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Thank You, John McCain

Two days ago I read that John McCain’s mother is 106 years old, and still kickin’ pretty hard despite her centenarian status. The next day I heard that Senator McCain was stopping his cancer treatments and then within the next 24 … Continue reading

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Happy Fourth of July Night Open Thread

The last one was getting kind of full.

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Saturday Open Thread

Love it. After decades of promoting & courting singles, single moms, and teaching the young to hate their families of origin, here we are. LMAO. Trump knows what he's doing. #FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch — Lola (@lovelalola) June 30, 2018

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BREAKING: Justice Kennedy to Retire

The Donald gets another pick on the Court. This is why elections matter. VOTE this November. Ginsberg ain't getting any younger. — Lola (@lovelalola) June 27, 2018

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Modern Day Eugenics

You really are like a modern day eugenics pimp. Sad. — Lola (@lovelalola) June 25, 2018 FYI, Charles Blow has another instant flash-classic. 🙄 In the last week, no less than 3 people who work for Trump have been hounded out … Continue reading

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Illegal Immigration is a Child Welfare Issue

I want you to think of the kids. It’s for them that separation is necessary, regardless of system-generated trauma. I used to work for CPS. I removed children from their families for a variety of reasons, at all times of … Continue reading

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Rich Man’s WalMart, etc

All the usual media suspects have gone gaga over Donald Trump’s Twitter attacks on Jeff Bezo’s free shipping business model via Amazon. The editor of the WaPo even came out to denounce it. I’m LMAO because Amazon is nothing but a … Continue reading

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