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Easter Open Thread

Let the games continue!  This is a rare engraving of Jesus accepting and endorsing the Easter Bunny to co-sponsor the holiday the Hallmark lobbyists have designated to help the chocolate industry make a fortune. In other news, Joe Biden will … Continue reading

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ANNNND WE’RE OFF!  Its three weeks before the mid terms, and its Meme Time at the OK Corral.   Here we have Hillary reminding her base that the evil Republicans are going to try and suppress their vote Congressional Democrat … Continue reading

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When Cult Leaders Go Wrong…

I planned on penning an open letter to Mr. Obama after his weekend rants, but my ardor has cooled.  The fact that he’s out there lying so obviously about his lack of accomplishment is good enough for me.   The elephant … Continue reading

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Post Mortem

Its been said “You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down” For the “not so good”, we have this handy little travel kit… The cavalcade of the bereaved friends and family of Aretha Franklin and John McCain has dispersed.  Aretha’s funeral … Continue reading

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Scotty, Beam Me Up!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m ready for Scotty to beam my crazy ass up ASAP.  Between the MSM’s relentless and unfounded attacks on President Trump and his base to the self-admitted socialist lunatics that the Democrats are … Continue reading

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Today’s Question: How #WOKE are you?

“Im so #WOKE that I (insert absurd claim of self loathing)” What we are witnessing is a public nervous breakdown of the Democrat party.  Every day, more and more of them are trying to outdo each other on which one … Continue reading

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Post-Feminism? Is it time?

.@chelseahandler Calls Huckabee Sanders a ‘Harlot’ With ‘Summer Whore Lipstick All Over Her Face’ — Free Beacon (@FreeBeacon) December 5, 2017 I get it – I’m a man and according to some Professional Feminists, I have no business writing … Continue reading

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The Frankening of America M.O.O.T.

You may have noticed that Al Franken is desperately trying to rehabilitate his image.  

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Zombie Apocalypse Friday – Eaten Alive!

I suppose I shouldn’t be laughing my ass off about Donna “The Rat” Brazile’s latest tell-all, but I can’t help myself.  Truth be told, I’ve been waiting for this moment since 2008 when Brazile-nut rigged the primary and was the … Continue reading

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The Ballad of Sammie and Sally (Open Thread)


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SOT |sät| noun – a habitual drunkard. ORIGIN: late Old English sott ‘foolish person,’ from medieval Latin sottus, reinforced by Old French sot ‘foolish.’ The current sense of the noun dates from the late 16th century. It also stands for “SUNDAY OPEN THREAD” … Continue reading

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What did Comey Show Me?

What does this strapping 6’8″ former head of the FBI and Trigglypuff have in common? They both show a tremendous amount of fragility when they’re triggered by perceived microagressions .  Sounds like a good idea that this #NutJob got his … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2017 Open Thread

I run about 6 miles along the Hudson on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  This morning, the Hudson was romantically moody, perhaps in reflection of Memorial Day.  I love the river most on days like today when its pouty and mysterious, … Continue reading

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Sarcasm: A Higher Calling (Open Thread)

Its been “overnight” for a couple of days now, and my inner clock is totally broken.  So, while thinking about all of us here at TCH, I realized that one of our greatest common denominators is our shared sarcasm.  Sarcasm often … Continue reading

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Rise and Shine! Saturday Morning Open Thread

New ‘Jesus Viagra’ Makes You Rise Three Days Later From Waterford Whispers, my new guilty pleasure PHARMACEUTICAL giants Pfizer have teamed up with the Catholic Church to create a new, slow-acting version of their popular ED drug Viagra, designed to … Continue reading

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Lets Talk About It…

Just a reminder that The Crawdad Crew will be hosting a live two hour broadcast at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific. Tune in, Call in, Speak out! Well, I certainly didn’t expect things to turn out like this, and from the looks … Continue reading

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Home Stretch and Open Thread

“You don’t have to win, place or show. All you have to do is pass the finish line” We’re finally in the home stretch! After more than a year, we’re just two days away from the big day, when America will … Continue reading

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Retired Generals Week (and Open Thread)

Former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell  interrupted his otherwise restful retirement to defend himself against allegations by Hillary Clinton that he instructed her on how to bypass the State Department and set up a private unsecured server. In a … Continue reading

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Trump Earns Backing of Military Leaders

Shit Just Got Real Source: NYT (of all places lol) Donald J. Trump’s campaign will release an open letter on Tuesday from about 90 retired generals and military officials endorsing his presidential campaign, urging a “long overdue course correction in … Continue reading

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Its a long way to Richmond… (and Sunday Open Thread)

We’re all really excited to get back on the air today!  Our last show was a lot of fun, thanks to TCH commenters calling in and sharing their wit, sarcasm and points of view.  It was great to hear all of … Continue reading

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