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Merry Trumpmas !

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Our first Trumpmas together, yay, we made it ! Never give up, our media has been doubling down on stupid, that’s not our problem, it’s theirs. Have a great holiday season y’all, see ya’s on…

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Karma Saturday Open Thread

Sorry to hear Lindsay Vonn was injured on the Super G. (Edited by Lola to fix formatting issues in Mobile). This is an open thread, y’all.

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W.O.O.T…..for Citizen Journalists !

Warning: Salty language. Read more at… Southside Daily. This is a local story and this lady is better than any of our local “news babes” reporters. I love her ❤ Open Thread !

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Su.O.O.T Dressage

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A Very Star Wars Christmas

Star Wars opens Dec 15, Christmas is Dec 25. How can you pack that much fun in a month? 😀 Open thread !

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New Open Thread or Th.o.o.t

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Cyber Myiqday Monday

Forgot Myiq hates Mondays. Any good deals you want to share (hint, hint Votermom and Book Horde 😉 ) Open Thread ❤

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