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If I had known this was the end of the world I would have brought refreshments.


There’s no feeling like finishing a book, and I’m proud of this one. In A Promised Land, I try to provide an honest accounting of my presidency, the forces we grapple with as a nation, and how we can heal … Continue reading

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Religious Fanatics And The Mentally Ill Have No Sense Of Humor

Joe Biden has just ONE thing to say and it ain’t good. Listen to this — The United Spot (@TheUnitedSpot1) September 16, 2020 Democrats be freakin’, burn it on the weekend . . . Politico: Trump shares doctored video … Continue reading

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What is the scientific prognosis for someone with senile dementia?

The Mad Scientists of America consulted with chicken entrails and pooped this out: Scientific American has never endorsed a presidential candidate in our 175-year history—until now. The 2020 election is literally a matter of life and death. We urge you … Continue reading

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Showing Clips Of Democrats Gone Wild Is Racist

Try to wrap your head around this one from Joan Donovan at the MIT Technology Review: How an overload of riot porn is driving conflict in the streets When Kyle Rittenhouse shot and murdered protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Dear Democrats: You Built This

Moments ago, 2 of our Sheriff Deputies were shot in Compton and were transported to a local hospital. They are both still fighting for their lives, so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. We will update this thread … Continue reading

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Never Forget

I’ll never forget where I was that day when I heard the news. I was sitting right where I’m sitting right now, doing pretty much the same thing I was doing then. Then my phone rang. “Dude! Hillary is dead, … Continue reading

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You Can’t Make A Biden Omelet Without Killing A Few Americans

Democrats “know” that America is at war. America is at war with the forces of evil, personified by Donald Trump. War is hell. In war, people die, economies are wrecked, and cities get burned to the ground. We cannot shy … Continue reading

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Some People Want To Be Lied To

A report from Cheeselandia: I have spent the last three days speaking to almost every person I've seen on the streets in Kenosha and Racine and folks… I hate to break it to you… but nobody gives a shit about … Continue reading

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Caption This Open Thread

“I wanted a trophy wife. Instead, I got an ‘Everybody gets a trophy’ wife.”

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Only A Democrat Would Be Dumb Enough To Believe This Fake News

Same shit, different day. Jeffrey Goldberg at The Atlantic: Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’ When President Donald Trump canceled a visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018, he blamed rain for the … Continue reading

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“We had to destroy the village in order to save it.”

The conservative movement really could use the cleansing fire of a humiliating defeat. The hard question is how much of the country you're prepared to burn down to get that. — Dan McLaughlin (@baseballcrank) September 1, 2020 If you didn’t … Continue reading

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OUT: “Lit” IN: “Gaslit”

I join @JoeBiden in condemning this violence. This can not—and must not—be who we are. Americans deserve a president who will heal our country and bring people together—not fan the flames of hate and division. — Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) … Continue reading

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Nutty Meg Warns Democrats That They Are Helping Trump

There are warning flares being sent out everywhere to Democrats in these polls that the messaging on rioting isn’t working and it’s helping Trump in swing states. If there isn’t some recalibration soon, no one can be shocked in Nov. … Continue reading

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When Trump Wins He Owes A Big “Thank-You” To BLM and Antifa

BLM and Antifa have done more to help re-elect Donald Trump than anybody, and that includes Trump supporters. Trump supporters haven’t wavered, but there are not nearly enough of us to win the election. Trump needs some of those low-info, … Continue reading

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The Republicans Are Here To Kick Ass And Chew Bubblegum

And they’re all out of bubblegum. You can tell that Richard Grenell gave a great speech without listening to it just from the reactions of the Democrats. They are hyperventilating and hyperbolic, and they aren’t talking about what he actually … Continue reading

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Shit Just Got Real

Extremely graphic: Someone at the #KenoshaRiots was just shot in the head. @livesmattershow was there to record it. — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) August 26, 2020 There are no cops in this video. Some people are shooting guns in Kenosha. … Continue reading

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Oh give me a break in Kenosha. Cops were called to a domestic, the guy resisted, defied multiple commands, then in the video was clearly lunging and reaching under his car seat for something before being shot.#BlackLivesMatter  can go fuck … Continue reading

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Kamala Harris Has A New Contract To Endorse Kneepads

At a joint press conference today it was announced that Senator Kamala Harris (pronounced “KUM-a-luh”) will be endorsing her own signature line of kneepads under the “Scandalous” label. “When I was younger I suffered from chronic knee abrasions.  These rug … Continue reading

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There Is Nothing Fake Newsier Than A Political Convention

Once upon a time, political conventions had a purpose. There was a time when the convention delegates actually chose their party’s nominees. I can remember when the VP nominees were unknown until the conventions. In 1932 FDR had a big … Continue reading

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Burning California At Both Ends

Apparently God has passed judgment on California, and he is now raining hellfire upon us. SJ Murky News: Wind-driven, lightning-stoked wildfires tore through every Bay Area county except San Francisco on Wednesday, rousting residents out of their beds, destroying dozens … Continue reading

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