Weekend Open Thread

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  1. swanspirit says:

    Zinnias!!! Great colors!! 💓

    • lateblum says:

      This picture reminds me of the gardens at Ravinia Festival last night. These are glorious!

  2. Dora says:

    Life is good again – Hubby is home.

    Everything was so hurried and confused that I didn’t realize it at the time, but Tom said he already has an appointment with a home therapist on Monday. It was set up by the woman at the rehab who also sent in the forms to Medicare to pay for Tom’s walker. So even though he hated it there, the folks at the rehab were pretty helpful.

    Since Tom is wearing a back brace and it hurts him to stretch out flat, he had to sleep in one of the big chairs in the living room. So I didn’t have my Hubby next to me during the night, but it was wonderful to get up and see him first thing.

    Thank you all for being with me during these trying days. I truly appreciate it.

  3. Dora says:

    I missed it.

    • elliesmom says:

      I swear that song is at the root of most of the Left’s issues. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to live in a world where everyone is “living for today”. The need for instant gratification is something we try to grow out of. If there’s nothing worth dying for, then there’s not much worth living for, either. I want to have some things that belong to just me, Things I can treasure because of the happiness they bring me.

      Sharing is a good thing- if we choose to share, but even kids in preschool should be allowed not to share their own belongings if they have a good reason not to. As a little kid I used to put my new toys away before my cousins arrived at Christmas and bring out some of the old ones. Their dad believed “toys are meant to be broken”, but at 5 or 6 I disagreed with him. Since I wasn’t allowed to voice my anger, I found another way. Kind of like offshore banking for kids.

      As far as religion goes, while I’m not a member of any flock, I have a high regard for people who are. In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Kirstie Alley talked about showing up after Katrina with a fleet of semi-tractor trailer trucks “filled with a virtual Walmart” and being turned away by FEMA and secular groups like the Red Cross. When she approached “the Baptists, the Catholics, and the Amish”, they moved over and made room for her, “even the beer” she brought. We need all of the good things religion brings out in people.

      If I was a person who wanted to cancel some culture, I’d start with that song.

      • DandyTIger says:

        Not unlike the purpose of the teachings of Confucius, the lyrics of the song are meant for the peasants. The elite aristocracy want the peasants to have no possessions, to live only for the moment, to have no meaning, no country, nothing other than the work in front of you, to be good little empty robots. True happiness and equality can only happen when you have nothing and are obedient mindless soldiers for the global elite.

        • votermom says:

          There is a FarScape episode about a planet like this – everyone except the ruler and her guards are gifen a happy drug to work the fields all day and promised a “rest day tomorrow ” that never comes

        • lyn5 says:

          Yep. It’s too bad so many ignorant peasants support that.

      • Mothy67 says:

        Clairton was/is called the City of Prayer. Its a steel town. Religion was yuuuuge there when I was a kid. Four big churches. There was no crime. I was raised very Catholic. It will always be a part of me. The churches are gone, crime is through the roof. The public school is run by the state because they have Baltimore type standards. My parents would have died before welfare. Today its not just churches gone, but grocery stores as well. Everyone is on some sort of aid. They do most of their shopping at Family Dollar. It hurts me to see an American town become a shit hole. A few years back the Bears had the most winningest team in football. For a few years there was something to believe in. Friday Night Lights gave people hope. Kids were all going off on full scholarships. You could almost taste the happiness in the air. Its 51/49 black but in the 70’s it wasn’t ghetto. Its where I grew up. The biggest difference I saw was black people sit on the front porch and talk to a passerby. I am Irish Catholic we sit on the back porch and bury our secrets. I heard N word all the time. I also heard spic, gook, wop, dego, mick. No one fell apart over a few letters strung together. When I fell into a very elite group in Philly I realized that libs manufacture in their heads how they think others live. Clairton had a rich flavor to it way back. People black and white owned all the shops. My alcoholic Nanny, loved her but she was a tramp, would only go to the negress for baked goods. A lib would get their panties in a bunch if they had heard her say negress. My mom’s family is Lutheren. Good God she uttered far worse to me her grandson for being a Mick. The Hill which is were most black people lived. It wasn’t segregated. People in that area during that time moved a street away from a sibling. The Hill is a war zone now. But forty years ago it was like the town in Their Eyes Were Watching God. It was vibrant. Shops everywhere. Hurston was attacked by the Harlem movement for writing about a full vibrant autonomous black community. It was CAPITALISM in all caps. My drunk grandmother would take me to shop with from the coloreds. My proggie friends would die if they heard a person say colored. I never felt racism as defined by progs. Yes we were tribal. In 1970s you didn’t marry outside your faith. They used the standard playbook against Hurston. She was writing of free thinking black women. They went there as she didn’t offer up oppression stories like The Invisible Man. She had to be eradicated. They said she molested boys and ruined her. She hated commies and the literate extinguished her. She died on welfare.
        I went to a PENN lecture on writing in a racialized society. The panel was Toni Morrison, Hazel Green, Tom Wideman and a few others of the cream of the crop. A few girls dressed in African attire attacked Morrison. They said she was read by rich white girls and f a g s. Pretty true but these women were students at NYU. They were hardly in a position to judge. Okay maybe everyone can judge. Morrison did not crater. She fired back there is no singular black experience. I was impressed.
        One of the things that troubles me about my progs is they make up stories to fit their narrative and it flows from anger. I had a friend I found asking for the life exit ramp. I pulled her out of her car i made a hard choice. She kills herself or she goes to London. I said go to London max out the cards kill yourself when you get back. She has won awards at Sundance. I held her in snot. Yep snot. She didn’t know how to stay alive that stuff just ran from her nose. I claimed her as she lay dying. It was all on me. I had to keep her awake and alive. It echoed Elia Weisel The Pogram. I just had to get through to the morning.
        Well she now refuses to ever talk to me because I am gay and lived in New York. She will not cannot understand me liking Donald. I am now evil to her. Whatevs. I am nothing but racist in her eyes.
        The day after Megan Kelley and well sure Rosie event debate took place I got on the Elizabeth to downtown. I live a stone’s throw away but the bus is an hour plus route. Guys commute an hour or more. Its usually silent with guys nursing coffee. When there has been a good Steeler’s game the bus is alive. People in the front seat talk to those in the rear. Sports are almost religion here. It went crazy for Donald. It was like the Superbowl. Don’t tell me those hardworkin black dudes didn’t vote Trump. I saw them in rral life not cnn trash
        Kana has chosen to cast me aside. She is the daughter of a world reknowned cardiac doc. She is Japanese and went to UPenn of course she had a gay best friend. I think Ivy League schools pass out gay boys to asian girls. I raise my Shay but i am opinionated. I dont check me. Not ever. I say what I think. I think boys need fathers. I get crucified for wanting kids to have structure. I believe in my brat. She is an asshole. So am I. We were provided a recipe. We is gonna make a tasty meal. I didn’t get to decide the ingredients. No but we decide what we make.
        Its Rubbing Sticks and Stones Together making a spark ignite. My child will sustain. What would we have become if I had let Shayla rot. What if I had allowed her to be victim. My little ache is my everything. Others do not get to be here. I ask implore you fantastic ladies give a listen to Elton John Sacrifice.

      • 1539days says:

        They should rename it “The Humanist’s Prayer.” Arguing the general merits of religion is tiring, but I’ll just point out one example. In secular countries, doctors are more likely to euthanize people on the sly, even though secular people think Christians subscribe to the “let people die and God will sort them out” philosophy. In general, when you take away the belief in God from people, they don’t treat people more equally, they just all think they’re God and any personal inconvenience is intolerable.

      • lyn5 says:

        Lennon had a song about the N-word. I’m surprised he wasn’t canceled.

      • John Denney says:

        I tend to sing along with most songs. I have to force myself not to sing with this one, despite liking the melody & harmonies.

        Fortunately, it’s seldom sung at the karaoke places I haunt. 🙂

  4. DandyTIger says:

    • elliesmom says:

      Fauci is doing everything he can to save his own ass. Dr. Paul is a honey badger, AKA a snake killer. If Fauci had stayed in the background, he might have got away with what he did, but he crawled out from under his rock because he craves the sunlight.

      • 1539days says:

        He sure craves the spotlight. Fauci decided in November that he was “safe” and could start contradicting the administration, which just emphasized the fact he was lying at various points in 2020 on just about everything. Now that other countries are still being devastated by the virus, they are also looking into Fauci’s role with Chinese labs.

        • elliesmom says:

          We’re headed for a major crisis of confidence both here at home and on the world stage. Fauci and his friends at the CDC and NIH botched handling the virus from the getgo. They put all their eggs in the vaccine basket to get rich. Now it’s becoming apparent the vaccines are failing. They suppressed therapeutics that could have saved a lot of lives and now can’t recommend them as treatment or prophylactics without admitting what they did. They killed off grandma and grandpa in care facilities and destroyed the worldwide economy- except in China. Millions of kids were robbed of school and their parents lost their livelihoods. When the house of cards falls, and it will, it’s likely to fall on Fauci’s head. Someone needs to take the hit, and he’s right there. Stupid or a meglomaniac? Deborah Birk seems to have been smart enough to get out of Dodge early enough to escape what’s coming.

  5. DeniseVB says:


  6. SHV says:

    FWIW, repost from last night:

    “OMG!!!! Al is watching the Olympic opening and the announcer asked for moment of silence for the Israeli’s killed at the Munich Olympics. The NBC announcers then said he was surprised that was said then mentioned that the Israeli’s were killed by the PALESTINIAN Terrorist group “Black September”. I bet the Squad is going ballistic!”
    I still can’t believe the NBC person said Palestinian terrorists; with every TV ad trying to out “woke” each other. However this ad has convinced Al that we need a Silverado!

    • Mothy67 says:

      I don’t get how only Cuomo is slightly being held to task. It was perhaps worse in PA. Some stats say 50% of all deaths in Pennsylania happened in long term care facilities. Dr. Levine moved his/her mom into a hotel at the outbreak. I will yell again and again. My Aunt Sarah wet the bed. She has dementia. It’s not lock her up in a death camp. Carol is willing to wipe her bottom. Her son Billy is a chiropracter. My mom and my cousin are nurses. Sarah gets the best home health care. The hospital last June fought hard to place her in assited living. They wanted her to go to a place called Caine. People were dropping like flies there. It had infection rates that broke media bubble. Say what you will about end of life. Sara aka Dunny was never what you would call sick. She forgets a lot but she is not unhappy. The hospital wanted to kill her. They tried to end her. She wets the bed. That is really it. Just incontinence. She has six grandkids. I adore my Dunny. I was a brutal mess in 1970 Sara brought me Snoopy. He was just shy of 5 feet They didn’t let family in ICU back then but they let in Snoopy. He had the bed next to me. He had all the wires I had. He had a trach. My stuffed buddy. I lived against all odds. I did error and pass. Today would medical professionals elect to pass on me. Would I only be a statistic? They told Sharon and Jim in 1970 that I was only gettin a sliver of a shot. My 15 year old mother banked on her boy. I made it through the rain. Yep I love Barry Manilow.
      Come on. Of course Elliesmom is my shero. I wanted with a passion to embrace Dangerous Minds or the book My Pose Dont Do Homework. The book was a piece of shit. Gay Timothy John will not discuss the women. I heart Michelle Pfeifer and Debbie Harry. It is funny as sometimes all things are absurd. I told Shaylas boyfriend that the first number one rap song was by a women. He said no. Rapture was number one.

  7. Constance says:

    President Trump speaks at Phoenix rally today at 6 Eastern, watch it on Right Side Broadcasting on Rumble.

    • Mothy67 says:

      Honestly does it bother you that I adore you. Debbie Harry raps. I am agog at a very blonde woman throwing it all in the air. She even used the name Blondie. It tickles me pink. The bombshell upended music. She went into the Bronx and walked out with the first number one rap song. Heavens to Betsy she called it Rapture.

    • lyn5 says:

      Thanks. Hubby has decided to get The Jab. I’m still a resistah.

      • 1539days says:

        My coworker / friend got the needle (J&J) last week. His wife was pissed. He mostly wanted to get it because he was embarrassed about having to wear a mask at work. That’s why the administration won’t go back to universal mask wearing. The Star of David effect is effective for them.

        • lyn5 says:

          Hubby has small lungs for his size.

          • swanspirit says:

            My daughter’s doctor told her not to get it. She is on a biologic for an immune disorder. I have to wonder how many doctors are just quietly telling their patients not to get it.

            My son adamantly refuses. He can’t even discuss the jab without getting angry. He belongs to some veterans groups who have done a lot of research. He has been tested six times for covid, every time negative.

          • elliesmom says:

            My doctor suggested I wait until next fall to decide, and then she laid out the path she thought the pandemic and the vaccines would follow. So far, she’s been prescient.

          • jadzia1971 says:

            I was quietly told not to get it by one of my doctors. She actually called (this was a few months ago) and told me that she couldn’t treat me if I had had the injection, because of the reports of side effects that would have been pretty awful for me.

      • jadzia1971 says:

        The H-man and I are still resisters (although he might ultimately be coerced, since he has a conventional job and I do not). The real conflict is with my ex about our teen boys. I am politely resisting and trying not to be confrontational about it, but the 15 year old got very sick last week and I could just feel my ex and his whole family practically wishing that he had covid so that they could blame it on my ignorant ass, even though the kid has been at grandma’s house for three weeks.

        Boy, were their faces red when it turned out he’d gotten food poisoning at Grandma’s.

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      I love that it says journalists are seen to be part of the problem but does not specify if that is because they are fake journalists who vie with one another and a$$ kiss their overboard to get that gig so they can mingle with those they see as equals and away from the riff raff or because a couple actual journalists showed up and reported the stats.

    • Cisco says:

      JoeBama shows real class by taking a cheap shot at President Trump.
      “Not a Trump rally”
      Of course not you wad, Trump was always met with cheers of love.
      JoeBama will never, ever draw the crowds Trump did and is still doing

  8. Helen Kenney says:


    she has been living off the taxpayer her whole life. Now she cashes in on her position

  9. Helen Kenney says:

  10. lyn5 says:

  11. Cisco says:

    I guess someone wanted to start early.
    I call another 20 plus shot w/ um, lets see, 5 dead.
    Hey mayor Groot, better start handing out more condoms

    • SHV says:

      3:00 PM update….6 KIA. 26 WOUNDED

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      Perhaps the should develop a PSA on using condoms as an emergency tourniquet . what’s her name could donate all her tampon earrings to be used to demonstrate how they could be used as an improvisational winding mechanism.

  12. Mothy67 says:

    It’s a little bit funny. Not a whole lot funny. These feelings inside. I tell Sharon and she tells me to get the fuck out all the time. She does not like homosexuals. Not even a wee bit. She’s still my mom. I am not sure who owns the house. I think its mine but she throws me out monthly. I forgive my monster as she adores the brat and the bad girls. I get more than short changed. I see a difficult woman who can make me forget it all because she can care truly madly deeply about my dogs. I choose to not take up a residence in a bad place. I do not want to always suffer. For me its a choice. Yeah they hit me and I dealt with broken more than normal. As if broken bones should ever be standard. I didn’t perish. I continued. I don’t want to live in abuse. Shayla Rayne is before me right now. I get to decide how she sees her world. We had a chat tonight. I always talk with her not at her. She is my everything. I opted to leave New York behind cause there was a baby thrown aside/away No one wanted her. She was near trash. I did decide to stand by her. Tonight I was almost a texting baby girl replied if you dare travel to The Theme from Anchorman I will kill you. I love Afternoon Delight. I instead played I’ll Stand by You Shaypup sent an emoji. Like how can we win?? I love Santana. One day i was on the ground. My baby girl is not a broken piece of shit. Give a listen.

  13. Mothy67 says:

    Carlos Santana. Fuck the fuck
    I’ m winning. Yeah I will hold my brat always. Forever and a day.

  14. lyn5 says:

    Julie Kelly @julie_kelly2

    Look at this POS

  15. lyn5 says:

  16. lyn5 says:

  17. Angie says:

  18. Angie says:

  19. westcoaster says:

    Details about Novavax vaccine from a cardiologist associated with the Children’s Health Defense (graph at 11min and summary at min18): https://www.brighteon.com/8eae2d71-e8cd-4d70-80a0-4fb11bce9b2c

  20. Dora says:


    Last night Tom was having trouble falling asleep in his chair in the living room, so he decided to try the bed. This was about 2:00 in the morning.

    He slowly struggled into the bedroom and stretched out on the bed. He was there for about 15 minutes when he decided to go back to his chair.

    You can say that we both had a restless night and very little sleep.

    That’s today’s update.

  21. elliesmom says:

    It’s Sunday morning so it’s time for Clarice’s Pieces at the American Thinker.


  22. Dora says:

    We lost the man who made us laugh. At least me.


    Iconic Borscht Belt comic Jackie Mason dead at 93

  23. Dora says:


  24. Somebody says:

    Ann if you pop on, there is an area near Holton Head called Bluffton that you might like. You should also think about the Wilmington – outer banks area of NC.

    When you say Charlotte I assume you mean suburban Charlotte and not urban Charlotte. Just across the border in SC is Rock Hill, which is a nice area. Concord on the NE side of Charlotte is popular, the speedway and concord mills mall is there. I personally prefer the area north of Charlotte. My daughter lives in Mooresville, but there is also Huntersville and several other areas around Lake Norman.

    While you are looking have you considered Asheville? Henderson – Asheville area is quite lovely and a very popular retirement destination. I have friends from eons ago that live in Greenville, SC. They chose it because it consistently rates high on places to retire, for affordability, medical services, climate and cultural opportunities. My friends absolutely detest Greenville, but it’s because they are on the far left, way left bring on socialism, eliminate fossil fuels, Obama is a God. They find the flavor of Greenville and SC in general too conservative. I think they should look into Cuba or Venezuela. They briefly reconnected with us, but we had nothing in common, for the sake of SC, I do hope they managed to sell their house and move when the economy was good.

    You mentioned Knoxville, but not Nashville. Nashville proper, nah, but surrounding areas are nice. Lastly have you looked out west? Arizona is a popular retirement location. Northern Arizona is lovely. Idaho is quite popular these days and Sandpoint area, all up around that big lake is gorgeous. Utah is beautiful, as is Montana. Wyoming has very low taxes.

    Just some thoughts. As for Florida, just want to warn you that Pensacola is in hurricane alley. Have you explored SW Florida? Marco Island, Gasparilla, Long Boat Key and many other beautiful areas.

  25. elliesmom says:

    When I was in college and working for the ROTC, every month a package would arrive at the office containing replacement sheets for pages in the DOD regulations. One of my jobs was to pull the big binders down off the shelves and the remove the designated pages and replace them with the “new and improved” ones. The next step was to destroy the old pages, but the Colonel made that “not my job”. Instead, I was to put the old pages into the envelope, or sometimes box, the new ones came in, date it, and leave them on the Colonel’s desk. He and I called it my “Ministry of Truth” assignment. At the time there were several things I couldn’t do as a civilian employee with only a “confidential” security clearance so I just wrote it off as “above my paygrade” to be responsible for the disposition of official documents. (I could requisition ammunition on my own signature, though.) It wasn’t until later that I began to wonder whether the Colonel was holding onto the pages. I’m pretty sure he was the one who dubbed it Ministry of Truth.

    I love reading on my Kindle paperwhite. Even in the brightest sunlight there’s no glare from the screen. The backlit screen lets me read in the dark. The battery lasts for weeks- not hours. It’s my first choice way to buy a book far and away. But every once in awhile Amazon will update a book for me without my asking. When the people I buy sewing patterns from update a pattern to make corrections, they send me an email link to the new file, and it’s my decision whether to download the new file or not. But an Amazon update happens automatically. I do get a notification in my Amazon library that says “revised”.

    So far it’s only happened to books that really needed reformating, but my Ministry of Truth experience made me see how easy it would be for electronic books to be changed slowly over time and not be noticed. One “search and replace” could change a word throughout a whole book. I think about the Colonel and wonder if he had stored all of the history of those revisions so someone in the future could follow the changes. While I happily buy most books in electronic form, a few years ago after I read an ebook, I started buying a hard copy of the book if I thought it might become endangered in the future. Even if I donate it to a book sale or pass it onto a friend, it’s still out there. The ‘firemen” will have to find all of the copies before they can erase the book from existence.

    • Somebody says:

      Fahrenheit 451😉

      I’m old school, I prefer holding an actual book. The problem then becomes parting with them🤪

      • elliesmom says:

        Down-sizing is what made me re-evaluate how I felt about eBook vs. cardboard and paper. I could always have every book I ever bought to read in my purse or I could block windows with bookcases. I parted with most of the hardcopy books I had except for the ones that had been special gifts. I let my young friends loose on the bookcase that held my cookbooks. It was fun to watch them try to find the ones that had things they like to eat at my house. I can find most of the recipes in them online. I have one shelf of cookbooks now instead of whole floor to ceiling bookcase, and it’s just fine. Over the five years I’ve lived in this house if I’ve found a book I wish I hadn’t given away, I’ve replaced it with the eBook. There haven’t been very many. The Kindle paperwhite easily fits in my purse, and I am never without a book to read. Not going back. 🙂

        • Mothy67 says:

          I like holding a book and turning the page. I love books as I’m sure you do. When I was young authors saved me. I wasn’t suicidal per se, but I ached to be done. I didn’t get exposed to profound literature. My mom didn’t send back the stamp for Doubleday Book Club. Things like The Thorn Birds and The Stand arrived. I was alone and broken. I read with a vengeance. Life became bigger for me. There was a world beyond what stood before me. I love Maggie Cleary. I just don’t see an ebook having that romantacism. I should purchase a better reader maybe that might make a difference. I tried The Hunger Games. I want Chet Baker Let’s Get Lost experience. I feel like I am reading when its an ebook. Can a digital format transport me like the flawed Bone People?

          • elliesmom says:

            I went through 4 years of engineering school using a slide rule. My uncle, also an engineer, gave me a really beautiful mahogany slide rule for my high school graduation present. It warms in my hands when I use it. I kept it waxed so it slid easily. Can I still use it to do calculations? Yes, I can. Did I show my kids and grandkids how it works? Yes, I did, but by the time they knew enough math to use it, you could get a calculator that could do more at the Dollar Store. (The first calculator I owned did less and cost $189.) I still have my slide rule, but I don’t reach for it when I need to multiply something. It won’t add a column of numbers. A dollar calculator will.

            Like a calculator leaves a slide rule in the dust, an eBook lets you do more than just read by turning the pages. You can change the size of the font making large print books superfluous. Blind people no longer need books in Braille. Just enable text-to-speech. Electronic testbooks are a godsend to kids with dyslexia. No need to stop reading and find a dictionary to look up a word you don’t recognize. You can search through the book in seconds if you want to read something again. If your reader is connected to the internet, it can contain hyperlinks to expand the reading experience.

            We can resist change, and people often do. Look at how hard some people fight against letting kids use calculators in math, but if you notice, they aren’t teaching kids to use slide rules anymore. Today’s teachers have access to thousands of books that have been digitized and made available for free as long as kids have access to a reader. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to get a classroom set of one of Shakespeare’s plays, the same money spent on eReaders gets his complete works, all of Twain, Plato, Faulkner, the Bronte sisters, and every other author who’s been dead awhile. It won’t be long until buying print books in schools will be as quaint as having a classroom set of slide rules. We’re living on the wave, and it’s our choice where we position ourselves on it. There’s no “moral component” to it. No prizes for resisting the change although there may be benefits from going forward instead.

          • Mothy67 says:

            Its not that I resent the technology. I just haven’t as of yet found an ebook which transported me. True that I usually purchase digital books cause they are cheaper and not something I’m dying to read. I want to reread Geek Love. Its a fav. Been over 20 years. Perhaps that perusal would aclimate me to digital. It’s like 20 cheaper for kindle. I likely need to invest in actual reader. The fire tablet is just okay for reading.

          • Mothy67 says:

            I feel like I am with the author when I hold some books. I love Of Human Bondage. It was a personal trek for me. I don’t know that I’d connect the same way with a tablet. Perfect Day for a Bananafish? The Brothers Karamazov? The Sorrows of Young Werther?

          • elliesmom says:

            I have a stack of Fires in the house, but they aren’t my first choice for reading a book. I had one of the very first Kindles that was just an eReader. When it died, I bought a Fire, but it wasn’t the same experience. I tend to read a book “straight through” when I start, and it’s frustrating if the battery dies. I also read outside a lot, and the glare from the sun is annoying on the Fire. I found the paperwhite, and I bought it a cover that opens like a book. My SIL said eBooks don’t smell right, but she buys a lot of musty old books. I gave my brother a Kindle for his birthday, and she stole it and never gave it back to him. When I found ED’s stash of Fires, I gave him one of them. She doesn’t like to read on the Fire so it’s safe.

        • votermom says:

          there is a way to save your kindle ebooks on your computer so Amazon cant mess with it

          I’d have to look for how to do it but I think Calibre is one software that does this

      • 1539days says:

        Or 1984. I’ve seen scifi from decades ago where they hypothesized that a fully electronic repository of knowledge could be endlessly and secretly re-written for political convenience.
        Back in 2008, we talked about the “memory hole” when a YouTube clip or an old newspaper article online made Democrats look bad and disappeared. Now TV shows and movies are being re-edited because fewer people “own” physical media and only have a subscription to cloud information.

  26. foxyladi14 says:

    Enjoy! 😀

  27. Mothy67 says:

    Siri freaked me out. I pick up this woman’s meds. She sent me a text saying they were in. Siri kept sending me reminders. Ididn’t put in my calender. It reads my texts. Oh I send really awful texts to my proggie friends cause I like pushing their buttons. A casual reader would think I was a homophobic white supreme. I make my friends listen by being extreme Its obvious to those who know me what I’m doing, but if some agency just read them they’d think I was a really awful person. I hadn’t considered what effect communications can have. Progs are so literal. Really they lose it over the Bee. It has to be the truth in the sarcasm that haunts them. I said I liked watching antifa go splat. I don’t really like watching humans bounce off cars. Okay maybe a little, but my casual comment could be used against me down the road.
    Which reminds me of John Lennon. I was a banquet manager across the street from The Dakota. The place was ground zero after Lennon was shot. They filmed Chapter 27 there. Yoko was not happy. I think it was 2005 or earlier. People had cell phones but you didn’t film all things back then. She came in screaming. I had to handle her. The written word had nothing to do with me or the place. She wanted it shut down. I get that. Her husband was shot dead before her in front of her home. I see why she wouldn’t want it glamorized with a schlock movie. Its easy to forget she’s a person. I found her refreshing after she calmed down. Had the iPhone been what it is today only her ballistic entrance attacking me would have been seen. She went at me. I was an event manager in a family restaurant. I own Double Fantasy. Jealous Guy is A favorite. Come on “I didn’t mean to hurt you” wow
    She could be judged for sixty seconds of a diatribe if that took place today. We saw what happened to Nick Sandmann. We have people like Spare heir and meagain playing the opposite game. Everything is aired. I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round. I would be canceled in todays climate if my texts were aired. My friend Jodi says I hate hispanics. She is Hollywood the only hispanics she knows scrub her toilet. My godparents are from Puerto Rico. She thinks I am registering only hate. She delves into me not understanding black experience. She grew up in Cherry Hill NJ. Jewish. I was a sick baby. In 1970 they didn’t allow parents to stay. A big fat black woman who was really fat and a social worker held me everynight. I am forever gonna be a boob man. Deloras had yuuuuge dirty pillows. No one gets to tell me where I’ve been. I was held by a nubian goddess as I lay dying.
    A rich white girl don’t get to label me racist because she reflects on her history. She slights me because of Trump. I pulled her out of her car. I held her in my arms. She was doing the carbon. I made sure there was another day. We ended up living together on the Bowery in New York. She was in grad school at Tisch. She woke me on a morning she was filming her grad thesis. She said she could not do it alone. I quit my well paying job. I made food for her cast. She thinks its okay to hate me because I support Trump??????

    • 1539days says:

      At work, my Outlook reads my e-mail and asks me to follow up if I make a statement that I’ll do something. We’re entering this phase in history where technology is trying to emulate us, making calls, writing texts, driving cars. Do we eventually become helpless in the First World?

      • elliesmom says:

        Did we become helpless after the industrial revolution changed the means of production? The Luddites went around destroying textile manufactoring equipment to stop progress. I don’t know anyone who believes we should go back to looming all of our textiles by hand. How about needing an operator to place all of our phone calls? I remember needing an operator to call “long distance”. Being able to make my own calls made me less helpless, not more. 🙂

        • Gram Krakka says:

          A Shocking Number of College Grads Wish They Had Been Taught More Life Skills

          The learned helplessness churned out from our universities seems intentional. College grads who leave school without life skills are more willing to rely on the government.

          According to a poll from SWNS digital, 81% of college grads wish they had been taught more life skills before graduation. Instead, they learned the importance of pronouns and social justice activism. It seems that many students leave a college clueless about budgeting and what to do when you can’t afford DoorDash.


        • 1539days says:

          Actually, yes.
          So, I know older “handy” people who can do things with cars and home repair that I can’t. I used to think I was not mechanically inclined, but I can assemble and disassemble the product my company makes in my head. Actually did it once to make a computer based configuration utility. Part of my skill loss is that my Dad knew a guy rather than doing some stuff himself. So, I can change an air filter, but not a spark plug. I can install a sink, but not a shutoff valve. Even if I could do things, look at Jadzia and the air conditioner, Regulations are making people register to do anything.

          The industrial revolution helped to populate cities and created all the areas that became “blue” due to population density. textile manufacturing equipment lowered the required skill level, making it an ideal industry for China to dominate for US products. While none of these things need to happen, people generally seek the path of least involvement. Buy the Chinese thing that costs a dollar less, grab the fast food instead of making dinner, elect the guy who offers free shit.

          • elliesmom says:

            A person from 100 years ago wouldn’t be able to repair a car, either. and probably wouldn’t have learned to drive. Those of us who have learned what we call “life skills” can shake our heads at people who don’t cook elaborate meals and who eat out a lot, but they are still “skilled” at getting enough to eat. I enjoy making my own clothes, but it’s time consuming and doesn’t save money. If there was an apocalypse, being able to sew might be a handy skill to have, but barring that, it’s not necessary for life in 2021. Now it’s a hobby.

            One of the things I learned spending so much time with people a lot younger than I am is that every generation is a bridge between the one that comes before it and the one that comes after. It’s a clearinghouse for preserving what’s important to keep and a test group for what’s new. We learn new skills and retire some we don’t need anymore. Some things we discard gladly, and some we mourn.

  28. Mothy67 says:

    When I was 17 my parents threw me out. They couldn’t accept me being gay. Was mostly my mom. I had not spoken with my family in 20 years. One day I went into a local bar on Avenue A. The woman behind the stick said I think there were cops in here looking for you. I said did they have brilliant blue eyes and the dumbest laugh you have ever heard. I said my brothers. They took the train to Manhattan to find me. And they did. I strolled home at 4 am. I lived on Great Jones. There was a firehose across the street. Jim and Steve were sitting there. I cant imagine not being best friends with my brothers. We are different. I am thinking about this because my hard core liberal friends seem to want to discard me. I don’t get that. I have people I have known since 1984 who are just done with me as a person because I supported Trump. How do you walk away from decades. How do you disappear someone who just disagrees. I am only half blooded idiot I can process my mother being scared but I don’t get friends hating me

  29. lyn5 says:

    h/t Angie

  30. lyn5 says:

    Another Angie RT …

  31. lyn5 says:

  32. lyn5 says:

    “Am I the only one?”

  33. threewickets says:

    Bars are going the way of Farah Fawcett’s big hair. Even super gay wine is fading. America is going dry, and people are locked down indoors with fake plagues. Tawana Billary’s cock-blocking obsessed, lying obsessed, feminazi sterile-robots vision for the world. Gay robots like Al Gore.

  34. threewickets says:

    The game of basketball has matured into one of the most beautiful and athletic sports played in the world today. The game was originally invented in 1893 by the gay YMCA for PAV Uncle Sam (Princeton is named for him) to develop the cock-blocking instincts and reflexes of young Jesuit and Anglican (Jesuits who call themselves Protestants) men studying for the priesthood or political leadership.

    During its early years it was played at the YMCA and Jesuit-y colleges including Princeton, Georgetown, Boston College, Vanderbilt, Louisville, St John’s, Duke, Villanova, Xavier, Marquette, DePaul, Providence, Notre Dame, Chicago, Syracuse. To this day, Jesuit priests and American politicians love watching and playing basketball, especially on cock-blocking defense. Austerity is their job.

  35. threewickets says:

    Hollywood began making superhero cartoons in the 1980s so they could cross-sell merchandise and amusement parks. Sort of like Vegas. It’s all they do now. Games and gimmicky stories. They stopped making film.

  36. threewickets says:

    Xi and Putin are at least in part (historically speaking) CIA placements. Xi and Putin will not meet with CIA Biden (for real). Xi and Putin have relationship channels to the Pentagon (apart from the State Department). State Department execs are wasting time being paranoid about one-off US citizens like me who are already in Tawana supervised isolation cells for reasons that remain a mystery and undisclosed to me. Looking bleak.

  37. threewickets says:

    The con-fidence that comes from cult membership and worship is the product of a cult, or if you like cultural, partial-lobotomy. Don’t get carried away with that kind of confidence. You no longer have the capacity to make comprehensive personal judgments of things in the world. You are now ‘part of the faith’. Con-fidence … like the raptured and undead zombies hiding behind their masks.

  38. threewickets says:

    Christopher Hitchens, Noam Chomsky, Bernie Sanders, Eric Alterman, Glenn Greenwald, Julian Assange are all convincingly “left”. They are in fact actors and the most important agents of the Bourbon Royal political-class which by definition can only be right right right. The true left is the non-royal non-elite everyone else not at the top of the pyramid. If you are not disclosing and calling out the ruling Bourbon Royal establishment by name, you are the fake-left … the keystone of the entire political-class con.

  39. threewickets says:

    Where do these fake-left actors train? Right next to the Rockefeller Adirondacks in Vermont which is Frog for Green Mountain. Part of the Five Eyes Commonwealth, and where PAV Uncle Sam made Prescott Bush with Rose.

  40. threewickets says:

    Louis Mayer and Golda Meir are probably related (siblings or father-daughter if Louis was lying about his age). They are both from some place like Bordeaux (not Minsk and Kiev). Golda Meir made Robert Maxwell with Uncle Sam, and they founded modern Israel.

    Louis Mayer made Henry Kissinger (with Greta Garbo), Sheldon Bush (with Dorothy Walker), Michael Bloomberg (with Brooke Astor), and perhaps Steve Schwarzman (with Marilyn Monroe). But it is more likely that Schwarzman comes from Sheldon.

    Will Schwarzman replace Kissinger? No. Neither will Bloomberg, Biden, Albright, or Nuland. The closest Kissinger model is sister Hillary.

  41. threewickets says:

    What do Ashkenazi and Feminazi have in common? As Billary and Lorne Michaels’ cock-blocking Jesuit Coneheads might say … We Come From France.

  42. Helen Kenney says:

    what the left wants for this country

  43. votermom says:

    Fraudci said the CDC is considering putting the vaccinated back in masks
    If they do that means theyve given up on vaccination any more people

    • threewickets says:

      The lying CIA “AIDS killed a million American gay men” CDC is part of the Geneva WHO. David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger led the powerful global wholesale LYING organization called the WHO which they proudly referred to as a “Death Cult”. Tawana has taken over for dead dad David Rockefeller, and unclear yet who will take over for the dead Henry Kissinger. Probably Henry’s sister Hillary.

    • 1539days says:

      Again, they lied about the vaccine having time-limited effectiveness. Every media doctor was saying everyone should take the shot, no one has a reason not to. All your excuses are invalid. One of those was the need to take it over and over.

      Because of COVID panic, some people are going to want to “boost” every month just in case and the rest of the world is going to push back when vaccine supplies drop. Masks were largely a con so that the Deep State could make people think they had a solution other than let nature take its course. Next, it will be endless vaccine doses.

      This Star Trek: The Next Generation clip came to mind.

    • lyn5 says:

  44. Gram Krakka says:

    WTF has happened to our country?
    Melissa Tate
    Wow! Suspected under cover FBI agent posing as a Trump supporter tries to incite folks to break the law & enter the capitol. The ppl see through him & chant “Fed Fed Fed”
    Looking more like Jan6th was an inside job by our own Govt as Tucker Carlson said

  45. threewickets says:

    My CIA parents insisted I read “War and Peace” when I was in junior high. Guess it was in the programming guide. I remember it was long and boring and French/Russian aristocrats seemed obsessed with manners. It was an important time in history. The Holy Roman Empire was ending, and Bourbon intelligence and secret society were positioning to replace the feckless Hanovers in Buckingham and take over Europe and North America. An invisible monarchy.

    Anyway as Napoleon retreated from his disastrous adventure to Moscow, it ls likely some of his surviving officers chose to remain behind and settle in places like Lithuania and Kaliningrad (Emanuel Kant’s beautiful Prussian capital). That is also where Lazar Kaganovich’s great grandparents probably come from (and moved south) … and where the Kagans, Bushes, and Rothschilds today get their Bourbon French claim to Ukraine.

  46. lyn5 says:

  47. threewickets says:

    The shape of PAV Uncle Sam’s Bourbon Royal society is a steep pyramid with the secret society at the very top … like his Trans America building in San Francisco. All about power triangulations and angles. It is very gay and full of peeping toms.

  48. Helen Kenney says:

    on tv they are talking about the spike in coronavirus Has anyone checked to see if it is happening where bid-on is dumping the untested illegal aliens? Or where the DELTA strain came from?

    • Somebody says:

      I think, but am not sure that the Delta variant started in India, but quickly spread to several other places. Specifically the UK and Brazil. Some say the Delta variant started in Brazil. I just know it was rampant in this one city in Brazil and from there it spread across South and Central America and then across the southern border. It also flew into South Florida from Brazil.

      As for where the illegals are being dumped, we don’t really know where they are being dumped. The military is flying them all over and the Biden administration isn’t coordinating with state and local governments. I remember Trump being told the military couldn’t protect our border because that could be considered political. Apparently using military planes and crews to fly and dump illegals all over the country is A-OK and not at all political to the brass.

  49. Somebody says:

    My shopping weekend is over. Honestly we found more in our little town than we did in the big city. The pickings were slim in JAX. I’m not sure if that’s because there are a lot more people shopping or because they have uniforms in JAX schools. Inventory was quite low. Many of the stores seem on the verge of going out of business. Every place was slow with very few shoppers except the Town Center.

    Quite different from up here in our little town. We’ve only lost one store, a mattress store but that is most likely because we have too many, not because of the pandemic. Five mattress stores within walking distance🙄, now there are four🙄 They’re building new stores here.

    Covid is spiking here, I hated being all over the city in a myriad of stores. I sure hope my vaccine works! I’m taking the EVMS protocol as an added precaution. Our hospitals are full, one hospital added a 20 bed ward for covid patients in some kind of storage area.

    My granddaughter had a great time, in fact she didn’t want to go home🤣 She’s pretty set for starting school except she needs new sneakers, which I didn’t know until today. She’s in a women’s size 7 shoe so ordering online will be a snap. I had to order a couple of pairs of jeans online because they only had 1 pair in her size, but otherwise she’s set. We picked up 4 tops and 4 dresses for each of the younger two while we were shopping. Of course they have hand me downs from big sis, thankfully they are different sizes. We’ll take them to get a few more items, plus my son is taking them shopping this Friday. Eldest has already put in to come over here on Friday🤣

    My talks with granddaughter were a snap. She seemed relieved to be getting information and advice. She was super happy to buy bras. My son said she showed her ass when he tried to buy her a bra, now I wonder what he said or how he handled it?? She is developing and definitely needed a bra, but she’s just an A cup so it wasn’t too bad. She was also excited to discuss hygiene and girl stuff. We even had a chance to chat about hormones, cliques and middle school girls and boys and their typical ways. Things to look out for, how to handle certain things, when to involve an adult.

    • 1539days says:

      I avoid big stores like Wal-Mart, although a store like Runnings is big, but lightly populated. My city has had a lot of “bargain” clothing stores move in, so not much reason to drive an hour away anymore. I shop for clothes almost exclusively online, but I have no real fashion sense.

    • swanspirit says:

      It sounds as if she just didn’t want to discuss girl stuff, with a guy. 🙅

  50. Helen Kenney says:


    does bid-on’s DOJ even work for the American citizen? 1st condone governors mass-murder of the elderly, now this

  51. lyn5 says:

  52. lyn5 says:

    • 1539days says:

      How about Zoom? My company used Zoom before COVID for our actual telephones. Now, with all the WFH people reluctant to come back, almost every meeting is on Zoom.

  53. lyn5 says:

  54. lyn5 says:

    Dissolve the FBI in acid.

  55. lyn5 says:

  56. lyn5 says:

  57. lyn5 says:

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