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  1. DeniseVB says:

    Derrrrr, yes please. BLM has literally gotten away with murder so far, at least sue them out of their “Free Bail” funds to pay reparations to those business owners.

    • swanspirit says:

      I think this comes under the category of ” No 💩, Sherlock” Nobody cares about Jan 6, except the people using it for politics.

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        January 6th is a big topic at the office space . Have not heard anyone mention it at nearer home or out and about. But then, as I have noted , the other agencies in our space might as well be government as their board are all local politicians with a random citizen rep (who wants to enter politics so not so random). Fairfax, a county fast becoming worse than DC proper for craziness, rules the roost and makes sure they get woke SJW types from most the other counties and cities. The others (eg Loudoun, Leesburg, and Fauquir ) are mocked along with all the hicks is other areas of the old dominion . It is no wonder northern Virginia is even more despised than Richmond.

      • driguana says:

        So true…especially if you have watched any of the many cell phone videos available that show who was doing what…it’s all there…and Democrats, Republicans and the Capitol Police were all involved because of their intense hatred of the Orange Man…very frightening…how deep is the swamp?…how deep is the ocean??

    • lyn5 says:

      And BLM received millions from dumbass people and corporations.

  2. driguana says:

    Have a great week-end, everyone! Stand firm…the best is yet to come…as we say.

    • foxyladi14 says:


    • Constance says:

      I am so looking forward to the weekend. I have had a house full of my kids cousins all week and they fly out tonight. OMG Such energy. I’m so tired but it has been fun. I’m doing nothing all weekend but wandering around in my garden and sitting in the recliner knitting. I really am old I guess. I might even fall asleep in my chair a few times.

  3. votermom says:

    What if *we* are the subjects of the human trial phase of a gain of function experiment?
    What if the vaccinated (which includes me) are human incubators of viral variants?

    • DeniseVB says:

      I’ve been fully vaccinated for 4 months, what signs should I look for that I am doomed to implode? Serious question 😉

      • 1539days says:

        I’m going to be serious.
        If you’re over 50, the most worrisome issues may be over. Young men and women of childbearing age have the most concerns because potential side effects can include heart damage and reduced fertility.
        The danger for everyone is in the future. The vaccine is much less effective than advertised, as the trial period was so short, no real measurement of efficacy can be made. The current solution is boosters, and every booster shot increases the risk of adverse reaction.

        • Constance says:

          From what I learned many years ago in Biology, all vaccines were ever meant to do is give an assist for when you caught the disease. The vaccine was supposed to pre-load you with some antibodies for diseases your body had never seen. Much like you are born with short term immunity to disease that your mother has had. Since the disease (like polio) would still be rampant in the population you would eventually catch it and have a mild or sub clinical case and develop your own long term antibodies. I keep hearing people say things about “when Covid is over”, Well it’s never going to be over it is now endemic. The best you can hope for is to catch a subclinical case while you still have some antibodies. When the number of cases increases again hopefully they will use Hydroychloroquine and Ivermectin early on and not withhold them from the population to make people suffer and die for political purposes.

      • elliesmom says:

        The “implosion” may come as the effectiveness of the vaccines wane. It’s from something called “ADE”, which is Antibody Dependent Enhancement. The virus can attach itself to antibodies that are suboptimal and enter cells more easily and spread faster than in an unvaccinated person when the better antibodies lose their effectiveness. It’s starting to show up in people who got the Pfizer vaccine now because it’s the mRNA vaccine that loses its efficacy first, but it will eventually show up in people who got Moderna as well. The signs that it’s happening are what caused Pfizer to ask for boosters at 6 months. Patients who get the virus after their vaccine shows ADE get ERD, but there are other complications possible. J&J is not an mRNA vaccine so it doesn’t work this way. This has been a known possibility from the start. One of the “known unknowns”.

        • votermom says:

          what is ERD?

          And if someone got Pfizer, wouldnt it be better to get a non-Pfizer booster or is that not how it works?

          • elliesmom says:

            ERD is Enhanced Respiratory Disease. I don’t know what happens when you “mix” the different vaccines. Nothing has remained publicly published about it I can find. When the go ahead is given for doing booster shots, I’m sure the companies will be in competition, and if it’s OK to get a different booster, then we’ll hear about it. This happened with the vaccine for dengue fever so it’s been on the radar.

        • swanspirit says:

          Stealing this. With credit of course.

    • driguana says:

      My partner and I both tested positive for Covid back in mid-January. She had symptoms for 2 days, me for 1. I now have my bloods checked every month for the antibodies and still have them…that’s 7 months. My doctor, who is Egyptian, tells us, do NOT get the vaccination or it could interfere with the natural immunity that we have. It is very difficult to find good info, except in the international medical community, and they all agree, natural immunity, many suggest, can last your lifetime. Now that’s not to say that everyone should rush out and get Covid, but it is so interesting that we are bunched in with the evil, non-vaxxers, when we may be the best protected at this point.

      • mcnorman says:

        Great point. If you want to know whether you have had the rona…why not check the tiders in people? Why tell them to jump into a frying pan? Both my niece and nephew tested positive and had the rona in January. The mexi tv news scared them into getting the vaccine. They both became VERY ill. IDK if they are dumb enough to go for boosters, but I’m guessing that they are.

  4. Helen Kenney says:
    the people who could not make out in a prison with a fist full of pardons

  5. Helen Kenney says:

  6. Helen Kenney says:

    In my opinion, those who insist on teaching CRT should be required to wear black sheets, while teaching. same as KKK just opposite color

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      CRT is just another new religion for those that claim to despise religion but with CRY only whites are born with the latest take on original sin.

  7. Helen Kenney says:

    does anyone really know the number of deaths that democrats and their sick policies have caused?

  8. Helen Kenney says:

  9. Helen Kenney says:
      • 1539days says:

        I was most interested in the statements about similar vaccines (for 1990’s SARS) actually degrading immunity and causing lab animals to contract the disease and others after vaccination. It would help explain the breakthrough cases of COVID.

        • Somebody says:

          It’s called ADE or antibody dependent enhancement. At least that’s the concern, ADE would be bad. Breakthrough cases are different. If they are only breakthrough cases then it means the immunity provided by the vaccines is temporary, like an annual flu vaccine.

          I’ve seen virologists express serious concern we could be seeing ADE. Apparently previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines resulted in ADE in animal trials. Same for RSV vaccines, there is a scientific explanation for why that happens. There is more testing, very specific testing to determine if we’re seeing ADE or breakthroughs, but there doesn’t seem to be an appetite for said testing.

          If you look around the web you can find information on it. There are some claiming we definitely are seeing that, but from what I’ve heard it’s possible, but we need to data to say definitively either way.

  10. Helen Kenney says:

    once their policies are enacted, you can not get rid of them

  11. Helen Kenney says:

    how dare you to try and stop us importing illegals with covid and placing them around the country

  12. Dora says:

  13. Dora says:

  14. Miranda says:

    I enjoyed my trip to the Sunshine state, although it was a brutal drive. A definite retirement option, since it has a beach for me and casinos for hubby (and also me).

    • Helen Kenney says:

      come on down. you will love it here

    • Somebody says:

      Which part of Florida did you visit Miranda?

      • Miranda says:

        We were at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, way down at the end. The real estate prices are high there, but Fort Myers seems a possibility.

        • Helen Kenney says:

          try Port Charlotte Fla. next town over from Fort Myers. or Punta Gordo across the bridge from Port Charlotte, I moved to Port Charlotte several years ago and it is a quiet, friendly town

        • Constance says:

          I love Fort Myers. I have been to Florida a lot and I always have a good time. But I’ve only visited October through April. I don’t know about hurricanes or summer heat. I sure like the Governor and the politics.

          • Miranda says:

            It was very hot and humid, but NC is actually hotter right now. The hurricanes are an issue, but everywhere has some issue (tornadoes, earthquakes, drought, fires, etc.)

  15. DeniseVB says:

    LOL, true………

  16. lyn5 says:

    Democrats infected every part of the government, so the systemic hate mushroomed in six months.

    • lyn5 says:

  17. Helen Kenney says:

    when did our court system adopt the try try until you get it right theory when releasing murderers, rapists, thieves?

  18. lyn5 says:

    New York Times reporter Katie Benner deleted an important series of tweets this week. The posts, she said, were “unclearly worded.” Clear enough, however, is what they portend for the future.

    On Tuesday, Benner tweeted, “Today’s #January6SelectCommittiee underscores the America’s current essential natsec dilemma: Work to combat legitimate national security threats now entails calling a current politician’s supporters enemies of the state.”

  19. Helen Kenney says:

  20. Helen Kenney says:
    • lateblum says:

      Frankly, I think he’s doing more damage as AG than he would on SCOTUS. He isn’t sitting on a panel of people who had to come to some consensus. And that is only after much research, discussion and other considerations. He simply makes his pronouncements and at some point – after it goes through the rigors of being applied, challenged, adjudicated – it might be referred to SCOTUS. Then SCOTUS has to accept the issue and discuss and rule on it – while SCOTUS is in session. It could take years.

  21. Helen Kenney says:

  22. lyn5 says:

  23. Dora says:

  24. lyn5 says:

  25. driguana says:

    Friday’s fabulous cluster with James Howard Kunstler…ripening…

  26. Locked-N-Loaded says:

    Stole this from Facebook:

    ME: CDC, should I get poke if I already had Covid?
    CDC: “Yes, you should be poked regardless of whether you already had COVID-19. That’s because experts do not yet know how long you are protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19.”
    ME: Oh, okay, we don’t know how long natural immunity lasts. Got it. So, how long does poke-induced immunity last?
    CDC: “There is still a lot we are learning about COVID-19 pokes and CDC is constantly reviewing evidence and updating guidance. We don’t know how long protection lasts for those who are poked.”
    ME: Okay … but wait a second. I thought you said the reason I need the poke was because we don’t know how long my natural immunity lasts, but it seems like you’re saying we ALSO don’t know how long poke immunity lasts either. So, how exactly is the poke immunity better than my natural immunity?
    CDC: …
    ME: Uh … alright. But, haven’t there been a bunch of studies suggesting that natural immunity could last for years or decades?
    CDC: Yes.
    NEWYORKTIMES: “Years, maybe even decades, according to a new study.”
    ME: Ah. So natural immunity might last longer than poke immunity?
    CDC: Possibly. You never know.
    ME: Okay. If I get the poke, does that mean I won’t get sick?
    BRITAIN: Nope. We are just now entering a seasonal spike and about half of our infections and hospital admissions are poked people.
    ME: CDC, is this true? Are there a lot of people in the U.S. catching Covid after getting the poke?
    CDC: We stopped tracking breakthrough cases. We accept voluntary reports of breakthroughs but aren’t out there looking for them.
    ME: Does that mean that if someone comes in the hospital with Covid, you don’t track them because they’ve been poked? You only track the UN-poked Covid cases?
    CDC: That’s right.
    ME: Oh, okay. Hmm. Well, if I can still get sick after I get the poke, how is it helping me?
    CDC: We never said you wouldn’t get sick. We said it would reduce your chances of serious illness or death.
    ME: Oh, sorry. Alright, exactly how much does it reduce my chance of serious illness or death.
    CDC: We don’t know “exactly.”
    ME: Oh. Then what’s your best estimate for how much risk reduction there is?
    CDC: We don’t know, okay? Next question.
    ME: Um, if I’m healthy and don’t want the poke, is there any reason I should get it?
    CDC: Yes, for the collective.
    ME: How does the collective benefit from me getting poked?
    CDC: Because you could spread the virus to someone else who might get sick and die.
    ME: Can a poked person spread the virus to someone else?
    CDC: Yes.
    ME: So if I get poked, I could still spread the virus to someone else?
    CDC: Yes.
    ME: But I thought you just said, the REASON I should get poked was to prevent me spreading the virus? How does that make sense if I can still catch Covid and spread it after getting the poke?
    CDC: Never mind that. The other thing is, if you stay unpoked, there’s a chance the virus could possibly mutate into a strain that escapes the pokes protection, putting all poked people at risk.
    ME: So the poke stops the virus from mutating?
    CDC: No.
    ME: So it can still mutate in poked people?
    CDC: Yes.
    ME: This seems confusing. If the poke doesn’t stop mutations, and it doesn’t stop infections, then how does me getting poked help prevent a more deadly strain from evolving to escape the poke?
    CDC: You aren’t listening, okay? The bottom line is: as long as you are unpoked, you pose a threat to poked people.
    ME: But what KIND of threat??
    CDC: The threat that they could get a serious case of Covid and possibly die.
    ME: My brain hurts. Didn’t you JUST say that the poke doesn’t keep people from catching Covid, but prevents a serious case or dying? Now it seems like you’re saying poked people can still easily die from Covid even after they got the poke just by running into an unpoked person! Which is it??
    CDC: That’s it, we’re hanging up now.
    ME: Wait! I just want to make sure I understand all this. So, even if I ALREADY had Covid, I should STILL get poked, because we don’t know how long natural immunity lasts, and we also don’t know how long poke immunity lasts. And I should get the poke to keep a poked person from catching Covid from me, but even if I get the poke, I can give it to the poked person anyways. And, the other poked person can still easily catch a serious case of Covid from me and die. Do I have all that right?

    ME: Um, hello? Is anyone there?

    • 1539days says:

      CDC wants to poke as much as a teenage boy.

    • elliesmom says:

      Here’s the thing- if we can believe the statistics for the number of people who have died from covid, and if we can’t, we’d know it’s because the reported numbers are too high, we can figure out what the worse case for dying from covid if we remain unvaccinated is. My son’s oncologist once said those stats are meaningless because for any patient, you die or you don’t regardless of what happens to anyone else. But that aside- that number is pretty much a “known”.

      On the other hand, we don’t know how many people have died from taking the vaccine. We don’t know how many people have died from covid-19 after being vaccinated. Those numbers are “known knowns”, but not shared with the public so for us they’re unknown. We’re just beginning to know how many people who achieved immunity by having the virus suffered from illness or death shortly after being vaccinated. It’s a “known unknown”. We don’t know what the answer is, but we know there is one. What effect the vaccines have on pregnancy or future fertility- more ‘known unknowns”. We don’t know, but we know it’s something we need to know. If the mRNAs declining efficacy is going to be a problem for vaccinated people, there are a host of both “known unknowns” and “unknown unknowns”.

      A person can rationally make a decision whether to get the vaccine one way or the other based on the odds of dying from the disease, but there is no way to make a rational decision based on what we know or don’t know about the vaccine. As we learn more about the vaccines, that call should become easier, but in meantime we all have to go with our guts about what to do. If you’ve taken the vaccine already, you can’t take the decision back. If you haven’t, and you find yourself sick, you can’t run out and get the vaccine and have it work in time.

      Someday, and maybe soon, we’ll know who made the right decision, but for now, we really don’t know what it’s going to be. I believe a lot of the pressure coming from everyday folks to either get other people vaccinated or talk them out of it is coming from people looking for validation for their own choice. That somehow convincing other people to make the same decision will tip the scales toward making that the right decision. The reality is that if everybody on the planet makes the same decision, it still can be the wrong one.

      • Cisco says:

        Very well written.
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
        Im in a tough position.
        If I don’t get jabbed, I won’t be allowed to meet with family, though there’s not many left, over the holidays.
        So iv been told.
        Ive considered lying, you know like the “witnesses” at the 1/6 dog & pony show.
        Thus the dilemma.

        • elliesmom says:

          I have never lied about not being vaccinated, but I have allowed someone to make the assumption I have and not felt obligated to correct her. I didn’t set out to deceive her. She went on a rant to me about people who haven’t been vaccinated assuming I had been. It was not a fight I wanted to have with her so I just discreetly changed the subject.

          • Cisco says:

            I can bs, fib a bit & stretch the the truth a wee bit, but lie?
            Certainly, but I can’t to family or put them at risk.
            Thank you for the reply ellie👍

      • SHV says:

        “A person can rationally make a decision whether to get the vaccine one way or the other based on the odds of dying from the disease, but there is no way to make a rational decision based on what we know or don’t know about the vaccine.”
        Exactly!! The risk/benefit calculations seem to be changing daily. I got Pfizer as soon as my cohort became eligible….mostly based demonstrated short term safety, age and the fact that at the time, the wife was dealing with COVID patients in the ICU. I was not concerned with intermediate or long term risks of either the vaccine or COVID infection. Going forward my “protection” is likely becoming less and less.

        • Cisco says:

          Thank you for the response & you Crawdadders, too
          Much appreciated
          Rationally, the key

  27. Mothy67 says:

    I have thought a lot about what was construed as callous on my part. I wouldn’t have expressed it here had I known it could hurt. I can be far to blunt at times. I have known a lot of people who did worse than eating a bullet. Sometimes the worst is drugs, sex, or booze. My best friend is way to into drugging herself with a prescription. She doesn’t want to ever be raw. I cosign a lot. A best friend is closer than a lover. We may not be doing the tango but we dance (not well) around a lot of issues. Mostly about kids. I love her and I bite my lip. She has told me I have it easy with regards to Shay. As if being a middle aged gay guy who grew up owing poverty money with a bad heart has just existed in bliss. I have been where I’ve been. I looked around. When Shay was a mere tadpole. No one wanted her. No one set themself aside and said this infant deserves to be seen. To be recognized as an actual human. I said hold my beer. I will be here. I wish I could write I did know how to inform my brat she could author her own story. She can decide how things play out to an extent.
    Anyhow I treasure you people. Elliesmom???? I would never want to cross her. I feebly attempt to not be always an asshole with my nieces and nephew. I fail cause I am an assshole and that’s what assholes do. I have gained so much by coming here. Helen’s stories?
    Anyhow times two. Have you watched American Horror Stories The Naughty List? It starts with these very very pretty men who live in Bro House. They are social media influencers. They see a guy about to jump off a bridge. They encourage and post it for likes. I have an obsession with Ryan Murphy. I think he starts stuff that begins as brilliant and then I don’t get where he goes. In todays world the damage that can be done by likes is real. That should have been the story it goes off on Murphy tangents. I want to love Ryan Murphy. He’s an Irish Catholic from Indiana. I have watched and read his stuff. He is a writer. On AHS Cult the character by Even Peters puts Cheetos in a blender on election night. and then plasters his face. I thought oh here we go again. The series was actually almost balanced.

  28. elliesmom says:

    Yesterday there were two places in the zoo where we were required to wear masks. Had it been everywhere, I would have declined the invitation. A hot day in the sun wearing a mask wouldn’t have been enticing no matter the adventure. There were many buildings we entered where no masks were required, including the building where we bathed the elephant. We were required to wear a mask in the small building where the albino alligator was housed. The sign said it was because the building got crowded. My friend and I and a mom with a little boy were the only ones there, but we followed the rules.

    The one that made me scratch my head was the building that housed the primates. While the alligator building only had a sign, the primate house had a zoo employee at the door who policed the masking and timed entries. She said the reason was because the zoo didn’t want covid-19 to infect the animals. While it’s true primates other than humans can get sick from covid-19, they were all behind glass. I suppose the virus could travel through air conditioners, but the people walkway through the building didn’t feel air conditioned. There were outdoor primate exhibits with closer human/animal contact and no masks required. There were a few people who walked around wearing masks the whole time, and some people who had no masks were turned away from the primate house. It was a boring exhibit so they didn’t miss much.

  29. Somebody says:

    We’re number 1 again! 810 cases in a county of 89,548😬 They didn’t report the number of tests, but said once again we had the highest positivity rate in the nation.

  30. Angie says:

    Holy Fucking Shit, I like the cut of her jib.

  31. Angie says:

    Amazing! This guy nailed it a year ago.

  32. Helen Kenney says:

    weird thought. covid is quiet here, hey Joe can you send us some infected illegals to get it started again and keep it going and remain in control of the citizens?

  33. lyn5 says:

  34. threewickets says:

    Let’s say in some science fiction fantasy, President Xi and Tawana are both sons of Liberace Rockefeller-Rothschild. What would happen if the Rockefeller-Rothschild Carlyle Fed stopped its highest priority agenda MAKE CHINA BOOM TO SHRINK THE CHINESE RACE? Beijing would probably remove Xi from the Standing Committee. Reality is that Five Eyes Bourbons no longer control global energy, global labor, global capital and currency reserves, global manufacturing and productivity, even global technologies. Five Eyes Bourbons really only control global fake news and lying today.

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