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Dear Mitch McConnell, et al,

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  1. Woke Lola says:

    Here ya go, Taw. Enjoy.

  2. swanspirit says:

    Thanks for the new thread!

  3. elliesmom says:

    As blog posts go, that’s about as short and to the point as any I have ever seen. ❤

  4. BjornTheBorg says:

    My job involves a fair amount of international contacts. I’ve been flooded with inquiries from abroad asking about the “political violence”, “instability”, “government collapse”, “anarchy’, etc. that has taken over the country. The media, both here and abroad (but especially in Europe), have spun yesterday’s events in Washington as a sure sign that the US is on the verge of becoming an ungovernable failed state. A woman from Korea assured me that, in view of America’s failure to combat the WuFlu and yesterday’s protests, “you should leave the US while there’s still time,” although she was quick to point out that COVID currently prevents Americans from leaving for Korea. I always expect the media to be biased, and dishonest, but this just takes it to another level. I now spend a lot of time yelling at my TV. Maybe it’s time to take up day drinking.

    • Miranda says:

      Good Lord. The whole thing took about 2 hours, no bystanders were killed, and the certification resumed. Compared to the riots over the summer, it was barely a disagreement.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Sadly, 4 died. Up til then it looked like perfectly orchestrated street theater, with professional photograhers at the ready inside. Media is still explaining “what you saw” which is what they do.

        • Miranda says:

          3 of the 4 had ‘medical conditions’, so I’m not sure those deaths can be directly linked to the protest. By bystanders, I mean people not involved in the protest. I’m sorry the protestor was killed, but those are the chances you take (I felt the same about the protests/riots in the summer).

          • DeniseVB says:

            Thanks. Did not know about the other 3, just blaring headlines 4 DEAD ! Medical conditions is why I don’t go to these things anymore. Not for fear of being shot, but they usually involve a lot of walking and standing. If you choose to dive through a broken window to breach a secured area, yes, you may get shot. Saw the video, she was in a crowd of people and only one shot ?

          • lateblum says:

            I saw a video on twitter that showed the shooting (if it wasn’t a doctored video). The leo- or someone dressed like a leo, came out from hiding and took one shot through the completely broken out window.
            Ashli Babbitt was standing right there at the opening. If I find the tweet, I’ll post it.

      • taw46 says:

        Exactly, Miranda. And the vast majority of the Trump supporters were standing peacefully on the balconies and the steps of the Capitol and on the Capitol grounds. It was a beautiful shot that FNC kept up for a long time. Now I can’t even see a photo of that, all they show is the people who pushed their way into the building. There may have been a hundred, maybe less maybe more. But it was such a small percentage of the massive crowd who were peacefully protesting in DC. Of course, the MSM makes it sound like the entire crowd rushed and entered the Capitol.

  5. DeniseVB says:

    Miss Lindsey is wasting no time getting on the good side of the new administration. Committees will be shifting in the Senate now, eh? F’em all.

  6. Gram Kraken says:

    Well, if we thought 2020 was bad, cheer up bunky, the worst is yet to come! 2020 was just a prelude to soften us up for 2021. Who would have thought our Republic would die in the city where it began? I’m looking at you Philly.
    (Un) Happy New Year to everyone here – the posters, regular commenters, and lurkers. I am discouraged, but will continue to fight on in my own way. Like many here, we may be battle scarred, but we are survivors. They may have gotten us down, but they can’t keep us down.
    Time to pressure state legislators controlled by Repugs to retake control of the voting process. Clean up voter rolls, enforce absentee eligibility requirements and ID/signature verification, outlaw ballot harvesting, and get rid of Dominion vote changing equipment. There more changes that need to be done, but that is a start. If they don’t, Dems will use what worked in 2020 to turn red state legislatures blue. They won’t stop at the Fed level. On to the states and change the USA.

  7. taw46 says:

  8. elliesmom says:

    Just because there’s so much negative news about schools- I got a message from my 14 year old grandson this morning. He reminds me so much of Elliesdad in personality and in how ED’s brother looks, it’s uncanny. He’s now the age ED’s brother was when I met him.

    While online and remote learning doesn’t work for most kids, a studious introvert can thrive. He goes to school one week online for his academic subjects, and then, since he’s at the regional technical/vocational high school, he has his shop week in person the next. He has been able to get his academic work finished in a couple of hours every day and use the rest of the time to pursue his own interests and still make the honor roll. One of his interests is training his beagle puppy. “Santa” brought him a tee shirt with “Beagle Dad” on the front. He’s been in an exploratory sequence in the shops, which ended before the Christmas break He got to try out 7 different shops. His first choice was Mechnical Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing. He found out this morning he has been accepted into that program. It’s a competitive choice, and most of the kids go to engineering school when they graduate. We were all surprised when the computer programmming shop didn’t catch his interest, and my son was disappointed when he didn’t choose biotechnology. I haven’t seen him this excited (or proud of himself) since he learned to skateboard.

    I think he’ll be disappointed when school becomes in person all the time. He’s been able to learn a lot about time management, independent learning, and still have teachers guiding him. His shop weeks have given him socialization, and since the kids are grouped by interest and not age, the opportunity to learn from more experienced peers. He told me this morning “school is perfect”. A few years ago he was ready to quit.

    • lateblum says:

      How wonderful for him.
      Our remote learning is “in session” and this is the first time my son is reporting gd#1 has started experiencing signs of anxiety. Calamity doesn’t like school – either remote school or in-person school. But her big sister, gd#1, has always flourished. Socially as well as academically. Now, she is waking up in the middle of the night crying. She is fearful of strangers. She is unsure of herself. And she no longer wants her real school to re-open. I keep wondering what happened. I’m going back there today for remote learning. I’ll try to see the changes and maybe ask a some questions.
      I figured Calamity would have some issues leaving home for school. I didn’t think hr sister would.
      Anyone have any suggestions?

      • elliesmom says:

        The anxiety could be coming from a lot of places. It could be a reaction to life not feeling normal. It also could be something that’s happening in the remote classroom. A lot of teachers who pay a great deal of attention to the interactions in a physical classroom don’t watch as closely when the kids are at home. She might be being distracted by something she’s seeing happening. It wouldn’t hurt to ask her friendly questions about what she’s noticing. One of the kids in Crash’s class has a large snake he liked to hang around his neck while he was online. She thought it was cool, but it was disturbing some of the other kids. The kids are just little squares with heads in them to the teacher.

        • lateblum says:

          Thanks. I know life is far from normal. Perhaps, she thought/hoped that after Christmas break, “normal” would return. Yesterday when Calamity and I joined the Zoom classroom, I could hear a male adult voice (not the female teacher) angrily yelling at one of the kids in Calamity’s class. It was disturbing. It also wasn’t the first time I’ve heard adults yelling at one student or another. It’s sad, really that the child has this happen when s/he should be safely in school. It’s also stressful for an adult who would normally be at work, having to be home because schools are closed. There is so much that is wrong with the schools being closed.
          And then there are the teacher unions who continue to flex their muscles so that the teachers who would rather be in their classrooms (like my son) need to find a way to teach effectively from some tiny space at home. I know he sorely misses the personal interactions with his students. He also joins me in my condemnation of these unions. While I realize that I unions can and have been more than a little helpful for workers, they now exist for political parties’ benefits – not for the benefit of their members.
          So students and teachers alike are hearing messages that the schools are unsafe. Teachers feel unsafe. Students now hear the message 5hat the schools are BOT safe and the students have become threats to their teachers.
          I realize I’m making sweeping statements, but I just realized I have to get ready to go!
          Thank you for your suggestions. 💕

    • helenk3 says:

      that is great. there is nothing more wonderful than watching a kid get to use his mind and learn .

  9. taw46 says:

    I hope you can see this video.

    Witness to Antifa mess

  10. swanspirit says:

    I am just going to share this with you all. I doubt if you remember, but way back when, I also shared my feeling about Black Obanana. I had the very worst feelings surrounding that narcissist thing. He still gives me the absolute creeps. He was the perfect narcissist for the deep state, because he believed his own 🐂💩 and that he was running the show. He probably still believes that Joe and the Ho represent some kind of proxy third term for him. A lot of his cult following also probably believe that, as well.
    Now, the Zombie and the Ho will be put in as placeholders, and will they are told.

    But the powerful feeling that I had last night, watching the events in DC, and still have, was familiar, to me, although it took me a bit to place it.

    It was the same feeling I had when the Vietnam war was going on, and it had that quality of joining with millions of other people who felt the same way; that the war must end, and Nixon had to go. The people can, and will bring about the changes needed, even against what seems like overwhelming odds. I feel it strongly. It’s my intuition, or collective subconscious, becoming part of the collective consciousness, of this time. It’s more than possible, It’s inevitable.

  11. Anthony says:

    I’ve been outraged by violence and anarchy for the past year while I watched my city (Manhattan) get burned, looted and incrementally become a lawless environment. I’ve seen Federal buildings ‘occupied’ and watched in horror as police were executed in the name of “social justice”; and I’ve seen our law enforcement officers incrementally neutered, leaving private citizens and businesses in danger.

    Sadly, there wasn’t ONE BIT of condemnation by our media sources, community organizers or elected officials. Instead, they were called “Peaceful Protests”. I condemn ALL violence, regardless of whatever side of the aisle they come from. Our government officials and media outlets have successfully divided us. That is unacceptable. Time for people to wake up and stop parroting the talking points of those organizations who wish to keep us divided for their own greed and control.

    • Somebody says:

      That’s a nice sentiment, but the brainwashed are brainwashed. My sister in CA is an example, she was outraged yesterday that Trump fomented an insurrection, a coup attempt. She was raging that he should be arrested and removed ASAP. To hear her version he stood on the ellipse and ordered his supporters to charge and take over the capitol.

      She was outraged that federal law enforcement and/or the national guard were “waiting”, they needed to open fire and mow down all those seditious, treasonous Trump mother fuckers and GD arrest that orange monster. She insisted he refused to tell his supporters to stand down, she found and texted tweets from last summer where he condemned the riots, BLM and antifa.

      My siblings and I texted her the video POTUS made, didn’t matter, wasn’t a strong condemnation and he lied about election and stroked the ego of his supporters saying they are special. Why that orange bastard, his supporters are criminals, shoot them now!

      We sent her tweets where antifa were identified. Side by side tweets of this one or that one in the capitol and another image of the same person on an antifa page, at a BLM riot or what have you. She insisted they were deep fakes, CNN and Reuters debunked that antifa was there.

      So how do you deal with that? Whatever CNN says is fact and that’s that, end of story. If you disagree, you’re a conspiracy nut.

      My brother and I tired of her shit and disengaged. My other sister kept biting, my brother and I separately encouraged the sister that lives here to let it go, ignore it, move on and stop wasting her time.

      As long as a select group control the narrative and people are not curious to seek out other information we will remain divided.

      • elliesmom says:

        My current thinking is divided might not be such a bad thing. It’s like when a married couple has worked very hard to hold a marriage together, but then one spouse realizes the attempts at reconciliation are all one-sided. That the only way to remain a couple is for one spouse to totally capitulate to the other. Faced with surrendering everything or going it alone, being alone looks preferable. I’ve been close to women who tried so hard to work out a really bad marriage that when they left, they were too exhausted to cope. Maybe we need to effect this national divorce before we wear ourselves out.

      • taw46 says:

        It’s as if you are describing my sister and her husband. They had the same reaction, they watch MSNBC. Luckily they did not voice any of that crap to my face, I could just hear them from the other room. We haven’t discussed the election in many months.

        • lateblum says:

          Yes. My sister and her husband as well. But they don’t watch tv. They read NYT and WaPo. They condemned my interest in HCQ last spring when my dtr had C19, calling me a “Trump apologist” and telling dd#1 they thought I might have had a stroke or something that affected my ability to critically think. I haven’t spoken with my bil since then.
          Years ago, my sister called me a racist when I preferred HRC to BHO. The NYT editorial page was on the table next to her.
          These are the same people who, when I objected to people in their VT town smashing paper maché Trump figure with boards, baseball bats and hammers, wanted to know what was wrong with me. (This happened in a town street fair on Memorial Day weekend in 2017)

    • taw46 says:

      Anthony, this is the comment I tried to make to you on FB, but the commies wouldn’t let me post it:

      Here is one of the videos, they run it in slow motion at the end. They were outside the Senate chambers according to a guy that was there talking to her. Someone broke the windows on the door and she was climbing through. She was shot by someone on the other side of the door. There was a crowd of people with her, why would law enforcement take that dangerous shot which could hit someone else? Desks and chairs were piled up against the door on that other side, it seems to me they could have just pulled her down from there. But maybe they were worried about others crawling through. Supposedly they were guarding the Senators in the chamber.

      • lateblum says:

        I’m listening to Stuart Varney and he just announced that the Capitol policeman who shot Ashli Babbitt has been removed from duty and his privileges have been suspended while he is under investigation for this shooting.

  12. swanspirit says:

    Fuckerberg just announced that the President of the United States, is banned until the next president takes office. Facebook must come down.

    • taw46 says:

      Oh fuck, now I need to think seriously about leaving FB. I only use it to keep in touch with mostly family, but also friends. I hate to give up that way of staying in touch, but I also hate what feels like support of that asshole Fuckerberg.

      • lyn5 says:

        I may close my main account and use my alternative one for TCHers, family and close friends.

        • elliesmom says:

          I may not care enough about most of my FB friends to worry about it in a week or two.

          • lyn5 says:

            I dumped watching TV and news in the mid-2000s. I may do that with social media. I’m glad I left Twitter a few years ago. I have a lot of unread books to read.

        • taw46 says:

          My account is not open to the public. I guess if I stay on, I will unfriend some people who did nothing but trash Trump for 4 years. Their comments weren’t on my FB page, so I just scrolled on by. But I don’t even want to see them, if only briefly.

          I really do want to drop FB all together, it’s only my family that keeps me on.

      • jadzia1971 says:

        The ONLY reason I keep it is because there is basically no other way to contact the small businesses in my area. They are all too cheap and/or incompetent to have real websites, so everything goes through Facebook. I hate it. But I would hate losing my access to pretty much every business I patronize even more. I have already unfollowed all of my “friends” except the TCHers, one or two old friends who aren’t fucking obnoxious, and my boyfriend (who only uses his FB to keep track of me).

    • taw46 says:

      I watched that earlier. Glad they are getting the hell out of DC. Can’t believe that mayor has extended the curfew for 15 days. To protect Biden’s inauguration, of course. I thought they cancelled the outside event?

  13. jadzia1971 says:

    So apparently we have been bad little subjects and the government is about to announce that our 8pm curfew is now 6pm. And the “state of emergency” will last until next June. WAKE THE FUCK UP, FRANCE.

  14. swanspirit says:

    And I am in Facebook jail for 3 days.

  15. lyn5 says:

    • taw46 says:

      They only care now because it scared Congress. Mustn’t have that. Can’t have the peasants in “their” house. They hate us, so they don’t care what happens to us at our homes or businesses.

  16. lyn5 says:

    John Hayward:
    Political violence is always wrong and should never be tolerated from anyone. Once “protesters” threaten lives and property, their grievances and ideology should become absolutely irrelevant to the situation. That is, obviously, not the country we live in.

    ·Long ago, we had an attitude of zero tolerance for terrorism, “we do not negotiate with terrorists,” etc. One reason for this was the implicit understanding that negotiating with terrorism legitimizes it. Violence becomes an instrument of politics.

    ·Some of us warned all last year that treating violence as acceptable, even laudable, from SOME people would mainstream it and touch off an arms race. Everyone would start getting the idea that only groups with a demonstrated capacity for violence are taken seriously.

    ·When violence becomes acceptable from one party and its clients, one ideology, it becomes an instrument of authoritarianism. That’s why authoritarian regimes frequently have violent vigilante groups roaming the streets in addition to their vast security and military forces.

    ·Iran, for example, has all sorts of heavily armed police and security forces, working for both its secular and theocratic governments, but it ALSO has ultra-violent “vigilante” groups indulged by the State whose “grievances” supposedly justify vandalism and murder.

    Either political violence is rejected in total – from everyone, for any reason, no matter who they are or what they believe – or it isn’t. Once the tolerance level is no longer zero, we become locked in a vicious and endless struggle to control exactly what the level should be.

    This is similar to the detestable way modern society handles racism. The tolerance level should be zero, but it isn’t. Racism, prejudice, and discrimination are acceptable from SOME people toward SOME people. “Anti-racism” is an instrument of totalitarian power, not a principle.

    ·Of course the particulars of protecting vital government facilities are different, but in principle the law-abiding residents and shop owners of Kenosha should have the same expectation of protection from political violence as politicians in D.C. But they don’t, do they?
    Every time a left-wing group gets violent, we’re immediately told the protest was Mostly Peaceful, and the people who assembled peaceably – and their political leaders, no matter how incendiary their rhetoric – are 0% responsible for any injury or destruction that occurred.

    ·We’re told it’s really all OUR fault for not listening to the grievances of the “protesters” who turned violent, even as we watch video of them merrily looting retail stores. We forced them to steal those TV sets by not yielding to their political demands!

    ·Irresponsible political leaders who fanned the flames of left-wing violence and help the perpetrators escape accountability for their actions are never held to account, never told they must resign, rarely even advised to tone down their rhetoric.

    ·And many – most – of the left-wing riots and killings of recent memory were based on falsehoods and misinformation. Outright lies were blasted by left-wing politicians and media without consequence, entirely BECAUSE they wanted to whip people into a frenzy.

    ·And we were told all of that was fine, acceptable, even praiseworthy because their violence brought CHANGE and their lies illuminated DEEPER TRUTH. Okay, sure, we got everything about Mike Brown or Trayvon Martin’s deaths wrong, but there were legit grievances to be addressed!

    We have to stop doing that. We have to insist that every quarter of our political spectrum renounce violence, and the willful incitement to violence, completely and absolutely. No more cutesy-poo nudge-nudge wink-wink when lefties burn and pillage. No more double standards.

    No more celebration of Noble Lies that illuminate Deeper Truth by the light of burning homes and businesses that were destroyed by mobs with Legitimate Grievances. No more indulgences for those who wantonly break the laws of the System That Failed Them.

    That is a principle, and we should all be able to agree on it, no matter what else we disagree on. Absolute zero tolerance for political violence is a message that can save lives and prevent destruction if we all say it together and demand our government acts accordingly.

    But if we decide the tolerance level for political violence will not be 0.0, then all that remains is for our armies to meet in the streets. Violence is too powerful, too USEFUL, and too profitable to be ignored when it is indulged. /end

    • lateblum says:

      This is what masks, isolation, distancing, closed schools are meant to achieve. Control of the masses. No one is educated enough to be a thinking person. People are only smart enough to do what they’re told.

  17. Dora says:

    The plot may have been global!


    General of Italy was the main player in the election fraud! Obama involved!

    Global defense contractor IT expert testifies in Italian court he and others switched votes in the U.S. presidential race

    Rome, Italy (January 5, 2021) – An employee of the 8th largest global defense contractor, Leonardo SpA, provided a shocking deposition detailing his role in the most elaborate criminal act affecting a US election. Corroborating the DNI Ratcliff’s report of international intrusion, Arturo D’elio outlined the scheme that proved successful in using Leonardo computer systems and military satellites located in Pescara, Italy. Recent reports of a hack at Leonardo now appear to have been an orchestrated cover to mitigate blowback on the corporation which is partially owned by the Italian government.

    • Dora says:

      Archbishop Vigano knows what’s going on.


  18. taw46 says:

    Well, this shouldn’t surprise any of us.

  19. jadzia1971 says:

    So restaurants, bars, sports, almost everything will continue to be closed ‘at least until the end of the month,” and we all know how that will turn out. 6pm punishment is being reserved for our friends in the eastern part of the country, and I feel bad for them.

  20. taw46 says:

  21. taw46 says:

    Geez, this video.

  22. votermom says:

    klown has new post

  23. swanspirit says:

    Karl Rove just blamed the President for losing the elections in Georgia.

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