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Getting Rid Of Trump Will Not Solve The Democrats’ Problem

If you believe what the Democrats say then you believe that Donald Trump is not merely a bad president as well as a bad precedent. Democrats believe that Trump is the worst president ever. They think he is uniquely evil … Continue reading

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WTF Friday Open Thread

I have no idea what’s going on today other than Gretchen Whitmer is shreiking like a Muslim harridan. Translating her devious messages through Google, I got “Death to America!” I think it’s pretty clear that the old dodards in the … Continue reading

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Race Bannon vs. The Dragon Lady

  Tonight is the Veep debate.  Contrary to what you might have heard on CNN, the plexiglass barrier between the candidates is not there to help Pence comply with his rule against consorting with loose women.  Nor is it there … Continue reading

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Trump Murders Millions By Removing Mask

I remember when Reagan got shot. It was a scary moment in our history. And when Reagan left the hospital and returned to the White House it was reassuring and something to applaud. Even the news media seemed happy and … Continue reading

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Trump vs Covid

This is an open thread to try out WP’s new fangled blockhead editor.

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Walter Reed Rally Open Thread

I knew this was going to happen, h/t WalkAway and Operation Flag Drop and the Irish Times 😀

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The 9th Circle Is For Treachers

Move over Linda Tripp. We have a new Worst Fake Friend Ever, and her name is Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. When Winston Wolkoff appeared on “The View” Wednesday to discuss her new book, “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of … Continue reading

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Where Does It Say “Independent Certification” In The Constitution?

If you were hoping for a quick Trump victory on Election Night you better think again. Chris Wallace revealed the Democrats’ plan during the fake debate: USSR Today: President Donald Trump Tuesday night refused to pledge that he won’t declare … Continue reading

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Hello October, Open Thread

My favorite month in Virginia ❤ Also, my birth month, but my story began in Brooklyn, in a shipyard, during Truman. I'm so proud of that 😀

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