Thursday, December 8, 2022

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  1. Miranda says:

    They finally restored the power to Moore county where some idiot(s) wrecked two power substations with gunfire. It took 72 hours, although the way everyone was carrying on, you’d think it had been 2 weeks. I’m sure it sucked, but you can lose power for longer than 72 hours in a hurricane. As for the ‘suffering businesses’, they were shut down for 2 years because of the lockdowns.

  2. DeniseVB says:

    • Anthony says:

      Bo Berghdal Redux: free the traitor, leave the honorable behind. What a disgusting and shallow leader we have

    • DandyTIger says:

      We’re lucky they only traded the one guy for her. If pushed, they probably would have traded 10 prisoners of various types. All the “right” people, with the right pronouns, will be happy though.

    • taw46 says:

      And she will STILL hate the United States when she gets home.

      • lateblum says:

        And she will most likely hate America OPENLY when she gets home. She’ll complain about how long it took and will say it was because she’s black and a lesbian. Which, btw, are most likely the only reasons she was freed.

        • Anthony says:

          We can hate her right back just as openly. What kind if communist is she? Couldn’t even do a stint in Mother Russia without whining like a little bitch. You’re right – black gay woman of color is the ticket. She might even become the next press sec 🤣

    • DeniseVB says:

      • lateblum says:

        I don’t know why Whelan was arrested, but I do know that Griner was arrested because she broke specific drug laws. And she was not new to Russia, so she already knew the drug laws when she packed her bags before she left her home.

  3. taw46 says:

    The documentary hit today and Twitter has lots to say about it.

  4. DandyTIger says:

  5. DandyTIger says:

    Greg’s take:

  6. DandyTIger says:

  7. Mothy67 says:

    Tucker Original on Hunter comes with a warning about the filth contained. My man crush on Carlson has grown with his latest. I usually wait a few weeks and then watch a few of his sit downs. Last night he made a rare appearance on Jesse Waters. He almost never does bits on others shows. I figured what he was plugging had to be big. Nothing new but it parallels Twitter release. Seeing the Joe Biden game laid out is putrid.

  8. elliesmom says:

    Amazon has a new program. If you have access to their Alexa app, and you get an Amazon delivery, and if you tell Alexa, “Thank my driver”, your driver will get an extra $5 for making the delivery. It’s real. I tried it. You have to say exactly that, though. If you say, “Thank my delivery driver”, she plays dumb. I tried that, too. 🙂 It’s an easy to way to give your driver a Christmas bonus, and it doesn’t cost you anything. There’s a contest going for the drivers to get the most tips. If they had started sooner, my driver could have won just on coming to my house. 🙂

    • Mothy67 says:

      I wonder what drivers make. I use Amazon a lot. I would want to tip after. I have an enclosed porch some drivers open the door and place packages on the bench inside. Others will just leave things on the stairs even when raining. I’d tip after not before. I take cabs and they now always have a tip button which goes up to 25% when you swipe card. I began working in hospitality in 1982. I am generous but dislike forced tips. Starbucks has instituted the card tip. In 2000 I worked part time for the evil empire. I had an event planner job which paid well and had flexible hours. I could make thousands for getting cajun delivered to Fire Island. I did not have health insurance. I took a job working 16 hours on the weekend. Starbucks allowed me to get covered. It was in Chelsea. There were not 20 million drink options. I poured coffee. I was grateful. My pay was 9 an hour plus tips, but I had full dental and health. I would have paid a thousand a month for shitty coverage back then. I tried to work there a few years ago. I had enough to cover Shay’s needs but money was going out with nothing coming in. Starbucks had me sit and watch hours of CRT. White man awful. I couldn’t. I am gay but have Jim, Steven, Danny, John. John is my cousin. We are one year apart. We slept outside every night for our childhood. He is a plumber. Very successful plumber. I could not accept Starbucks telling me my family was Satin. I love John we are different. I was apalled at the culture of Starbucks. It got mean. Trans became everything. I tried hard to understand. I was incapable of looking at a male and calling a he her. I can’t start on recycling. There were two trash places one for recycle. I took out the bags they all went to same dumpster.

  9. lyn5 says:

  10. lyn5 says:

  11. lyn5 says:

  12. lyn5 says:

    • John Denney says:

      Great article!

      Reminded me of the time a guy told me his friend with a philosophy degree told him, “You can’t really know the truth.”

      I asked the guy, “Is that true?”

      He looked stunned for a moment, then grinned a little & walked away, red-pilled, I think.

  13. lyn5 says:

  14. lateblum says:

  15. taw46 says:

  16. lyn5 says:

    • taw46 says:

      She is right about those two.

      “I used to think that Harry and Meghan’s critics were exaggerating when they claimed the Duke and Duchess were trying to tear down the British monarchy, but after watching 180-minutes — of what can only be described as sick propaganda – I believe it.”

  17. taw46 says:

    • taw46 says:

  18. lyn5 says:

    • lyn5 says:

  19. lyn5 says:

    The freak stole luggage again.

  20. DandyTIger says:

  21. DandyTIger says:

  22. DandyTIger says:

    Change of pace, Tina and Ann-Margret

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