Acquittal 2.0 will follow Impeachment 2.0

Sometime later today, probably, the Senate will vote on the single count of Incitement made up by House Democrats. When the smoke clears Mitt Romney may not be the only lame dork GOP Senator, but the outcome of Impeachment 2.0 will be the same as the result last year – an acquittal.

Democrats will scream and loose their shit, claiming that every Republican Senator who did not vote to convict is guilty of insurrection. Antifas will run amok and that will be the GOP’s fault. Jim Acosta will tearfully watch thru a telephoto lens outside Mara Lago as Donald Trump plays golf and will mutter “I just can’t quit you.”

Meanwhile, the evidence is becoming clearer every day that the only person “killed” in the MAGA Insurrection was that poor unarmed woman who was shot by a cop.

The video below shows Democrats inciting insurrection in Brooklyn.

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  1. helenk3 says:

    watch this and check out the sale dates. who was president?

  2. taw46 says:

    It’s good to be periodically reminded of this.

  3. elliesmom says:

    I haven’t been watching the “impeachment” this week. I’ve even skipped Tucker. I’ve only seen the “fight” clip. It’s not that I’ve been too busy. Other than repeatedly clearing the snow off my porch and steps and walking dogs, I’ve been knitting and exploring Acorn TV.

    I’m a great believer in Occam’s Razor. What makes sense to me is this whole thing is a giant squirrel. The trial has given the Democrats an excuse to keep a military presence in DC. Delaying the hearings until after Biden took office is distracting people from all of the damage Biden is causing with his executive orders. None of the Trump supporters I’ve seen or heard from are at all deterred in their support for Trump. The folks with TDS still have TDS. The needle on the political divide meter hasn’t budged. When Trump is acquitted, if there’s violence, it will come from the left. I know that will disappoint some people when the MAGAs don’t burn something down.

    After the acquittal folks on the left are going to awaken to see what Biden has wrought. They are going to see a capital under seige by their own people. Prescription drug prices skyrocketing. Prices at the gas pumps moving up. When they get their heating bill, they’re going to have sticker shock. And it’s cold places in this country that aren’t usually all that cold. They’re going to see a lot more people in the unemployment lines. Biden’s promise to fully open schools broken. The “plan” to handle the pandemic better than Trump disclosed as a pipe dream. Dr. F. Mengele changing his story more often than I change my socks, and I step in a puddle of melted snow several times a day. Folks who vowed never to take “Trump’s vaccine” totally distraught because they can’t get an appointment for the shots. China, Iran, and North Korea celebrating, and our allies scratching their heads. The sheep will still hate Trump, but for some people the buyer’s remorse has to hit, or we’re lost.

    There really isn’t any reason for the Democrats to hold an impeachment now unless it’s a way to hold a hate session to distract people from other things they’re doing. While I don’t doubt there’s an element of revenge thrown in, I think there is an underlying plan. How many EOs are we up to?

    • Somebody says:

      I haven’t watched it either until I arrived in my hospital room. I’m being punished for something I did in a past life🤣 The TV in my room only has CNN. The remote attached to my bed doesn’t work. I can’t turn CNN off🤪 Thankfully there is no sound only closed caption, but sometimes I can’t avert my eyes.

      I’m basically strapped to the bed with compression boots, IV and catheter. Strapped to the bed and forced to watch CNN🤯 Hubby tried to fix it, no luck. The nurses tried, nope. Maintenance tried, nope. The plug is in the ceiling, hubby could reach it if he had a chair but the only chair is a rocking chair.

      • lyn5 says:

        Can anyone cover the TV screen?

        • swanspirit says:

          That’s A good idea. Get someone to throw a blanket or a sheet over it.

        • Somebody says:

          That’s a good idea, I bet hubby could launch a towel up there. Although I think I’m going home soon😁

          I had a check list of things and I have accomplished them. Surgeon said this morning depending on my labs and me accomplishing x,y, and z, I could go home.

          There is a wee bit of a wrinkle in that my surgeon’s wife is in labor. They arrived at the hospital last night at 8pm he said. She’s a few weeks early. She was still in labor this morning when he came by my room at 8am. When I found that out, I said go back to your wife NOW! He asked if it would be OK for his colleague to discharge me if I met the criteria. Of course I agreed, but his colleague has been called to do a c-section which I have to wonder if it’s for my surgeon’s wife. I hope everything is OK, this is their first baby both of them are surgeon’s.

          He was so nice this morning, he told me paternity leave or not he was coming in to do my recheck. He said he’d call me mid-week and we’d figure out a time. He wants to sort of slide in, see me for my recheck and slide on out the door. I was so touched that he wanted to do that I told him to pick the date and time that works the best for him.

          Anyway, I’m in a holding pattern for now but as far as I know I’m going home soon.

      • elliesmom says:

        That’s not fair. 😦

      • taw46 says:

        Throw a bedpan through the screen.

        I have been watching all morning, it was exciting what with the screw up about voting to allow witnesses, then the Dems walking it back. I really like Attorney van der Veen. They are doing closing arguments now, so looks like we will get a vote today.

        Hope you feel better soon!

        • lyn5 says:

          So witnesses aren’t being allowed? LOL.

          • taw46 says:

            The Senate had agreed to no witnesses. Then this morning Raskin wanted to call Rep Herrera Beutler about a conversation between McCarthy and Trump on 1/6 (hearsay). They voted 55-45 to do so, but then there was confusion as to whether they voted for one witness or multiple witnesses. They took a break and came back and agreed to no witnesses. Because van der Veen said he would call Pelosi and Bowser, and up to 100 people. They would have been tied up for months with this. It was great. So, we should have a vote today, they are doing closing arguments now.

          • Dr. Myiq2xu says:

            I almost included a line in my post about the possibility that the Democrats would come up with some last-minute witnesses, then I forgot to put it in.

  4. Angie says:

    McConnell realizes–too late — he read the political winds wrong.

    He wanted to get rid of Trump & convict him to get rid of him for good. He would have been better off not certifying the fraudulent election. Now he’s done as leader. I bet he doesn’t last his entire term.

    • elliesmom says:

      A lot of people have made the mistake of believing Trump’s supporters are part of a cult of personality, but we’re not. We are a movement, and Trump stepped up to be a leader. A lot of the people are the same people who formed the TEA Party. That group failed to find a strong leader. While they made some progress, they were thwarted by not having the right person at the helm. Now they know what it takes, and with or without Trump, they aren’t going away or to be silenced. McConnell is a GOP dinosaur. He served his purpose, but now it’s the age of the mammal. His extinction is one meteor away.

      • helenk3 says:

        amen. Trump gave us a megaphone for our voices and we will never give it up. We were fooled once by hillary and learned a good lesson.

      • Somebody says:

        Exactly it’s the policies stupid. I like Trump, his brashness doesn’t bother me in fact without it he wouldn’t have accomplished as much. However, it’s the policies that mean more to me. American first, shocking that concept is so difficult for so many of our elected officials.

      • lyn5 says:

        All of the above.

      • swanspirit says:

        And Nikki Hayley is about to be run over by the bus she tried to throw President Trump under.
        Nikki Haley Distances from Trump after Capitol Riot, Says GOP ‘Shouldn’t Have Followed Him’
        Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley distanced herself from former President Trump in comments to Politico on January 12, less than a week after pro-Trump rioters breached the Capitol and forced lawmakers to evacuate.

        Haley, who served as ambassador to the U.N. during the Trump administration, is reportedly eyeing a potential run for the presidency in 2024, and has already launched a PAC to support Republicans in the 2022 midterms.
        In the January 12 interview, which was published on Friday, the former governor expressed disappointment with Trump and especially his treatment of vice president Mike Pence.

        Trump excoriated Pence in a speech to supporters before the mob breached the Capitol. Footage from the incident revealed on Wednesday showed pro-Trump rioters shouting “Hang Mike Pence!” while making their way through the building.

        “When I tell you I’m angry, it’s an understatement,” Haley told Politico. “Mike has been nothing but loyal to that man….I am so disappointed in the fact that [despite] the loyalty and friendship he had with Mike Pence, that he would do that to him. Like, I’m disgusted by it.”

        BYE FELICIA.

      • Dr. Myiq2xu says:

        During the Lois Lerner/IRS hearings it came out that the pressure on the IRS to reject or slow-walk approval of tax-exempt status for Tea Party groups wasn’t only coming from Democrats.

        The GOPe set out to destroy the Tea Party. They had more to do with the failure of the TP movement than the Democrats did.

        • elliesmom says:

          The Democrafts and Republicans in DC share common goals- to amass power and personal wealth. No matter how much integrity a person has when he or she arrives, after a few years it doesn’t matter. It’s just one more person dwelling in the swamp. I have a personal friend who started out in town government and eventually became a state senator. When I asked her how the experience had changed her, she admitted the meaning of “compromise” in politics is different. It’s not how much you’re willing to negotiate. It’s how much of your integrity you can live without.

  5. DandyTIger says:

    Best part of acquittal/impeachment 2.0, more liberal tears to drink. Feels good.

  6. Angie says:

    Lol DC 🤡 show.

  7. lyn5 says:

  8. lyn5 says:

  9. lyn5 says:

  10. Dr. Myiq2xu says:

    Those who follow the Q Anon stuff are familiar with allegations that there is a ring of pedophiles firmly entrenched at the highest levels of politics and public office. Recently the Democrats were mocking the Q Anons.

    Now a prominent Never-Trumper is exposed as a pedophile and it turns out that his short-eyes problem was no secret.


    • elliesmom says:

      It’s been known for years that folks in the entertainment industry have a huge problem with pedophilia. It’s not much of a stretch to believe the same is true in politics. There’s an out in the open movement to normalize the behavior. QAnon just gave politicians a way to call recognizing it a wild, baseless conspiracy theory. Since “Pizzagate’, I’ve wondered if the rush to discredit QAnon was more about that than about Trump.

  11. lateblum says:

    Notice: the vote is taking place at this moment.

  12. Angie says:

  13. Anthony says:

    Final tally:
    Guilty 57
    Not guilty 43

    Trump not guilty
    Fuck them all

  14. Anthony says:

    Mitch McConnell putting knives in Trump’s back. What a cunt (sorry for anyone who was offended by that, but there is no other word that is equally appropriate)

  15. helenk3 says:

    listening to mcconnell now

    he can go screw himself.

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