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Government Shut Down? Hell they shut ME down as well.

Ah- life in Yellowstone! Back to work after injuring my back and being on Social Security Disability since 2009. WONDERFUL! Yellowstone is one of my favorite places in the world. Fresh air, mountains, flowers, wildlife. Hikes in the woods. Tramping … Continue reading

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Fear Mongering- PA Dem Style

Got an email from the PA Dems yesterday. Subject line of the email was “CHEATING.” Oh NO! The evil Republican Governor and his minions in the State Legislature are once again floating a proposal to more equitably distribute the electoral college votes! … Continue reading

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Crazy Christmas Songs Open Thread

I always thought this was a very silly song. Seems Christmas brings them out. Here’s Another- this one reminds me of my older sis lol What Christmas ear worms do you have? This is your open thread.

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Poverty 101. Chapter 1. Utilities

Beating the utility companies. Why the hell anyone thinks a utility bill over 100 bucks a month is acceptable is beyond me. But I am fortunate not to live in the insane regions of the country lol. None the less, I … Continue reading

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Oh Dark Thirty Open Thread

Just saw this on Facebook and about died laughing! Budding entrepreneurs! Future Romneys and Trumps! FTR I think my cats need a couple of doses of sleeping pills- they absolutely refuse to acknowledge that the clocks have been set back. This … Continue reading

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THIS? In America? Census: Fuller poverty picture finds 49.7M are poor, factoring in medical and work expenses I just don’t know what to say. Reading through the article there seem to be some inconsistencies, but the gist of the story remains- … Continue reading

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Strategy- REFORM the Electoral College!

While we can not do away with the Electoral College, every one of us CAN work towards proportional awarding of electoral votes.  The problem with those votes is that in most cases they are winner take all. (I believe Maine … Continue reading

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I Get By. Or Poverty 101. Introduction

Well, the election is over and we as a nation are headed for the poor house. We all need to pitch in and share whatever hints we have for living frugally. Having been poor and poorer, I have never lost … Continue reading

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