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The Tasmanian Devil Open Thread

You guys do realize film history is American and World history? Right? Enjoy…. Open Thread, natch đŸ™‚

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Open Thread – Suffering Celebrity Edition

We need a fresh baked thread and what better way to start it off than with half-baked “celebs” imagining they have no possessions. It’s really creepy to watch this on mute. This video is Wuhan Virus for your — … Continue reading

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Open Thread O’The Day

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President Trump Wins Another Democratic Debate !

Here’s the shot: Last night’s Drunkblog from Vodkapundit’s musings in real time. Grumpy Old White Men: Drunkblogging the Democratic Diversity Debate — PJ Media (@PJMedia_com) March 15, 2020 Now the chaser: Tyler O’Neil’s post debate wrap-up. Trump Wins Dem … Continue reading

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Beware The Ides of March

…..and stay safe in the grocery stores too ! Open Thread

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Hoodat Open Thread

Sorry couldn’t help it đŸ˜‰ Let the party continue……

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You Can’t Always Get What You Wannnnt….

Loved this song long before Team Trump hijacked it….open thread continues đŸ˜€

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