Weekend of August 13-14, 2022

Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
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  1. Miranda says:

    Pretty, but spooky 🙂

  2. swanspirit says:

    Sometimes beauty is just breathtaking.

  3. taw4 says:

    Mike Davis, a former law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, explains why this information was declassified and why President Trump had every right for these documents to be at Mar-a-Lago.

  4. elliesmom says:

    After reading, listening, and watching various media outlets and prognosticators, the only thing that makes sense is the raid was not to find things about Trump, but to find things Trump has on them. I think a huge clue was taking the folder about the pardon for Roger Stone.

    • taw4 says:

      It does seem that way, doesn’t it?

    • Anthony says:

      They were docs that exposed every shady thing from the “women’s march” on his inauguration day to the Russia hoax, pee tape. Mueller investigation, 2020 shenanigans and evidence of Intel wrongdoing just to name a few. In short, anything that would provide evidence to prove the Jan 6 bullshit is contrived. Only a fool would believe there aren’t multiple copied. This is getting uglier by the minute. I’d like to see the affidavit that convinced the crooked judge to sign the warrant.

      • elliesmom says:

        There has to be someone in the middle of this mess that understands indicting Trump would turn him into a martyr. Ignoring that would be asking for another civil war. While I don’t find it impossible to believe there are some on the left who would welcome that, believing they are covering their own asses is less of a leap. They also held the search warrant for three days until they were sure Trump wasn’t there. If this is a prelude to an arrest and an indictment, I think they would have gone for the drama of making him watch.

        • taw4 says:

          According to news reports, Mar-a-Lago is closed for the summer and the Trumps are not there. According to an interview with Eric the night this raid occurred, his father and Melania departed from Mar-a-Lago three months ago. They have been in Bedminster, at his golf course. I am surprised they haven’t raided that property.

        • Anthony says:

          My guess is they’ll indict him just in time to keep him off the ballot, which the Bush Cheney Obama and Clinton families are aiming for. Then drop charges once it’s too late.

          • taw4 says:

            What law says he can’t be on the ballot if he is indicted? The Constitution lists requirements for President, and there is nothing there that would prevent him from running. If anyone, R or D, or states, tried to keep him off, the issue would go to the Supreme Court. I am not a Constitutional Scholar, but I don’t see how they can do that. They can of course, hope no one would vote for someone who has been indicted.

          • elliesmom says:

            Even if he’s indicted, he can still run. It’s even been done before. Jonathan Turley covered it somewhere. Eugene Debs ran as the candidate from the Socialist Party in 1920 while under indictment. He was actually in prison. Lyndon LaRouche ran in 1992 after being convicted of tax evasion, and Keith Judd ran against Obama in the West Virginia Democrat primary in 2012 and won 41% of the vote. The only obstacle for a person convicted of a crime at either the state or federal crime running for president is the public perception associated with voting for a criminal. That won’t be a problem for Trump.

            Surely, someone in the Biden administration knows a little history. Which is why I’m standing by this is not about indicting Trump.

          • Somebody says:

            You all are correct that there is nothing that bars him from running, but you’re also forgetting that the Democrat and Republican parties are private entities.

            The Republican party could decide, well golly gee, shucks, we’re not constitutional lawyers. This will have to be settled by SCOTUS, until then Trump can’t run. Oh fiddlesticks, chief Justice Roberts won’t put it on the docket, says it’s premature there hasn’t been any harm yet, well maybe this will get settled for the next election in the meantime let’s rally around so and so.

            Another angle, various states could pass legislation barring anyone under indictment from being on the ballot. Why that’s not unconstitutional because it’s for a party nomination NOT for the actual office…..cue 9th circuit to uphold it. Golly bums, not enough delegates. Then Trump decides whether to run 3rd party or write in. We’ll there are all kind of screwy laws in some states in that regard, but in the end Trump could be a stronger Ross Perot and usher in Kamala or Governor Hair Gel with 1/3 of the popular vote.

          • elliesmom says:

            I wish I could find the Turley interview. States cannot change the rules for who can run for president without a constitutional amendment. Even indicted and convicted, Trump meets the qualifications. Yes, the Democrats and Republicans can refuse to accept him as their candidate, but if Trump can drum up enough signatures, a state can’t keep him off the ballot. As I said, turning Trump into a martyr is an invitation to a real insurrection. If the Supreme Court were to refuse to hear the case or not follow the Constitution, they’d be pilloried, too.

          • taw4 says:

            I considered all of that, somebody, but I still say the Constitution has the final say. It sets the eligibility criteria for President, and it doesn’t say you can’t run for President if you have been convicted of a crime. And I just don’t think SCOTUS would keep such a request off the emergency docket. Impeachment could have kept him off, but that didn’t work. But who knows, nothing has been legal and fair in a long time.

          • lyn5 says:

            I hope crap weasel Garland fell in a yuge pile of elephant shit that he has to set Trump free and/or resign.

          • Somebody says:

            I don’t want Garland to resign. I think he absolutely will resign if the Republicans regain control of the house and especially if they gain more seats than expected in the senate.

            I don’t think he wants to deal with investigations. I think he feels he’s above it. He’s on a vengeance tour of duty right now, but if the winds shift, he’ll take his pension and leave.

            I hope, hope, hope he’s stubborn and arrogant enough to stay, but I think he’s smarter than that. He’s put the target squarely on his back for a reason. Doesn’t seem like a man hell bent on staying to me.

            If he resigns the gutless Republicans will thump their chests and claim his scalp. Problem solved and the problem will be anything but solved. The underlings in DOJ will continue to plot. The two-tiered justice system will march onward undeterred. Garland is but a figure head, the next one will be as bad or worse. DOJ was out of control with Trump appointed AG’s.

            No, no, no I want Garland to dig his heels in and stay. Then maybe, just maybe the Republicans that have a set on the committees can start to expose the rot that is our justice system.

    • swanspirit says:

      I agree completely..

  5. Mothy67 says:

    I have backed Trump, but I was open to him playing king maker and letting someone else run if that was his decision. I had considered how a DeSantis or Hawley might shut up the crazies. The RAID has me wanting Trump more than ever.
    I had limited my Fox viewing. Some because of election coverage, but mostly because I couldn’t take it as constant background. Groundhog day watching. The past week I have tuned in over RAID. You can almost taste the rage. Several hosts I was no fan of are seething over the injustice.
    I hope this backfires in an epic way.

    • taw4 says:

      I have always wanted Trump to run in 2024, because the presidency was stolen from him in 2020. And again, this is only my opinion, but I don’t think someone else running would shut up the crazies. This is about ideology, not the individual. Look at all that was said about Reagan, about Bush. And they are even crazier now, so is the rhetoric. They have been insane with their hatred of Trump, because he is the strongest they have ever come up against. The only one willing to fight back.

    • taw4 says:

      I didn’t watch FOX for months after the election. I was watching Newsmax — and I still really like Greg Kelly. When I did watch again, it was only certain shows and definitely not on a nightly basis like before. The FBI raid certainly seems to have opened some eyes over at FNC. They now see the injustice over how Trump has been treated all these years. Let’s hope they stay that way.

    • swanspirit says:

      Til so Haggard sat in for Tucker Carlson, last night. I thought.she did very well. She covered the raid in a thoughtful way, and had guests that took it apart, from top to bottom. She wasn’t visibly seething, but her guests were.

      • swanspirit says:

        Oh dear goddess autocorrect should be shot. Tulsi Gabbard. sat in for Tucker

        • lateblum says:

          I’m sitting in the waiting room at the ortho walk in clinic (for the arm that I injured whilst gardening 2 was ago) and reading this comment made me laugh out loud!! I can only imagine what my auto correct would do with her name. LOLOL
          (Driving through Chicago city traffic every day to visit my daughter in the hospital has NOT helped my damaged arm because I have a standard/stick shift on my Subaru. And it’s a 12 yr old car so it didn’t come with power steering. Ouch. )

          • lyn5 says:

            Hope the fix is easy. ❤

          • lateblum says:

            Thanks, lyn. I hope so, too. I saw the ortho guy who prescribed nine days of prednisone plus PT for my arm. He believes that I have a pinched nerve and the fix should be pretty straight forward. If the arm isn’t better within two weeks, I’m to return to see him for further interventions.
            The wait in line to check in, then after that for my name to be called and then to see the doctor in the exam room all totaled less than the time the doctor and I met. But I am so glad that this immediate care clinic even exists, I don’t care about the time spent there. So . . . I am on to the pharmacy before I drive back through the city to see dd. Cheers!!!

        • lateblum says:

          I recorded the show. I’ll have to watch.

        • lyn5 says:

        • Mt.Laurel says:

          That darn auto corr3ct gets me all the time but notice how it left a “3” in “correct” with nary a notice. Obviously it likes to change things to confuse or mislead but leaves the low hanging garden variety typos alone.

      • taw4 says:

        I saw it, she was a good host.

    • Somebody says:

      Tim it doesn’t matter who runs they will be demonized.unless they are a complete puppet. DeSantis has already been demonized, as has Hawley to a lesser degree.

      The question to ask is whether you think either of them could stand up to Trump level criticism.

    • lateblum says:

      Does anyone think Tulsi Gabbard is being groomed to take the late night news show that Shannon Bream is departing? Tulsi has been on so many FOX news programs of late that I’ve been asking myself, “What’s up.”.

      • elliesmom says:

        I don’t know if it’s Bream’s slot or not, but they are going to offer her a slot somewhere. Tucker Carlson has been giving her a lot of exposure.

  6. mcnorman says:

    Little is being said.
    The reality is that the city of Juarez is under siege. They targeted random people out abs about. They hit a Little Ceasers innocent bystanders, most businesses were closed.
    It will spill over quickly as the border is now completely open.

    • taw4 says:

      No, haven’t seen any of this discussed today. The only real news is what we get from you.

      • mcnorman says:

        Sanctuary cities in the border have far left media. Interesting that notification of stay home was fueled by the people not the media. The media version is very sanitized.

        • Somebody says:

          This happened in Southern Mexico earlier in the week. Tapachula, I think it was. The Mexican reporter I heard reporting on it said it had to do with Obrador A) seizing some fentanyl and B) demanding more money from the cartels. He seized the drugs to send a message, I can’t remember what the tax or fee was he was trying to implement. The money raised would help cover cost of migrants which are fueled by cartels and actually a bigger business right now than drugs.

          The reporter said Obrador has ties to one cartel but this other one is rising in power, but he also has some ties to them, but the influx of migrants is causing too much pressure so he came up with some fee or tax. It was all head spinning.

          Anyway gangs of cartel members were setting fire to vehicles, including a bus. They showed footage, complete lawlessness. The poor Mexican people were just fodder, caught in the middle of a power struggle.

    • lyn5 says:

      Saw pictures of a lot of cars on fire. Crazy. Brain-Dead Biden owns that violence.

      • Somebody says:

        The flow to our southern border is about to hit warp speed. Mayorkas and company have worked out “controlled flow”. Which is basically a conveyor belt. They’ve taken a 10 day trek through the Darien gap down to 2 through agreements with Panama. Transportation is being provided by the UN and by NGO’s funded by our tax dollars, actually both are mostly funded by our tax dollars. They have similar agreements in place now with other central American countries. Most of the migrants are coming from other parts of the world through South America up through Central America to our border.

        Mexico just implemented a new policy. Instead of giving people papers to pass through to the US. They are giving them expulsion papers, post dated. They get the papers at Mexico’s southern border. They have X days to get out of Mexico. They could immediately south, but of course they don’t, they head to our border. Once they get across the border they show their expulsion papers to our border patrol. They could be a serial killer, but because of their papers we can’t send them back across the border. Odds are their home country won’t take them back either, that is if we even tried to deport them.

        It’s going to get much, much worse.

  7. taw4 says:

    A smile for today…..

  8. lyn5 says:

  9. lyn5 says:

    • lyn5 says:

      Last grafs: The third and final conclusion is the most terrifying: The Biden Regime has demonstrated its willingness, and indeed its eagerness, to take America to hitherto unprecedented depths of depravity—and it has done so for the very simple reason that it can. For this was an act of power qua power—an act of public humiliation intended to make a political opponent bend the knee once and for all before The Regime.

      Welcome to the era of the American Stasi.

      • Constance says:

        I agree with this. They clearly could have installed anyone in 2020 but the choice to install a senile diaper wearing old man who sniffs children and has a pervert son who films his worst behavior, was intended as the ultimate humiliation.

    • lyn5 says:

  10. lyn5 says:

  11. lyn5 says:

  12. Mothy67 says:

    I can’t recall the name of the psychological condition in which people who think they are highly intelligent won’t acknowledge that they are wrong and often. The concept asserts that real prodigies are very sensitive to how much they don’t know which drives them to work harder. I’d wager Joy Behar thinks she is a rocket scientist. I’ve seen it a lot with old college friends. They believe because they are schooled in art that they are somehow more intelligent than a plumber or mechanic. The world is a mess and yet they refuse to admit biden is a disaster. No way the working class got it right. The are incapable of accepting they were wrong. Something like denny-kuering is the name of the phenomenon.

    • helenk3 says:

      remember the Peter Principle.

    • elliesmom says:

      “The Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias whereby people with low ability, expertise, or experience regarding a certain type of a task or area of knowledge tend to overestimate their ability or knowledge. Some researchers also include in their definition the opposite effect for high performers: their tendency to underestimate their skills.”

    • Constance says:

      I do find a lot of my Libtard relatives are absolutely quiet and do not discuss Biden or politics at all which is very unusual. So on some level they they know. I think a ad campaign saying something like “Your vote is secret, it’s OK, virtue signal in public vote for Trump and America in private”

  13. helenk3 says:


    she has that if you can not bedazzle them with brilliance, befuddle them with bullshit thing down pat

  14. lyn5 says:

  15. lyn5 says:

  16. helenk3 says:


    does not look good read where one of bid-on BFF want to do away with private bank accounts

  17. lyn5 says:

  18. lyn5 says:

    • DandyTIger says:

      Pretty dumb ad. She should have indicated Katie was for the BLM organization, since the thing actually has $BLM. Instead Keri wonders if Katie still believes Black Lives Matter, which implies Keri things all black people should be killed I guess. Got to be smarter at politics.

  19. helenk3 says:


    it is very bad and we better wake the hell up now

  20. elliesmom says:

    When I picked up my mail today, there was a book there. It’s called “Liberal Misery” by Eddie Scarry. I didn’t order it. It shipped from him personally. The book is autographed. Anyone know anything about that?

  21. lateblum says:

    To everyone here …
    Thank you all for your concerns and your prayers for dd. She seems to have turned the corner and was advised last night that they were going to permit her soft foods beginning today. Her kidneys are, apparently, back to normal functioning. I may be a little on the pessimistic side, but I fear they are too eager to discharge dd for her own good. Please keep sending prayers heaven-ward. ❤️

  22. lyn5 says:

  23. Constance says:

    Gregg and Kathryn of True the Vote and 2000 Mules are having their seminar “The Pit” this weekend. They said they are finished analyzing the 2020 election. They have established fraud patterns and are organizing to beat fraud going forward. They are streaming at https://rumble.com/v1f8hvx-exclusive-live-from-the-pit-a-vital-strategy-session-presented-by-true-the-.html
    and about 90,000. have been watching. The people who are there in person were invited and are mostly new media, sheriffs, and researchers. Very inspiring.

  24. Constance says:

    WoW the Pit is now explaining that the entire state of NY voter registration list is coded for manipulation. Link is above.

  25. Constance says:

    3 million fake registrations in NY. They are organized to be able to call them up and insert them at will. Wow NY this explains your decline.

  26. Constance says:

    AuditNY.com Did the analysis and is acting on the fraud. Sure wish someone was working on WA. These people are making their methods of analysis known to anyone who will listen in all the states.

    • lateblum says:

      I wouldn’t doubt that Illinois is part and parcel of voter fraud. I also don’t doubt that my parents, both deceased – and for a long time – have voted in every election since the first time FDR was elected.

  27. helenk3 says:

    did anyone else think of Fort Sumter when they first heard of the raid on Maralago? I did

  28. lyn5 says:

  29. Somebody says:

    Does life ever make any of you ponder what kind of horrible person you must have been in a past life?

    I think I must have been terrible or perhaps one of the fathers of psychology, that’s why I am forced to deal with crazy people in this life. Maybe I was just a cheap prostitute who altered history by giving syphilis to someone important. 🤔

  30. Constance says:


    For anyone interested this describes the issues in NY voter rolls. Which is probably the issue in all states but most states can’t assemble a volunteer group with the skills for this level of analysis.

  31. Angie says:

  32. lyn5 says:

  33. Mothy67 says:

    Deadline Hollywood has an article on Late Night talk shows. No mention of Gutted who is kicking ass, but they do include a streaming talk show that no one watches.

  34. swanspirit says:

    From Tom Culpepper’s Facebook page:

    Robert Barnes pointed out that
    The raid on Mar-A-Lago, occurred 91 days before the 2022 midterms, and that the ” window”, for
    law enforcement actions against political figures has always closed 90 days before elections. Therefore, the raid took place on the last possible day, before such action would be deemed “interference”.

  35. lyn5 says:

    • Constance says:

      What else is new? I haven’t watched routinely since November 3rd 2020 when FOX sold out Trump and the American people.

  36. lyn5 says:

  37. lyn5 says:

    • elliesmom says:

      I watched the series “the Offer” and “the Wise Guys” special on Fox Nation about “the Godfather”. Both had input from real “made men”, and there is indeed more honor among members of the Mafia than in many of our government institutions.

  38. lateblum says:

    I rarely, if ever watch anything with Comey featured. He is worse than a scoundrel. I don’t know why I watched this one, but I’m sharing it. It’s a good one.

  39. helenk3 says:

    random thought

    when Ben Franklin say ” a republic if you can keep it”, I do not think he meant a banana republic. would some please explain to the dems

  40. lyn5 says:

  41. lyn5 says:

  42. DeniseVB says:

    Meanwhile, Malibu Flotus goes shopping ….

  43. lyn5 says:

  44. helenk3 says:


  45. helenk3 says:

    Sounds like an old horror film coming true

  46. lyn5 says:

  47. lyn5 says:

  48. DandyTIger says:

  49. DandyTIger says:

  50. lyn5 says:

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