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Happy Valentine’s Day circa 1980

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That is if you’re not celebrating St. Valentine’s head being chopped off on this date 🙂 Fast forward to 1980, after the birth of our 3rd child, I played this song on a loop during…

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Sweet Ga-Ga Overnight Thread

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SuperBowl Trump Smash.We cancelled our Annual Party. MAGA-Ga-Ga’s Gone.

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I’m here—-> It’s been a 20 year tradition, local friends ‘n’ folks, neighbors and dh’s poker buddies.  We shut it down because NOT one of our traditional invitees gave a sh*t.  So it’s not…

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March For Life Open Thread

Because I just got this in email from my Virginia Democrats “pals”.  We’re DOOMED, send money. Denise, Today, thousands of right-wingers are gathering in Washington, D.C. to march against women’s health and rights. Every major Republican candidate for Virginia governor … Continue reading

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Overnight Open Thread: America !

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Overnight Open Thread

Just signed up. How perfect to visit NYC in April ! Fun Run, who’s with me?

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Wednesday Overnight Open Threat, er, Thread, er Good Morning Thursday :)

I have another *fallback* event to attend on Inauguration NIGHT, signing up now, they have real food 😉 We are having the 1st ever historic Inaugural Ball for gays & straight allies to the LGBTQ community. — Scott Presler … Continue reading

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