Friday, November 25, 2022

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  1. DeniseVB says:

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  3. elliesmom says:

    I had a truly delightful day yesterday, and I hope all of my TCH family did, too.

    When I arrived at my destination, my host and hostess were in a conversation with his younger brother. The two of them were wearing matching Thanksgiving tee shirts they were given for making a donation to a charity. The brother was teasing them for both wearing them at the same time. They told him his problem was he couldn’t find a woman who liked him enough to wear the same clothes he wore. I walked in wearing the ladies’ version of the same LL Bean plaid jacket he was wearing.

    I became his “date”, and he turned out to be a delightfully funny, extremely polite and respectful young man. He was a good sport when I carded him before I’d pour him a glass of wine. He sat next to me during dinner, and said he shouldn’t have been surprised to find out he had a lot in common with a woman who liked the same LL Bean jacket he did, even if she was a “little bit older” than he was. At the end of the day he said I had taught him two things. One was that he should take his sister-in-law up on her offer to introduce him to her friends. It would be fun to have a girlfriend who fit in with his family. Someone who his mother would approve of. (Which definitely wouldn’t be me since I’m older than his mother.) He also was surprised to find out turkeys can fly. At least the wild ones can and are quite graceful when taking their spots roosting in trees overnight. The things you learn taking the trash out with someone who knows what wild turkeys look like.

    The fun thing about intergenerational get togethers is the opportunity to share experiences and find out the young folks and the old folks have a lot more in common than we realize unless we find ourselves with time to be together. In the same room with no polite way to escape. 🙂

    • votermom says:

      That sounds like a wonderful visit!

    • Somebody says:

      Glad you had a good time!

      I survived mine. It was far more pleasant than I imagined, but certainly not perfectly harmonious. My house was neutral ground for feshly returned after more than 7 years baby mama, complete with her new BF, who btw is a very nice young man. Also my son and his new blended family with his new GF, between them 6 daughters. In other words I had a circus roll in for the day yesterday.

      I didn’t lose my cool, not once😁 I have to survive Christmas with this crew too. If I do so without losing my cool I think I deserve sainthood🤣 Actually it’s my son that deserves sainthood. I chewed my tongue yesterday, but there is no way he has a tongue left. Baby mama had a list of concerns and issues. She was full of parental advice, a veritable fount of parental knowledge. I just don’t know how we survived all these years without her sage advice.🙄

      I wonder what chapter in her new parenting guide will be titled “How to abandon your children the right way”, after all she informed me only a couple of months ago, she left them the right way, she planned it. Well that makes a world of difference if you planned it, damn girl I didn’t know. Maybe it will be titled “How to find real love on the internet and dump your kids”. There simply must be a chapter titled “How to ignore your kids for 7 years” with details on blowing off birthdays, holidays and milestones.

      The above paragraph and so much more ran through my head yesterday, but I didn’t say it at the dinner table or at all……props to me😁 I can’t imagine what was running through my son’s mind or my granddaughters’ minds for that matter. However, everyone was civil, no cross words. My son either agreed to consider or take under advisement certain things or pushed back and said no with explanation on a few. Calmly and with a smile on his face……I drank more wine, busied myself in the kitchen, walked the dogs and took long bathroom breaks🤣 10 hours of fun!

      • elliesmom says:

        Good for you! I was worried about our day turning into a political battle, but “my date” and I were the source of so much humor, “the Boomer and the Zoomer”, that the topics that might have been touchy never came up. I give your son a lot of credit for his equanimity. He must learned it from you. ❤

        • Somebody says:

          Thanks, I’d love to take credit but he comes by it honestly from his father. My husband can remain calm no matter what, why he was such a good air traffic controller. I’ve always had calm, cool composure in emergency or medical situations, but emotional, trigger type situations? My chain comes up short far too often😔 I’ve gotten much better with age, but can’t even put my toe in the ring with hubby🤣

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        Congrats. You must be exhausted.

        The first time I was invited to some else’s for Thanksgiving after I moved away from home I realized quickly why my mother always had holiday dinners late in the day and enforced the please don’t arrive before such and such time rule. I was the only one allowed in the kitchen other than my dad and was also the go between and door guard. Got to escort overly helpful types who felt they knew better on all things back to the gathering usually by handing them a refreshed plate of appetizers and giving gentle push out the door (old house had doors between the butler pantry and dining room – and the pantry and the kitchen that was handy as well).

        • elliesmom says:

          As I said yesterday, my hostess was someone I had taught to cook so I was being scrupulous about staying out of her kitchen. Just as she was getting ready to put food on the table, she realized she had forgotten about gravy. I was happy to rescue her and to remain absolutely silent about it because there’s nothing worse than having a critic at your first big dinner. Last year for Christmas I had given her an apron that says, “Your opinion is not in the recipe”. 🙂

        • Swan Spirit says:

          My son was out all day yesterday, so I had all of the house and the kitchen and the cooking all to myself. I thoroughly enjoyed a quiet peaceful day.
          My daughter is in South Carolina, my granddaughter just got back from an assignment in Norway and a 5 day stay in London afterwards. My grandson is in South Korea, and his wife and son Kal, are in the Philippines. But I heard from all of them, and hold them close in my heart.
          I am glad you all had good Thanksgivings too.

    • 1539days says:

      Aw, man. I didn’t watch the WKRP turkey episode yesterday. Klown didn’t post a reminder this year.

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  5. taw46 says:

    No comments from Leslie, yesterday or today? I do hope she is feeling better.

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  7. elliesmom says:

    ICYMI, Tucker’s show last night was a compilation of some of his stories about animals. The Chicken Lady, the boy who took on a bear to save his friends, Glenn Greenwald’s personal dog shelter, the rescue of the beagles who were being tortured, and several others. If you love animals, and the folks here at TCH do, it’s a real feel good hour.

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  13. Mothy67 says:

    I have been touched in brutally profound delicious ways. I wonder if I had not been a dying child if I would be able to take stockof little things. I love my brothers but they are kind of dull. I was in rehab. There was a 70 plus year old who had had life beat the shit out of him. He was nearly neglected by staff. Old dude flirting with death. I decided he was my new best friend. He bounced back. I am infrequent when it comes to God. I think I believe but I don’t know. This guy had what I can only call a miracle. He is super alive. He called me and asked me to go to an AA meeting. He was willing to drive me home but I had to get there. It cost me 36 dollars. I got hit by a Chevy Silverado on my way..
    This guy 20 years my senior was effusive with gratitude. He called me young. I am closer to 56 than 55. He is gay and sort of old. He was shocked I was nice to him. All i did was agree to meet him at an AA meeting. He didn’t want to go alone. 36 dollars is not that much when you compare it to a human being devasted by lonliness. I am not nice. I consider myself a cunt. I say whatever pops in my head. Coming here has made me a fraction better.

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