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And Now, A Brief Word From Our Sponsor Open Thread

When my daughter (and youngest child, almost 40 now), became a student at an NYC university in 1998, she was all about the protests and anarchy, she was young and stupid. She even spent a weekend at Riker’s Island for … Continue reading

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Weathermen aka Tin Foil Tuesday

If I were a “real” blogger, I’d have all kinds of fancy graphics to accompany this link, but ya just get a link, I’m lazy like that. I’m old enough to remember the aholes from my youth, please read … Continue reading

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Hope we see more of this tonight !

We needed a new thread, let’s lead off with the FABULOUS NYPD in Brooklyn ! Finally ….the moment the New York Police Department was given the green light to arrest protesters in Brooklyn. — Ruthann (@TeaBoots) May 30, 2020

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We’re Going to Make it Afterall !

Open Thread !

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(Pre) TinFoil Tuesday Open Thread

Carry on. The Social Media is nuts, my local media is nuts. Just dodged a tropical storm, so what else is in the “news” ? Oh look we have another storm slamming down on us from…the West? Never a dull … Continue reading

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*Shout Out From The President* Open Thread

Of course, TCHers are the best “Keyboard Warriors” in the worrrrrld đŸ˜€ Thank you to all of my great Keyboard Warriors. You are better, and far more brilliant, than anyone on Madison Avenue (Ad Agencies). There is nobody like you! … Continue reading

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I Think DeBlasio Jumped the Shark in NYC Open Thread

When attacks on Jews were spiking, de Blassio was slow to act. Now he says he'll have the police arrest Jewish mourners. — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) April 29, 2020 #Jews is trending on Twitter right now, I knew it … Continue reading

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