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Mom Died On Friday

Like the headstone epitaph said, “I expected this, but not so soon.” The decades-long process of physical and mental deterioration we call “aging” ended for Mom on Friday at approximately 12:30 pm. She passed peacefully in her sleep at home. … Continue reading

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The Left Is Now Blaming Trump For Biden

UPDATE: The original tweet has been deleted. This is the part by Caitlin Flanagan I was reacting to: We told ourselves a fable that Biden was competent because we were rightly desperate to free ourselves from Trump. "We told ourselves … Continue reading

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Comparing Roadapples To Orange Man Supporters

This turd from Neil MacFarquhar in the NY Slimes is some seriously unhappy horseshit: They robbed an armored car outside a sprawling Seattle shopping mall. They bombed a synagogue in Boise, Idaho, and within weeks assassinated a Jewish talk radio … Continue reading

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Who Owns The Tree?

I found this at Twitchy, but it originated somewhere else. I’m not sure where. Here is some of the text accompanying the graphic at GWU Online: While the terms equity and equality may sound similar, the implementation of one versus … Continue reading

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Rights Are For Leftists Only

Geez Louise: A data breach at a Christian crowdfunding website has revealed that serving police officers and public officials have donated money to fundraisers for accused vigilante murderers, far-right activists, and fellow officers accused of shooting black Americans. In many … Continue reading

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Jeebus Died For Our Eggs

Breaking News: Jesus was a Jew! Many people believe that Jesus was a member of the Essene sect of Judaism. Essenes were sort of the DFHs of Judea. The Essenes were the people who barricaded themselves at the fortress of … Continue reading

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Things That Make You Go “Duh!”

Noah Green, 25, has been identified as the Capitol Hill attacker, who killed a police officer and injured another. His Facebook page identifies him as a follower of Louis Farrakhan and a member of the radical group Nation of Islam. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Me

According to my driver’s license I am 61 years old. That’s almost old enough to collect Social Security. That cannot be right. How can I be almost old enough to retire when I haven’t even decided what I want to … Continue reading

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I guess the Biden* administration isn’t infested with spies and saboteurs

There's noticeably more "discipline" in the Biden WH vs the Trump WH: @JonKarl notes "much less rampant leaking coming from senior advisers and other senior officials in the West Wing…" — Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) March 29, 2021 Tater posted … Continue reading

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The future of NeverTrump = The ninth circle of Hell. This is your Saturday night open thread.

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Chutzpah: a Yiddish word meaning arrogance, impudence, gall, or audacity. I saw this trash in The Atlantic: Democrats’ Only Chance to Stop the GOP Assault on Voting Rights If the party doesn’t pass new protections, it could lose the House, … Continue reading

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Suddenly The Democrats Are Pro-Wall

Watch the Democrats and you’ll see more flip-flops than on all the beaches in Florida (pre-covid). It seems like just yesterday they were telling us that “walls don’t work.” The Hill: A review of Capitol security after the Jan. 6 … Continue reading

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Happy VD Open Thread

Today is not my favorite holiday.

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Final Score: 57-43.  Donnie Two-Scoops is now 2-0 in impeachments. Fuck all them bitch-ass Democrats. #Trump2024    

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Acquittal 2.0 will follow Impeachment 2.0

Opinion: If Republican senators acquit Trump, they will own the violence that follows — The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) February 12, 2021 Sometime later today, probably, the Senate will vote on the single count of Incitement made up by House … Continue reading

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The Peasants Are Not Revolting

Joe Biden* is the most popular POTUS in American history, with 80 million supporters. He got more votes from black people than Barack Obama. He is so popular that he invited 25,000 national guard troops to his inauguration. Thankfully, they … Continue reading

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M.A.G.A. – Day 1461

The barbarians are camped outside the wall. Tomorrow they’ll be inside. For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and … Continue reading

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Trump brought this all on himself

Six years ago Trump had life by the pussy. He was a world-famous billionaire with his own hit television show. He lived in the penthouse of one of the most luxurious buildings in the world. Rumor is that his personal … Continue reading

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The Big Tell

. @realLizUSA was, until recently, national spokesperson at the RNC. Liz, I sincerely hope you get the help you need because anyone who tweets this nonsense a week after a violent attack on the Capitol based on lies like this … Continue reading

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Nasty Nana Strikes Again

The House of Representatives has voted to impeach President Donald Trump a second time. They must have spent all of 20 minutes in debate. If you were hoping 2021 would be better than 2020, keep hoping. But hope is not … Continue reading

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