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  1. DeniseVB says:

    Good grief…

  2. Dora says:

    Good Morning. My update is a little more encouraging today.

    His sister Lorell and I went to visit Tom at the hospital yesterday. It was wonderful to see him again.

    Since it’s been the topic of conversation lately I’ll mention that the first thing Tom told us was that he had a bowel movement. A big one! He was much relieved!

    Then he told us that the therapist had walked him up and down the hall that morning. He didn’t feel as much pain as he thought he would, but he did have to rest in his chair following the walk, It was a big chair too, He sat there like a king, while the nurses came in and out to check him.

    Lorell and I remained with him for 5 hours. I was still sad when we had to leave.

    The therapist thinks Tom is ready to move to rehab. He and the nurse decided on the one in Rockville Center. If all goes well he will be leaving the hospital for rehab at 10 o;clock this morning.

    He will call when he gets there and let us know if we can visit him. I hope so.

    So things are looking more positive today. I thank you all again for your prayers.

    BTW isn’t this a great blog? Where else could a woman go to talk about her hubby’s bowl movements? 🙂

    • Anthony says:

      So happy to hear this news. Will continue sending prayers, good energy, everything. Let’s hope his recovery is swift and as painless as possible.

    • elliesmom says:

      Elliesdad had a list of things about his medical issues I wasn’t allowed to share with other people. His bowels weren’t on the list. I’m glad you got to visit. Outside of covid restrictions, rehab facilities usually have fewer visting restrictions than hospitals do. At first they asked me to not come during his scheduled therapy times, but when they saw ED was more likely to try to do more with me there, they opened the doors for me to come anytime I wanted. When my mom was in rehab, she was refusing to eat so they let me bring her things she found too tempting to refuse and even brought in a small table and chairs to her room so she and I could have a meal together. I hope Tom is in a place that understands what will encourage him to get better, too. ❤

    • Somebody says:

      Glad to hear he’s doing better. I hope rehab helps him to have a speedy recovery.

    • Miranda says:

      After you’re around sick people enough, you get relaxed about bodily functions. Glad Tom is doing better on all, ah, fronts 😉 Got to be regular to be happy.

    • votermom says:


    • DeniseVB says:

      Rehab is good news, so much intensified therapy and will help with pain management. Just make sure Tom does everything his PT’s and the doctors/nurses tell him to do. Hopefully, they’ll extend it to in-Home care, then outpatient therapy to continue the recovery process.

      My hubs has knee replacement surgery 2 weeks ago and he refused inpatient rehab because he “wants to be in control”. He did okay with in-Home rehab and about ready to graduate from walker to cane. He’s been on oxycodone (?) and lots of colace, miralax, metamucil, lol. Gotta keep those trains running on time or there’s hell to pay 😀

    • foxyladi14 says:

      Dora thank you for the update. ❤

    • Helen Kenney says:

      Glad to hear he is doing better.prayers still on going

    • lateblum says:

      Dora, thank you so much for Tom’s update. I’m relieved to hear he’s relieved. I hope his rehab goes well. I know I was greatly helped by all the therapies I received in rehab following my back surgery a few years ago.
      Be kind to yourself while you are also attending to Tom.
      Prayers continue 💕

    • lyn5 says:

      Great news!

    • Myiq2xu says:

      I never thought I would see the day that I was responsible for keeping track of Mom’s bowel movements (or the lack thereof) and other bodily functions.

    • 1539days says:

      I sympathize with the satisfaction of a proper bowel movement.
      Glad Tom is doing better.

  3. Miranda says:

    On this day in 1989, I the most radiant of brides in a Laura Ashley wedding dress (complete with crinoline) and flowers in my semi-mulleted hair. 🙂 And I about passed out because it was hotter than hell, and the church only had window air conditioners. I spent the time before the ceremony with my face as close to the ac as I could get it so my makeup didn’t run off.

  4. Miranda says:

    Much better picture today! The watermelon isn’t scary at all 🙂

  5. Somebody says:

    Paging EM and anyone else with advice.

    My eldest granddaughter starts middle school the 10th of August. My sister called and suggested that she felt I needed to take E out for a special shopping trip for new clothes and a trip to Ulta for some makeup, etc. This is CA sis and she regrets canceling her trip because she’d gladly take E shopping, etc. She asks if E is shaving yet, to which I reply I didn’t think so. Sis says she has to shave she’ll be ridiculed in the locker room, middle school is hell.

    So I call my son and discuss having granddaughter come over tonight and spend the weekend with me for a little girl time and shopping. My son says, oh good can you talk to her about deodorant? You can smell her throughout the house and anytime I say something she gets an attitude. Also mom she needs a bra, she’s developing not a lot but enough that I think she needs a bra. When we were at the store a few weeks ago I told her to pick out a bra and she had a complete meltdown, so I was like whatever, I don’t need this shit. So mom could you explain bras and all that stuff. Especially the deodorant she stinks, she’ll be shunned for that alone.

    I’ve been preoccupied with my surgeries, cancer and treatments. The girls haven’t been here since March 2020, they’ve visited but I haven’t been part of their day to day life. Just before the lockdown I talked to E about puberty. When I picked her up from the Valentine dance she asked me what a period was, seems one of her friends had gotten her first period at the dance. The girls were in the bathroom freaking out and E found their teacher and brought her to the bathroom to help her friend. The teacher said it’s a period, perfectly normal. So E asked me and I explained that and other changes. In fact I took E to the store the next day and got her several purses and some teen pads with a little zipper pouch to go in her purse and showed her how to use the pads.

    I don’t know if she remembers that talk, but breasts and bras were a part of it. I didn’t talk about deodorant.

    So, it seems I have to do a crash course here. Any advice is appreciated. I’m not completely healed, but almost and I don’t have the luxury of waiting. E is an absolutely gorgeous girl, like model gorgeous, but she’s very insecure.

    • votermom says:

      Maybe try Aerie for bras, completely overpriced (check the sale rack) but geared toward the teen market with cute designs (check out their website first)

      • Somebody says:

        Oh thank you, I don’t even know the “in” stores for teens and tweens. We have Aerie, in fact there is one at the place I was planning on taking her.

        • elliesmom says:

          Unless she has really developed breasts, I’d suggest a sports bra to start. It will give her a little bit of control and be very comfortable to wear. The thing about middle school is how developed the girls are will vary widely. If she’s among the first to need a bra, the sports bra won’t single her out as much. In the first year of middle school, you’re weird if you need a bra, and in the last you’re weird if you don’t.

          The deodorant needs a more frank talk. After a class of middle school kids have gone to gym class, the odor in the next class can be overwhelming. Let her pick something that meets her personality so it becomes fun. Dainty or jock? 🙂

          Makeup is another thing the girls approach differently. Some of the 10 year olds spend hours on their hair and makeup, and some of the 13 year olds couldn’t care less. Middle school girls travel in packs, and conformity to the pack is essential. They develop their individuality in high school so as long as the pack isn’t the “mean girl” one, it’s nothing to worry about. The safest way for a girl to go to school on the first day is with some pretty lip gloss. If her friends all show up looking like they’re ready for their close-up, she won’t have a “naked face”, but if they aren’t ready for that step yet, she’ll blend in. Girls in middle school seldom wear more than lip gloss and mascara with a bottle of cover for those inevitable zits when they start showing up. There will be a few who buy out the make-up counter.

          You might also pull up her school handbook if it’s online and look at the school’s dress code. The best way to not wear stuff that gets you sent home from school is not to own it. Most dress codes are pretty reasonable. While there are always women who get online and complain that we should be teaching boys not to be looking up girls’ skirts instead of making girls wear skirts long enough to cover “their modesty”, in all the years I taught I sent a lot more boys home for dress code violations than girls.

          The one girl I have fond memories of needing a visit from “the fashion police” was sent home for not wearing any underwear. Her mom threw a fit because how could we know she wasn’t wearing underwear unless we were looking where we shouldn’t? When Mom arrived at school, her 14 year old daughter was wearing a sheer blouse with nothing underneath and white jeans that were laced up the sides with 2″ of bare skin showing from waist to ankle. I kept a stack of tee shirts I had received from vendors when I worked in industry to give the boys to wear instead of the inappropriate graphic tees they showed up in to save them a trip home. “Silly Rabbit! Dicks are for Chicks” was popular with 13 year old boys. I had given the girl a size XL to wear over her outfit until her mom arrived. Mom accused me of “body shaming” her daughter. It was actually the male Spanish teacher who asked me to please “just do something”. How does a 25 year old male teacher handle that without stepping into trouble?

          • Somebody says:

            For makeup I was thinking lip gloss and a little blush. Buying concealer is a good idea, she’s already had a couple of breakouts. I thought about mascara, but then I have to make sure she knows how to properly remove it so I thought we’d skip that at first.

            I don’t think she’s very developed, not unless it happened in the past 3 weeks. Odds are it’s coming though. I hope and pray all of the girls take more after their dad’s side in that area. Apparently their mother had such large breasts her parents had them surgically reduced when she was 15 or 16😳 Even reduced she was very busty but she could at least buy bras and tops, that apparently wasn’t the case when she was a teen.

            As for smells. I have no idea what kind of deodorant my son got her, that could be part of the problem. I also thought about letting her check out some body sprays or perfume, I just worry she might be tempted to bathe in it. I’ll discuss scents with her, not married to introducing scents.

          • Constance says:

            My daughter went to Holy Names (aka Homely Dames) girls high school because they had the best science program and she loved science. They had what would be a “professional dress code” since they figured all their girls would be professionals eventually. When they didn’t follow it they got sent to the counselor who maintained a closet full of the worst stuff you could find at Goodwill and she gave the offender an outfit to wear for the rest of the day. It seemed to solve the problem.

        • Mothy67 says:

          Bwahahaha deoderant!!!
          I took Shay to the CLO in Pittsburgh. It’s like Fame on the weekends. One of the best things I ever did. It’s an all day thing with voice, dancing, acting. Pup got to be in a touring show. It was only about 900 for a half year. You can pay 1800 over a year. They offer financial aid. No one can’t afford it. Carnegie Mellon is at the top of the hill. Arguably second to Yale for drama. Same teachers. Anyhow never get in an elevator with dancers. Oh that smell.

    • Mothy67 says:

      Victoria’s Secret was having a fire sale on bras before they switch to flannel. Shay swears by the sports bras. Hate to say it but Nike and under armour have the best quality for girl$ athletic wear. Kohls always has two fer stuff. Brat and her friends are really into my closet. If it’s a thing have her go through hubby’s wardrobe. I was taken a back by how adorable she looks in my button downs. Its dressing up while dressing down.The good shirts cut for a guy end up looking really good. It started with Nirvana and flannel. I had to chain her down to make her listen to my old vinyl. I begged give the Man who sold the world a go. Now she texts me from parties asking for a good Zep song. Pup reminds me of Cheryl Ladd with her build. She is athletic with a top. I was so nuerotic when her dirty pillows bloomed. I thought perhaps burkas aren’t a bad idea. It was for naught. She fights with track coach over running in just her bra. Boys can go shirtless so she thinks can she.
      She loves men’s wranglers. Hates women’s jeans. Forever 21 sells the stuff that is good for a season Nordstrom rack has the best sales. I got a 900 pair of shoes for 49. If she likes T’s which are a staple they sell ones for 23. Plain white T. Oh my gawd I bought ten. I think they must be infused with prozac. I feel like I am in the womb napping on a Mike Lindel pillow when I put one on.

      • Somebody says:

        E is a girlie girl, she prefers dresses. Problem being she’s tall and thin with long legs. She’s about to turn 11 and she’s 5’6 or 5’7, mostly thanks to her legs. That comes from her dad’s side, her mom is barely 5′. My aunt was 6′ tall with legs from here to Cleveland. My son is 6’2″, my father was 6’5″.

        Dresses are difficult, because she’s so thin if it fits around the length is often just below her butt😯 Maxi dresses are a better option. Pants are an issue because if they fit they quite often are high waters, don’t get me started on shorts😳

        We have to be careful of the dress code, which include an ambiguous clause about dressing modestly, also nothing too tight or revealing. Our middle school started a firestorm last year over sexist dress codes with unequal enforcement. An 8th grade girl with very large breasts and a knock out figure was suspended for wearing “too tight and revealing” clothing. This had been an ongoing battle all year, the girl had been repeatedly written up, had in school and after school suspension and finally an out of school suspension. On particular teacher kept writing her up.

        She was indeed unfairly targeted. She was suspended for wearing a long skirt, a tucked in shell tee shirt with a cardigan. Typical clothing women wear to the office daily. She has very large breasts that were noticeable, but the shell was NOT low cut, nor was it particularly tight, in fact it fit nicely. Her parents shared pictures of other outfits she was punished for wearing, none of which I found particularly revealing. In fact kudos to her parents for helping her dress appropriately with those knockers and brick bats to the perverted teacher that can’t keep his eyes off her tits, so he kept writing her up.

        I don’t know what the final resolution was in out school, because that story started an avalanche of me too stories. In fact the school district directly south of JAX ended up making national news. Half their students including males wore tank tops to protest a girl written up. Their schools have a similar dress code clause, the students and parents banded together and demanded change. Lots of protests, stories nightly on the news, elevated to a national story, blah, blah.

        • Miranda says:

          I see a lot of girls in short-ish dresses with leggings or long shorts underneath. Would that work for her?
          As for bras, I was in a training bra at age 8. Part chubby and part early developer.

        • elliesmom says:

          In most schools parents have a lot to say about what the school’s dress code is. Most PTAs have a standing committee. I would totally support school uniforms for schools where parents and the school personnel can’t come to an agreement about what’s appropriate for school. Something that both boys and girls can wear. Maybe chino pants or knee-length shorts and a collared knit shirt with the school logo. One of the things that happened a lot was what a kid left home wearing wasn’t always what she was wearing when she walked into school. A school uniform solves that issue, too. Uniforms are often overpriced, but they can be passed down or sold at resale shops so in the end, it’s probably an inexpensive way to dress a child, and they’re also economic levelers. Very little downside except from the parents who think a school uniform stifles creativity. While I love pretty clothes, I would have worn a uniform to school if asked. To have every person who belongs in a school building dressed the same makes someone who doesn’t belong there really stand out.

          I have a great deal of sympathy for men who teach. If I told a 13 year old boy to pull his pants up and cover his buttcrack, I was just being motherly, but if a male teacher asked one of the girls to sit with her legs together, please, he was being a pervert. Girls who come to school in sexualized attire are deliberately dressing that way, and unless it was really blatant like the sheer blouse girl, I ignored it. I just figured it was the school version of the female empowering “slutwalk”, and it was their parents’ problem. Not doing something about inappropriate graphics on clothing could get me in trouble, but I could feign not noticing a girl had no bra under her tank top.

          If a parent complained to me her daughter couldn’t find school appropriate clothes to fit her, I gave her a friend’s business card who taught sewing classes for teens. There are tall sizes, petite sizes, and plus sizes in the stores, but apparently stores hide them. Bras come all the way to cup size O, but you can sew them yourself, too. The battle about what’s appropriate for school mostly happens at home and is more of a control issue than one about fashion sense. If parents took control, the school wouldn’t have to. Same thing with foul language.

      • votermom says:

        Under armour does have good athletic stuff. Hubby & KTY always check out their sale rack when we go to the outlets

    • Constance says:

      I got lucky with my son and the deodorant. The class went on a field trip and a girl refused to sit by him on the bus because of the smell. I never had another problem with him and never had to nag him to take a shower and use deodorant again. At the time I hadn’t realized he liked girls yet. He was a lot easier but he is an extrovert and sometimes acts out for attention so it’s not really possible to scar him for life. In first grade when he dawdled every morning while getting ready for school making everyone late I finally got so mad at him I put his uniform in a grocery bag and dropped him off at school in his pajamas and handed him the bag. His Principle had 5 kids and was chuckling but he sent him to the bathroom to put his uniform on and took away his recess privileged for the day.and I never had another problem. Although you could see him calculating in his head whether the attention of going to school in you pajamas was worth losing recess.

    • swanspirit says:

      I can’t help much. My daughter, and granddaughter, both took care of this themselves, and they didn’t get it from me. They couldn’t wait to start bras, makeup, and started grooming almost before it was necessary. I had to hold them back.

      And perfume and jewelry. Let’s not forget the perfumes and jewelry. They had to have inherited these tendencies from my mother, because that gene skipped me. Although I do have a history of accumulating shoes.

      Growing up female is a daunting thing, in any age. Puberty is a roller coaster. But the pack thing is so true. But that is because developmentally, their focus is moving outside the family, to their peers. That’s healthy. Find out what is going on with the pack.

      Ask your granddaughter, what she is experiencing, and why she objects so strenuously to a bra, or other outside signs of growing up. Body odor, isn’t just physical, anxiety and fear can really add to the problem. Good luck! I am sure she will navigate these waters safely, with help from you.

      • Myiq2xu says:

        Having raised two sons and a daughter I know that self-esteem and peer group issues are worse for girls (although boys have them too.) Even the prettiest girls can think they are fat/ugly, and the need for approval from boys can lead them to do things they shouldn’t.

        Girls are vicious. I have some friends who have 5 daughters. When the girls were pre-teens they had a closet with a huge pile of naked Barbies. The mom said that any Barbie one of the girls got for birthdays or Christmas would soon end up in the pile after being stripped naked and left in the middle of the floor. I asked her why girls do that to their Barbies and the mom (a psych major) said, “That’s how girls practice humiliating rivals.”

    • jadzia1971 says:

      No advice at all. I got on my 14-year-old’s case, YET AGAIN, about his lack of deodorant usage, and he literally said to me, “I only wear it on advice of my lawyer.” Aaaagh. That was right before a 10-hour road trip.

  6. Dora says:

  7. lyn5 says:

    Democrat pedos are thrilled.

  8. Cisco says:

    Very glad to hear Tom is doing better 🙏👍
    And a very grateful thanks for the wonderful responses to my questions about the vaccines.
    Now decision time.
    MIL is 98, my life long friend has cancer, thank you Vietnam & Agent Orange.
    Anyway I don’t want to miss Thanksgiving or Christmas get together.
    Sands of time keep flowing.

    • elliesmom says:

      If it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas you’re concerned about, you might want to postpone getting the vaccine a couple of months. Six months appears to be the length of time the vaccine is effective. The numbers of vaccinated people getting covid is growing quickly. While most of the people are only getting a mild case, the number of deaths is growing, too. But if you want to see them now, especially if you’re worried they won’t be here for the holidays, then do it sooner rather than later. Their own vaccines are probably not protecting them as well as they did a few months ago.

      • Cisco says:

        Makes sense, reasonable.
        Always like to have a plan.
        The update on covid casualties I didn’t know about.

  9. Miranda says:

    Thanks for the wishes, everyone! We had a lunch with Aunt today, and we’re headed to Florida this weekend!

  10. Helen Kenney says:

    think ginsue circumcision knives would help more

  11. Helen Kenney says:

    this is a sad time in our history. it this is the future this country is screwed

  12. Cisco says:

    Vaxstapo, yep that’s what I’m calling the door to door intrudes.
    Vaxstapo 😂 I crack myself up

  13. Dora says:

  14. threewickets says:

    What compels pathological liars like Tawana Bill to preach and moralize? It is a Royal tradition. The Second Estate has always controlled the masses for the First Estate. Then in the 19th century Bourbon British Intelligence killed God (God had allowed guillotines) and replaced him with Politics and its new lectern the Fourth Estate. Then with the *millennium* turn the First and Second Estates lost their collective shit. Their answer to the public internet was fake eschaton … ouroboros narcissism and self-pity. The remedy for organized lying is to publicly call out the organized lying bosses by name. Disclosure.

  15. Dora says:

    A day to remember. 🙂

  16. threewickets says:

    The lying Vanderbilts (Anderson) are Dutch pirates like the lying Rockefellers (Tawana) and the lying Roosevelts (Hillary). The Dutch East Indies Company (VOC) enslaved and extracted wealth from South Asia for 400 years … wealth they pumped back into New Amsterdam aka Manhattan. But I don’t know how the Dutch ended up in Seattle, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, Asheville with the Gore-Kennedys and Bush-Rothschilds.

  17. threewickets says:

    Part of the reason the Hollywood MSM keeps lying like a lunatic to the American people and the world … is to continue covering up for the galactic lies it and the US State Department told about fake wars and fake genocides in Uncle Sam Rothschilds 20th century. To bury the past by normalizing gigantic lying. Pure sociopathy. The way to end this horrible addiction is full disclosure and declassification.

  18. Angie says:


  19. lateblum says:

    I guess Nancy Pelosi had a presser and “mentioned” abortion . . .

  20. Angie says:


  21. threewickets says:

    Super Greta is feisty in a way that neither her lovely parents nor her lovely grandparents really are. That means her great grandparents … Prescott “Cary Grant” Bush Rothschild, Bouvier-Bourbon Blackjack Louis XXI, and Greta Garbo two times. She is already Bourbon Queen of France and its hegemonies.

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