election, ballot harvesting and no postmarks can change results.

    — Ari Fleischer (@AriFleischer) August 4, 2020

    • Constance says:

      Welcome to our world (Seattle). We only count ballots postmarked by election day but somehow mail from within the city continues to be delivered for 2 weeks, of course all of it has been properly post marked, I guess they just hold it up until they need it. We almost had Sawant the crazy commie out in the last city council election but they keep getting mailed ballots forever and recount and recount until they get the right result.

  37. Dora says:

  38. Dora says:

    • John Denney says:

      According to the Constitution, the Feds get 10 square miles for a capitol. They must pay a State for any land used as forts, magazines, army & naval bases.

      National parks and monuments and all other “federal” lands belong to the States containing them. Abolish the Bureau of Land Management.

  39. helenk3 says:

    pest control – do not know if this will be counted as a COVID-19 death or not

  40. Angie says:

  41. Constance says:

    Seattle city council has been meeting all day. Sawant the crazy commie tried to pass a 50% cut to police immediately and no one except her voted for it. Then she tried to pass a 50% cut for 2021 and no one voted for it. Finally they defunded the Seattle Police “navigation team” Which goes around to homeless camps and tries to get them into housing programs. Of course the homeless never go because it interferes with their drug and alcohol abuse. And the top 15 in police administration agreed to a cut in pay for the rest of the year. Being women the council have released statements about how upset they are by the process. What a bunch of shit. We are all upset and we don’t want to listen to them. Suck it up buttercup like the rest of us. I don’t give a flying F what’s “fair” to them. I’m sick of these Marxist para military brats self righteously marching around our city and stopping traffic flow on Interstate roads. And we don’t have that many roads in WA. 29% of the land in WA is Federal land and we have 2 big mountain ranges. It’s not like Ohio where people are evenly distributed and roads run everywhere in a grid system. Go out and sit on interstate 5 in rush hour and no one goes anywhere and these dumb bitches let that go on for weeks.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Aren’t the Interstates federally owned ? Bring in the troops to arrest them all.

    • lateblum says:

      Dd left Seattle for a visit to friends in northern CA. She doesn’t care if she never sees Seattle again… ever. Sadly, she signed a lease for another year. It could mean she doesn’t actually plan to stay forever. It could also mean a number of other things… but I’m staying optimistic.

  42. Angie says:

  43. Dora says:

  44. swanspirit says:

    Iran can’t get in or out of one of their most important naval ports, because they sank a ship supposed to represent the USA in it. IOW, they can’t get out of their own way, but they want a nuclear weapon. If they get one, will they blow themselves up? I guess we can’t take that chance, but it’s a thought

  45. Dora says:

  46. Dora says:

  47. votermom says:

    raining when I woke up
    checked my weather app right after getting up and my bleary eyes read:
    “run for the hills”

    squinted and realized it actually said “rain for the hour “

  48. Dora says:

    Preparing for a special guest.


    Helicopters Land In Reported ‘Practice Run’ Before President Trump’s Visit

    The helicopters are believed to have landed in the Hamptons in advance of President Donald Trump’s fundraising visit.

    • somebody says:

      Do they have power? I’m hearing a lot of areas in the NE are without power including Long Island.

      • lateblum says:

        I know my cousins in CT don’t have power. It’s out now and may be out for a week. They are in the southeastern quadrant of the state.

        • DeniseVB says:

          That would be bordering Rhode Island ? News link I posted earlier in thread says end of the week at the earliest. What a mess up there. Power companies usually give priority to the largest populated areas then get to those out in the country and rural areas. I think that’s where our EM is in RI.

          This was *only* a Tropical Storm, lol. Sneaky little bastards aren’t they 😉

  49. lateblum says:

    Ok, I just got up, turned on the radio and heard *this* news…
    Teachers – you know, the ones who now don’t want to teach from home, after they refused to teach in the classroom – are now demanding that there is a dress code for the children. They don’t want anyone wearing pajamas on the other side of their screen.
    One mother said that unless her kids are outside their house, they can wear pajamas or any other thing she allows them to wear. Someone else said he didn’t care if they wore pajamas or tuxedos if they were engaged in learning.
    It gets more and more absurd, and I’m so glad I don’t have children young enough to be attending school right now. This bull sh!t would truly push me right over the edge. Because in truth, I am right on that very edge as it is.

    • 1539days says:

      They’re probably worried about stories of pervy teachers looking at teens in skimpy outfits getting in the news.

      • lateblum says:

        They’re more worried about people seeing how and where they live. Although, I don’t know how anyone could see where the teachers live by attending online school. THAT is an indication of just how bright these parasites are.

        • Constance says:

          My daughter told me you can put fake backgrounds behind you during those computer meetings so no one can see your messy house. She has been working at home since March.

          • lateblum says:

            It’s true; there are filters to use. I think the teachers are trying to use the system to get out of doing the work they profess to love. It is absurd and wrong.

    • DeniseVB says:

      I hope this is the beginning of the end of Teachers’ Unions. They’re crossing the line on absurdity with their stupid demands that don’t benefit kids or teachers. Just Democrats.

      I’m not too worried about the grandtwins, they’re rising juniors this year and I guess they’ll have more time for their lifeguarding and ski instructor jobs this year since their sports will probably be cancelled again. The youngest grand is stuck in the NYC public school system. Last I heard DeBlasio was just turning the schools into “daycare” centers ? How stupid is that?

      • lateblum says:

        It’s very stupid. But then, that’s DeBlasio. Although if he really is a communist, and all factors point to it, daycare is where it all begins.

      • lateblum says:

        Just found out this is the Springfield, IL school district. Can you believe it??? I cannot fathom it. I think I’d dress my kids in prison stripes like the “boy in the striped pajamas”. I’d love to tell these “teachers” to GFThemselves. I am so over this.

    • Constance says:

      I’m completely on the edge too. I was feeling like time was standing still. I’m now making a point of going out each day. Before I was staying mostly on my block where no one wears masks. The weather has been nice so sitting outside with coffee is good and seems natural. I guess I’m getting used to the face mask thing but I take it off the second I’m 6 feet away from people. Things seem a little more normal.

  50. Dora says:

    Is this grandstanding? He couldn’t even wait until the rescue effort has been completed.

  51. lyn5 says:

    Roberta posted on FB.

  52. lyn5 says:

  53. elliesmom says:

    OK, that was fun. The storm was pretty much a nothingburger, but it took out a lot of trees that needed to be trimmed, That will make the winter season easier. I’d rather be withoout power in the summer. I’m waiting for the water to heat up so I can take a shower. I’ve been swimming, but it’s not quite the same. Stop and Shop did a non-perishable delivery for me so I need to replace what little spoiled. The doggies and I cooked the meat that was in the fridge on the grill. They’ve been a bit spoiled. I’ve read 3 1/2 books. I’ll probably finish the 4th before the day is over. Governor Baker has put me off limits for the grandkids again. He and the governor of RI must be having another spat. I should hold a funeral for a civil rights “icon” in my living room so they can come. I’ll catch up later when I do all of the chores from the past couple of days that need electricity.

  54. Cisco says:

    Since the G hit town, no more of Crimeisha’s revolving door of felony arrest / no bond release.
    Loaded glock, extended mag, laser sight.
    Definitely a candidate for no bail.
    Tks SCC
    But we don’t need Federal assistance here in Chicago:

    Early one morning last week, a Chicago police sergeant spotted a red Pontiac stopped at an intersection in the Gresham neighborhood as traffic signals cycled from red to green and other vehicles drove around it.

    The sergeant approached the Grand Prix to find Timothy Richardson asleep behind the wheel. When Richardson woke up and moved his legs to comply with commands to step out of the vehicle, a loaded Glock pistol with an extended magazine and laser sight allegedly fell to the floorboard with a clunk.

    The July 28 incident was allegedly captured on the sergeant’s body camera. Richardson, 24, a twice-convicted felon who was barred from possessing firearms, was arrested and questioned by law enforcement before being charged with weapons offenses.

    But it wasn’t Chicago police who interviewed Richardson — it was federal agents. And instead of being processed by the Cook County state’s attorney’s office, Richardson was charged later that day by the U.S. attorney’s office with a federal count of illegal possession of a firearm by a felon, court records show.

    So in Chicago, the teachers don’t actually teach, so why not get rid of a few thousand of them?

    And in Cook County, the lead prosecutor doesn’t prosecute – the feds are doing it – so why not cut a few hundred prosecutors from the payroll? Then start looking at Tom Fart’s payroll that has doubled in ten years while staffing has plummeted.

    At some point, we might actually see a tax cut with all the savings.

    • lateblum says:

      Wow, Cisco. I never saw or heard anything about that. I guess this means the “neighborhood outreach” is really quite ineffective when it comes to reducing criminal behavior. Otherwise, why would the local cops have checked out the car that was stopped in the middle of the street?

  55. lyn5 says:

    Ban Biden from the presidency. Democrats should forfeit 2020.

  56. foxyladi14 says:

    Scary stuff!
    Police: Fleeing Teens Jumped Mar-a-Lago Wall; AK-47 Found in Backpack

  57. lateblum says:

    Just saw this one. I suppose twitter will leave it up in a moment’s lapse…

  58. foxyladi14 says:

    true dat

    Nevada has ZERO infrastructure for Mail-In Voting. It will be a corrupt disaster if not ended by the Courts. It will take months, or years, to figure out. Florida has built a great infrastructure, over years, with two great Republican Governors. Florida, send in your Ballots!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 5, 2020

  59. foxyladi14 says:

  60. foxyladi14 says:


    BREAKING: State Dept. offers $10M reward for the identity or location of “any person who acting at the direction of a foreign government interferes with U.S. elections by engaging in certain criminal cyber activities.”

    — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) August 5, 2020

  61. swanspirit says:

    By the way, and for the record, if President Trump is the cause of Moochelles depression, I hope she gets a whole hell of a lot more depressed. Sorry, not sorry.

    • lyn5 says:

      Racist bitch gotta blame.

    • somebody says:

      I didn’t see any mention of erectile dysfunction, that’s usually a symptom of depression. I suppose it’s not a problem getting viagra 🤣

    • elliesmom says:

      The paper she wrote at Princeton was depressing on all counts. The poor grammar from someone about to graduate from the ivy league was enough to make even a science teacher depressed. But she wasn’t a cheerful person way back then.

  62. helenk3 says:

    the whole NY office must be dems.

    don’t go after the bad guy, give them a pass, but God Help the American that wants to protect themself and their family .

  63. helenk3 says:

    I still want to know how much money politicians have invested in private security companies on the order of blackwater? The attack on police in dem strongholds seems to me a way to get rid of them and bring in private security forces to make money

  64. helenk3 says:

    best description of today’s dems that I have seen so far

  65. Dora says:

    • somebody says:

      I hope POTUS does this. He promised the Hatian community he’d look into this if he was elected. He’s kept many promises, but not this one.

      This issue is part of what helped him win Florida, we have a large Hatian population. In 2016 yours truly was part of an idea/strategy team for Florida. Most of us had the same general ideas, it was an all Florida group of people with past campaign experience. Many of my ideas were similar to the others, but the Hatian angle was mine. I’m the only one that mentioned it ☺

      To my surprise two or three days later DJT was meeting with Hatian leaders.😯 He promised to raise the issue during one of the debates, which he did. He also promised to look into the corruption if elected.

      On election night I watched the precincts in the Hatian areas. He got some votes there, but more than that, many just didn’t vote, they despise the Clintons. Hillary won Dade County by a lower margin than Obama did in 2008 or 2012. Tamping down votes and converting a few in that area of the county helped DJT win Florida. He had other specific strategies, little ones here and there that led to victory.

      I’ve watched and waited for POTUS to make good on his promise to that community. I hope he can get Barr to appoint a US attorney (a good one) to open that pandora’s box. There has GOT to be a lot of there, there.

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