Walter Reed Rally Open Thread

I knew this was going to happen, h/t WalkAway and Operation Flag Drop and the Irish Times 😀

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  1. DeniseVB says:

    Well, I fooked this post up. I can usually count on a twitter share…. does this work?

  2. taw46 says:

  3. DeniseVB says:

    WP is fffing with me right now. I can’t even comment on this thread w/o going through a security check. Ok, here’s another test…..

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      I keep having to reset on my tablet and take one of those I am not a robot quizzes. this time when they insisted I check off my main areas of interest I went with 🎣 fishing since snipe hunting was not an option.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I always fail those Capcha tests on the first two or three tries. It’s why I haven’t been back to MOTUS in awhile 😉

        • Mt.Laurel says:

          Sometimes they appear to have been designed as got’chas and the coders stuck with such tedious work are having a laugh at our expense.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Since it’s mostly affecting the Trump travelling inner circle, I wondered if they recently had flu shots? Just for grins, maybe check that batch #. Dh had his, plus the pneumonia vac, a couple of weeks ago and feeling fatigued this past week. He’s going to his doc tomorrow to check that out. Also, I read the Shingles vac has been throwing out false positives for Rona.

      Our Governor and his wife have been the MASK and SHUTDOWN warriors, and tested positive recently. So I wish the media would stop blaming our PDJT for ignoring protocol, or whatever lefty sh*t they’re laying on him now.

  4. swanspirit says:

    Swiss SkyDiver, a filly, just won the Preakness!! It was a beautiful race! And she is a beautiful horse!

  5. lyn5 says:

  6. swanspirit says:

    One of my comments just disappeared down a rabbit hole! 🐇🐰

  7. DeniseVB says:

    I think my post link was to the Irish Times? It’s probably a problem? LOL.

  8. Angie says:

    Oh look, all that buklshit blue checks spewed about ABC announcement being a “super spreader event” was bullshit.

  9. Angie says:

    This will piss off the press. Lol

  10. SHV says:

    “Eager to get back to the WH”
    Hopefully they tell him “don’t be stupid” and keep him in the hospital for at least another week. Seems like in people who get seriously sick, the illness is bi-phasic. They have mild/moderate symptoms for 5-7 days, feel better then about day ten, the bottom drops out with “cytokine storm”.

    One of Al’s surgery residents, female age ~28, got moderately “flu” like sick a couple of weeks ago, tested…Covid. After 4 day started feeling better and then day 10 ended up in the hospital, now home and recovering.

    • taw46 says:

      Hopefully he will listen to the doctors. He did agree to go to the hospital as they recommended.

      • taw46 says:

        He had a very good friend who died suddenly of covid while in the hospital, I would think that is on his mind. He spoke about that at one of his rallies.

    • 1539days says:

      Last month, there were stories that COVID-19 may be triggering a “bradykinin storm” affecting the red blood cells, which creates the fluid getting into the lungs.

  11. Dora says:

    • lyn5 says:

      Abort yourself, duke.

    • Anthony says:

      Boy, she really banged some stupid into him…

      • taw46 says:


      • Angie says:

        Lol I was thinking she’s like Yoko Ono but not as smart & much less talented.

        But your description is better.

        • DeniseVB says:

          The Brits “affectionately” refer to them as “Woko Ono and the Ginger Whinger” 😀

          • Mt.Laurel says:

            The brits do not want them back. This lovely couple managed to diss even the polite Canadians on their journey the hollyweird trying to pretend they were still part of “the commonwealth” before sneaking* over the border into the USA in the dead of night while both countries were going on covid lockdown. They keep claiming they want privacy but will not shut their mouths. The brits had to send people to formally apologize to a several countries, including Australia and Ireland and a few places in Africa, that they had managed to insult in less than 18 months as a married couple on “official” duties before they were put on what the UK refers to as (permanent) gardening leave.

            *evidently on a private gas gushing jet.

      • lateblum says:

        What taw said and how she said it!!

    • Woke Lola says:

      I don’t understand this kind of thinking. Africans had twice as long on the planet as Europeans and Asians did and didn’t even achieve half as much. And that’s now our fault? Hmmmm…

  12. Dora says:

  13. Mothy67 says:

    I was talking to the lady who is destroying my liver. It is not my fault she sells me large bottles of vodka. Her son is a grade behind da brat. He goes4 days because he has reading issues. She says teachers are constantly calling off so they deposit the kids in regular classes which are worlds apart. I get that every sniffle means stay home and get tested but it seems school has become an absolute joke. The teachers don’t seem to understand how to mesh the borough program that I think most schools use. Skyward I think it is called, but they use some zoom thing for classes. The better students are getting everything done in their two days in class. Why have them go back to 5 days when this is over. The Algebra 2 teacher is trying to convince the superintendent to allow Shay and Nay to move on to Geometry in January. She says they are almost done with Algebra 2.
    The usual track is A2 and geometry in 9th, trig in 10th, followed by Calculus in 11th and Calc 2 in 12th. Shay can’t take geometry nor can Nay because both are in every sport and in a small school there is only one geometry class for the “smart” kids. Most are a bit dorky and the skinny bitch in charge could double as a dimocratic senator grilling Kavanaugh. She openly resents non dweebs. You don’t get to be attractive, athletic, and a good if not great student. It is unfair to this psycho. Oh she screams off the rails liberal. She is miserable and she hates me with a burning passion. Advanced classes are by invite. I don’t get that. When I was a teen everything went by grades and scores. Shay was not invited to advanced biology. She has gone to the state capital to discuss girls in coding. She along with Tay ( Taylon) have gone to CMU to discuss math. I am limited by words to actually describe Taylon. He is funny. He was told in 5th grade he could answer I don’t know. He answers everything IDK. He would only go to CMU if tits came with him. He had a list of demands. Shay is vegan, has been for years. Taylon insisted on meals for her. The karens at school were mortified he called her tits. I could not see what unhappy people saw. Shay is not offended. She is built like Cheryl Ladd. Pigs like that filth think that wrote Girls think they with media can dictate how others think. I am going to always stand. My baby girl is with the largest asshole that has ever existed. I do not back down. Okay libs I fight for my changelling. Good Luck i am pissed. You have tried to define me. Bring it.

  14. taw46 says:

    So much fun. My relatives had MSNBC on, the reporter was trying to do a story in front of WR and you couldn’t hear him for all the car honking. I love it. I couldn’t find the MSNBC one, but here’s another.

  15. taw46 says:

  16. Angie says:

    I love the Deplorables!

  17. Angie says:

  18. lyn5 says:

  19. Angie says:

  20. Dora says:

  21. Angie says:

  22. Angie says:

    This pollster got 2016 right & was only one to get Brexit right.

    Predicts 320 EVs (all states he had before + MN, NH & 1 in ME).

    • foxyladi14 says:

      sharing this comment.

      3 hrs ago

      If the President gets around the same numbers he got the last election he is on course for a second term with ease. If he manages to get just 8% of the black vote he wins big and at the moment he is polling in the low 20%s for black voting support which would destroy the Democrat party forever. Add to that the far better Hispanic support the polls are showing and Biden has to get every Democrat voter out voting or he is in serious trouble and the trouble he has there is very few Democrat voters like or wanted him as their candidate to start with unlike the Trump supporters who are fired up like never before

      • foxyladi14 says:

        the reply.

        3 hrs ago

        Amen. The black vote has finally red pilled and come to the realisation that the Democrats don’t care about them, just want their votes by fake SJW vritue signalling. Remember the Democrats are the original party of the KKK and slavery.

        • DeniseVB says:

          I started reading Candace Owens’ book “BlackOut”. Pretty good so far, about the history of Dems keeping blacks on “The Plantation”.

  23. Angie says:

  24. lyn5 says:

  25. lyn5 says:

  26. Angie says:

    I think he looks great!

  27. Angie says:

  28. threewickets says:

    Phillips Andover and Exeter were established in the name of Bill Gates’ ancestor George Phillips who sailed to America with John Winthrop in 1630. Among other things Phillips built the nation’s first Congregational Church (Presbyterian sibling). Decentralized local churches as per the separation of church and state prescribed in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Our republic is not supposed to be run by popes and monarchs in the shadows.

    • elliesmom says:

      The Presbyterian Church is the descendant of the Church of Scotland. Congregationalism in the US was brought here by the Pilgrims, and many Congregational churches in New England even have “Pilgrim” in their name. There are places where Congregational and Presbyterian churches have united, but it’s more of a marriage than a sibling relationship. I’m not sure what Bill Gates’ relationship to George Phillips has to do with anything. Samuel Phillips founded Phillips Andover and John Phillips founded Phillips Exeter. Andover shared a campus with Andover Theological Seminary, which was started by Calvinists who fled Harvard College went it appointed its first Unitarian professor. The Pope is Catholic, or at least he used to be. You’re right. The USA has never had a monarch. The Pope doesn’t run much in the US. Catholics here are famous for treating the Catholic Church like it’s a cafeteria. Just ask Pelosi and Biden.

      This was a fun conversation, but I’m not sure what it has to do with people gathering at Walter Reed to pray for President Trump unless the Presbyterian-Congregational Church is holding services there tomorrow, and you’re telling us the Pope objects.

      • threewickets says:

        Thanks. Samuel and John were descended from George Phillips like Bill Gates. Gates today is Roman Catholic, not Congregationalist. Gates and fellow Jesuits including the Jesuit Pope are face masking humanity because of the seasonal flu (in a fake plague simulation and market test for the Rockefeller Institute’s countless population control and eugenics NGOs including the WHO). I’m sorry you’ve missed the movement of Jesuits over the past four years into the MSM, global finance, and geopolitics. I am not here to help with homework. And if you are not aware that Donald Trump is the son of Prescott Bush (a Bush-Windsor) and Grace Kelly (a Roman Catholic), I can’t help you.

        Yes US Presbyterians come from the Church of Scotland. The Church of Scotland today might as well be part of the Church of England … essentially British (not Vatican) Catholics and the backbone of the British SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) … the world’s centralization specialists.

        • elliesmom says:

          Donald Trump’s parents were Prescott Bush and Grace Kelly? I grow older learning something new everyday.

          • DandyTIger says:

            Conspiracy on top of conspiracy. Trump must have been left in a basket on the Trump’s doorstep. No wonder he hated the Bushes. Now it all makes sense. Or not. 🙂

          • elliesmom says:

            Seventeen year old Grace Kelly has an affair with 51 year old Prescott Bush. They have a son and give it to Fred and Mary Trump to raise. They already had 3 children so they were not a couple desperate for a child, and Fred was already a high profile real estate developer. The sudden appearance of a 4th child would have been noted. That Donald looks like his siblings is irrelevant. The only thing that spoils my brother’s story of being kidnapped and raised by our parents is that I was 9 when he was born and remember my mom’s pregnancy, and that we are unmistakenly both related to our father. That I would have been willing to disown him on multiple occasions not withstanding. But a POTUS being the illegitimate son if a beautiful actress who married a prince would make a great start for a novel.

            When I was a teen and walking away from church, my parents’ minister thought he might be able to keep me in the fold in some church, if not his, by tapping into my interest in history. Where I lived was a rich mine of early Protestantism in the US. I thoroughly enjoyed his attemps. They were unsucessful, but I was left with a deep respect for the effect their beliefs had on how our country came to rest on its values. I also learned that not all Protestant churches are alike and interchangeable. While my mom was willing to attend the closest church in walking distance, my dad was not. While my husband was willing to marry me in the Methodist Church my parents attended, he was Lutheran. The Methodist Church was better than being married by the justice of the peace, but he still had his minister bless our union just in case.

          • Mothy67 says:

            I looked everywhere to find the genesis of this. Tinylittle scraps here and there. I did find new respect for Grace Kellley and a tad more loathing for the bush’s. I was too young to ever think much about her. I was 14ish when she died, but was aware of the fairy tale type story. Pretty gross when you contrast sparkles with Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, Queen Noor, or Jackie O. I think Melania will be included one day. Powerful, intelligent, beautiful women who chose to marry those on the world stage and in doing so accepted time appropriate roles. It is ahistorical to view them as arm candy. I think each opened a few eyes with determination and kindness. John John used to come into the Rose Cafe ( off Washington Square Park in NY) a few times. He would ride a bike. You knew SS was in the house cause they drank club soda at the bar when he was there. He was exceptionally polite. I read that as Jackie O. she gifted him with grace and a bit of humility. He could have in 1992 run around as if he were king of the city. Jackie, I again read, kept his ego in check. She didn’t answer the door when Hollywood knocked.
            I was all in for Hillary in 2008 and even earlier as senate candidate. She transformed into such an ugly person. Not looks her spirit. I kept at first getting subtle whiffs of blaming everything on gender. It became an increasingly turn off. She was outplayed and media and her campaign resorted to name calling. I got on Trump train as a reluctant passenger when he came down the escalator.i was never gonna vote for a killary or a bush. I didn’t think Mr. Tump had a chance. I liked Scott Walker but he reminded me of Palin. Had he been nominee they would have torn him to shreds. Donald had fire in his belly. He fought. Aunts Maureen and Aunt Patty who have trillions of offspring resented me being called deplorable for supporting Trump. They voted. It is not 1953 or 1985. Ya think my Aunt Maureen gives a flip I am gay. Oh Maureen. My dad was ill. He got several years cause I said fuck you. They wanted to put him down like a rabid dog. I said no and how about fuck you. My Irish Catholic aunts were astonished. I said buckle up I fight for mine with all I have. They all voted Trump in reaction to hillary calling me deplorable.

          • lateblum says:

            I remember when you first wrote about fighting for your father. You were heroic. You still are.

          • threewickets says:

            Grace Kelly at 17 is nothing. She even made a movie allegory about it in To Catch A Thief. Prescott Appleseed Bush is everywhere. The Bush-Windsor monarchy and secret service went nuts with in vitro babies. Do you know about Greta Garbo and Marilyn Monroe?

  29. Mothy67 says:

    So I am on season 6 of Game of Thrones. There was an article in NY Post that claims the series was out of money in early seasons and had to resort to extended cheaper dialogue scenes in order to get to 60 minutes. It was budget concerns that made it character driven. The entire show would have been like the last season had they had the money. Its the dialogue that made the program for me. It was initially scripted as a late teen guys kinda show. Epic battles with little character. They could only put together about 30 minutes so they added conversations that could be done with two actors. Imagine GoT without Olenna Tyrell ( Dianna Rigg). She was expanded to get episodes to 60 plus minutes. The final seasons they were given unlimited budgets and it became a mindless summer blockbuster kind of show. Style over substance. I can look agog over episodes like Battle of the Bastards on my 60 inch tv but it was the dialogue that glued me to my tv on Sunday nights week after week. I had an itty bitty 32 inch screen back then. What if Brienne of Tarth had just been a blimp on the screen. Due to the budget we got to know her because it was cheap to film her on a horse. You end up adoring this beauty who defies tradition with her stamina. Her addiction to others is nearly contagion. Jon Snow and the dragon lady become drips after a few seasons. I cannot spell Daenerys. It hurts my tiny head. I is from a family that spells basic names wrong – my sister is Karin. Not Karen. She goes by Casey or Case. Karin Cain. KC which became Casey
    Niece was supposed to be amanda her dad is an absolute criminal he named her Amandia because he cannot spell. He is Shayla’s grandfather. Oh joy he shows up in a renting tuxedo singing Everything I do I do it for You. Everything he does is return to jail.
    I don’t think the average person can process the years I fought for my brat. I love her. My almost child. I am continuing cause she is important. Always and always. I dont get to walk away. Who gets a great gay uncle that had multiple open heart surgeries. My baby girl is never going to be defined by a pathetic news clip. I got fIght. Bring it.

    • Jadzia says:

      My (American) sister, who is cursed with a misspelled French name, gave both her daughters… misspelled French names. And they wonder why I don’t invite them to visit.

      • elliesmom says:

        When Elliesdad chose our daugher’s name, I went to the local store that sold all of the stuff you can buy with kids’ names on them- barrettes, bike license plates, Christmas ornaments, etc., and picked the spelling they used. When she asks me why we didn’t put an “e” at the end, I tell her to take it up with them. (Our deal was he could name a girl, and I could name a boy.)

        • Somebody says:

          That was the deal hubby and I had also, except he squelched on his end of the bargain. Our first born was our only son, we did not know his sex until he was born. Thank goodness he was a boy because I detested the girl name hubby had selected.

          Anyway I was knocked out due to comications. When I woke up to meet my new son, he had the correct first name but my husband changed his middle name 😡 poor kid.

          I squelched too when early on I became aware our second child was a girl. Immediately my husband insisted she be named after his mother……nope. I don’t know what happened to Ophelia my son thankfully missed due to his sex, told you I didn’t like it🙄 I put my foot down and said I will name her, I welcome your input but your mother and grandmother’s names are off the table🤣

          We had no idea what sex our 3rd child was. She was our surprise late in life baby. What we did know was that in December of 1997 my grandmother was in ICU, she called me over and told me a year from August you’re going to have a baby, if it’s a girl promise me you’ll name her after me and I’ll be her guardian angel. Grandma was out of it, drifting in and out supposedly on her death bed, but she lived 6 more weeks.

          So much time passed, we had forgotten about that cold December day at the hospital, but my father and my aunt who were there had not. They approached hubby and I a few months before my due date, which was August 28th but DD was born on 9-8. Hubby and I had already decided that if it was a girl she would be named after my grandmother. So being reminded by my father and aunt, both terminally ill, only reinforced our decision.

          So convinced that I was going to have a baby girl in the future was my grandmother, that she made my aunt go out and purchase a stuffed, musical “guardian angel” doll. As sick as she was, my grandmother wrote a letter to her not yet born great-granddaughter that she knew she would never meet. She put that letter inside a congratulations it’s a girl card, addressed to me with a personal note to hubby and I in it.

          An absolutely cherished gift from beyond the grave❤😭 My father gave it to us shortly after the birth of our daughter, it was her first gift in this world, she still has it and yes she is named after her great-grandmother.

          • swanspirit says:

            Wow, what a great story! Gave me chills.
            My oldest, my son, was named after his father, Michael, and my ex insisted naming my daughter after me, so Toni Anne is her name. But who could predict, that my daughter would marry a man whose mother’s name was also Toni? So my two grandchildren, from my daughter, both of their grandmothers, and their mom, are all named Toni. 😮

          • elliesmom says:

            It appears to the world that our son is named after me, but he’s not. Elliesdad’s best friend died while we were in college, and ED didn’t handle it very well. I thought naming his son after this friend would help. For the most part it did, but when our son was diagnosed with cancer at about the same age, it was traumatic for ED. But this time the story had a happy ending so there was finally some closure. I’m named after my mother’s father and my father’s mother. I was able to pass my childhood nickname bestowed upon me by my grandfather to my son and finally become a grownup in name, too. Now my son uses my grandfather’s nickname, and in family sea of “Bobs”, he’s a “Rob”.

            Our daughter isn’t named after anyone. One of ED’s grandmothers only had grandsons. My due date was her birthday, and she said if I gave her a great-granddaughter on her birthday, her sapphire jewelry, September’s birthstone, would be mine to wear and to pass on to the baby. I came through. Probably the only time in her life my daughter has been on time. I never wore the jewelry myself. I thought from the day it arrived it belonged to her. To be honest, I was relieved she didn’t expect us to name the baby after her. Her name was Beulah. My choice was Emma Grace after two of her other great-grandmothers, but while my grandmothers were both dead, Emma and Beulah were both alive and highly competitive over the first great-grandchild for each of them.

        • DeniseVB says:

          I chose all our pets and kids names. Our youngest, I named Katherine after a very strong woman and Hollywood Icon, Katharine Hepburn. I misspelled it too. Middle was after her grandmother, Theresa, because I wanted to call her Katy. Yet, leaving her a choice in her “professional” life to put her choice on her door or nametag. She chose KT. But the worst of it, was dh spelled it Catherine, so a friend hand painted a sweet water color of clowns spelling out Catherine. I loved it so much, I saved it to give to the first person in the worrrrld who had a Catherine spelled that way. I still have it 40 years later.

          My dogs were named after baby girl names I would have chosen at the time they were brought home…..I had Victoria, Samantha, Molly, Jennifer, Lucy and Holly. ❤

        • Jadzia says:

          HA HA. As you can imagine, I had a big sad every time I saw one of those racks of personalized stuff as a kid.

  30. Dora says:

    It’s great to see so much support for our president.

  31. Dora says:

    They just can’t stop with the fake news.

  32. DeniseVB says:

  33. taw46 says:

  34. taw46 says:

  35. DeniseVB says:

    This is a very interesting thread connecting the dots to BLM’s “roots”.

  36. DeniseVB says:

    What a sweet man.

  37. taw46 says:

    Some more of Mollie’s photos from last night.

  38. foxyladi14 says:

    My feelings too. ❤

  39. taw46 says:

  40. taw46 says:

    • Anthony says:

      More from this POS

      • lyn5 says:

        She deserves a big kiss from Karma.

      • lateblum says:

        I hadn’t seen that tweet about FLOTUS, but Jennifer Rubin has now become “Jenny” any time I respond to her. I may make it “Jenny dear” just to hopefully infuriate her or better yet, her followers. She is toxic and a liar. What a hate-filled, hateful person. She looks like her tweets sound.
        I won’t listen to her any more than I’ll listen to BHO or HRC. In fact my list of “People I Won’t Listen To” is growing by leaps and bounds.

        • Mt.Laurel says:

          She comes off no better in person. . Smug and full of hate. You can the darkness in her soul. And that is when she assumes everyone in the room agrees with her to the max.

        • Mt.Laurel says:

          And no, she has always gone by Jennifer Rubin. Not just Jennifer but full name. I guess she realized Jennifer gives away her true age cohort and is trying to appear younger and hipper by going the Jenny route.

  41. DeniseVB says:

    I hope the President could see this from his window ❤

  42. DeniseVB says:

    Meanwhile, In San Clemente……..

  43. DeniseVB says:

    Lots of photos from the Daily Mail of other Trump rallies.

  44. Anthony says:

    Did anyone catch Ric Grinnell on Mornings with Maria? Outstanding.

  45. DeniseVB says:

    This is nice……

  46. taw46 says:

    Doctors updating now on FNC.

    • taw46 says:

      Continues to improve, no fever since Friday morning.

    • taw46 says:

      Discharge as early as tomorrow if he continues to do well.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Those Prayer Warriors have been the best medicine. Now let’s see how the media reports it from their inside “sources”. 😛

      • mcnorman says:

        The left is besides themselves…he is getting better.

      • taw46 says:

        His blood oxygen level did drop once Friday morning and once Saturday morning (93. now at 98). I think I would rather he remain in the hospital a few more days, but I know he will be monitored just as closely in the WH.

        • DeniseVB says:

          I do too. This virus has a habit of getting better, then worse. Didn’t that happen to Boris Johnson?

          • taw46 says:

            They said Boris waited too long to go to the hospital, he was very sick by the time they made him go. But yes, the virus does that, can turn bad quickly. Yesterday one of the doctors said they would be closely watching, because IF that happens, it is usually Day 5-Day 7. I was hoping they would keep him at least a week, so I was a little surprised to hear they may release him tomorrow. Plus, there are too many people working in the WH, it seems like it would be safer for everyone if he remained at WR. Just my 2cents worth, lol.

          • DeniseVB says:

            I agree, keep him the full 7 and throw in an 8th day to be super abundance of caution 🙂

        • swanspirit says:

          People live quite comfortably with O2 Sat levels 91- 95. Former smokers, COPD and asthma patients. Its not ideal, but trust me when I tell you these Docs are being extremely cautious.

          • taw46 says:

            On Friday morning at the WH, it dropped to 93, he was given supplemental oxygen for about an hour. Yesterday it did the same, they gave him Dexamethasone. The doctor did not say whether or not they gave him oxygen. Anyway, both times the level went back up to 98 right away. And supposedly all his organs are good, he is doing well they said. Walking around the suite, eating well, etc.

          • foxyladi14 says:

            Agree I carry 91 to 95 without getting on my oxygen. 😀

      • swanspirit says:

        As cautious as these Docs ate being, I am surprised they are cutting him loose so fast. I was hoping for a week, myself.

        • lateblum says:

          I’d be extra cautious just because the patient *is* the Leader of the Free World. I sure wouldn’t want to be the one who dc’d him before it was very, very safe.

  47. mcnorman says:

    I despise the media. Creating mountains out of molehills is their mantra.

    • taw46 says:

      They have outdone themselves since Friday, really crazy stuff.

      • lateblum says:

        Every time I turn on the radio it sounds like we are being under attack. Yesterday Major Garrett on CBS was positively hysterical demanding hourly updates and hurling out 25th amendment demands as well. I had though something absolutely terrible had happened overnight. This morning, the “reporters” at the press briefing were behaving like spoiled children. Really bratty. And just a few minutes ago, I had to turn off the radio because I started yelling back at the radio, those people were so obnoxious and actually hateful toward the doctor who was speaking. Honestly, I’ve worked most of the last 39 years in medical settings and worked with closely doctors and our mutual patients. I’d never think of addressing anyone, let alone people who were sharing information with me, the ways these trophy winning adolescents were doing. Their parents and now their employers have done and are doing them no favors. And the people who need to know *something are learning nothing except how immature and ignorant those “reporters” are.
        I am trying to stay off the internet because it infuriates me so.

  48. DeniseVB says:

    Don’t women have worse problems in the world ?

    • Underwhelmed says:

      Look at it as the equivalent of broken window policing. The foundation of ‘mansplaining’ is an inherent disrespect of and contempt for women. Men who habitually mansplain are secure in the belief that no woman could possibly have anything of import or interest to contribute in any conversation or meeting or negotiation or anything else. These men’s default position is that women are inferior. And that attitude is why we need commonsense feminism. That default position, be it domestic or cultural, is why some men think it’s okay to physically and emotionally subjugate women. Please don’t go all knee jerk about important things because some on the left have poisoned the well. It’s a stupid term, and it invites derision, but the underlying meaning is true and its impact is devastating.

      • 1539days says:

        When I jump in to explain or “clarify” something, is that mansplaining? Because I mostly do it when I hear stupid nonsensical stuff from men because a lot of people I deal with are stupid. Or should I just only women say dumb shit and get confused when people ask follow-ups and just clarify things for men to aid overall communication?

        • elliesmom says:

          Lately, I have come to believe a lot of women only say dumb shit.

          • DeniseVB says:

            Remember, I sat in DC’s Union Station for 5 hours between my hotel check out and my train back home the day after the 2017 Inauguration. Pink hats on little girls with signs saying “Don’t Grab my Pussy”. It’s gone down hill ever since. Here. We. Are. 😀

          • Constance says:

            Living in Seattle I have come to believe women can’t run a government. I used to vote for women but now it’s a rare woman I would vote for. It is as if the Seattle mayor, city council and state supreme court set out to prove correct every ridiculous reason 20th century men gave as to why women were too stupid to vote.

        • Underwhelmed says:

          As a woman, I promise you that mansplaining is a true thing. However, it is not universally true. Nor is it always applied accurately. Mansplaining is a mindset, one that means if you are in a mixed group and a topic is raised it is almost a guarantee that one man will start talking about said topic with the attitude that he, by virtue of his gender, must know more about it than the women there. And without waiting to be asked will start telling everyone there all about it. And should one of the women in fact know more about that topic, and attempt to correct that man, she will be ignored or insulted in some way, because these men are not capable of recognising that any women could have expertise – especially about a topic that isn’t deemed exclusively a female domain. As a woman who has been shut down and shut out by that kind of man, I promise you — it is a true thing. The flip side of course is that some women are so hyper-sensitive to it that they become obnoxious about all men. And some women are so filled with hatred of men, for a variety of reasons, that they can’t tolerate any male input. But a good place to start is, in fact, for men to take a moment when in mixed company and perhaps stop assuming that they automatically know more about a subject than any woman in that situation. Right now in my life I am project managing a huge development, and while my team of staff is all female, all my contractors are men. These are fabulous men, they respect my knowledge and they know I respect theirs. We’ve been working together a couple of years now and, with one exception, there is no gender based friction at all. One of the guys tends to try and take over to protect the little woman, but the rest don’t. The bottom line is, this is a case where knee jerking against the ‘feminist’ position isn’t helpful, because regardless of some of the people supporting the complaint, the complaint itself is legitimate. Not all white people are racist. Not all men are mansplainers. But some are. And nobody wins when you try to deny an uncomfortable truth because you don’t like some of the people talking about it.

  49. elliesmom says:

    What part of it’s past the point where either party can change who their candidate is do folks, and that apparently includes the media, not understand? Voting has already begun, which is something the Democrats have been the force behind. I don’t remember any Republicans who have ever pushed for early voting. I’m willing to stand corrected if I’m wrong. If their candidate dies or is incapacitated between now and November 3rd, the party is stuck with that candiate. The Electoral College is the first place there can be a change of candidate at this point. It’s Trump vs. Biden on November 3rd.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Has there been a precedent in our history? I remember looking for one but the closest I got was a VP nominee dying, no time to replace and the ticket lost anyhow. The other was a VP too, Eagleton dropped out and the RNC picked his replacement but I can’t remember if that was before or after the convention, but the he was replaced and that ticket lost too.

      • elliesmom says:

        There have been dead politicians elected to office- just not at the presidential level. If a candidate had died between the nomination and the election, the parties could have reconvened their convention by having the delegates meet in their respective state capitals or elsewhere and nominate a new candidate, but now the election has begun. They can’t change their nominee after so many people have already voted. The Electors in the Electoral College could choose to vote for a different candidate when they meet in December if their states allow it. Most of them do if the candidate is now deceased. Then the next opportunity comes when the congress certifies the vote on January 6th. An interesting part of all the speculation about how Nancy Pelosi could become POTUS is that if an election is “thrown into the House”, the House chooses POTUS, and the Senate chooses the VP. The Founding Fathers were not concerned about the dynamics of having the president and vice president from opposing political parties (or “factions” as they called them). When I went to “teacher school”, the most interesting class I took was the History of American Politics.

        • DeniseVB says:

          I have loved politics since my elementary years in the 50s. Then high school with JFK. It was such a different era. Until the assassination. I think America changed then, I know the Boomers did.

  50. DeniseVB says:

    The debate on this thread. A) She’s possessed by a Demon B) Off her meds C) Bad drugs

  51. Dora says:

  52. taw46 says:

  53. Dora says:

    We can expect this here if the dems take over.

    • DandyTIger says:

      Why do they hate muslims so much? 🙂 Couldn’t resist. But seriously, a lot of homeschooling is not religious based, but instead want their kids to be, you know, educated.

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        It is also very good for kids who get overlooked in the regular system. Especially those that are toward the middle of the pack and get lost in the shuffle.

  54. DandyTIger says:

    What’s what’s happening over in the lying, dog-faced pony soldier basement campaign.

  55. lateblum says:

    I’m staying off the internet as much as I can. I know I’m addicted to being online.
    My latest project is connecting to ROKU. I’ve had these devices for months and months. One of them for over a year. I don’t know why I’m so intimidated by doing anything technical. I told my daughter that I blamed the nuns . . . But it isn’t that. So yesterday, after months of dicking around, I finally connected one of them to my bedroom tv. It hasn’t worked since I cut cable, because it isn’t a digital receiver. It was both thrilling to have tv in my bedroom again, and so anxiety provoking to do this simple thing. I “found” a tv channel called Plutotv that resembles cable tv and it carries a feed from Newsmax. There are other news feeds as well. So I may become a more connected person after all. This entire process took so much time and energy yesterday that I missed dinner and ended up going to bed in the wee hours of the morning.
    I am grateful to YouTube for all the videos that showed me how easy this process is. But more than that, I learned about some pretty good channels.

    Helenk, don’t you use ROKU? Or is it someone else? I’d love to get some feedback about your ROKU experience.

    • 1539days says:

      I got my Roku just before I cut the cable cord in 2017. PlutoTV was one of my first apps. The good thing is something is always playing. The bad news is that the selection is very limited if you watch long enough. I also like Tubi (on-demand movies and TV shows free) Crackle (same) and the Roku Channel. There’s an app called STIRR which has Sharyl Atkisson’s show and steaming channels like PlutoTV.
      As far as paid apps, I had Amazon Prime until they jacked up the price and Hulu, which I’ll resubscribe to when The Orville gets a new season.

      • lateblum says:

        Thanks I like the way you think! I did see some info about STIRR and was tired and forgot to add it last night. I think I’d like to hear Attkisson’s program. So I actually added the channel just before I started this comment. Thank you!

    • elliesmom says:

      You can get also IMDB and YouTube. Sling, Vudu, Filmrise, Babble and lots more for free. Some of it’s junk, but all together you can put together enough to keep yourself entertained. FoxNation is only 99 cents this month. I have a very old Roku so my interface might look different, but once you figure yours out, you’re going to love it. I have smart tvs in my bedroom and in my lady cave, but the big TV in the living room is stupid. It’s the one with with the ROKU, and I actually like it better.

      • lateblum says:

        Oh, thank you!
        I didn’t see IMDB on the list, but in truth, but the time I was midway through last night I was tired. I’ll look for it. I did add Youtube. I found I could stream CSPAN coverage of certain live events. And I can get the Five and some parts of Tucker as well as other things. I found a news channel so I added tv news from Seattle Where dd#1 lives.
        I’ve been contemplating subscribing to YouTubeTV. I’ll give it a little more thought though. Also, Sling is intriguing. My ota antennae work pretty well most of the time but I’ll have to see how the news stations are on Roku before I invest in that streaming service. And now that both Chicago teams are out of the MLB playoffs, I don’t feel so compelled to sign up for much of anything that requires payment. Although FoxNation… if it doesn’t require a cable sign-in, I’d consider it. I wanted to sign up for FoxBusiness, but it required a cable connection. 😒

        • 1539days says:

          There’s an app called NewsOn that has local news from local stations all over the country. I mostly watch my local station.

          • lateblum says:

            Thanks. I found that last night! Along with so many other stations. Actually, getting news is the main reason I got cable tv to begin with (decades ago)..

        • Mt.Laurel says:

          I have the amazon streaming attachment as it works better than my blu Ray for everything. IMDb Worth it just for Midsommer murders and Columbo. But they also have a lot of other shows like spencer for hire that you rarely see anywhere and I think they added that Mad Men.

          • lateblum says:

            Thanks for the comment. Sadly, IMDB isn’t available on ROKU (that I could find). But Midsommer Murders is on one of the channels that I installed today. I just don’t remember which one at this moment. I think IMDB is somehow connected to Amazon. I can watch movies from IMDB using Prime.

          • Mt.Laurel says:

            Yes. IMDb can be accessed through prime as well. my streaming in the blue Ray staring acting up and I finally gave in and got the attachment for the tv. I had cut cable a couple years ago After mom and auntie passed as they knew how to use the cable remote and were flummoxed by anything else. found the only channel I missed was TCM.

          • lateblum says:

            Oh yes! I forgot about IMDb on Prime. Sill no TCM though, but I’ll figure it out after the election. I’m mostly interested in news coverage right now. I discovered Plutotv has an abundance of news channels and so last night I saw Bill OReilly for the first time in years. It was absolutely current. I just got another roku for a second tv this afternoon after monitoring remote school for Calamity.
            You were such a thoughtful and loving daughter/niece. Your comment touched my heart.

      • Mothy67 says:

        I guess I deleted before posting. Imdb has Revenge. It is like a 1980s soap with better clothes. Madeline Stowe screams better than anyone when her son is shot/ not shot. Emily van Camp wears some kick ass dresses and kicks ass. Literally she knocks out her foes in a non super power way Plus there is Lydia Davis who gets thrown out of a ten story loft to land on a cab and lives with amnesia. It is so fun. Campy fun. It is everything daytime offered 30 years ago. You betcha one of the leads gets put in an asylum while wearing Marc Jacobs. It is candy, but scary as a theme is power people doing whatever to get more power no matter what. It’s a rewrite, modern day take on The Count of Monte Cristo if Dumas had worked on General Hospital in 1984.
        It is so fun for lockdown. Keep remote handy cause there are tons of Biden ads. I just mute.

        • 1539days says:

          YouTube has a bunch of ads trashing the pro-Trump Congresswoman running. I was going to tell YouTube to stop playing them, but I figure I might as well pay the Dems to show it to me so they can waste some money.

    • lateblum says:

      From the article:

      The president accused Biden of trying to “bribe” him with foreign aid and belying “greed” in exploiting Amazonian natural resources.

      “The Democratic candidate to the U.S. presidency, Joe Biden, stated yesterday that he could pay us as much as US$20 billion to stop the ‘destruction’ of the Amazon Rainforest adding that, if we did not accept this offer, he would then impose serious economic sanctions on our country,” Bolsonaro wrote on Wednesday. “What some have not yet understood is that Brazil has changed. Its President, unlike the left-wing presidents of the past, does not accept bribes, criminal land demarcations, or coward threats towards our territorial and economic integrity. OUR SOVEREIGNTY IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.”

      I thought the same thing when I heard Biden say it. That he was using the debate to threaten an ally was, in my opinion, reprehensible.

  56. foxyladi14 says:

    Yes!! He did! many times.

  57. foxyladi14 says:

    Great poem. ❤
    View at

  58. Angie says:

    He’s tweeting! Lol

  59. lyn5 says:

    55,000 people are watching Call to Prayer on FB.

  60. Angie says:

    Another video!

  61. Angie says:


    • taw46 says:

      He told us in the video he would do it and by damn he did, lol. He made a loop and waved to everyone. 😎

  62. foxyladi14 says:

    as a leader you have to confront problems.”

    It’s so simple when you think about it, but that’s really the message of Trump’s life and his presidency: Fight the good fight.

  63. Angie says:

  64. Angie says:

    Another shot of POTUS

  65. Somebody says:

    I’m worried about POTUS tweeting or filming videos while on dexamethasone🤣 I have no idea the dosage he’s on, but I’m very familiar with dexamethasone roid rage. My daughter was on a high dose to treat her leukemia. OMG, there were times her mouth got out of hand. A lot of kids threw tantrums, my daughter didn’t she was just a class A smart-ass sometimes.

    Dexamethasone also makes you HUNGRY, POTUS may send the SS out on a burger run🤣 It can cause insomnia too, which my daughter had some of. POTUS doesn’t sleep as it is.

    I kind of prefer him at the hospital, but he’s going crazy there……now add in the steroids, yikes!

    • taw46 says:

      The doctor wasn’t clear if this was a one time dosage yesterday or if he will be on it for several days.

  66. foxyladi14 says:


  67. Angie says:

    They see me rolling
    They hating

  68. Angie says:

    They see me rolling

    They hating

  69. Dora says:

  70. lyn5 says:

  71. Myiq2xu says:

    The TDS brigades are freaking out (as usual)

    • taw46 says:

      TDS has made them stupid. The Secret Service was with him those days when he was contagious before he went to WR. They flew with him on the helicopter and rode with him in the vehicles once he arrived. They have been with him the WHOLE time he has been at WR. He is the President of the United States. Do those fools think they threw him in a room all by himself?

  72. Dora says:

    Trump campaign YouTube takeover to feature Trump message thanking Americans for support

    The Trump campaign will control the YouTube masthead for 24 hours beginning Sunday at midnight.

  73. SHV says:

    I am surprised that the “People’s Republic of Montgomery County” officials haven’t shut down the support group activities outside of WR Hospital.

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      I think they were taken by surprise and then there is the little problem about the campus not actually being under the county’s jurisdiction. I am sure by Monday the little MC progs will be attempting ways to annoy the peons.

  74. Angie says:


  75. lyn5 says:

  76. lyn5 says:

  77. lyn5 says:

  78. Dora says:

    De Blasio must have been thrilled. 🙂


    Trump supporters close 5th Ave. to support COVID-19-stricken president

    A caravan of more than 100 vehicles driven by out-of-town Trump supporters brought Fifth Avenue to a halt early Sunday — the latest show of support for the coronavirus-stricken president.

  79. Angie says:

  80. Angie says:

  81. taw46 says:


  82. lyn5 says:

    • Mothy67 says:

      I love CHIZ, but I can’t figure him out. He can be so randomly funny and then such a sincere Trump trooper. I almost think at times he works for Donald. He lives in San Diego I think but sometimes posts from rallies. I was making very decent money before covid. I could not afford to go to rallies. One or two maybe.

  83. lyn5 says:

  84. Mothy67 says:

    You never know where life leads you.
    I have become very good text friends with Kate who is Meaghan’s mom. Mey put a pillow and a wig on a bed. I was barefoot in boxers racing up the hill after her. I agreed not to tell then I told because I tell. No way I could zipper that shit.
    Kate had a brother who ended his life with his own hands in 2017. She has 6 kids. We spoke or rather texted at great length. I deal with my brat in a fuck off kinda way. I hold her dear to my heart but I also know she is 14 and I need to be standing there no matter what may come. I am a giant not a saint. Kate had not spoken with anyone about her brother. I said well that is fucked. Talk to someone, anyone get angry be sad. You can’t just fill up the gas tank and buy groceries. Meaghan sneaked out of my house to meet a boy who was crying suicide. Meg had to go because her mom had not addressed the death. She felt it was on her. I did tattle. I did not know about the uncles suicide. I felt betrayed. I did not know. A girl at 14 who had an uncle at 12 end himself might crawl out the window to meet a borderline boy crying wolf. You betcha Kate and I texted for years if not decades. She was lost. Ya think someone like me does not know grief therapists. Oh I have drank nearly every specialist under the table.

  85. Mothy67 says:

    Shayla wants me to go to rehab. I have been there before. I drink too much. I have always have. Like since I was a teen. Covid made it more severe.
    I want to be fun uncle that goes.too far. I was ready to not be. No one gave a shit about me. Drinking myself to death was the highlight of my existance. I abused booze like no other. Then this little creep was standing in a filthy disgusting welfare mess she looked at me her arms up in a prison like crib. I said like rumor has it Peter Gabriels son had heard his dad say son I came to take you home. Its Salsbury Hill
    It a song built on maybe a myrth gave me hope

    • Jentx says:

      You are loved I love you I’ve never met you I don’t even know you’re wearing your name because I’m not here long enough but you are a wonderful person period go to rehab don’t do it for anyone but yourself you may not know this and it may never happen but when I get healthy one the top 10 things that I want to do it’s meet you. In a world of ordinary mundane and boring you are extraordinary and kind and funny and special. I don’t like the casual sex with Strangers because you can get hurt and now that you’re saying which I had a feeling that alcohol is a problem go to rehab for you and then come back and love for Shayla and you. and know that there’s somebody who loves you very much who has never met you who is inspired and he laughs and who is grateful that someone liked you exist you give me hope that the human race it’s worth protecting

      • Mothy67 says:

        I can be cliche. I do everything to extremes. There is nothing to do it leaves too much time . i didn’t drink at home before covid. I need the comfort of strangers. My favorite thing was popping into a dive bar and chatting with someone who was in from Australia in for a wedding or had been a dancer on Broadway in the 50s. I have a knack for finding the most interesting folks. I found the Crawdad Hole didn’t I? I haven’t had sex in over ten years. Touching others isn’t my thing. I get drunk and think about it but I never follow through. That would mean actually getting up.
        I don’t want to be sober like ever. I love getting drunk. I actually controlled myself when there were bars so i didn’t have to stop. Not hard to do when you are paying. Covid has me at home not talking to anyone. I have been grossly over pouring because I sit by myself all day with nothing to do. I was not built for months of this. I fully admit I am of the select who has gone overboard during lockdown. Hell to the yeah I drank almost daily pre corona, but it was a few beers and a shot or two of bourbon over hours. I had a lot of fun. Conversations with strangers for me is like fresh air. Dandy, Mt Laural and perhaps one of vmoms Pitt kids might know Jack’s. It opens at 8 am. It is a dive. Such a mix of people. It is Hemmingway in quality. It’s a far cry from “A Clean Well Lit Place” but it had that vibe. Maybe it was more Toby Keith “I Love this bar” than Earnest. You would get nurses coming off graveyard shifts and my favorite days were rainy. The cardhart guys will all be getting drunk before noon as there is shutdown for work. I love blue collar workers. They usually have wicked sense of humors. I might be extremely gay but there were 4 of us in bedroom growing up. I adore my bros. I think I said before my mom and dad did not speak a word to me for over ten years because i was a ghey. I went into a bar on Avenue A and was told two guys who looked like cops were in asking for me. I said they looked like cops with bright blue eyes and a very stupid laugh at their own jokes. Bartender was like how did u know. I knew it was my brothers even after a decade. I was then living at Great Jones and the Bowery. They were sitting outside at 4 am.
        I don’t need some elitist asshat to tell me some goobly gook about anything that could ever matter. Shut your fucking hole and dose your kid with more drugs. Rich people in my world have children medicated out of their young minds. Try that shit on my Shay and I will punch you in the throat. I have not punched anyone since my cousin Johnny Hayden, now master plumber, and I were teens. Oh we fought. He is actually a plumber. He doesn’t care I am gay. I do his taxes. I get angry when I hear rich leftists try and describe poor life. My parents were scared because of AiDs. I had already died as a child. I more than forgive the past. I grew up gay in a majority black steel town I do not need a liberal from the mainline telling me a thing. I did not survive to be your token or excuse to drug your own kids.
        I lived stuff others imagine. Oh well. Who really hasn’t. You only know what you experience. I will never be someone not locked in a cage (crib with a lid) as Richie tried to crawl out of his bed to die as I could not even touch him as he left.
        Maybe rehab again. I need to look at insurance.
        Thank you jen.

  86. Island Girl says:

    Wild and crazy weekend, so sad on Friday and hysterical laughing at the evil media Sunday, Trump 2020

  87. helenk3 says:

    Trump goes for a ride and media goes nuts.
    he is in a car with a mask on

    • dm says:

      My first thought was the democrats have pretty much done everything but try to kill him, so why not.

    • AniEm says:

      Thanks for the link. Franklin cites Pelosi’s comment about having ‘more quivers’ to take down the President. I hope the Secret Service is questioning that treacherous little woman.

    • Constance says:

      George Conway. I think he infected his wife, hoping she would infect President Trump and he could get rid of both of them in the same plot.

  88. Dora says:

    The president seems to have his appetite back. 🙂

    • Somebody says:

      It’s the dexamethasone, he’s probably got a short fuse too. Given his normal energy level, he’s probably like a raging bull right now. Melania may want to insist he remain at Walter Reed🤣🤣🤣

      Funny thing, when my daughter was in chemo we ran into a young man in his late 20’s that had fought and survived leukemia. He asked us if he could talk to her and we agreed. First thing he surmised where in treatment she was and said, “Oh you’re in the Burger King phase”. We were like WHAT? How did you know? He laughed and told us not to worry she was close to pizza cravings.

      We talked to people at clinic whose kids were going through it and their kids had cravings for BK too. A few had whataburger or McDonald’s but most BK. There was a brief chic-fil-a period, but pizza cravings held on for a bit. We used to order pizzas on clinic day, the kids loved us🤣

      Since he’s just started, I’m expecting POTUS to wolf down some whoppers any time now🤣🤣🤣

      Since my daughter’s treatment ended, I think I’ve had BK maybe 3 times. All of them when forced to because we were on the road and that’s all there was. It’s only been during this pandemic we’ve had pizza again. Of course it’s been homemade 😋 No matter what, there will be no fettuccine Alfredo, nope, never, ever again in my house. I’ve literally made fettuccine Alfredo at 4am and it wasn’t because I’d been out drinking all night 🤣 I get queasy at the sight or smell of fettuccine alfredo🤢

      • elliesmom says:

        Domino’s pizza and red Hawaiian punch

        • Somebody says:

          🤣🤣 I feel ya😉

          • Somebody says:

            There was this one little boy at clinic named Dijon. He was cute as a button, for whatever reason chemo didn’t impact him like it did most. He had long dreadlocks, tiny little thing all of 4 or 5. His grandmother was raising him, super nice woman. Dijon used to skip out of treatment and I’d swear he was a ringer to give us all hope. Biggest smile he had.

            Anyway, whenever Dijon would see my husband he’d jump up and down and do a little dance, yelling excitedly “The pizza man is here! The pizza man is here!” 🤣 Pizza man became hubby’s unofficial nickname amongst a lot of the kids. Dijon’s grandmother would try to shoosh him, but never did. Hubby always let Dijon help him hand out 🍕

            I was the snack lady. Just before treatment I stumbled across a big bag that looked just like Mary Poppins bag. I had no need for it, just bought it on a whim. On outpatient days at the hospital, the kids went long stretches without food due to anesthesia. I had my Mary Poppins bag filled with a variety of snacks and juice boxes. Once they had the all clear and could sit up, they’d call for me and my bag of goodies😉

            As a matter of fact during this pandemic I threw out that bag when I cleaned out my closet. I only ever used it for POPS (pediatric outpatient).

          • Somebody says:

            Should have clarified, Dijon NEVER lost his dreadlocks it was bizarre

          • elliesmom says:

            My son liked to arrive at the hospital fully hydrated so they could start the chemo sooner. He couldn’t consume enough of a carbonated beverage to get to that point, and he wanted something more than just plain water. So he settled on Hawaiian punch. The only pizza place close to the hospital that would deliver was Dominoes. The combination made for vile vomit.

            Parents took turns doing the overnights at the hospital At least once a treatment we declared it was “Mom’s Night”. Someone ventured a little further away and did a take-out run. I was in charge of bringing the movie. I was teaching high school so I had my finger on what movies the older kids were watching that moms would like, too. After “dinner and a movie”, the nurses would give us a pager, and the moms would head across the street for a glass of wine. When the dads found out about it, they started Baseball with Dad. You can see inside Fenway Park from the roof of Boston Children’s Hospital. The players would wave to the kids on the Jumbotron. But the food was better on Mom’s Night.

          • Somebody says:

            How cool you can see into Fenway! My daughter wouldn’t have cared, but hubby and I would have enjoyed it😉

            About the only “cool” thing you could see from our children’s hospital were the 4th of July fireworks. We have an annual light boat parade where boats are decorated with Christmas lights, really decked out. You could see that from the roof terrace too, but only from one corner, too crowded for my taste. The fireworks view was spectacular though.

            They had something called the get well network, I think I’m remembering the name correctly. It’s sponsored or at least at the time was sponsored by Macy’s, Children’s Miracle Network, several major movie studios and several others.

            Through that network you could watch 1 current release movie digitally sent to your room per admission. Probably not something your teen son would have been too interested in because all of the available movies were kiddie movies. We only used it a couple of times. My daughter was Soooooo excited about seeing Open Season. She invited her BFF to come to the hospital and see it with her. I had popcorn, the whole 9 yards. My daughter was in a particularly rough patch and fell asleep 20 minutes into the movie.

            Her friend refused to watch it without her, so several weeks later when she was feeling better we went to the movie theater during the week at the 11am showing all masked up. This is a small town, we know the owners of the theater. They closed the theater so it was just us (not like there was a rush I’m sure). They offered to do that anytime for us, provided we waited past the 1st release week, called ahead and came early when they first opened. They were true to their word. Sterilized before we arrived, I went behind them with her seat. They cooked her food separately and allowed us to bring anything we wanted. So it became “cool” to be friends with her and have a private screening❤❤❤

            You know not many people walk the path we did. When most people learn of that path they automatically think it was horrible, no good memories, etc. Well there are indeed bad memories, but as we’ve proven time and time again there are good memories too. You definitely learn to make lemonade from lemons and you learn to appreciate little things that perhaps you once took for granted.

      • Miranda says:

        Steroids make most people hungry. My grandmother and mr.mir were on prednisone and ate all the time too.

  89. Angie says:

  90. Dora says:

  91. helenk3 says:

    nancy not being briefed on president’s health.
    why would anyone tell the old witch anything, she does not wish him well.

  92. Dora says:

    Oh No!

  93. taw46 says:

    We need a new post. I can’t access this on my ipad or iphone, only my desktop. Thanks!

  94. lyn5 says:

    • taw46 says:

      All of this needs to be investigated and I hope the Secret Service is doing just that. Even if it wasn’t a bio attack, something went wrong with the protocol at the WH. In the last 8-9 months there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of people who have met with the President. Several large events have been held at the WH. What happened now? Was testing changed? Different testing equipment? What?

  95. Myiq2xu says:

    I’ve been trying to write a post but WP has some cockamamie new editing program that won’t let me do shit. And it won’t let me use the old editor.

    • taw46 says:

      Well, that’s one way to shut us down, no?

    • Somebody says:

      Lots of WP sites are having issues. Conservative Treehouse has had issues all weekend. They’re doing something over there now bringing things back, but in the process they lost a lot of their stuff.

      Check around with others using WP and see what they’ve found that works.

  96. lyn5 says:

    Kick da bitch in the tits.

  97. taw46 says:

    Dr Conley will update at WR at 3:00 pm.

  98. taw46 says:

  99. taw46 says:

  100. Angie says:

  101. taw46 says:

    Once again, the left, including the blue check marks, are all over twitter calling Dr. Conley a liar. They don’t want to accept that so far, POTUS is doing well and will be returning to the WH.

  102. lyn5 says:

  103. foxyladi14 says:

    Maybe the smartest comment @realdonaldtrump has ever made. For too long we have let this virus – and the media’s hysteria around it – dominate us. We need to take back our lives, our schools, and our whole world.

    — Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) October 5, 2020

    • foxyladi14 says:

      😆 Additional – Breaking: The Wuhan flu has a bad case of the Trumps, not expected to survive.

  104. votermom says:

    New thread coz this one is sooper looong

  105. foxyladi14 says:

    Comfortably Smug
    It’s impossible to get elected!
    It’s impossible to beat ISIS!
    It’s impossible to achieve Middle East peace!
    It’s impossible to talk to North Korea!
    It’s impossible to cut taxes!
    It’s impossible to beat Covid!
    “Impossible” for Donald Trump is just a regular day.

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