Pre- #Debates2020 Open Thread

I’m prepped for the Debate! Banking on this Peach Moonshine by the local Firefly Brewery to add a little oomph to my Mango Margaritas. What are you expecting from tonight’s debate? What bingo phrase will you be drinking on?

My hubby thinks this will be the only debate this year. He thinks Biden will shut it down after this. He’s convinced he has about Stage 3 dementia, and that Jill Biden is a cruel mistress to let this happen to him. Sad. We’ll see!

Post your comments below. We’ll pop another one up when the debate starts or this one gets full.

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205 Responses to Pre- #Debates2020 Open Thread

  1. Woke Lola says:

    Who the fuck ruined WordPress with this block posting shit? And why won’t links from Twitter show up as Tweets in a post anymore?

    • 1539days says:

      My problem is that emojis don’t show up when I look ar WP. And I just learned how to use them.

    • lyn5 says:

      It’s a strange article.

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      They demanded I pick topics of interest before letting me see the couple blogs I follow using the tablet app. I tried to get around it but they insisted it was to help me. there was no option to try later/not interested in being fed dumb suggestions. So I finally picked cooking and baking and they let me pass. They rearranged everything as well and I had to hunt down my three follows.

  2. helenk3 says:

    my nephew is a long haul truck driver. He just posted on facebook that as he is driving through Pennsylvania he is seeing help wanted signs all over the place. One of his friends, driving through Georgia said he is seeing the same thing.

  3. swanspirit says:

    While we wait, I want to share a post from one of my favorite writers, Larry Correia. He wrote about Trump’s taxes, from his experience as a former accountant. One particular cool term he just COINED, pun totally intended, is Dunning Krugerands. It’s so perfect. He used that term, to refer to the idiots who are up in arms about Trump supposedly not paying taxes.

    The Dunning-Kruger effect, is a type of cognitive bias in which people believe that they are smarter and more capable than they really are. You could probably just call them Democrats, but calling them Dunning-Krugerands, is just so much juicier.

    Anyway, here is the blog post wherein the term is coined. It’s a short sweet and juicy read.

    • Woke Lola says:

      Haha! We can call them DKs for short. LOL

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      Loved it all but LOL at the part with . .the grizzled old CPA with an eye patch and a raven on his shoulder with an eye patch and an accounting degree.

      I had profs like this for many classes including almost all the accounting and computer coding. you really appreciate them more as time passes.

  4. helenk3 says:

    this would make my day. I am still angry at myself for being glad she was the 1st woman speaker of the house. She has screwed that up so badly we may never get another woman speaker,

  5. helenk3 says:

    this is plain nuts and disinformation afraid Americans might fight back against blm and antifa

  6. votermom says:

    holy crap, Lola, we’ll all be shit faced within 10 minutes if we yse those rules!

  7. Myiq2xu says:

    Instead of alcohol, this year I am trying out a mix of Fentanyl and crystal meth for the debates. It’s called the “I can’t breathe” cocktail.

  8. Woke Lola says:

    I don’t know about you, but I am fucking gratuitously cussing way too fucking much these shitty days, but goddamnit, it does feel so fucking good. I pray we get a goddamned gratuitous cuss word tonight.

  9. lyn5 says:

  10. lyn5 says:

  11. Woke Lola says:

    And enter Hillary into tonight’s debate. Betcha. If she’s mentioned, I’m downing the whole bottle.

  12. lyn5 says:

  13. lyn5 says:

    • elliesmom says:

      I noticed he specifically said expolitation of children can happen even when the kids are fully clothed. I wonder if he’s going after Netflix for “Cuties”.

  14. Mothy67 says:

    Sharon (my mom) used to spell out S H I T in a joke now she calls Nancy a cunt sitting alone in front of the tv. I don’t think dims know what they have awakened. It is fire..

  15. Somebody says:

    OK, have big cup of coffee, just sat down in man cave and turned on TV.

    • 1539days says:

      Is it a man cave? The TV has to be a minimum of 55 inches.

    • taw46 says:

      I’m ready. What are the chances Biden surprises us tonight and is “somewhat’ coherent?

      • DeniseVB says:

        Where did that Joe come from? This feeble old man we’ve been watching for weeks all of sudden became a Disney audio animatronic character in the form of Max Headroom ?

        • Mt.Laurel says:

          Oh my. This. When I saw Biden pics from the debate he looked liked he had a few dozen Botox injections combined with bad plastic surgery. He reminded me of something but I could not quite pin it down. Except Max was more realistic looking and had a good character actor working behind the curtain.

  16. lyn5 says:

  17. 1539days says:

    I’ll try to watch this clash of the Titans, but debates irk me. The last one I watched was Romney vs. Obama where he whupped Obama. 2012 went downhill from there.

  18. Mothy67 says:

    Robbie Mook relied solely on computer models. He led a campaign based on algorithms. It worked for Obama. 2016 was not 2008. Trump was like nothing ever seen in politics. Hillary ignored bar speak. I could have told you she was drowning in Pennsylvania. People were hooked on Donald. Ten minutes in any bar would have told you that.Mook did not look at the base. He defined the campaign with elitist Brooklyn. I am what he should have looked at. People like me made the difference. We were ignored.

    • Somebody says:

      True that’s what turned the tide in 2016, also people voting that never or rarely vote.

      Question is, what will turn this election? Urban and suburban dwellers fed up with BLM and riots? Seniors glued to their TV’s scared of coronavirus? Minorities that found their piece of the pie in a Trump economy? College students and millenials hoping for student loan relief? Jews impressed by mideast peace? Suburban white women that are offended by tweets? Working parents that want to get back to work and their children’s schools open?

      Some other group or issue?

  19. elliesmom says:

    Here’s the link to Vodkapundit’s drunk blog for tonight-

  20. Woke Lola says:

  21. swanspirit says:

    Joe is already not doing well. He is just spouting talking points.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Debunked ones at that. It was like reading twitter comments on PDJT’s threads….

      Trump: The sky is blue

      Trolls: But you called dead troops “suckers and losers”.

      Biden was just twitter trolling last night 🙂

  22. Woke Lola says:

  23. lyn5 says:

    Joe Biden doesn’t make sense.

    • Constance says:

      Since Biden’s supporters are stupid it doesn’t really matter. They just want to be part of a movement they don’t care about what it is about.

  24. Woke Lola says:

  25. taw46 says:

    So, Biden has already told Trump to shut up and to quit yapping. I heard my relatives laughing, so I guess the left liked it.

    • Woke Lola says:

      The first time was a moment that will live in infamy. The second time, studied politico knew it was planned. It will backfire. Trump is making his arguments directly, and Biden looks small and confused in comparison to his energy and coherence.

  26. lyn5 says:

  27. Anthony says:

    The voice of Valerie Jarret

  28. Woke Lola says:

  29. swanspirit says:

    Wallace is an SOB.

  30. taw46 says:

    Wallace is another Candy Crowley.

  31. helenk3 says:

    when Joe said to President Trump get out of your bunker, and off the golf course and talk to people I almost fell off my chair. Is he confusing himself with the president

    • Jentx says:

      I’m trying to send Trump special powers he needs to focus and hit hard he’s a little bit weak right now and I’m not sure why let’s just all send him our support he needs to hit some home runs

  32. helenk3 says:

    when Joe opened the door to China, Trump through him for a loop talking about his son. He is unsettled now

  33. taw46 says:

    GFY Wallace. Calling that bs racial sensitivity training.

  34. helenk3 says:

    does chris wallace get a salary from the DNC and george soros? he sure is acting like he does

  35. taw46 says:

    Wallace won’t criticize Antifa or BLM, he doesn’t dare. But yeah, let’s talk about white supremacy.

  36. Somebody says:

    Trump missed a golden opportunity to bring up the phenomenal increase in average income, troops coming home, no new foreign wars, trade deals, peace in the middle east.

  37. Anthony says:

    I’m out. This is accomplishing nothing. 8 year olds on sugar highs.

  38. lyn5 says:

  39. swanspirit says:

    Joe lives in la la land.

  40. taw46 says:

    Wallace argues with Trump, never with Biden. But, it’s what I expected.

  41. lyn5 says:

  42. lyn5 says:

  43. helenk3 says:

    biden just said a word “weatherization. the brings back memories of the Street bros in Phila started a weatherization program that ripped off the black neighborhoods beyond belief

  44. lyn5 says:

    Trump supporters have never rioted.

  45. mcnorman says:

  46. lyn5 says:

    Joe called me a dreg of society. He cannot unite me.

  47. Somebody says:

    Jill virtue signals with a 😷

    Complete shit show of a debate. Don’t think it really changed any minds.

    • Angie says:

      I think it worked where it was intended to: NC, PA, WI, MN
      Biden admitted he will shut down country for COVID-19, not allow coal plants & couldn’t support law & order.

      Also helped to keep some of the Bernie Bros home by getting him to disavow GND

  48. taw46 says:

  49. lyn5 says:

  50. taw46 says:

  51. DeniseVB says:

    Watching the OAN post-game show, consensus that Wallace was an awful moderator and fluffed Biden’s pillows.

  52. lyn5 says:

  53. Myiq2xu says:

    Biden speaks, Trump interrupts. Chris Wallace keeps trying to get Trump to shut up.

    Trump speaks, Biden talks the whole time, and Chris Wallace keeps interrupting Trump.

    Wallace words questions for Trump so there is only one right answer and that answer is bad for Trump. Trump ignores the question and says whatever he wants to.

    The audience was strangely quiet.

  54. taw46 says:

    SEP 29, 2020 10:18 PM EST | STEPHEN GREEN
    Pardon my language, but this has to be said.
    Fuck you, Chris Wallace.

    Fuck you for framing the California wildfires on pulling out of the Paris Accords.

    Factually wrong and just so dishonest you don’t belong anywhere near serious, honest people.

  55. Dora says:

  56. taw46 says:

    SEP 29, 2020 10:46 PM EST | STEPHEN GREEN
    One last thing…

    Scott Ott just texted me with this:

    Jake Tapper: “That was a Hot Mess Inside a Dumpster Fire Inside a Train Wreck…that was Horrific.”

    Dana Bash: “That was a shitshow”

    “Their actual words,” Scott tells me.

    And I don’t doubt it.

    The thing is, and this is what Official Uniparty Washington always forgets, is that Trump has lived and breathed and made millions in shitshows for 40 years.

    He’s very good at this stuff, and if Biden didn’t lose tonight, he also failed to prove that he’s any “better” than Trump.

    If Biden is pushing for change, all he sold tonight was more shitshow but with higher taxes and ongoing lockdowns.

    Winner: Trump.

    • lateblum says:

      And there are ppl on twitter who have already begun shrieking about Biden’s dismissal of the GND. They are not a happy group.

  57. 1539days says:

    Biden called Trump a clown? What a badass. Is he gonna take Trump behind the gym, too?

  58. Angie says:

  59. helenk3 says:

    Donald Trump JR is POed and speaking a lot of truth on the treatment of his family by the dems and msm on Hannity

  60. 1539days says:

    Biden: I beat Trump at his own game.
    Everyone Else: You played Trump’s game. You lost.

  61. helenk3 says:

    off topic
    both Mac Davis and Linda Ronstad died today.
    a really bad day for the music world

  62. lyn5 says:

  63. lyn5 says:

  64. lyn5 says:

  65. lyn5 says:

  66. mcnorman says:

    Televisa Latinos Boom

  67. taw46 says:

  68. taw46 says:

    I love how the left says Biden will bring decorum back to the WH. Meanwhile, tonight he called the President a liar, a racist, a clown, and a few more I don’t remember.

  69. lyn5 says:

    Mark Levin

    50m ·
    Biden got away with endless lies and cheap shots. The questions were mostly asked from a left perspective (“the science of climate change,” what’s wrong with “critical race theory” training,” etc.) and Biden went unchallenged by the moderator far too often. For example, for months Biden was silent about the riots, he has no real plan for the coronavirus, he supports public funding for abortion, etc. I’d also be interested in seeing the time allocation as well as it certainly seemed to me that Biden had more time. The president had to force his way into the discussion at times, he was quite good on specifics and getting his issues into the debate. Biden unleashed repeated personal attacks, including resorting to name-calling, like “clown,” “racist,” “shut up,” etc. And Biden looked 10-years older than his 77 years. More thoughts tomorrow.

  70. swanspirit says:

    The left is very upset. They are very very upset, and that is a good thing.

    President Trump, got a lot of points in, that the media hasn’t wanted the public to hear, at all. They have gone to a great deal of trouble to keep the information out of the ears of their listeners. I think so much of what the President said, is not news to us, and we have heard it so often, that the impact it had, was not immediately apparent.

    They are shell shocked. 😁 Joe had poor optics, and no answers for some very important questions. And as much as Chris Wallace tried to shut up Trump, and paste Joe into some kind of coherent candidate, he couldn’t do it. The left thinks Chris Wallace didn’t do a good enough job!!

  71. lyn5 says:

    This happened to us on Monday when we were in the car without AC and the windows were rolled down. This is funny, however.

    • lateblum says:

      Oh my goodness! That looks very scary. What happened? Were you far from home? Is the car okay?

      • lyn5 says:

        The video didn’t happened to us, but a stinky diesel truck spewed like a chimney when he pulled in front of us. We had to roll up the windows qquickly.

  72. Mothy67 says:

    Life is wierd. I started watching Game of Thrones again because I was smitten by cinematography. I had a random beer. Normally I go for hard core martini. Guy sits next to me. I was like are you Micheal Heisman from GoT. I only recognized because i had watched his episode that day.

  73. lyn5 says:

    • elliesmom says:

      I kept trying, but I couldn’t find Mollie on the tube tonight. She’s one of my favorites. I read everything she writes. I have her book on the Kavanaugh confirmation downloaded to my Kindle.

  74. lyn5 says:

  75. Angie says:


  76. taw46 says:

  77. taw46 says:

  78. taw46 says:

  79. elliesmom says:

    While I’m cold sober, there’s no way I’m going to be awake at my usual time tomorrow. I’m trying to get the doggies to go out for a late night pee and midnight snack so they’re less likely to wake me up in the morning. They both were pleased with snack, but Hank took one look at the rain and put himself to bed. Ellie is outside rolling over and over in the wet grass and won’t come inside. I guess I get to see a few more minutes of the post game wrap-up. My liberal buddies think Biden won the debate with Trump because Trump wasn’t civil. I guess they didn’t hear Biden tell Trump to shut up and call him a clown.

  80. Angie says:

    I love her.

  81. helenk3 says:

    is msm setting up the idea of no more debates for Joe? seems like there is an undercurrent fo have no more debates coming from them

    • lyn5 says:

  82. elliesmom says:

    Has Iowahawk been purged from Twitter? Did he move to Parler? I’m locked out again and my phone is downstairs.

  83. Angie says:

  84. Angie says:

  85. Angie says:

    Even the socialists agree with my assessment 🤣🤣🤣

  86. Angie says:

  87. Mothy67 says:

    I could only do ten minutes of debate. I switched to Game of Thrones with surround sound. I’d vote for Ramsey Bolton over Joe Biden.

  88. Dora says:

  89. Dora says:

  90. DeniseVB says:

  91. DeniseVB says:

  92. Dora says:


  93. taw46 says:

    An accurate description of last night’s debate.

  94. Dora says:

    Goodness another one! RIP Helen Reddy.


    Helen Reddy, ‘I Am Woman’ singer, dead at 78

  95. Dora says:

  96. taw46 says:

  97. votermom says:

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