Good morning all you flower lovers ❤

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  1. Miranda says:

    Bunnies are good too 🙂 Back when I tried to have daylilies, a bunny sat in the flower bed, pulled the lily down and ate it like an ear of corn. It was so cute, I didn’t care (but I don’t grow lilies anymore).

    • elliesmom says:

      Between the deer and the bunnies, I run a cafe. When the deer discovered they couldn’t get over my fence anymore, they discovered the ones in the front yard. ❤

      • Somebody says:

        I don’t mind the bunny Cafe I run or even the occasional deer buffet, but the constant armadillo Cafe I could do without🙄

        My husband gets pissed at the rabbits, but I think they’re too cute to get angry with.

    • foxyladi14 says:

      Good Morning. I love bunnies too. Mine feast on my Sweet Clover! 😀

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      My one cat does ear of corn 🌽 attack with fresh catnip and Gerber daisies. The other cats all nibble gently but the littlest fur ball pulls the stems toward her and proceeds to strip them bare. She is small and fury and it is adorable to see but her roomies are left wondering what happen to their special treat. So I have to let them all have a taste and then hide so she does not demolish the entire plant in one sitting.

    • Constance says:

      I love the Bunnies! They are destroying a couple of my plants so I might put some repellent around those but I hope they still come to my backyard.

  2. swanspirit says:

    Good morning! Love the bunny. I have bunnies. They eat my basil.

    • lyn5 says:

      ❤ I loved bunnies before kitties. My second childhood bunny was cinnamon like this bun's chest. She had a gray nose.

  3. Dora says:

    Good Morning. I love bunnies too. And flowers.


  4. Dora says:

    • Mothy67 says:

      I will have to ask Shay what she thinks of this. She was raised by a gay man (me). Every kid at school knows me. Most have spent more than a night here. I doubt anyone even thinks about it anymore. I’m just another parent. It was a little shocking in 2010 but I’ve dealt with everyone for 11 years. Tim being great gay uncle isn’t even interesting any more. This kid is a buffoon. Is it comedic on tik tok. I don’t know. I don’t get Kardashians either. Gay isn’t Uncle Arthur anymore. Peter Theil, Richard Grenell, Patrick Bumatay, Ryan Murphy, Greg Berlanti, even Pete Butt a judge.serious major players that don’t need to entertain to count. I watched this and felt sad for the actor. It’s probably just a role. I think stunts like this might make more gay men take a longer look at the democratic party. I can’t definitively speak for anyone but me but at 54 I can say my financial health is a bit more important than a sexual adrift 20 something screaming for attention.

    • Mothy67 says:

      When I did some volunteer work a 100 years ago it involved moving street kids off the street. I was a nobody who put in 10 hours tops a week just handing out forms. It was mostly private but welfare applications had to be made before private money was doled out. This was on St Marks in 1991. I have no idea what it’s like now. Rich kids ran away to be homeless for the summer back then. People snorted heroin but there was no fentenyl. My supervisor told me to look at the teeth and gums. She said if they look great the kids don’t need us. They might need serious help, but that’s not what we are doing. We can’t. We get teens off the street not provide psychotherapy to Long Island runaways. That’s another deserving cause but it’s not ours. I kept looking at this young man’s teeth. I found him obnoxious. Even harmful. He is a joke, but his teeth tell me he was raised well.

    • 1539days says:

      I’d like Trump back just to kick this thing’s ass.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Milo could do it.

        • Mothy67 says:

          I have never been much of a gay militant. I was 21 living in Philly when Act Up was frothing at the mouth. AIDS was scary to a young guy but ACT UP was scarier. They were insane. I worked at Hotel Atop the Bellview. George Bush was staying. I ran the over night room service. There was almost nothing that left room service, but we were fully staffed just in case. I had this amazing apartment between Broad and 15th on Spruce. It was old Philly stunning. The city had bought the land for what is now a major art center. I paid 325 a month because it was month to month. Twenty foot ceilings, three fire places. Real old money Philly. I think it took the city 20 years to tear it down. Anyhow I was I guess guilty of serving GWB. I was the over night room service manager. I did nothing but stay awake. No one ever called and if they did it was for a tylenol. It wasone of the most prestigious hotels in the world,that whole legioneer’s disease set aside. I got off work at 7 am. My apartment was a block away. Seriously I met with secret service just once so they could run basic background. This wasn’t a spring fling hotel. I was making tops 40 working all night doing absolutely nothing. I went home at the crack of 7. I couldn’t get in. ACT UP had barricaded my apartment with caskets. I was killing people according to them. I guess the police or secret service had moved them from the hotel a block away so they went after a guy making 40 thousand who had to stay awake all night in case some diva needed a pain killer at 4. I never met GWB. They made my life hell for months. They were baby antifa. Its kinda funny Irene who was the model for Pocohantas was semi friendly with me her boyfriend lived across the street. They killed our street for a little over a week. She distanced herself from me. Today she’s a hot mess. Domestic abuse. Substance abuse. She was in the CBS AllAccess The Stand. I have aged but not like that.

    • DandyTIger says:

      Eh, I’m fine with the guy. If he’s there for the comedy tiktok thingy, perfect fine. If he’s there as an employee, supposedly working, then I might worry a bit.

      • Mothy67 says:

        Im going to disagree. I had to fight to not be a joke. Everything I have I fought for. Being pissed on with dudes saying we know what you want as they gingerly kicked me in the head was not fun. I stay silent a lot. Camp shit does not fly with me. I’d take a billion guys skull fucking me with Timberland steel toes before I would say this tool represents me. I work hard and I support a kid she matters not prancing. I might need to take a hundred walks around the block but this skit pisses me off and yes its a skit.

  5. Mothy67 says:

    I loved loved loved my bunny. She was the sweetest thing. Would sit on my lap for hours. My bad girl Bella defended her. The hawk knew to stay away. I was worried when we got Gracie, the beagle. She loves to chase things in the yard, but she was an angel inside with Ori. Oreo loved riding on their backs and she really loved riding the roomba. She could turn it on and get it out of docking station. It was her amusement park. She was about 12. One morning her legs stopped working I called the vet by the time I got ready she had left. I know it sounds silly but I adored that fur ball. I often can’t sleep I’d open the fridge at 2 am. I spent a lot of hours over the years eating bunny food with her on the dining room table. I talked to her all the time. Funny thing 15 years ago I thought I detested kids and pets. Shay was an accident. I never sat down and said I have too much money please allow me to piss away my retirement on a spoiled brat. Shit happens. I was an above average looking guy having fun 24/7 in Manhattan. I now get in spats with Leah over Santas Workshop themes. We buy everything from the dollar store, but somehow Leah and I fued over colors. It’s green or red. Ihad my dog as a boy— Henry. I got my first migraine the day he died. I couldn’t not have him. I was never getting a dog again. EVER. It’s flirting with a storm right now. I downsized to a twin. Bell and Gracie are in my small bed. They are on me like white on rice before and during a storm. I never wanted a dog. Gets worse. I thought I hated cats. I am mildly allergic. My dad and brother are that word I cant spell Anna Falactic. I wasn’t around pudding puss growing up. Mother Fuck we left the pool when Shay was just a tadpole. Maybe 4 or 5. A cardboard box of kittens. Called cat people. They were so itty. Could I keep them until they got old enough. I hate everyone and everything. Fate being a nasty bitch saddled me with a child and dumnb dogs. I am allergic.i nursed those idiots. Fuck did they grow on me as they got bigger. They’d just crawl all over my chest and shoulders. The cat rescue people were amazing. They dropped off all the foods, toys, litter. Kittens just needed a few weeks to grow. I was there. I really cared about those snots when they got adopted and I loathe all kids and pets.

    • swanspirit says:

      Once upon a time I had 3 female cats, two white ones, sisters from the same litter, and an orange tabby. Somehow, well we all know how, they got pregnant at the same time. They all had their kittens within days of each other. I had 24 furballs in my home. They were absolutely beautiful, too. Furballs, everywhere.

      I had no idea how to find homes for all of them. But I thought I would try the Ocean City flea market. We bathed every kitten with flea shampoo. It was an assembly line.

      I was afraid the people at the flea market would be angry about bringing kittens. I loaded them into a large cat carrier, and off we went. I forgot the effect kittens have on people.
      Half the people there came over to pet the kitties. They ooohed, they washed, they took them home.

      They all went home with people. One lady got a box so she could take hers home on the bus to New Jersey.

  6. Dora says:

  7. Dora says:

    • elliesmom says:

      It’s nice of MSNBC to kick off DiSantis’ presidential campaign for him free of charge. There could be no bigger compliment.

      • 1539days says:

        It’s actually fairly clever for the lowest rated network. Trump supporters are going to go after DeSantis because they want Trump in 2024.

        • Somebody says:

          I’m a Trump AND a DeSantis supporter, I like them both.

          • Mothy67 says:

            My brother hates Trump. He can’t get by how gruff Donald can be. I think it’s because we grew up very very poor. Jim makes mid six figures at a bullshit job, but he is a Romney type. Hair never out of place. Irons his jeans. He’d never go to the store without a shower. I sniff my clothes to see if I can get a few more wears. We reacted differently to the shame of being poor. He needs everything in order. I’ve awakened and moved to London cause I was bored. We are close. I probably owe him tens of thousands. I’d call him from Mykonos and say i have 9 dollars. He’d wire me money. He’d never pay a few what was it drachma in the 80’s to sleep on a roof. Just not him. We are both kinda conservative. Me more than him. We did grow up with work hard. Sometimes we are harsh in expecting others to grin and bear it. He just could not get by Trump sounding off. He is all in for DeSantis. I love my older brother but he can be the most narrow minded person. He’d lose his mind if he even had one extra drink. He has to be in control and appearance is of the utmost importance. Romney. Style over substance. He’s a yuuuge reader but they are all the same story. Daniel Silva or Nelson DeMille. Middle aged guy gets into intrigue. Ya wanna talk white. Cracker shite. I gave him The Castle. He wanted to know what was wrong with me. I told him I had a thing with Nelson DeMilles step son. He got in his car and drove away. Sex with the spawn of contemporary literary giants don’t impress him. He thrives on being normal. Trump was funny, but not in the way the button downs can handle. My brother loves DeSantis.

          • elliesmom says:

            DISantis is a young man. I think he has the foresight to know Trump gets to decide first. Better to wait another 4 years and have Trump and his supporters’ full support than to go up against him. But it doesn’t hurt to let the MAGAs know he’s there for them if he’s needed.

          • Mothy67 says:

            I don’t see Trump as old, but I guess people do. I also don’t understand that I can get a free cup of coffee at Lenny’s. I am not middle aged. I am a senior. How is that possible? I think I am such an idiot. I know nada bout nothing. Seriously I should be reserved and intelligent. Sitting back with pearls of wisdom. I don’t know jack shit about anything. All these years and all I’ve learned is I am an asshat. My brother’s girlfriend. Life has shown me loads. Maybe more than some. I wrote her off. You people called me on my idiocy, but for crying out loud I let me get there. I kinda blamed a woman, a motherfor a suicide. Now I can explore why. He’s my youngest brother. I can’t stand him, but well at times I am very Irish. I’d kill to protect my brother I detest. He’s my brother. This thing with this woman is his. It is not mine. My instincts are always feral. You come near mine I will end you. Of course his name is Daniel cause I must hum Elton John. I was harsh in processing the woman’s loss. The guy who set up his truck to breath in poison leaving two sons behind. Ugh. My job was to protect my little brother. I did not think. These are all people. I suck. She has had to explain and deal with real children. I had no imagination. Just my younger brother that I don’t like. Ugh.

        • lyn5 says:

          Trump could quickly pick DeSantis as his VP.

  8. Dora says:

    Leaked Document Reveals ‘Shocking’ Terms of Pfizer’s International Vaccine Agreements

    Vaccine purchasers must “indemnify, defend and hold harmless Pfizer … from and against any and all suits, claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, liabilities, settlements, penalties, fines, costs and expenses … arising out of, relating to, or resulting from the vaccine.”


    • lateblum says:

      Very scary. I hope there are standards that must be met before any of this order can be enforced. It also sounds like my governor might wish he had thought of it first. But since the order’s signing was so “low keyed”, Pritzker might just appropriate it for himself.

    • elliesmom says:

      One of the things I learned working for Hillary in 2008 is politicians who are Democrats actively hate the people they represent, including Hillary. Repubicans suck up to get elected and then ignore us. Only people who hate kids would demand mandates to mask kids all day.

  9. Dora says:

    Can’t someone shut this man up?

    • elliesmom says:

      I had a conversation about this last night. A good friend implored me to get the vaccine because of the “Delta variant”. Now, the tests most people get for covid-19 can’t even distinguish between the corona virus and the flu, which is one of the reasons the flu has “disappeared” this year. So how can these tests pick out the differences between the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and now Llamda variants of covid-19 when people walk in off the streets to get tested? The answer is the test can’t. I don’t doubt the virus is mutating. It’s what all viruses do. Some of the mutations will thrive, but thousands of those mutations won’t survive a single generation of the virus. While scientists in a lab might be finding a mutation and naming it Delta, the CDC really doesn’t know how many people are testing positive for it. Conveniently, the variant has become “widespread” at the same time vaccinated people are getting covid and spreading it to others. An equally plausible explanation, but not as lucrative, is the vaccines are failing. Either way, why would I run out and get vaccinated because of a new version of the virus the vaccine doesn’t stop?

      • Mothy67 says:

        I have mad respect for you. Years of respect. I bet it was you who suggested that cooking with science book. So much fun but expensive.
        Anywho have you as a highly sciencely (my new word) person felt gut about these machinations. I have a very visceral response. My mind, my body gets Amy Winehouse. No, no, no. It’s not so much me but I do feel like hell to the no when it comes to crud. I’d put my head on a railroad track before I let her get the stab. I know it makes zero science sense but I feel it in my bones.

        • elliesmom says:

          There’s a video going around that was done by a pathologist. I’m pretty sure someone linked it here in the past couple of days. Autopsies, although not nearly enough of them, have been done on people who have died from the vaccines. The doctor goes through all of the places in the body where remnants of the vaccines have shown up. One of them is in the female reproductive organs. He also points out testing on rats has shown a 17% (I think was the number) reduction in fertility. Rats are some of the most fertile animals on the planet. The folks on the left have an intense fascination with “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Their insistence on vaccinating children may actually end up with a society where a few women who weren’t vaccinated as kids will become the baby makers for the women who were. I’m not saying it’s a probability, but it is a possibility. Someone could write a good dystopian novel that could become as prophetic as “1984”.

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        I have been saying all along, since it was first reported last fall that flu had disappears down under in Australia as their season starts before ours, that the flu did not disappear it was counter as covid. And people were reluctant to say they had the flu or a cold because everyone would assume covid.19.

      • 1539days says:

        There was a discussion at work about the recent exposure. Someone said 32% of new cases of COVID were among the vaccinated. The other person (that had the potential super spreader party) blamed it on the Delta variant.

        Those of us who remember things know that the vaccine was deemed “highly effective” against the Delta variant months ago. What’s really happening, like EM has been saying, is that the vaccine isn’t mis-keyed for Delta, it is losing effectiveness for ALL Wuhan viruses after 3-6 months. The media and the “experts” are just assuming and implying that this magical Delta variant is the actual reason behind all the problems with vaccines in general and this “gene therapy” engineered virus specifically.

    • Cisco says:

      Remember that Fauci.

  10. swanspirit says:


    Dr. Fauci’s Federal Agency Spent $424K Cruelly Experimenting on and Euthanizing Beagles, Exposé Reveals
    The federal government is using your money on some shockingly cruel animal experiments.

  11. lyn5 says:

  12. lyn5 says:

  13. lyn5 says:

  14. foxyladi14 says:

    also on dish 219.

  15. lateblum says:

    I have so many thoughts – and feelings – about Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago. I wish she would resign. She has shown herself not only ill-prepared to be the mayor (and who actually could have been prepared for this job with Covid, George Floyd riots,’defund the police’, destroy history, etc) but also weak and more focused on covering her a$$ rather than being a real mayor of all Chicago. I can’t pretend to know what is in her head, but if I were she, I would want to get out of town every morning and not comeback. On Saturday night/Sunday morning, the men and women of the CPD turned their backs on her when she entered the hospital and to meet with the family of the critically wounded officer involved it eh shooting that killed his partner Ella French during a traffic stop. The car had expired license plates. It cost one life and medically ruined the life of another LEO. Lori Lightfoot spent time campaigning for re-election when she spoke. She lost my support long ago. She lost the support of my daughter more recently. She lost the support of Chicago cops more than a year ago.
    Here’s hoping she has now lost the rest of Chicago.

    • Cisco says:

      mayor Groot’s ONLY, & I repeat ONLY qualifications for office are, political affiliation, gender, sexual orientation & pigmentation.
      Just like vp Heels-Up harris

  16. lateblum says:

    Just saw that Gov Cuomo has resigned from his position effective next week Thursday.
    No link. He is speaking on tv right now.

  17. 1539days says:

    I’d love to put together a compilation video of all the liberal women talking about how strong and manly Cuomo was because he was trying to lock down everyone and kill old people while preening on TV daily last year.

  18. Mothy67 says:

    Hate me if need be
    I feel like coming to the defense of Cuomo. Not for killing granny. I want him held accountable for that.
    No I wanna offer defense about sex charges. Everything has changed. I was 22 when I met Suzanne Mallouk in the cafeteria at Hunter College. She was or has been labeled the Widow Basquiat. Jean-Michelle Basquiat. I was commuting from Philly to Ny to go to college. I was alone and broke. Honestly living on one personal pan pizza a day. Suzanne befriended me. It was not because I had deep thoughts. She was a part of the downtown art world. I had/have according to a little known actress named Elizabeth Taylor the most striking eyes. Who knows maybe this Liz chick knew a tad bit about baby blues. I had worlds open before me. I had no skills no talent. I got paid very well to show up. I flirted. I whored myself without having sex. Having had my share of open hearts I never got into actual sex. Never decided to not sleep with everyone it just wasn’t me. Everybody did and I was just a big of a commodity as anyone else. I served lunch meat once at 2000a plate. It wasn’teven from Gristedes. Nope corner deli. Everyone hit on everyone. I don’t even know if you can call it wrong. I’d love to hear Debbie Harry’s take. I had many gross pot belly dudes offer me the world. I didn’t expire cause a rich old guy took out his thing. Somehow I became good friends with Peter Neufeld. He was one of the producers of Cats. We were friends for years. Good friends until he hit alzheimers. I never encountered a whiff of untoward hit on. We met because I was watching hockey. He thought it odd a gay man could pronounce darius kasparitus. I love hockey. Always have. He became my friend. Old fat millionaire and skinny hockey loving gaykid. He never even offered to produce my stupid play that got work shopped at the Old Vic.He pulled no strings. My play never made it. Might be timely now. It was a distant cousin of Faulkner’s As I lay Dying. A family coming together to confess to murder. Each child had a reason tokill the mother doped up on morphine dying from cancer. The children half speak but the play is about a mother talking to her angry kids as she departs. I didn’t even getreviewed.anyhow I knew Peter many years. We could not get a drink without some strange writer or actor throwing himself at him. Peter was fat. I worked on Broadway for 20 years. I say shut the shut up.

  19. Mothy67 says:

    Entertainment is very strange right now. If you have an agent you can sell swill. There are so many streamers and just the same number of writers. I woke up feeling goofy. I was not writing for money. My allergies were bad I decided to as I was chugging water to get out of my morning allergy by writing as if I was gregor from Metamorphosis. I’d ache to be read. Even one time. I’d slit my own throat before I was affilliated with NY Times. Think about it thoughGregor is literary gold who is he. When is the man not the cockroach. I’m gay my parents hated me in 1984. I was a cockroach. Once I came out everyone breathed again.kafka!!!!

    • 1539days says:

      “What’s the plot?”
      “I haven’t written it.”
      “Get out of my office.”
      “JJ Abrams and Paul Rudd are attached to the project.”

  20. lyn5 says:

    They are the basket of deplorables.

    • lyn5 says:

      h/t Angie

      Shem Horne @Shem_Infinite

      Democrats never work across the aisle on anything when Republicans are in charge, because they know if they just wait long enough the cowards in the GOP will cave to them eventually. Pathetic.

  21. lyn5 says:

    • lyn5 says:

  22. lyn5 says:

    h/t Angie

  23. lyn5 says:

  24. lyn5 says:

  25. Mothy67 says:

    Dumbest thing ever occurred to me—- if I am going to write I have to be honest
    Honest for me means I love ashes of roses. I suck. I studied works written by the long dead. I love O’Neil and Miller but I wept to bow at their feet. Aint no way Tim Cain can even gurgle with Morning Becomes Electra. I am not profound. I love words. The Thorn Birds. I was just a kid my mom did not return her sticker. I read that book like my life depended on it. I think it did. Words gave a nobody hope. I think I may write again. If not there is always cat steven Wild World when I feel sad

  26. Myiq2xu says:

    Ho Lee Phuc:

    According to Professor Jennifer Ho of the University of Colorado at Boulder, white supremacy is the root of all race-related violence in the United States. Ho states that “Anti-Asian racism has the same source as anti-Black racism: white supremacy. So when a Black person attacks an Asian person, the encounter is fueled perhaps by racism, but very specifically by white supremacy. White supremacy does not require a white person to perpetuate it… The dehumanization of Asian people by U.S. society is driven by white supremacy and not by any Black person who may or may not hate Asians.”

    According to Ho, therefore, the white guy who wants to marry an Asian woman is guilty (by the very nature of his being white) of an attack by a black man on an Asian person 100 miles away because the black man has been fueled by the racism directed against him by all the white people he’s encountered since he was born.

    I picked a bad year to give up Hillbilly Heroin.

  27. Angie says:

    • lyn5 says:

      Thank you, American morons who voted and cheated for this SOB.

      • Constance says:

        It was definitely China and they hacked with such precision that they left finger prints all over the cheat. I watched Mike Lindells symposium today and while most of it was some what emotional and hyper Dr Frank gave a really good math analysis that showed each state has been hacked. They used the 2010 census which was all they had at the time. They set a percentage for each state and used it in each county. So if you calculate 83 numbers for each county one is18 year olds that voted, two is 19 yr olds that voted, 3 is 20 yr olds that voted and on until age 100. So in every county in PA the same percentage of 18 yr olds voted, the same percentage of 19 year olds, the same number of 20 yr olds and on until age 100. But since people move around and died since the 2010 census, that ended up with more people voting than lived in the county in many places. This identical percentage thing is apparently true in every state (although they each have different percentages that were used) for each county. He only talked 40 mins so if you see it around watch it.

    • helenk3 says:

      did he charge the secret service rent for the cottage that stayed in while on his protection team?

    • DeniseVB says:

      I think SS was pointing to an obstruction since it looked like construction stuff laying around. It did look bad for Joe, lol.

  28. lyn5 says:

  29. Dora says:

  30. helenk3 says:


    prayers answered? would be one the best things to happen for this country
    Can not happen soon enough

  31. lyn5 says:

  32. lyn5 says:

    Angie found this.

  33. lyn5 says:

  34. lyn5 says:

  35. votermom says:

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    Democrat newsie:

  39. lyn5 says:

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