Weekend of January 15-16, 2022

Eben Ice Caves and Canyon Falls, Rock River Township, Michigan
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  1. Dora says:

    Good Morning.

    Beautiful picture. I’ve never heard of the Ice Caves. They sound cold. 🙂

    • DeniseVB says:

      The photo popped up on a winter scenes search. I love the froze waterfalls, picked this one for the color. Just trying to make winter brighter 😀

      • elliesmom says:

        It’s 4 degrees here right now and windy. I had a hard time getting one of the dogs to go out and a hard time getting the other to come in. No double digits until mid-afternoon. I’d take Ellie for her morning walk in the single digits, but the windchill has it down to -14. Hopefully, I will be able to distract her from leash fetching until after lunch. She can be a tyrant. 🙂

        • DeniseVB says:

          That made me cold just to read 🙂 Happy walkies, stay warm !

        • lyn5 says:

          Burrrrrr. Stay warm!

        • Somebody says:

          Brrrr, I’d be under a pile of blankets, one of which would be electric! No way I’d stick my toe outside, let alone go for a walk.

          I know you’re used to cold, but not THAT cold. If you do venture out with Ellie stay safe and watch out for ice patches! Definitely have some hot cocoa or a hot buttered rum when you return.

        • lateblum says:

          I remember what those winter temps are like! They. Are. Cold. I hope you can resist the will of the doggies and stay inside where you can control the cold and the wind chills.

        • votermom says:

          It was 12 degrees this morning on our walk. Wore my warm gloves but my fingers said “not warm enough!”

        • elliesmom says:

          If anyone ever doubts I love Ellie . . She made it to 16 degrees before getting totally obnoxious. The wind off the water is brutal so I put my foot down over a romp on the beach and a walk across the dam, but she got her walk. ❤

        • Mt.Laurel says:

          This made me laugh. At one point we had a Clumber spaniel that LOVED the outdoors and splashing in puddles and running through snow. He would stay out playing in his run for at least an hour a couple times a day unless unless the temps were dangerous. The other was a very very well mannered collie that despised rain and snow. Had to clear a path for her ,put socks on her feet and walk with her on a lead . she was done and ready to head in no time flat where she wanted toweled down (towels warmed on the radiator of course) and her feet wiped and dry socks until she was comfy again. She came from a farm and they already knew when she was a young pup that she was not going to make it as a working herder. Our vet told the family he knew just the right home. I had just lost my Sheltie and the Spanish was missing a playmate and she filled the bill. She was good at herding cats. Indoor cats.

    • jadzia1971 says:

      It’s in the UP, the place that pretty much invented REALLY FUCKING COLD. Also, the place where I was born and raised. Nobody has ever heard of it, so I often just say that I’m from Narnia.

  2. Dora says:

    A Wisconsin judge has ruled that the controversial absentee ballot drop boxes widely used in the 2020 election are not allowed under state law; a decision that could dramatically impact voting in the swing state’s midterm elections — not to mention the 2024 presidential election — if the judge’s ruling stands.

    As reported by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Michael Bohren, after hearing three hours of arguments, determined state law allows absentee ballots to be returned in person or by mail — but not in a ballot drop box.


  3. Dora says:

    I miss it too Eric. I miss it too. (Sigh)

  4. Dora says:

    Oh how sad! Hubby and I visited that church when we were in France!

    • jadzia1971 says:

      How sad is it that I heard about this HERE? I just checked and the only coverage seems to be in the local newspaper.

  5. DeniseVB says:


  6. DeniseVB says:

    Took me a minute, lol……..

  7. lyn5 says:

  8. DeniseVB says:


  9. Angie says:


  10. lyn5 says:

    • 1539days says:

      I’d drug test all 270 doctors immediately. I bet people would be surprised by the results.

    • lateblum says:

      If they are so unhappy with the “misinformation” they should think about refuting it. Each and every one of those 270 “doctors”.

    • lyn5 says:

      • elliesmom says:

        Remdesivir has killed a lot of people every time Fauci has tried to find a use for it.

      • jadzia1971 says:

        The SECOND result for this guy’s name on Google is a grave-dancing site making fun of his death because apparently he was not “vaccinated.” No, I’m not linking those assholes.

        • jadzia1971 says:

          Also, I am checking the “skeptical” box on him not having had the injection. The guy was a GP in the Los Angeles area, in his 60s. If he didn’t get the shot, he would be a real outlier in his age/professional demographic.

      • jeffhas says:

        I was there this last Saturday night for my daughter – cut her hand, lots of blood, but not a big cut….

        This is known as one of the best hospitals in the area, especially for heart conditions. But the emergency room is always a disaster, Saturday night was no exception, not because they were overcrowded like usual, on the contrary there weren’t that many patients… But due to Covid mandates in California no visitors are allowed with any of the patients and they basically lost my daughter for about an hour and a half, no communication whatsoever with the people on the outside even if they leave their number for someone to call them. I snuck in a back door until I found my daughter.

        Another lady waiting for her elderly mother was left outside for four hours, kept calling to get news and was finally told her mom had been admitted hours ago to the hospital – they told her to call her mom to find out why and what she was admitted for, nobody in emergency knew or had any other info.

        No matter how good this place’s reputation is, they clearly do not have their shit together when it comes to the emergency room.

        After two years of being called heroes, seems to me like it’s gone to their heads, and they think they can just treat anyone there any way they feel like.

        Boy oh boy do they order Uber eats and DoorDash like crazy, while waiting for my daughter there must’ve been 50 deliveries that took place, it was nonstop.

    • Woke Lola says:

      There are almost a million doctors in the US. 270 qualifies as an activist cell. Conservative groups could defeat it with a just a little background research and future tracking.

      • jadzia1971 says:

        If you look at the letter you will see that most of the “doctors” who signed are not practicing physicians. You will see nurses, nurse practitioners, medical students, academics (some in medical schools, some not), and people with Ph.Ds (in fields like public health) who misleadingly call themselves “doctor” for social-media asspats.

  11. lyn5 says:

  12. lyn5 says:

    • lyn5 says:

    • jadzia1971 says:

      Not according to the Northern District of California, which ruled in one of our cases that the government cannot be pressuring social media, as a matter of law sufficient to create state action on the company’s part, unless it actually singles a person out by name.

  13. lyn5 says:

  14. lyn5 says:

  15. DeniseVB says:


    • DeniseVB says:

    • Anthony says:

      Wish I had one of those around here…

    • lyn5 says:

      • elliesmom says:

        Ask Crash if her dad needed to quarantine after his booster shot.

      • lateblum says:

        I had a conversation with a (new) neighbor yesterday. She has had both vaccines and then a booster. Yesterday she said that she might never comply with the covid vax demands again. She can’t see herself “getting boosters every six months for the rest of my life”. She then described the effects the vaccines and the booster had on her. They were pretty sever. She looked sickened just by the recollections. She talked about her own initial desire to “do the right thing” by following the rules. But then said that once she began to question the narrative that “it works for everyone”, she knew the real information was not being disseminated.
        We talked about the perceptions that the last two-plus years have been more about control of the public than about public health. It was refreshing to hear a smart, educated, accomplished person here in Wokestan making sense.
        I thought we could become friends when she first moved in several months ago. Now, since she didn’t lecture, hector, or dismiss me when I finally disclosed my own thoughts about the vaccine and the mandates, I’m pretty sure my impressions about her were well based. Keeping my finger crossed I haven’t misjudged her. It’s pretty lonely here.

        • Mt.Laurel says:

          I am vary careful with my comments. I have found the not bringing up the subject at all puts some people at ease. As if being able to make non covid small talk and not bitching at clerics is a secret signal. or joking about how people seem to look ready to pull out the strings of garlic if you so much as look like you are about to sneeze often helps separate the wheat from the shaft. Those that admonish you for joking about something serious need to be avoided at all costs.

        • jadzia1971 says:

          My triple-vaxxed BFFs, the family where the dad and the little kid got COVID but nobody else living in their tiny house did, have both said “fuck no” to getting the above-mentioned little kid vaccinated.

  16. lyn5 says:

  17. lyn5 says:

    h/t Angie

  18. lyn5 says:

    Unfaithful to our founding and squandering liberty? Sure. But that’s because we’ve been invaded and propagandized by an enemy ideology for decades now. (Close on to a century.) Which, frankly, we’re holding up admirably against, because America retains a dose of horse sense that is the despair of the world. (And no explanation of why we send horse halves to congress, but that’s something else.)

    It has bloody nothing to do with decadence and/or a falling in morals.

    It has to do with having our problems diagnosed as the wrong thing, and more poison prescribed — which is part of what this post is about — because our institutions have been co-opted, taken over and weaponized by people who hate everything we are and do.


  19. foxyladi14 says:

    Just stopping in to say Hi!!
    Carry on. ❤

  20. lyn5 says:

    From Ace’s place …

  21. taw46 says:

  22. lyn5 says:

  23. lyn5 says:

  24. lyn5 says:

    • lyn5 says:

      Walter Kirn: I live in Montana. There are all these college kids who are home from their universities for break. They hang out together, and they all had to be vaccinated in order to be at college in the first place. So they’re all double vaccinated and they’ve all got Covid, and they’re waiting for their Covid to pass because they have to get vaccinated, again. They have to get boosted again, to go back to school.

      Waiting to get better from the thing that wasn’t prevented, so that you can try to prevent it again — if that’s not Joseph Heller, what is?

      • lyn5 says:

        I was at the hospital yesterday in Montana, which I read constantly in the New York Times is almost on its knees from Covid-19. The place was empty. I could barely find anyone to give me directions to the radiology department, where I presumed millions would be having their lungs examined. What am I to say? Is the doctor standing next to me the reality, or is the report that he’s on the plane, i.e. the empty hospital, the reality? I read that here in Trump country, we’re just staggering under the weight of the vaccinated, rude Covid-19 victims.

        • lyn5 says:

          If the left could solve the problem of two Americas that RFK so eloquently spoke of, it’s now decided that the America that is left behind, that it used to profess great care for and ambitions for, should just be annihilated with ridicule and a sort of mockery that dehumanizes them and renders them irrelevant.

          That’s a sign of real failure. To be serious, that’s a kind of real failure on the left when it starts making fun of poverty, basically, in order to advance its cosmopolitan agenda. Another joke was it comes with a “Barbie dream ventilator,” which suggests these people are dying, and we could have a laugh over it. I mean, I don’t wanna laugh over anyone on a ventilator in my lifetime if I can help it, but we’re already there on network television.

      • lyn5 says:

    • lyn5 says:

      Taibbi: Another journalism-related question: In the eighties and nineties, it seemed the reigning attitude of most journalists was they didn’t really care that much. Or, I don’t know if that’s the right way to put it — let’s say they were sufficiently detached from the subject that they were more concerned about whether they were getting things right, than whether they were sending the right message. Do you think there’s a change there?

      Walter Kirn: I feel like it’s a massive change. Most journalism now is about other journalism. Most journalism now is internecine warfare between the so-called legacy and prestige outlets, and all their competitors, which are accused of being everything from in the pockets of Vladimir Putin to insurrectionists. The hunt for disinformation and misinformation is now almost the whole of the job. In fact, from what I’ve seen, 98% of journalism is committed without ever leaving the laptop screen.

      That’s one of the openings for these whopper stories about the real America, which they only visit when they go to the Iowa caucuses. Everybody thinks that because they went to a diner during a presidential primary, that they know the heartbeat of grassroots America.

  25. Angie says:

  26. Dora says:

    Two shocking eye-witness accounts corroborate something worse than we could have ever imagined. The Capitol Police appear to not only be responsible for the death of multiple protesters (which they lied about) but also for the death of a fellow officer, Brian Sicknick.


  27. lyn5 says:

    • lyn5 says:

    • lyn5 says:

  28. lyn5 says:

    • lyn5 says:

  29. lyn5 says:

  30. Dora says:

    She is still gorgeous! 🙂

    • Constance says:

      Nice. I’m saving that for the next time a Lib does that to me. It’s like a pattern Libs follow. Make up a load of disgusting shit, say that that is what you think, then demand that you apologize and do penance for the crap that’s going on in their head.

  31. gram krakka says:

    Gov Abbot just tweeted “all hostages out & safe”. Local news live when flash bang went off and 3-10 gunshots heard.
    I’m about 20 miles away from the synagogue and was watching local news. Hope the perp has gone to hell & he isn’t getting 72 virgins.

  32. Angie says:

    I’m surrounded by intellectual pygmies.

    • jadzia1971 says:

      I’m feeling that way, too. At work, unfortunately. Hopefully the lawyers you have to deal with are smarter than the mental midgets currently cluttering up my world.

  33. helenk3 says:

    all this uproar about train robbing is nothing new. I can remember when the trains passed zoo tower in Phila. it was a low track with a higher bank. they would roll tires down from the bank break the air hose and put the train into emergency and empty the box cars faster than any rr employee could. I remember them stealing Jaquar cars off a train .

    • lateblum says:

      Wow, Helen, I love the history you share with us. I realize I’ve lived a sheltered life. I never even considered that train robberies were still in existence.

      • jadzia1971 says:

        I know, right? I thought that was Jesse James-type stuff, not something that still happened in the modern world.

  34. lyn5 says:

    This is pissing me off.

  35. helenk3 says:


    one of the best descriptions I have heard yet of bid-on

  36. lyn5 says:

    h/t Angie

  37. lyn5 says:

    Another Angie RT …

    • taw46 says:

      The Crowder video is so funny!

      • lateblum says:

        So funny! But so true. Sadly, the carjacking situation in Chicago is so bad that yesterday when I visited my daughter, I stayed in my car parked on the street until there were NO cars in either direction before I exited. Later when I returned to the car, I didn’t even approach the car until there was so much traffic that I felt safe. It’s so stressful here.

    • jadzia1971 says:

      I’m guessing that’s what the H-man has now that the government has pushed him too far and he’s determined to vote for Zemmour or LePen.

  38. lyn5 says:

  39. lyn5 says:

    • lateblum says:

      I’ve always liked hearing Dean Martin singing this song.
      I hope it carries you through the cold and snow. ❤️

      • elliesmom says:

        Cold? It’s an absolutely balmy 28 degrees here today. I got to shed a layer of clothes, and Ellie got to play on the beach and test out the ice. The sun has warmed my Living room at least 10 degrees over what the thermostat is set at. Of course, we’re back to wet and rainy tomorrow, but in spite of the cold, the last few days have chased the blues away.

  40. DeniseVB says:

  41. elliesmom says:

    The man who gave me my one and only paid political campaign job died yesterday. I’ve put in a lot of volunteer hours working on campaigns, but as a high school kid, I was paid to be the receptionist in his campaign office over the summer. He was a state senator. He had all of the makings of someone who could have moved up, but he had no stomach for moving to DC. I never got to vote for him because by the time I was old enough, I no longer lived in his district, but we never lost touch. When my dad told him I had been elected water commissioner decades later, he sent me a wonderfully funny note of congratulations.

    While he was in office, he still maintained a small law practice. After my mother died, my dad moved what legal affairs he had to Bob’s office. When Bob and I sat down to go over things, he showed me a note my dad had given him. “Get her through the first of this, and then she’ll be fine. She doesn’t need a lawyer as much as she’ll appreciate having her old friend.” I’m going to miss the occasional emails and the real birthday card every year. They used to say, “How the hell did you ever grow up to vote Republican?”, but lately they said, “Whoever would have guessed I’d ever consider joining you?” I’m sure there will be some pomp and circumstance because although retired now, he was a state senator for many years. His wife died a few years ago, and I never got to know his kids so I’ll not be trekking to the funeral. But I will raise a toast to one of the only honest politicians I’ve ever known.

  42. elliesmom says:

    I’m enjoying the pearl clutching over Youngkin’s taking office,

    If CRT isn’t being taught in schools, then why are some people so upset when it gets banned? There should be absolutely no difference in the school curriculum, and if there are no changes, then the people who banned it end up looking foolish. OTOH, if there are substantial changes needed, then the people who said it wasn’t being taught get outed as liars.

    I feel bad for anyone who wakes up in the morning and finds out his job has disappeared, but anyone who doesn’t realize political jobs come and go with the change of an administration isn’t smart enough to have the job. It reminds me of the key people in the White House brought in by the Trumps and let go by the Bidens before they moved in. The staff knew they needed to leave with the Trumps, but the Bidens arrived, and there was no one to let them in. It was one of the first signs Jill Biden was in way over her head.

    The transfer of power after an election, especially when the political party changes, causes a lot of upheaval. If the 30 or seats made available by congresscritters leaving stay in the same party, then a lot of the congreungkissional staff will shuffle around and find jobs in the new congresscritters’ offices, but if they flip Republican, there will be unemployed staffers. It appears Youngkin dissolved a whole new department dedicated to diversity before its employees had a chance to start work. It’s “fraught with humor” as my love used to say.

  43. Anthony says:

    Latest on the Synagogue terrorist per FJB live presser a minute ago: “We don’t have enough info on his motive (wtf??), and we’re trying to find out if he was radicalized by domestic terrorists right here at home”

  44. lyn5 says:

    • Miranda says:

      Jean Kerr: ‘Once you have a baby, you HAVE it and it’s years before you can distract it with ‘Go look at television'”. Gallagher: “We have a baby at our house. All day long.” People need to think about that as opposed to it being some sort of accessory.

    • Anthony says:

      When I was 16, I asked my mother to explain the value of her ‘hands off’ approach to parenting. Her answer? “Darling, I wasn’t being neglectful, I was simply aloof.”


      It was then that I decided I should just let her roll with that; let someone else smack her. Understanding her insane perspective allowed me to forgive her lack of engagement and heal some early wounds. I even developed a stand-up routine about it, explaining how exhausting it was trying to get breast fed in that house.

    • Constance says:

      Disney has a whole genre of “dead mother movies” Bambi, Nemo, Cruella come to mind but the list is huge. Back when Nemo 1 was in theaters I took a minivan full of little girls to see it. They loved it and ask me if I liked it and I said yeah it was good but I’m a little sick of the Disney dead mother genre. After I explained what genre meant they discussed it and finally decided that If the mothers lived in the films everything would be fine and there would be nothing to have a movie about. They decided if a Dad died it would be a lot like the dog dying. Of course you are sad and miss him but your life goes on normally because your Mother knows what you want to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, when your soccer practice and dance classes are, What size clothes you need who your teacher and doctors are etc. But if your Mom dies not only do you miss her but your entire life falls apart. Your Dad doesn’t know how to do anything important. So there it is from a group of 7 year old girls. Those Marxist dipshits can try but children know the truth.

    • jadzia1971 says:

      Color me a bad mother but I haven’t had an hour alone, COMPLETELY alone, since mid-March 2020. And I am trying to balance losing my mind with spending quality time with the kiddos.

  45. lyn5 says:

    It’s just icky to have a pedo as president.

    • Somebody says:

      So who the hell are the 25% that feel calm and satisfied? Are there that many jackasses on the take? That many brainwashed morons? That many people that need to be institutionalized?

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        All of the above plus high on something.

      • Constance says:

        I am sure that 25% includes a lot of people like us who care about the USA and politics in general in fact so much that we have to take down time from politics and news occasionally. I haven’t watched “news” since November 3rd 2020. If I were asked do you feel “calm and satisfied” I would say yes. I still think Trump is the best President ever and would vote for him anytime he runs. I think Biden is a crook and a fake president. But it’s not wrecking my life. We made it through 8 years of the Commie gas bag Obama, and we know how to disassociate from politics.

  46. lyn5 says:

  47. lyn5 says:

  48. lyn5 says:

    Not fascists. LOL.

  49. Mothy67 says:

    Just saying the hostage situation consumed the news and headlines this morning which under normal circumstances been filled with Trump highlighting biden’s disastrous week. Very convenient. No real loss of life, no explosion, and the propaganda machine can break out the Islam a phobia meme. Just saying.

  50. lyn5 says:

    h/t Angie

  51. lyn5 says:

  52. lyn5 says:

    • DeniseVB says:

      It’s a traditional southern “thing”. Northam wore the same suit at his inauguration AND to Youngkin’s. The idiot should have known that 😉

  53. lyn5 says:

    • jadzia1971 says:

      Hoooly shit. If, as he says, there is no benefit to coming to class, then I think there might be an easy way to lower the cost of tuition for his poor students.

  54. lyn5 says:

  55. lyn5 says:

    No. 1 tennis player, eh?

  56. lyn5 says:

  57. lyn5 says:

    I love horse movies based on true stories.

  58. lyn5 says:

  59. lateblum says:

  60. lyn5 says:

    • lyn5 says:

      • lyn5 says:

        Rayne Storm @SulphuricRayne

        Why is this astonishing?
        Democrats believed it was okay to literally OWN ppl.
        Dems still think they should be able to force ppl to provide them with services without paying them.
        They also think it’s normal to kill their own baby in the womb if they don’t want to take care of it.

        • swanspirit says:

          Did the poll include choices as to how the “unvaccinated” were to be transported to facilities? Plane, train bus truck? Trains have a proven record of efficacy of that kind of transport, after all. How are we to distinguish these undesirables? Should they wear some type of symbol on their clothing? Maybe a tattoo?.
          Ate we all the way back to ” It’s different if they do it?”

          • jadzia1971 says:

            So we went to Costco yesterday, as it was open “exceptionellement” this past Sunday. I split off from the family to load the car while they waited in the insanely long line for delicious, cheap hot dogs and sodas. According to my (somewhat NPC) 14-year-old, they were standing in front of a couple who were VERY upset with how Macron had handled Covid.

            Since we were in Paris, naturally I assumed that they were upset that Macron hadn’t had us taken out to be shot or something like that. But no, apparently they were on my side, saying, according to the kid, “What’s he gonna do next, force them to wear yellow stars?”

            The best part is that according to my eavesdropping kid, the lady half of the conversation was a HISTORIAN.

            Also, i’m not sure I’m going back to Costco. For months, they have had the tables for the hot-dog stand ripped out. Now they have put them back and enclosed them with a rope, with a man at the entrance going papieren bitte.

            As an American, it was a very weird feeling to see a black man enforcing segregation.

  61. lyn5 says:

  62. lyn5 says:

  63. Mothy67 says:

    How do you handle the snow removal? Do you wait until it stops? Do it every few hours? The electric shovel works best on like two/three inches. Useless when it gets much more.

    • 1539days says:

      I live in snowblower country. If the snow doesn’t stop all night, I’ll wait until it’s a foot high before I’ll go out. Otherwise, I do it at sunrise.

    • Somebody says:

      I shovel our snow at sunrise with a spork😉

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      Heavy wet snow – do in a couple rounds if not more and time yourself as it is very hard work if you get more than 6/8 inches. Even at night if the temps are not brutal (e.g. 30). The winds will not undo you efforts. If the temps are low and there is a wind chill leave it until morning. Start where the sun hits first. Even with clouds – if the temps go up a bit is is easier.

      If the snow is dry (not likely in a heavy storm from the south), wait until things die down because the wind will just cover everything up again.

      If you are to get ice after the snow, do not clear the car as it is easier to remove snow encrusted in ice than just ice especially from the windows.

      Always Lift from the knees and keep hydrated. Personally I push as much as possible.

      Clear snow from fire hydrants if you know where they are and away from your gutters so they do not block/ice up.

      If you do not have a long handled brush/scraper – a broom works well to get snow from the top of the car.

      Take a look around before you start and plan where you can dump extra snow.

      I find in very cold temps wearing a mask helps as you do not breath in the cold air. With all the covid covid covid you, I am sure, have a mask. or wrap a scarf around – or both.

      Do a narrow path in walkways first then go back and widen. If possible place all the snow on one side so if it melts back down it does not fall from both sides and leave you with no path.

  64. helenk3 says:


    glad someone is looking into this. it is long overdue

  65. helenk3 says:

    they were talking about the soros DAs that do not want to do their jobs, why pay them? If we do not work, we do not get a paycheck. why should they be any different

    • Constance says:

      I absolutely agree. They have a job description, they take an oath. Fine them, convict them, recall them, whatever. But don’t just sit there and take it. In Seattle our Soros prosecutor was so bad we actually got Ann Davidson elected and I hear she once talked to a Republican!

  66. lyn5 says:

    I wonder if these are still up. Will FJB sic the FBI on the artist?

  67. lyn5 says:

  68. lyn5 says:

    h/t Angie

  69. lyn5 says:

  70. lyn5 says:

  71. lyn5 says:

  72. lyn5 says:

  73. lyn5 says:

  74. lyn5 says:

  75. lyn5 says:

  76. lyn5 says:

  77. lyn5 says:

  78. jadzia1971 says:

    This is about half an hour from where I grew up! I love the ice caves.

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