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So I went to the Movies, Nice Break, ya’d think?

We need to stop being so depressed here, take a break from politics and media, don’t leave we’re all we have ….. go to a movie.  Like…   Okay, that movie never played the full  Bohemian Rhapsoday, bummer.  So here … Continue reading

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Semper Fi! Saturday Open Thread

Let’s celebrate something to take a “short”  break from all the sad news about wildfires, ballot recounts and MObama’s book coming out.  Happy Birthday Marines ❤ Okay, now party on !   congratulations marines from Venezuela here we are waiting … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread

Just noticed last thread bulging at the seams, you can keep the party going here 🙂 I’m totally disgusted with national and local media today, here’s an example of mine…..local reporters (print and broadcast) all seem to be SJW’s anyway, … Continue reading

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The Morning After

This was some good news to wake up too.   Keep the party going, covfefe time 😀   Trump Makes History By Adding Seats to GOP Senate Majority in His First Midterm Election via @gatewaypundit — R.E.B.E.L.L. (@Edible3Ball) November 7, … Continue reading

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TCH Election Night Results Watch Party

  Open Thread !  Stay calm and prepare for the worse, hope for the best !

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Saturday Open Thread

Fall Back. Set your clocks back one hour tonight !   Photo is stolen from New Hampshire, but we’re still on a/c in weirdo coastal Virginia.  So our leaves will probably fall off before they change color.

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Hallow’s Eve Open Thread

I’m not really into Halloween anymore, the past few years I’ve been criticized by kids moaning at the “snack” and “fun sized” treats we hand out.  So we doubled it, still weren’t happy.  Kids today, future snowflakes of tomorrow?  Bags … Continue reading

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