Weekend of March 25-26, 2023

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  1. DeniseVB says:

    Never gets old …. I’ve never seen the full video ❤

  2. A few months ago I received a letter from the town where I live asking me to comply with the town’s process of re-evaluating real estate for tax purposes. I’m home most of the time, and no one knocked on the door to ask me to let them in. I have made no improvements to my home in the last three years that are visible from the street. Nor have I done any interior work that would have required a building permit. So any re-evaluation would be totally based on increased real estate values in general.

    Yesterday I got a letter from the town saying they had increased the value of my home by 50%. i was a bit stunned. But to be honest, I tossed it in the “to be worried about later” pile. My new tax bill won’t arrive until July, and who knows what anyone’s financial situation will be by then? Then around 7 pm last night I got one of the town’s emergency robocalls. The lady on the recording said she was calling to let people know they shouldn’t worry about the letters we all got yesterday. The town was working on lowering the tax rate.

    They must have received a deluge of calls at townhall yesterday.

    • DandyTIger says:

      They play those same value/tax rate games here. Basically they manipulate both to get the numbers they want.

    • Somebody says:

      I think a lot of municipalities are raising taxes or valuations across the country, talk about tone deaf🙄 Yet they’re still doing it.

      My daughter in NC was off the chain over having her “constitutional right” to an abortion revoked. I posted about it here, no reasoning with her. Her circle of friends is very liberal. Her boyfriend is NOT and they got into so many arguments over it I thought they might break up.

      There is a point to that bit of history. Come election 2022 my daughter insisted she was going to vote straight D. Until very recently she’s been more conservative than me, she’s never voted for a Democrat a day in her life. Election day came, she weighed her options and couldn’t bring herself to vote straight D according to her after much research most of them were batshit crazy.most of them touted reparations and lots of climate change mandates, she just couldn’t do it. There were a couple Democrats that seemed normal running for city council and tax collector so my daughter voted for them that was her protest vote.

      My daughter just recently had the valuation of her house increase just shy of 80% AND her tax rate went up 35%. All in the name of equity and inclusion and such🤣 She’s pissed, her votes bit her in the butt. Her boyfriend and I find it amusing.

      • lateblum says:

        Tell her to NEVER move to Evanston. The reparations started here and they’re trying to get even more people to apply for the reparations. Black only need apply. They still don’t consider Jewish people who were denied housing here to be real people or maybe they’re not worth talking about. I have family members who were “directed” not to attempt to purchase housing in Evanston in the past 50 years. It doesn’t count, though.

    • swanspirit says:

      They raised our real estate tax rates last year, but they are imposing the actual tax payments incrementally, so the effect will happen gradually. It still bites.

      • lyn5 says:

        Same here. Oregon has a law that limits increases, of course.

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        Ours property taxes are on a three year cycle and that means this year there will be a review. Then any increase is introduced in stages over the next three years. I anticipate it will go up. again.

    • Mothy67 says:

      I could have written the reply you made to me about medical records. I kind of enjoy you calling me out over and over again about nearly everything. “Let me be clear” a lot of what I express here is a sounding board. I’m a gay middle aged man in suburbia. There aren’t people I can chat with.
      I do take umbrage with you saying a doc could tell I was a an alcoholic. I held it together very well and I don’t look like a Hollywood was been.

      • Mothy67 says:

        Shayla says it looks like two caterpillars crawled on my head and died. Jokes on her there is only one eyebrow.

      • Mothy67 says:

        I did get old.

      • There are lots of ways a doctor can tell a patient is an alcoholic. It’s not as easy to hide as you think. Many alcoholics get up and go to work every day. They think because they don’t look like Otis and believe they’re holding it together, no one knows. But everybody does, especially their doctors. Thinking you can fool people is part of the disease.

      • DeniseVB says:

        WoW, getting a Fred Armisen vibe. Not bad, one of my SNL favs.

    • John Denney says:

      These days, government should be funded by GoFundMe accounts.

  3. Dora says:

    Good Morning Everyone.

    I love this video. 🙂

  4. Dora says:

    I love John Colman. He is a man who tells the truth.

  5. lyn5 says:

  6. lyn5 says:

  7. Dora says:

    This is so sad. The note he left behind brought tears to my eyes.


    Gender-confused man featured in United Airlines’ ‘Trans Visibility’ ad commits suicide


    • DeniseVB says:

      WoW, perhaps United should have been paying for mental treatment rather than parading him/her around like a token Woke Show Pony. I hope his family sues the airline for exploiting him.

  8. lyn5 says:

  9. lyn5 says:

  10. Dora says:

    OMG! I can’t even imagine what it must have been like to wake up to a scene like this.

  11. Mothy67 says:

    Here is a thing — Kate picked up Meg who stays here every weekend. She has six children and works on the weekend as a nurse. I asked about insulin being administered. She said any patient with insulin resistance has meds reduced and is given insulin. They have to clear out interactions. I am not the brightest bulb in the candelabra but I can process some info. A doc could have articulated why they wanted to jab me in the belly several times a day. It is my body. Talk to me.
    She works at the only non independent hospital I am aware of in the area. She said patients came in during the height of Covid with symptoms often mild but there was panic. Protocols included remdesivir. Kate has been a nurse for 28 years and has seen it all. She said they tried blatantly to tout remdisavir as a life saver. She says in her experience a not compromised person gets through a flu, pneumonia, bad cold in six to ten days. They might need hospitalization due to dehydration and malnutrition but in what she saw the pushed med had no effect on individuals who were not compromised. She says some died before her eyes because of remdisavir.

    • Mothy67 says:

      Ugh only independent hospital

    • Somebody says:

      Fauci has some kind of interest in Remdesivir, can’t remember the exact details at the moment. I know it was tried with ebola and another illness, maybe zika?? Flu?? Can’t remember, but the trials were discontinued because it caused organ failure in a lot of the patients.

      I’ve seen various studies that claim Remdesivir killed 38% to 58% of the covid patients depending on which study you believe. I don’t know if we will ever really know the truth about this or any of the other issues surrounding covid.

  12. lyn5 says:

  13. lyn5 says:

  14. helenk3 says:

    random thought
    today on tv they were talking about the NY DA who wants to arrest Trump and the DAs in his office are pushing for him to do so.
    Do you remember the story of the ice skating rink that the city fiddled and faddled with trying to get it built, Trump the hell with you I will get it built? Then during the TDS the city closed the rink. If my kids had been deprived of a place to have fun and enjoy life, and you closed it I would be furious

    • DeniseVB says:

      Perfect. It’s a good thing I’m not (for commenting) on Twitter after all, I’d probably keep getting suspended. Especially that I would take that photo to reply to every troll who accused me of being part of a cult. LOL.

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      All it needs are the strings controlling Barry.
      He and Moo are just questionable front men.

  15. helenk3 says:

    never thought I would see something like this. thanks bid-on and the benedicts


  16. lyn5 says:

    • swanspirit says:

      She is scary because she is stupid.
      China already doesn’t respect our boundaries, or our copyright laws. They steal our technologies out of hand, and have for decades. They are happy to send deadly drugs and viruses our way. They embed spies with our lawmakers, some of whom are Sandy From The Bar’s best buds in Congress.
      But Sandy says, ” Don’t ban them”.

  17. taw46 says:

  18. taw46 says:

  19. helenk3 says:

    I just got finished a couple of books by Charles Todd. I am hooked. He writes mysteries that take place in England right after WW1. You never know how they will end. Really good reading.

    • One of my favorite TV series is “Call the Midwives”, which is set in London’s East End after WWII. The show is based on the memoirs of one of the midwives, Jennifer Worth, and her voice over is provided by Vanessa Redgrave. The midwives are a combination of nurses and Anglican nuns who share living quarters. I’ve also read and enjoyed Worth’s memoir. The stories are as much about London in that period as they are about the people. You can stream it for free on PlutoTV.

    • votermom says:

      The Ian Rutledge series? That’s really good. The first few books were cowritten with his mom, iirc.

  20. DeniseVB says:

    Whoa ! Goosebumps.

  21. Dora says:

    Goodness! What the heck are they doing to my favorite city?

  22. Dora says:

    Hysterical. 🙂

  23. Dora says:

    Don’t believe him. He’s looking for a way to get back into politics.

    Go away Cuomo. We don’t want you anymore.


    Andrew Cuomo slams NY, Georgia investigations into Trump as feeding ‘cancer in our body politic’

  24. taw46 says:

    Is this a real thing or is it all a joke? Hard to tell these days.

  25. lyn5 says:

  26. taw46 says:

    So many crazies out there. I believe she has him around the neck at the end of that clip. Poor guy.

  27. lyn5 says:

  28. taw46 says:

    What a funny thread. I laughed.

  29. lyn5 says:

    Epic Fail: “We Can Stop Him”, Unhinged Mary Trump Tries to Sabotage Attendance for Her Uncle President Trump’s Waco Rally


  30. DeniseVB says:

    Oh my, funny thread because it’s real.

  31. Mothy67 says:

    How much do you think pharma controls docs and insurance?
    I had a long talk with my DO about glucose strips, i had a fasting today of 88. That is perfect. If I had a Big Mac with fries and a coke it would go to 300 and stay there. I talked at length with doctor. I know how to eat and stay healthy. Some people try a keto type diet. The body needs carbs. It is energy. You take carbs away and body feeds on fat and muscle. I think Ozempic is scary. Anywho I chatted with my I am rebuilding my life. I have to take life on life’s terms. Monitoring my glucose gives me a way to be in charge of one aspect. He agreed and put in for me getting four test strips a day. My insurance will only pay for two a day. One touch strips are 120 for 80. My pharmacy brand is 9.95. I can go to rehab as a diagnosed diabetic or take a pill for 3.25 copay which retails for almost 200. Insurance doesn’t blink. I go the the gym and walk at least 10,000 feet a day. I count my carbs making sure I get at least 200 a day. Because i bought store brand I know when to have most carbs. My DO was impressed that with no meds I took my A1C from 12,4 to 5,5. He said it is unheard of. I eat five meals a day and am trying to learn to bake. I eat nothing with preservatives. I can eat but don’t let myself get hungry and I have carbs.. my doctor agreed with me on my plan. He wrote a prescription for six testing scripts a day. He told me it would likely be rejected but he would try. How ass backwards is it that i can get rebylsus which cost hundreds and plays with your entire digestive system but i can’t poke my finger when I indulge in pizza. I discussed this at length with my doctor. If I I grab a slice I walk an extra 15 minutes and monitor. He agreed my approach worked and wrote prescription. Insurance said no. Insanity. I can take drugs and they cheer but exercise is a no. My pharmacy has a no name brand for 9.95 the lancets are 6. I compared results over two weeks. The generic is on average 13 points higher so I just deduct 13. My cousin Carol and my lady friend that I do shopping for both went on Ozempic. They now have more health issues. Carol has Parkinson’s. She didn’t six months ago. She shakes so bad. Like drinks from a straw because she cannot get her glass safely to her mouth. She is 57, one year older than me. I literally drank from sun up to sun down and Grey Goose never took that toll on me. She was always heavy now she is a bag of bones. I tried to talk to her but her doc thinks controlling glucose with a pill is more important than whatever this powerful drug is doing to her body. My friend Sandi is also on Ozempic. She was scared of waiting in line early Covid she was born in 53 and has health issues. I would get her meds as she was scared of waiting in line as you never know with pharmacy line. It can be 5 minutes or 30. I cut her grass, shovel her walks. She was always right there with me. Now she just sits. Tired. I think it is Ozempic. I saw two people decline in a matter of weeks. Like rapid decline they both lost weight. Carol was always a big girl. Not obese just built big. She is rail thin now. It can’t be healthy to lose that much weight that fast. garbage in garbage out. They are giving this drug to kids. Sorry if you drop a hundred pounds in weeks it can’t be good. On another note my sister who had stage 4 lung cancer and a brain tumor got the jab two weeks ago because an intern pushed for it. Her cancer was discovered when Mittens ran for POTUS. 14 days after clot shot she is in the hospital with irregular ♡ beat. She is on keytruda so they check her vitals she has been in treatment for a decade never had any cardiac issues. Maybe it has nothing to do with Fauci poison but I think it does. I really thought when Shay turned 18 i could move to key west, live on the beach and eat out of Taw’s trash. Now my sis needs me. I am stuck in this money pit. House is paid off. I wanted to give it to Shay. I want to rent and call a super. My house has 3.5 bathrooms and a complete basement apartment. The guy who owned it prior to my parents was an engineer who converted every space into a bedroom and housed foster kids. A young very fit well spoken black kid was sitting on my stoop one day. My family was at our place in Arizona. I said why are you sitting on my steps. It is suburbia at the bottom of a yuuuge hill. Everyone knows everyone. He was asking his girlfriend to marry him and wanted to begin his life with his future wife in the place where his life got a fresh start. I was like couldn’t you have called? He was a person sitting on my stoop. Do places have memory. I am no hero. Miriam was a child born to a banker mom. Shay brought Miriam home and Miriam lived here. Her dad she never met he was a translator put to death for helping Americans. Her mom worked in banking her hours were middle eastern. Miriam just moved in. Years. One Thanksgiving I asked her if she would like to go to Basra. She was maybe ten and she said they would kill my mom for how she lived and they would coerce her to be a proper Muslim. I am not very intelligent or capacious. Miriam’s mom picked her up every day and took both Shay and Miriam to dinner. She was with her daughter. Hours for international banking were not conducive to a single mom. Miriam slept here. But her mom picked her up every day. I did tell the mom that her daughter said her family would kill her if they saw how she raised her daughter. Her family wanted her to move to a place near Salt Lake City. She wanted her daughter to thrive. She went it alone. I get called nazi, homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist by people I once respected. Miriam is doing great. She has a key to my door. I fed her for a decade. She loves milkshakes. My very white suburban friends call me racist and sexist because I supported Trump and thought Hillary was a monster. I was at the St Patrick’s Day Parade in 2008 the Hillary campaign had asked that supporters arrive early. I was there at 5 am. A man was in full women’S clothes. He gave Hillary a dozen roses. I was feet away, inches. I saw how that monster reacted to a transvestite that got up at ass crack of dawn to give her flowers. Wow she let me see who she was. The guy gave her flowers she immediately made fun of him. I was right there. I watched her flick on the fake smile. I did not like Trump before the escalator. I fell hard for dude. I have had college friends call me racist because Aje (AJ) didn’t know he was black until he was 12. He is my brother’s sister’s son. Same age as Shay. They, we spent every holiday together. I have taken Age to Disney. I think Aje is Aje. He’s my family. I am racist because i didn’t talk to him about slavery. His biological grandparents looked him up at 12. Never called him on Christmas or Birthday in over a decade. He understands subject verb agreement. Grammar is racist. I am told I erase his person because I have taken him to every production of Arther Miller. Taking a kid to see live words come alive on stage is me forcing heteronormative something. They will explode if they ever find out I took him to the art museums. I had a very very white friend inform me about my apparent xenophobia with regards to Hispanics. My BFF who has a staff comprised of 60 year old Latin women tells me from her mainline estate that I am racist. My Godparents are from Puerto Rico. Wow are they Catholic. Love Trump.t

  32. Dora says:

    RIP Nicholas.


  33. taw46 says:

  34. Dora says:

    Rejection of Globalism: Hungary and Italy Pass Laws to Protect Citizens from Insect Use in Food


  35. Mothy67 says:

    This was very odd. I have been fixated on glucose . Today the sun is shining. Shay is redoing her room again. She is constantly redoing her room. I have no idea how she moves a cast iron bed across a room but she manages. There are a bunch of girls over. I guess it requires ten to take down last months flavor. She thankfully has now learned to appreciate Led Zep. She hated all my music for years now she has stolen all my vinyl. I have hundreds if not thousands of vinyl. I was a wierd kid I have Tapastry, Led Zep, Black Sabbath, Barbra Streisand. I have Rick Dees Disco Duck on a 45. I asked the girls if I could get pizza or I could walk to the store and get whatever they wanted but I was not cooking for ten girls. Cindi who is a delight but on the chubby side said I need to check with my parents. She is 15 with type 2 diabetes. She is adopted and I think her parents are a little afraid to exercise some discipline. I am at this point very well versed in food. She wanted MCDonalds and told me she was fat and might as well die eating junk food. She was all smiles and making light of it. She is 15 and making a joke of a manageable health condition. She called herself fat and said she should die eating because that is what she loves. I had so many thoughts, but i walked out of the room to think about how this girl cried for help. I need to talk with her parents but i don’ t want to seem like an interloper. Cindi called me TT. When Shay was a wee tadpole she got a kick out of calling me Timothy John Cain. I never use Timothy it doesn’t offend she found TT when she was a little thing Timothy has two T’s. It was something she out grew. When she calls me TT it is serious. I don’t get uncle from any of the kids. I am Tim. This girl telling me about suicidal ideations referred to me as TT. I don’t know this child. She made a point of talking to me.
    I need EM right now. She can correct me. I do not know how to participate with a child openly talking about self termination. She was quite emphatic and laughed. What do i do.i am grossly unprepared. Help. Please?!?

  36. Mothy67 says:

    I don’t know what to do?

    • lyn5 says:

      988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

      We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals in the United States.

  37. Mothy67 says:

    I talked to the girl and spoke with her mom. She called her mom and handed me the phone. We are having lunch tomorrow.

    • Mothy67 says:

      Shay is mad at me. I embarrassed her. Apparently kids talking to an adult she does not know about suicide is no reason for alarm. What choice did. I have.

  38. helenk3 says:

    maybe segregation is not such a bad thing

  39. lyn5 says:

  40. lyn5 says:

  41. helenk3 says:


    novelties over competence. screw the country, this just looks better

  42. lyn5 says:

    It’s not behind the paywall. Yet.

    • lyn5 says:

      In 2021 the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education polled 37,000 students at 159 campuses; 23% said they believe violence is justified against unwanted speech. Not all students think sending campus guests to the emergency room is good form—but 1 in 4?

      • lyn5 says:

        In the end, it was a different thought that led me to pull the plug. As Liel Leibovitz put it recently in First Things, “The terrible power our pursuers hold over us, the power of intimidation and of setting the terms of the debate, dissolves the moment you realize you’re free to disengage.” To which I add: Bullies have a right to protest, but that right doesn’t extend to dragooning others into untruths—including the untruth that people who join a hateful mob have any intention of listening to a speaker in the first place. They don’t, and the rest of us are under no obligation to help them live that lie by playing along.

  43. lyn5 says:

    • lyn5 says:

  44. lyn5 says:

  45. Mothy67 says:

    I called my oldest friend after this girl was so self deprecating. She was calling herself fat and talking about death. My friend is super progressive. She worked for David Bowie before having children. Her husband ran for mayor of Baltimore. I think he got like four votes. I am sure you know the type. They lived in the city but sent their own kids to elite private school. As white as you can get but screaming liberal. They live in a tony suburb now. She works for the school. She arranges after school things. It’s an actual job. Only rich kids get a dedicated person to co ordinate after school activities. She says it’s tik tok. All the kids talk about negative stuff and get likes for talking about depression. It’s according to my friend trendy to be mentally ill and air it on line. You get likes. Talking about damage has online rewards. I was alarmed that this girl at 15 was telling an adult that she is fat and worthless. She said it all with a smile. I didn’t know what to do. I can’t be that person who hears a cry and looks the other way. I was scared. Everyone knows I have been to detox. I walked all the kids home for years. When I got lost the mom’s were outside in SVU’s saying if you want rehab we will drive you there. This young person was hating herself. I heard her. I didn’t know how to react. I asked her after a spell to talk to me in the hall. I told her I had to talk to her mom. I couldn’t ignore her words. She was 15 talking about death. I couldn’t not hear that. I said I needed to talk to her mom. She called her mom and handed me the phone. She was fighting back tears and asked me if I was going to not let Shay be her friend. I said shut up. You came here and dropped a nuclear bomb. You want help. I love Shay you are unhappy that i called adoptive parents. You obviously want to make a better way. I am here. I talked with your mom. Everyone is with you. She had tears telling me Shay was the best friend she has ever had and because of this drama I was going to reject her. I know my brat. She’s my best friend. I 100% percent knew Shay was setting me up.
    Funny thing I called everyone I know. Like the head of childhood development from Stanford. I had no idea what to say. What do you say to a teen girl calling herself fat and ugly. I am a yuuuge fan of EM. I think the world of that lady. She schools me often. I have learned because she is brutal. I is asshole. I wanted EM advice for a kid. I had to wing it.
    I will scream it from mountains. ElliesMom is my hero.

    • lateblum says:

      Thanks, helen. I had no idea about this “little glitch”. I know that the people @ Ross the street from me had a small EV. They had a (really lovely and architecturally designed) charging station built at the entrance to their garage. The car, which had been parked there every evening (and charging the battery) has gone missing. It’s been gone for several months. Now perhaps they are wintering elsewhere. That is entirely possible. But now, after reading the article, I wonder if they had to scrap it. I’ll be on the lookout for the car.

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