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And The Winner Is: Phukkif Aino

The Democrats predicted there would not be a winner tonight, and they are (not)working hard to make their threat prediction come true. They are stalling for time so they can figure out how many Biden ballots they need to “find.” … Continue reading

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Open Thread: First electoral results at 7 pm

The last thread is quite full. Here’s a fresh open thread. I’m watching Tom Perez on CBS try to argue against their exit polls. CBS is finding that the economy by far was the #1 issue, and that 71% of … Continue reading

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Election Day 2020 is Here!

How are you holding up? I’m good. Tense and in pain from my tooth, but good (root canal tomorrow). Things are looking good in 2020 about like they were in 2016, and if Donald J. Trump can win 2 elections … Continue reading

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