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Here’s a fresh one for ya, Taw. So good to see Denise posting this morning. We missed you so much, lady!

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  1. Woke Lola says:

    Me too.

  2. lyn5 says:

    Fuck you. Support President Trump’s effort to stop the steal.

    Hey Lynette –

    Dan Crenshaw here.

    I am so grateful for the outpouring of support for my re-election to Congress. Thank you to everyone who made this victory possible. In 2018, we won by 7 pts. This year, we won by nearly 14 pts. I look forward to two more years and all the work we have yet to accomplish.

    Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for regular updates and news you can use. As always, thank you for your support.

    Now, here’s your campaign brief:

    (My reply)

  3. lyn5 says:

    • Constance says:

      NO, it’s not an attempt to silence Republicans. It is an attempt to silence MAGA’s. The GOPe is in on this you can tell by the FOX participation. The Bushites and the non socialist Dems are teaming up. Jeb! has already welcomed Biden. But what they don’t get is we MAGAs find the entire political elitist class useless warmongering parasites with a long history of selling us out. There are 70 million of us and most of us aren’t joining up and have zero confidence in them. The media calling the election for Biden seems calculated but also desperate. Like “trust us, it’s over. Don’t snoop around”. I kind of like that Trump was out playing golf while this mornings crap was going down.

  4. 1539days says:

    When things go to hell, invest in shotguns and toilet paper.

    • Somebody says:

      My toilet paper stock is getting low compared to where I’ve kept it🙄 Although we have two bidets so there is that. I’ve got plenty of ammo too and a well stocked freezer and pantry, just need a whole house generator, already have a 1,500 gallon propane tank buried in my yard. I also have a well, it’s a shallow well, but I have purification tablets. So if we get a whole house generator the world can go to hell for months and we’ll be fine.😉

      • Constance says:

        I like the propane tank idea. DAMN! And buried. That’s thinking.

        • Somebody says:

          We don’t have natural gas here, so if I don’t want an electric cooktop I have to have propane. We have propane hot water, cooktop, fireplace and outlet for grill and dryer, but my dryer is electric.

          The builder put a tank in when the house was built that we still own, but it’s small 120 gallons. You can only fill a tank 80%. In my area if you buy less than 100 gallons, the price about triples per gallon and they charge a bunch of add on fees. We lived with that mess for years and decided to put in a big tank.

          When we were shopping around a company offered us the one we have at a greatly reduced rate. They were pulling it from a site and there we were looking for a tank. They put a new bladder in it and re-coated it, we bought all new valves. It was a bit of a gamble, but that was years ago and it’s still going strong. We saved about 2/3rds on the cost of the tank, but the cost to bury it was the same.

          • Somebody says:

            Hubby has corrected me we had a new anode bag put in, it’s not called a bladder🙄 I’m sure he’s technically correct but you got my drift

          • 1539days says:

            They’re different. My water tank has a bladder. It makes it easier to pressurize the tank and force the water out when we use the tap. The anode bag is a liner that keeps stray sparks from blowing up the tank.

    • Constance says:

      I’ve got a new gun and I have 3 cases of toilet paper as well a rice, beans etc. And sure! I’ll plant a garden in the spring. I’m not getting caught with low supplies this time. But seriously Antifa/BLM was being controlled by FBI/CIA against The People. They can and will call them off I think. Or turn on them and arrest them if it suits their purpose. I wonder if they will tear down our wall?

    • lyn5 says:

      Now you know why the media assholes declared China Joe the victor today.

      • Constance says:

        Yeah, it seemed desperate. And random.

      • elliesmom says:

        They also chose a Saturday because there’s nothing much Trump and his team can do until Monday, which leaves him very little he could do to make news all weekend. But Biden’s supporters are having fun with the “We got rid of Trump” memes. Let them get it all of their system.
        We do need a better nickname than “China Joe”. Most of them are not even aware of Hunter’s business dealings with China so they don’t get it. But it does get under their skin to suggest Joe is a pedophile.

    • taw46 says:

      Newsmax was talking about this, maybe last night. One of their guests said Scott Walker wrote a very thorough procedure on how to review elections in WI. That’s what the state will follow.

      • Woke Lola says:

        Scott Walker does not get the love he deserves. His Wisconsin team and their Midwest strategy is the reason Trump got elected. He’s politically brilliant. Unfortunately, his natural carriage and cadence were not developed enough to get him the national spotlight he deserves. I hope he drills down and gets the polish he needs to run again.

      • Constance says:

        I heard that too. Walker said if Trump did win it will be discovered using that procedure.

  5. Mothy67 says:

    I just got a call “saying” it was the RNC asking for funds — must have asked for my credit card number 10 times. I have never used the landline for anything. I think it was a scam.

  6. taw46 says:

    Lin Wood, one of Trump’s election attorneys in Atlanta.

  7. Miranda says:

    Speaking of paying only your bills, there will certainly be no charitable giving to any organization this year. If I know of someone directly in need, I will give to that person, but nothing else.

    • Mothy67 says:

      I will still give to St. Judes and donate things to Salvation Army.
      Getting off twitter now to stuff my face with pizza and watch the original The Omen.

    • Woke Lola says:

      Agreed. I think we need a to use every single bit of our power to bring influence, and nose-diving the economy by withdrawing is a good start. I’d like to see a run on banks next week. I’ll be withdrawing all but $200. Will probably move to money orders to pay bills as much as possible.

      • Miranda says:

        I’m not donating to organizations because I never, ever, want any of my discretionary income to go to a single soul that supports blm or antifa.

      • 1539days says:

        I still don’t have a checking account. I pay one student loan by money order (16 months left) and the rest I pay directly at the counter in various places.

    • jeffhas says:

      Ok love this idea, and we need to shout this to everyone.

      I am happy to use cash everywhere instead of the bank and their cards…. but everywhere will now be limited and local.

      Please FB, Twitter, Snapchat, IG, TikTok to everyone you know.

    • AniEm says:

      Just yesterday, my husband spoke to a couple who are withdrawing everything. Perhaps there should be a run on the banks by those of us completely fed up. Is it money-in-the-mattress time?
      As far as donations, I may only give to Franklin Graham who at least showed up to alleviate the COVID cases in NY, and was blasted for his efforts by ‘progressives’. But I agree with your idea. Charities have been corrupted too.

  8. taw46 says:

    • Constance says:

      He also took a dig at Trump in the statement. Clearly he sees himself assuming his rightful place in the white house in 2024. The Bushites and normal Dems have teamed up. That is why so many Rs are quiet. Most of them will suck whatever ass eventually wins.

      • Anthony says:

        The Bush/Clinton alliance is still alive. For now.

      • Mothy67 says:

        I’m done voting if justice is not served. Why bother. The powers that be obviously choose.

        • Somebody says:

          I will vote in 2022 for my governor Ron DeSantis and probably in my local elections. Beyond that? If Rubio has a 2022 primary opponent I could be convinced to show up for that. Otherwise I’ll stick to local issues if I vote at all after 2022. Our local elections are in the spring not the fall, hardly anyone votes in them.

          DeSantis has been strong in supporting Trump. He’s been vocal. He was calling out the media on election night for not calling Florida for Trump. He was one of the first to raise doubt about ridiculous numbers of ballots showing up in the middle of the night with no down ballot votes.

          Beyond this election, DeSantis is not a swamper, in fact he took on the FL swamp🤣 literally (working to preserve and restore the everglades) and figuratively (the FL GOPe read Bushies). He had an 80+ percent approval rating until covid. The media has trashed him, but he took great steps to protect our seniors and it paid off, we didn’t become NY or NJ. He tried to find a balanced approach, with an emphasis on protecting the vulnerable.

          • Woke Lola says:

            DeSantis deserves your vote. He’s stood up and Florida came in at +3 for President Trump. That alone should have been enough to give Democrats pause on executing this Big Steal.

          • jeffhas says:

            I could vote for DeSantis, but if Biden is inaugurated, the swamp will never let another non-swamp creature win again… ever.

    • jeffhas says:

      It’s easy for him to congratulate Biden… since Jen will never be President thanks to PDJT – just another lifelong benefit of the Trump Presidency.

      That and No Hillary make it all worthwhile – even with the impending communism.

      • Constance says:

        People need to study what happened. Then accept the next battle to defeat the swamp. This battle isn’t over and the war surly isn’t.

  9. swanspirit says:

    My internet has been out almost all day, which probably kept me out of trouble. The enormity of the coordination to oust our President overwhelms me, in some moments, but never do I doubt that this is an attempt to steal the election.

  10. taw46 says:

    Getting the old gang back together, watch out world, here come the wars!

    • jeffhas says:

      I can’t wait to see AOC supporting foreign wars… the 180 degree turn of the Dem Party will be complete.

  11. taw46 says:

  12. Dora says:

    Good for them!

  13. swanspirit says:

    Check out Tariq Nasheed Twitter. He isn’t buying any of it.

  14. lyn5 says:

    “Nothing has changed since America went to bed Friday evening. There is a fight coming: After over a century of rule, the corruption of the big city Democratic machines will finally be examined in court. Every day, the media is going to call you crazy for demanding it.”
    —Christopher Bedford, The Federalist

    • mcnorman says:

      Suspended account

    • Somebody says:

      Behind the scenes where? DC? The media? Trump world?

      • mcnorman says:

        Well Judge Jeanne is no longer with Fox. Perhaps, he is speaking of the purge for all those that stood in the way of deep state screwing the masses with disinformation?

    • Constance says:

      I actually felt massive turmoil energy earlier as I was drifting off to sleep for a nap, which I never take naps. I don’t feel like it is from individuals but from several groups. Also the media didn’t set it off, it was happening before. The media is a planned distraction. Whoever said the streets of DC smelled like pot…that’s a good thing. It’s better off if the street masses are wasted. By the way the fireworks have started up again in Seattle about one every 5 mins. But Antifa/BLM had been shooting them off all summer about once every 20 mins. It really upset a lot of people but having slept with a man who snored like a buzz saw all night it didn’t effect me.

  15. lyn5 says:

    Clarice Feldman Favorites · 7m ·
    Here we go Part II
    Alito has ordered the late arriving mail in ballots be segregated.They apparently have been though the count was included in the final tally. Since observers were barred from seeing them, He’s going to demand they not be counted.

    Also the extension for filing and order that signatures could not be compared was set by a judge, He had no authority to alter the rules set by the legislature as the constitution requires.

  16. Somebody says:

    My husband is geeking out over some crap about dominion and something to do with porn and gaming sites, a couple of texts and emails supposedly captured or hacked. Some kind of site mapping. When he starts talking all geeky all I hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher.

    I feel like a freaking Biden supporter, I’m like prove it. Some guy on the internet says AND? Hubby says the guy is a “technical God”, OK sure. I’m from Missouri show me. He shows me a bunch of gibberish. Supposedly the data went through a way station kind of thing, where it would be possible to make changes. The guy tracked this in real time supposedly. He has it all recorded supposedly. Maybe it’s something maybe it’s not. Hubby says he’s been following this guy for years. If it is real, hopefully he’s been in touch with team Trump.

  17. lyn5 says:

  18. lyn5 says:

  19. Ivory Bill Woodpecker says:

    If the Democrats stole the White House, why did they not also steal a majority in the Senate?
    Why did they not use their alleged cheating prowess to expand their majority in the House, rather than watching it shrink?

    You lot are right about one thing, though: The Democrats did not beat your Dear Leader.

    THIS evil bitch beat him–or rather, he beat himself, because he did not take her seriously enough.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      Because the places where they cheated to help Biden over Trump did not have any contested Senate seats. That’s why so many of the contested ballots showed votes for Biden but didn’t cast votes in any other races.

      • lyn5 says:

        Also, it would have take too long to fill in other races on each fraudulent ballot. Time was a factor for the cheaters.

  20. Somebody says:

    I think we all need to move to Michigan. I had no idea that people there were in such good health and lived so long. I mean one guy that voted was born in 1823, as a nation we should celebrate his patriotism!

    I had no idea Michigan had so many people well over 100. This election has already established they have the 7 oldest people in the world and that was on Wednesday, could be the 1,000 oldest people by now.

    All this time I thought the fountain of youth was in Florida, just south of me, at least that’s what Ponce de Leon led me to believe. Apparently the fountain of youth is in Michigan, who knew

  21. DeniseVB says:

    Cernovich has always been a borderline NeverTrumper lunatic, but I love this reply to him. I’m done playing nice too.

  22. Dora says:

    • AniEm says:

      That’s what I suggested in an e-mail to the White House. Time for the MAGA party to overcome the maggots.

  23. lyn5 says:

  24. votermom says:

  25. Underwhelmed says:

    I am sick to my stomach, watching this from afar. I can’t imagine how you are all feeling. I never thought I could hate the way I hate the Democrats, the mainstream media and the quislings that infest the Republican Party. Their evil is catastrophic. All my prayers are with you and with Trump and his loyal, courageous team of fighters and believers.

    • taw46 says:

      Thank you, that means a lot. I hate them all, too. And I can’t believe this is happening in our country. Not giving up yet! If anyone can pull this out, it is our President!

    • lyn5 says:

      I’m glad I slept in today. It’s the first time I got sick from a flu shot. Anyway, I’m at peace, because Democrats are evil and MAGAs aren’t.

      • Constance says:

        I got sick from this flu shot too. And I refused that damn “old peoples shot” this year. My Dr. told me it’s 4 times as strong and offers less than 2% better protection for some seniors than the regular shot. Get better soon!

      • Miranda says:

        I had my first reaction to a flu shot too, including fever. I was starting to worry I’d need a Covid test.

  26. lateblum says:

    I’m gonna leave this here. I can’t quickly find the spot to leave it in…

  27. DeniseVB says:

  28. Shez ZK says:

    Here’s the links to watch Newsmax channel and livestreaming on YouTube.
    Channel –
    Live Stream –

  29. votermom says:

    We are watching an Egyptian horror series on Netflix Paranormal
    its set in the 1960s
    unexpectedly spooky in an old fashioned way

  30. Shez ZK says:

    Welp, had to rip out my earbuds and take a break. Kamala the Usurper was speaking, in an ill fitting, too big, white suit. That alone gave me eyeball sprains. I loathe that Obama plant. I’ll laugh my ass off if Prez Trump slaps a lawsuit on her for violating the 12th Amendment since both he and Pence have “standing”. May as well add that to the anvils to drop on their corrupt asses too.

    • Constance says:

      I can’t stand Kamala’s new facelift that gave her freaky marionette cheeks and makes her face diamond shape. The ankle pants are unprofessional and seem to be a trademark look.

  31. lyn5 says:

  32. Mothy67 says:

    Deletec facebook.
    The moment the courts rule that pedo cheated I am deleting twitter. Blocked fox on cable. Tucker clips are posted usually within a few hours.

  33. lyn5 says:

  34. lyn5 says:

    • Constance says:

      I lived with a narcissistic gaslighter for 30 years. Don’t get involved with their bullshit. Don’t respond. Just go on with reality and find your own joy. They will get increasingly “off” to the point that their world collapses. Don’t think changing them is called for. They will suck all the energy you have and they like the way they are. Ignore Gaslighting.

  35. Angie says:

  36. votermom says:

  37. lyn5 says:

  38. lyn5 says:

  39. votermom says:

  40. lyn5 says:

  41. lyn5 says:

    • lyn5 says:

      Share your wealth, Bill.

    • Constance says:

      That is pretty neutral. At no point did he mention Biden. If Trump wins reelection it would be said he is resetting his second administration.

      • Mothy67 says:

        He is still creepy as fuck. No one elected him to anything. Control freak needs to stay in his own lane.

      • lyn5 says:

        Bill Gates @BillGates
        Congratulations to President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris. Thank you to the election officials and campaign workers who worked tirelessly to ensure a record number of Americans could cast a ballot and have it counted during such an challenging time for our country.

  42. Angie says:

  43. Angie says:

    I’m on a 12 hour time out on Twitter.

    I regret nothing.

  44. Mothy67 says:

    My sister said someone on newsmax said Judge Jeanine walked out when they wouldn’t let her do a piece on voter fraud.

  45. swanspirit says:

    Somehow, that seems more likely to me. I hope she turns up at another news outlet. I hope Fox goes down the toilet.

  46. Constance says:

    I have a few financial comments. A lot of Libs pulled their savings from the stock market when Trump won in 2016. They never got back in. They missed the entire Trump upswing. Then when Covid hit a lot of seniors took their retirement out when the market dumped. The market has already recovered and they lost 33% of their savings. Many are still not back in the market so there is no opportunity to gain it back. With all the spending the government has been doing there will be inflation. Any money you stash in the mattress and don’t invest will be devalued (unless it is gold or silver). Charles Payne had a chart up last week. it analyzes the S&P500 relative to politics since 1949. The return on the S&P 500 in years when there is a Democrat President and split congress is 13% per year. It is 12.5% with a Dem President and GOP congress. Just saying the boys who are playing this shit game will be fully invested. If you want a easy choice, go for Vanguard S&P 500. There is no charge to buy and no charge to sell.

    • Mothy67 says:

      James Woods sold everything but his Apple stock.

      • Constance says:

        That will likely generate a huge tax bill and inflation is going to happen. It is the easiest way out of overspending and likely the only way out. If you sell, yes you have all your money, but when it takes $20. to buy a loaf of bread it won’t last long. If you leave it invested you have a chance of it increasing in value.

    • 1539days says:

      Not knowing anything about the market, should I just keep investing in my 401K? I increased my contribution last year because of the market recovery. Now, I won’t do another increase, but I’ll keep steady because of the company match.

      • Constance says:

        That sounds like a good plan. At least you can sell stocks in you IRA or 401K without generating a tax bill so if you want to swap it out for a bond fund for a month or so no problem but be sure to get back in soon. I’m just saying this whole thing is being engineered by corporate America. Joe is their candidate. In the past when there has been a Democrat President and split congress or Republican Congress the S&P500 went up a lot. I just worry about people keeping money in their mattress or savings account. You can bet inflation is coming. It’s the only way to devalue the national debt. Yeah these people will keep all their money but it will be worth nothing. Charles Payne said one third of retired people took their savings out of the market when it crashed from Covid and still haven’t put it back in the market. So the market is up to where it was before and they lost all that money.

        • 1539days says:

          I don’t take anything out (I’d have to repay with interest) but I don’t put the maximum in (also, no Roth / IRA) so I have maybe a 12-18 month cushion in savings (at a credit union). My other thought was a share certificate (a credit union version of a CD) to generate more interest, but lose some liquidity.

          Or just invest in shotguns and toilet paper.

  47. Angie says:

  48. Mothy67 says:

    Twitter is a joke anything w/hammer gets a warning

  49. Angie says:

  50. Angie says:

  51. taw46 says:

  52. Constance says:

    Parler has an apology up. They have planned for expansion but are having one problem after the next due to sudden growth this weekend. They are the number 3 downloaded app right now. Same with GAB, they had 10,000. new users overnight last night. Newsmax has been outdrawing many other cable news channels.

  53. Angie says:


  54. Constance says:

    Hope this comes through. It shows the first modification to Air Force One for Biden.

  55. votermom says:

  56. lyn5 says:

  57. lyn5 says:


  58. Angie says:

  59. Mothy67 says:

    I wish they would just release/announce things w/out the build up.
    It almost always turns out to be a nothing burger or something everyone is already aware.

  60. Mothy67 says:

    The Tom Fitton above is a fake account.

  61. michelina says:



  62. michelina says:

    Good night all, sleep well

  63. Constance says:

    Parler added over 2 million users today.

  64. r u reddy says:

    Whatever the political reasoning behind withdrawal from the Formal Economy is or isn’t, and whatever the agenda and the goals may or may not be . . . . any sharing of knowledge and information about self-reliance and/or self-sufficiency and/or survivalism . . . . the nuts and bolts details of how to do it in all its specific aspects . . . . is a good and valuable thing.

    If the Blog Masters of this blog decided that a reliably scheduled day for survivalist how-to discussions and fact-sharing/method-sharing would be good for the readership and might even attract more readership, a post-and-thread for that purpose could be offered perhaps once a week or so. It could be called maybe “Survival Saturday” or something like that.

    • Constance says:

      I like it!

      • r u reddy says:

        Thank you for the kind words. I will offer a very brief short example of what I am perhaps suggesting. And this particular offering might fall under the heading of “materials and methods.”

        There are still some companies in America itself which make garden tools. One such company is called Red Pig Tools. They hand-make tools of old and classical design. I am thinking of getting their hand-drawn furrower. Now I know that offering some information on a place to “spend money” on certain garden tools seems on the face of it to run counter to the suggestion of staging a partial economic shut-in. But if spending “X” amount of money on a good tool can permit NOT spending ” 3X” amount of money later by using that tool, then perhaps the longer-range purpose is still served.

        Also, I don’t know if the Red Pig Tools company has been politicised or not. If it has been, I may still grind my teeth and get the furrower for self-reliance reasons anyway.

        Here is the web link to Red Pig Tools.

        I hope this reply to your comment inspires other people to offer a few specific bits of actionable information towards this goal. If it does not, then I have failed. If it does, then the Masters of the Blog may well read the offerings and hoose to decide whether this sort of thing deserves to be offered a periodic presence here . . . or not.

      • r u reddy says:

        Here are a few more garden and micro-farm related tool company sites. I haven’t used any of them so I don’t really know if they are good. But they seem interesting and worthwhile.

        Hoss Tools is another small American maker of garden tools.

        Meadow Creature makes one very particular kind of tool called a broadfork . . . in three sizes for three different strength and intensity levels. The smallest one is for opening up the topsoil of a garden if it has kind of seized up. The largest is for reaching down into the subsoil level and breaking that up as well as the topsoil above it without inverting the layers. They are expensive, but if they help prevent more spending over time than what they cost one time up front, they may be worth it.

        And Compost Crank. I think I will get one. I envision being able to use it to prepare deep rich planting holes for seedlings which I want to help grow really big and productive.
        Its made for compost piles but I think it could work for hole feeding-mixing in garden soil too.

    • AniEm says:

      I would welcome a list of MAGA-friendly businesses and owners to support.

      • r u reddy says:

        My mind is beginning to run away from me now. I had a thought which might rate “discard when read” but here goes anyway.

        There could be several lists. A MAGA-friendly business list.
        A MAGA-hostile business list.
        A MAGA-neutral business list.

        And then also a cross-comparative list of survival-supply/ personal survivalism skill-supply businesses as such. And if any of them showed up on the MAGA-hostile list, one would have to consider very carefully the following: if I buy this survival-tool from MAGA-hostile, will it allow me to inflict more economic pain against the MAGA-hostile sector over the long run than the one-time pleasure I gave the MAGA-hostile sector from buying their tool? If my best analysis shows that using the tool would cause them more long-term pain than buying the tool gave them short-term pleasure, I might or might not decide to go ahead and buy the tool.

        Every dollar is a bullet on the field of political economic combat.

    • Woke Lola says:

      Great idea, for sure. And yes, good practice.

  65. Miranda says:

    I didn’t have a chance to say it on the other thread, Myiq, but I’m sorry about the stress from your Mom and the election. Stress-induced weight loss isn’t good.

  66. threewickets says:

    Kamala Harris becomes the first Asian-American and Indian-American in the White House. Malthusian Steyer and Pelosi’s San Francisco muppet. India will become the most populous nation in the world during her term. The agenda remains the same. Good luck to her.

  67. Anthony says:

    While watching a special on Melania Trump on Newsmax, I flipped to Fox and Friends for a second to see if the gaslighting was continuing. Pete Hegseth hasn’t morphed into a Dem drone; Jedediah Bila can go fuck herself. There’s a new resistance in town. Watch your step, Commiecrats.

    • lateblum says:

      I was just watching “Spin Cycle” on FBN and I can say with certainty that Jedidiah Bila was only moderately awful because Mollie Hemingway was there and was voicing a reasoned sense of voter anger before Jedidiah spoke. Even so, I wanted to drown JB.

  68. DeniseVB says:

    Good morning guys, she’s baaack 😀 Dirty wigs and boob makeup………

  69. Dora says:

  70. DeniseVB says:

    Will we see a change in Greg?

  71. Dora says:

    Wow! That many?


    Joe Biden at Sham Victory Parking Lot Party: “230 Million Thousand Americans” Have Lost a Loved One to the Coronavirus (Video)

  72. DeniseVB says:

  73. helenk3 says:

    random thought
    the bid on family made millions from foreign energy companies and wants to kill the American energy suppliers. wonder why?
    bid on for sale to the highest bidder

  74. Dora says:

    This is sick!

    • lateblum says:

      This is what I experienced in Brattleboro VT on Memorial Day weekend 2017. There was a very much larger than life figure being paraded through the village Memorial Day celebration and the hundreds of people on this little town were smashing i with abandon using rocks, wooden poles, brooms, and anything else they could find. I was horrified. Truly. I refused to participate and my sister and bil were unkind about my own sense of dismay at the entire display of animosity and vitriol.
      When I said people had lost their jobs by mocking BHO, my sister laughed at me. When I gave the specific example of the rodeo clown who wore a bronco bama mask in the rodeo ring, being fired for life, she declared me a liar. Fortunately, her husband supported my anecdote. Yet he saw nothing bad about what the people were doing at this country fair.

    • lyn5 says:

      Violent mentally deficient people should not be allowed to vote.

  75. Angie says:

  76. taw46 says:

  77. Angie says:

  78. Angie says:

  79. Angie says:

    Not conceding.

  80. Angie says:

  81. Angie says:

  82. Why should I leave my retirement accounts for them to tax? We NEVER rec9vered our losses from the 08 collapse
    I know how to be poor I can garden I can forage berries
    Nope under the mattress or buried in the back yard (after I convert it to gold and silver jewelry is lovely)

    • Constance says:

      Gold and silver jewelry is better than cash during inflation. The value can rise with inflation. The only problem with gold and silver is if it isn’t marked you will have to pay to have it assayed to sell it so that will be a cost. The value of your cash will go down due to inflation, so yeah you keep all of it but bread costs $20. a loaf. The value of property will go up with inflation too.

      • 1539days says:

        Precious metals are not as “asset” per se. They have some industrial use, but that intrinsic value is only a fraction of the market value. Gold brokering companies often say “gold has never been worth zero” but it has dropped 50-75% in value over periods of time. Just watch Gold Rush.

        • Constance says:

          But the question here is what is the best thing to hold it’s value or increase while buried in the backyard? Jewelry has value because people just want it and it also has value in the gold. I took a gold charm bracelet which I inherited in to have some wedding rings from my aunts and mother attached. The jeweler told me “do not wear this out and about, the gold value alone is over $10,000. not considering the stones or jewelry value. You will be a target” Now that was in 2009 and I’m sure the value has gone up in the last 12 years just sitting there. Likely a very good investment would be alcohol as in very good whiskey. That you can always trade for money or labor or goods. But during inflation cash is just a bad idea.

      • r u reddy says:

        If one has storable cash, but one also has debts, which is the “higher-value” use for the storable cash? To store it in case needed? Or use it to pay current debts down to zero?

        Which is the stronger way to enter a dangerous future? With some cash and some debts? Or with no cash but with no debts either? ( Including house totally paid off and totally owned?)

    • Woke Lola says:

      Yes, you really can’t bury cash. It decomposes. Just ask Pablo Escobar’s family.

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