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  1. Dora says:

  2. Anthony says:

    NYC’s mayoral primary results (before they cheat with the mail in count): Adams (D) and Sliwa (R) leading by enormous margins in their respective contests. There might be hope after all.

    • Mothy67 says:

      National msm is crowning the dim winner as the next mayor. Fox is particularly convinced. Sliwa gets gets almost no attention. Dinkens begat Giuliani. Why the rush to anoint a leftie. Read the dims outnumber rethugs 8 to1. Has there been an extreme movement to the far left amongst everyday people. Little mike won thrice. Schools are failing worse than I recall, crime is rampant. Know one knows as of yet how tourism will bounce back without law and order.
      Does Sliwa have a shot in your view?

      • DeniseVB says:

        Well, I certainly won’t bounce back until the NYC govt cherishes the money spending tourists over the loser looting BLMers. We need to at least have a fighting chance to make it alive from a hotel to a diner. 😀

        • Mothy67 says:

          I worked on Restaurant Row ( West 46th between 8th and 9th) in the early 90’s. The Guardian Angels were a godsend. Incredible boon to the Times Square area. I know they started long before that but things had gotten dire under Dinkens.It was Midnight Cowboy when I moved there and Disney by the time I moved upstate Manhattan. Those guys ( predominantly) helped make it safer to walk to a show or a bar post theater. You could see those berets a block away. Each night various restaurants packed up dinners to feed them. To my knowledge they still do. Everyone took turns. I was responsible for Sunday night. Fed very well the businesses love them. What’s to hate. Gee ya can’t rob people on the street. How oppressive.

    • DeniseVB says:

      ❤ Thanks for the hope. What I always liked about Sliwa, he does love his city and the people 🙂

      • Anthony says:

        I’m hopeful too. What concerns me is the people who would be most likely to vote for a safer city have moved out. Business owners have gone belly up and U-Hauled out of here, and anyone with any substantial resources has moved to Florida or Texas to avoid taxes.

        • 1539days says:

          New York is basically treating it like it’s by design. The state government is all run by Democrats, which is driving away Republicans / working people. NY is also losing House seats and electoral votes again. The good news would be if downstate depopulated enough that upstate had a say in government, but people are even leaving this area because of the BS from Albany.

    • Dora says:

      I am optimistic!

  3. Dora says:


  4. Dora says:

    • elliesmom says:

      Many species have come and gone since life arose on this planet many leaving little or no trace behind. Sometimes they went extinct through natural changes in their habitat. Sometimes stronger predators killed them off. Occasionally humans have been at fault. To the best of my knowledge, no extinctions have occurred through actions of the species itself. Humans may be the first to kill off their own species.

      • 1539days says:

        Some species may have died do to “poor design.” Humans may end up in that category.

      • swanspirit says:

        And it won’t be from climate change

      • Constance says:

        It’s for the most part Libs getting the abortions. Call me heartless but I think it is good that they don’t reproduce.

        • elliesmom says:

          I don’t see humans aborting so many babies we become extinct. I do see a scenario where we create something in a lab that wipes us out. Or two countries start a nuclear war, and the result makes the planet nihabitable.. Or some idiot comes up with a plan to reduce sunlight to stop “global warming”. and we end up with not enough sunlight to grow our food.

        • Locked-N-Loaded says:

          Also, the large majority of the thousands of people being killed in blue cities are libs/democrats. They are killing off themselves!!

  5. elliesmom says:

    This is an interesting article. It’s written by a retired professor from Boston University so I expected something quite different than what it turned out to be.

  6. Dora says:

  7. Mothy67 says:

    Clueless asswipes. Journalists that can’t be bothered to do a 30 second search before issuing anti Trump garbage get spanked on air.

    • lateblum says:

      If those two “hosts” are typical of “The Hill”, I can understand why people don’t listen to The Hill as they once did. They seem to be poster children for millennials who spout off things they feel rather than what is factual. Facts so often get in the way of feelings.

  8. Angie says:

    • lyn5 says:

      ❤ !

    • elliesmom says:

      If we’re going to impeach both Biden and Harris, first we have to take back the congress. We can’t have Pelosi become POTUS. She’s just as guilty as they are.

      • Somebody says:

        Even if the Republicans take the house and impeach, no way there is 2/3 of the senate to remove.

    • Constance says:

      Meanwhile AZ should be able to dump Democrat Sen Mark Kelly and reinstate Republican Martha McSally. That blocks all Democrat progress in the Congress. I also believe the military would take over for awhile until real safe elections could be held.

  9. elliesmom says:

    When I was in college I worked 15 hours a week for the ROTC. One of my responsibilities included making sure the cadets got their appropriate paychecks every month. Regular sign-ups got nothing the first two years except for college credit for the two years of military science classes. At the beginning of their junior year, they signed their enlistment contracts that were for 4 years of active duty Army service and 2 years in the reserve. Then they began receiving a monthly stipend. The summer between their junior and senior years they went off to officers’ boot camp. Commissioning happened at graduation, and by July 1st, they were all off to their first duty station.

    ROTC scholarship students got full tuition, room and board, all of their books and supplies, and a monthly stipend from the first day of college. If you can’t get an appointment to one of the military academies, an ROTC scholarship is just as good a financial deal. The commitment to serve was 6 years of active service.

    I adored the officers’ cadre I worked with. They were some of the most honorable men I’ve ever met. During my stint working with them, a dilemma came up. One of the scholarship students was offered a really good opportunity to go to a prestigious university for graduate school that came with a good financial aid package. The cadet wanted out of his enlistment contract. The Secretary of the Army countered with a proposal that the Army would match the financial aid package and make graduate school the cadet’s firat duty assignment if the cadet extended his commitment to the Army one year for every year he spent in graduate school. IOW, on completion of his graduate degree, he would still owe the Army 6 years. The cadet didn’t like that offer and applied for conscientious objector status.

    The officers i worked for had many discussions about whether this was a young man they’d like to be on the battlefied with. They had all served at least one tour in Vietnam. To a man they wanted him gone from the Army, but how to make him accountable for the money the government had spent on his education was their dilemma. In today’s market, it would have been in excess of $300,000.

    This is on my mind because right now there’s a cadet graduating from West Point who wants to delay his military service because he’s been drafted by Tampa Bay, and he wants to play football. If he’s the next Tom Brady, he could be in his 40s before he reports for duty. While a stint in graduate school might make a person more valuable to the military, a couple of years on the football field could make a person useless. Why choose West Point if your goal is to play football as a career? if he’s that good, any number of colleges and universities would have given him a free ride. The Secretary of the Army has said no. He needs to report for duty. There’s speculation Biden might override the decision and let the guy go play football. What I’m hearing in my head are the voices of the officers I worked for, two of them West Point grads, saying he’s just not the “right stuff”. Wash him out. But now, as I did back then, I think both young men should be required to honor their commitment.

    The court case for the kid back in the 70s was dropped by the Army, and they let the schmuck off the hook scott-free. By then ROTC was becoming too unpopular on college campuses. The Army didn’t want the publicity. The young man disappeared into obscurity.

    • swanspirit says:

      I agree with you. Many young people gave their lives before they had a chance to get their paid for education. They signed up, they should serve.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Remember Roger Staubach ? Star quarterback at the Naval Academy, went to Vietnam, then finished his military obligation, then went to the Dallas Cowboys and did okay. 🙂

  10. lyn5 says:

  11. Somebody says:

    So I am almost done, 1 more treatment 😁. I’m a little bummed, but I’ll get over it. The proton center has big chimes hanging in the lobby that patients ring when their treatment is done, you get a tee shirt with their logo too🤣.

    The chimes have been cordoned off due to covid, but I’ve been hatching a plan to ring those suckers anyway. I selected a purse with a long and expandable shoulder strap. Practiced at home on my punching bag figuring out the right weight for the purse and perfecting my swing. Last week they opened up the chimes again, so no problem ringing them, but not as much fun since I won’t be a rule breaker🤣🤣🤣 Yesterday at chemo they have a bell, but they hid it from me because they thought I’d prefer the challenge🤣

    In other news, I can tell I’m at the end of the road. My CA sister has super supportive, surprisingly supportive. Every week or sometimes twice a week she sends me a little gift or flowers or what have you. She sends me cards weekly. She calls me several times a week. She texts me more frequently cheering me on. She and my oldest sister are very close, I was always the annoying, tag along little sister.🤣 You all know she’s a prog with severe TDS. Normally when I talk to her she argues politics, but through treatment she’s not broached politics once.

    That changed last night🙄 She was on the war path about vaccines and masks, covid in general🙄 My brother had covid and recovered he has no plans to be vaccinated, she is bothered by this. Her step daughter had covid and recovered too, in fact her husband died from covid. Step daughter sees no need to be vaccinated. Step daughter has been cut off, she’s not allowed around them because she’s dangerous not being vaccinated🙄

    Apparently my brother and niece expressed to her, “my body, my choice” and said you of all people should understand that.🤭🤭 Why how dare they, apples and oranges. My body, my choice is about abortion, doesn’t apply to vaccine. The new Delta variant is going to kill us all and only the vaccine can save us🙄 People that had covid don’t have immunity, only the vaccine can save us…..the vaccine St. Fauci and Joe Biden🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 The my body my choice doesn’t apply because by refusing to get the vaccine you endanger other people’s lives. An abortion doesn’t endanger anyone’s life.😷😷 AYFKM🤬🤬

    So things are back to normal between sis and I🤣

    • swanspirit says:

      Can you video tape ringing those chimes? That would be fun. I am so glad you ate almost done and even ” getting back to normal” Big healing hugs! ❤

      • jeffhas says:

        Can you videotape your sisters rant? I’m always in for a progger meltdown… the total disconnect from real life is comforting to me that my life is full and not that sh*tty after all.

    • foxyladi14 says:

      Somebody thanks, what a great report! Sending Prayers and love. ❤

    • lateblum says:

      She is the barometer of the gravity of your illness. At least, in your family. Her relief to see you as “recovered” is palpable.
      I just finished watching this Steve Deace interview with Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist who has studied over 100,000 cases of C19-related vaccine cases. You’ve probably already seen it and determined what to keep and what to throw away.
      Before I post the link, I want to say how happy I am for you. My heart is as full of hope for you as my eyes are with tears of relief. ❤️

      • elliesmom says:

        That’s an interesting interview. There’s nothing we can do about all of the people who have already been vaccinated. I’m especially concerned about all of the young women who may have sacrificed their ability to have children at the altar of fear. I hope we get to backing off from vaccinating even younger children before we do more harm.

        • SHV says:

          “CDC safety group says there’s a likely link between rare heart inflammation in young people after Covid shot”

          They blowoff the risk by saying there were 12.6 heart inflammation cases per million doses….by implication a very small risk. However, this is dishonest because they don’t calculate the risk based on the number of second doses in the under 30 age group.

          On the other hand, myocarditis was reported early in the COVID saga, especially in younger age group and there is also a “background” incidence of viral myocarditis from other viruses, esp. Coxsackie B virus family.

          IMO, bottom line, if CDC has a study group and is down playing the risk using dishonest risk calculations; they are worried.

    • 1539days says:

      I feel sympathy toward anyone who lost someone due to COVID. The reality is that if someone had COVID and recovered, they have natural immunity. The vaccine doesn’t create natural immunity. It creates something that makes the body react like the virus is there. There’s way more risk in getting the vaccine as a “booster” than the risk of getting COVID twice when you had it a few months ago.

      • Somebody says:

        My niece is now a single mother of a 3 year old. She feels she has natural immunity and has no desire to take an experimental vaccine. My brother has two young sons and feels similarly. I don’t blame either of them.

        My sister and BIL have both been vaccinated. If the vaccine is so damn effective what do they care if someone chooses not to be vaccinated. They have shunned my niece and her child at a time when they both need extra love and support.

        Apparently Fauci is talking about needing another lock down due to the delta variant. What utter bullshit. Fauci needs to go.

      • lateblum says:

        My youngest had it twice. I’m sad that she elected to have the Pfizer shots. But it’s her life. She has diabetes and is insulin dependent. Yesterday, one of the clinical staff suggested her insulin is no longer effective. She meets with her MD tomorrow. I wonder if the vaccine might be affecting the insulin. I worry about these things.

    • votermom says:

      Yay! Almost there!!!

  12. Dora says:

    I think Florida is going to get even more crowded.

  13. elliesmom says:

    This is a young man with a bright future.

  14. DeniseVB says:

    Here’s more info on the USS Ford’s shock trials. Glad to see they do consider the marine mammals in the area, but that’s as detailed as that got 😀

  15. Dora says:

    LEAKED CABLE: Hillary Clinton Privately Warned France that Wuhan P4 Lab May Lead to Bioweapon Research

  16. Mothy67 says:

    Supreme Court ruled in favor PA cheerleader who posted comments on snapchat and was suspended (8-1)

    • DeniseVB says:

      Sounds like something that could have been settled on the local or state level. I’m surprised The Supremes took this case on.

  17. Dora says:

    Antivirus software pioneer John McAfee dead after hanging himself in jail

  18. Dora says:

    Give me a break!

  19. lyn5 says:

  20. Anthony says:

    Looks like the Karens won the battle of the Museum of Natural History. The statue of Roosevelt will be removed because…

    “But at Monday’s meeting, a museum official stated that the various heights of the figures “[appear] to depict the superiority of the white race,” and its position at the entrance conveys “endorsement of this content and perceived content, undermining the museum’s mission.”

    Of course he’s taller. He’s on a fucking horse…

  21. lyn5 says:


  22. Mothy67 says:

    Rose McGowen got in contact with Tammy Bruce to see if she could appear on Tucker tonight less than an hour before the show. He says she’s coming up soon.

    • lyn5 says:

      What is Rose going to talk about?

      • Mothy67 says:

        She spoke about Brittany Spears and her conservatorship. I’d get it at first why she’d call into Tucker about a starlet. She framed it well for Tucker audience. Liberty and how our rights can be trampled on. I knew very little about the case. Seems since the age of 25 when she shaved her head her dad has been in charge of her affairs. She is 39 and according to McGowan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Medicated. Somehow she was able to perform 2 shows a day for 5 years in Vegas while having a debilitating illness. MG’s point was that the court can do what they want and she see’s it as relating to things Tucker is concerned about. I found it interesting. Sad, but interesting.

        • lyn5 says:


          • Mothy67 says:

            Worth watching when it’s available. Her decisions are all made for her. She has made hundreds of millions and has no control. Her dad subjected her to Hollywood way back on The New Mickey Mouse club when she was 12.

  23. Angie says:

    Holy fucking shit

  24. Dora says:

  25. Dora says:

    If you’re in the area. 🙂

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