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Uptown Funk Friday Open Thread !

Right? Advertisements

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Friday Means Politically Incorrect Day, Right?

Tuning out the blather on social media and enjoying this 1936 version of “Showboat” on TCM. I dedicate this scene to trigger “feminists” who really need to find a man dey can’t help loving and the race baiters who will … Continue reading

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Monday, Monday Open Threaday !

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Stick Ball, Politics, and Can’t Always Get What You Want

Grew up in Brooklyn playing stick ball on the streets…. Them: Me: But this looks like more fun…. Here’s your Saturday/Sunday SSOOT Open Thread and beyond. Was going to schedule this for early a.m. but hey, let’s make it a … Continue reading

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Mueller Javert Hearings

Am I close? Here’s your Thursty Open Thread đŸ˜€

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Happy Birthday USA, USA, USA !

Kate Smith, circa 1938, when she introduced God Bless America…. Have a Safe and Happy 4th Open Thready đŸ˜€

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Happy First Day of July Open Thread

….and it’s Monday, so here we are ! Stay coolie cool boy, real cool ….. Good luck with that remake Steven Spiely-berg boy.

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