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A Southerner Moves Up North

Inspired by Somebody 😀  An oldie but a goodie Open Thread ❤ A SOUTHERNER MOVES UP NORTH   JAN 10 5:00 PM. It’s starting to snow. The first snow of the season and the first one we’ve seen in years. … Continue reading

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Yep, It’s Tuesday

What are the vile progs and their enabling media pals offended by today?  Oh wait, I think I know… lucky day 😀 CNN analyst wants a delay on Trump’s Oval Office address so journalists can ‘contextualize’ it — Twitchy … Continue reading

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It’s Only Day Two, Twenty Nineteen, And I’m Loving it.

Y’all know I was scratching this itch all morning.  I wanted to “new post” this graphic so baddddd 😉  I also screwed up the WP thingamajig-linkz.  VB Open Thread Fail, but looks like the graphic werked. 🙂 Strap In – … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve Eve

Almost !  Open Thread.

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What is the Media Upset About Today ?

I can’t keep up with all the fauxraging-whinging-ninnies-on-social-media Open Thread with a nice video to start things off 😀   Good Morning World. Life is a Beautiful Thing! — Kevin W (@kwilli1046) December 23, 2018  

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TCH Christmas Party 2018 !

I think this falls between the Holy Christian/Jewish Celebrations, and Festivus.  This post is definitely for the RestOfUs 😉   Oh yeah, it’s a holidaze open thread too!  Merry, Merry!

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The Sunday Before Christmas Open Thread

Beautiful picture of our President Trump and the First Lady with Donald Trump Jr. and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle. (Picture belongs to Kimberly Guilfoyle) ❤️🇺🇸💙🎄 — The TRUMP PAGE (@MichaelDelauzon) December 23, 2018

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