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Was That Their Best Shot?

It pains me to tell you that I may have been mistaken. Ask any of my ex-wives or girlfriends and they’ll tell you that I never admit when I’m wrong, But what those stupid lying bints won’t tell you is … Continue reading

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Democrats Go All-In On Reelecting Trump

I have a hypothesis. The Democrat leadership, in a moment of lucidity, realized that the Democrat party is so tainted by its legacy of slavery, secession, the KKK, Jim Crow Segregation, anti-Americanism, and socialism that it is irredeemable and must … Continue reading

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Welcome To The ‘Burbs

Some Antifa types tried to start trouble in a small bedroom community east of LA called Yucaipa. It did not go well. Brandon Morse tried to warn them: I want anyone in Antifa or rioting groups to know that it … Continue reading

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And Now A Few Words From Our President

Trump should stop fucking around and just declare that the Democrat party is a terrorist organization. We also need a law making it a serious felony to deliberately block roadways. I would also I would even make a law that … Continue reading

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What a difference a few weeks makes

Remember waaaaay back at the beginning of May when a bunch of ignorant racist Trump supporters endangered the entire world by protesting against the lockdown without: 1. Proper masks 2. Social distancing 3. Government permission? One of those protests was … Continue reading

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This Won’t End Well

Just a couple weeks ago I was thinking that the Democrats must have told Antifa and Black Lives Matter to lay low because we haven’t heard much from either one since Trump was elected. Rioting and looting on Rodeo Drive … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Videos

The above video was recently taken in Minneapolis. So was this one from last August: You would never have seen either clip airing on WJM back in the day. This is an open thread.

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