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Trash with big boobs is still trash

Please Gawd let this be the end of her 15 minutes! Judge appears ready to toss Stormy Daniels defamation lawsuit against Trump Federal District Judge S. James Otero appears to be on the verge of dismissing Stormy Daniels’s defamation case … Continue reading

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Sexual Predator Arrested

Friday night I started having problems with AT&T. A while back I mad the mistake of putting my internet, cable and phone service all under AT&T. It’s convenient for bill paying but when all three go out at the same … Continue reading

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Picture Of Ford Pulling A Train Has Been Found

Just imagine if a witness turned up with a very different story to tell. WITNESS: “I didn’t know her name, everybody was calling her Amtrak.” SENATOR: “Why did they call her that?” WITNESS: “Because she kept saying ‘All aboard! Woo … Continue reading

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What Day Is It?

Wednesday is called “Hump Day” because Wednesday is the day that people spend the most time looking at porn during working hours. You can take that to the bank. Just don’t try to cash it. This is an open thread.

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Is it still Monday?

My day got off to a bad start. I opened a window in my bedroom last night to take advantage of the cool night air. This morning I decided to close said window before I died of hypothermia. (It must … Continue reading

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Hang on to your butts, shit just got real.

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I didn’t steal this from Ace of Spades HQ

It’s going viral and it’s our turn. This is your Monday thread until someone posts a better one.   Well, this is awkward.  

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