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Thorstein Veblen Was A Real Party Animal.

Thorstein Veblen is famous for two things – inventing the beer bong and writing “The Theory of the Leisure Class.” He also invented the slotted spoon as a way to help people lose weight and coined the term “conspicuous consumption” … Continue reading

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Another Saturday Night And I Ain’t Got Nobody Open Thread

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Boomer Bust – The Wasted Generation

Irony: The generation that said “I hope I die before I get old” has gotten old. According to Wikipedia, these are the generations of the 20th Century: Lost Generation Greatest Generation Silent Generation Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials Generation Z … Continue reading

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S.H.I.T. Open Thread

If you spent the past couple months trapped in a lightless cave and you were trying to figure out what this impeachment kerfluffle was all about, yesterday’s hearing would not have provided any enlightenment. The only thing that was clear … Continue reading

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This is a fucking joke but it isn’t funny. So far Schiff-For-Brains is both judge and prosecutor, and he isn’t good at either one. The witnesses were sure of everything when the Democrats asked questions, but now that the Republicans … Continue reading

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The lunatics have taken over the asylum. Democrats Shift from ‘Quid Pro Quo’ to ‘Bribery’ and ‘Extortion’ Ahead of Public Impeachment Hearings Democrats are shifting their rhetoric ahead of public impeachment hearings, from accusing President Trump of a “quid pro … Continue reading

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The Fat Lady Has Sung For California

I can still remember when I was proud to be a Californian. California was the greatest state in the greatest nation on Earth. Well, the United States is still the greatest nation (until lately that was mostly due to the … Continue reading

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