Book Club

This is the hideout of our new occasional mandatory book club.

Book Club Rules:

  1. Book Club participation is mandatory
  2. Everyone is mandated to give their 2 cents to the discussion
  3. Reading the book is optional, depending on the hilarity of your waiver application form
  4. If you break the rules I will hit you with a club, possibly a nine-iron

This page will be regularly updated with links to our book discussion posts.

The Crawdad Hole books will also be shelved on goodreads.

The Book Club Discussions:

2012: No Apology By Mitt Romney

1. Time for the #NoApologyBookClub

2. America’s Strength is Good for the World

3. Power: Soft, Hard, Theirs, Ours

4. The Economy Thrives on Creative Destruction

———Holiday/Mayan Apocalypse/Fiscall Cliff intermission —————

2013 Books will include:
January May: Dirty Words on Clean Skin by Anita Finlay: Post 1
February: The Joy of Hate by Greg Gutfield
March: Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck with Harriet Parke

– book nominations are open –

10 Responses to Book Club

  1. elliesmom says:

    What’s out next book?

  2. elliesmom says:

    our next book, lol

  3. foxyladi14 says:

    Oh goody the next book is Ani’s. 🙂

  4. Kylena says:

    Fire health care her up with your passion!

  5. DeniseVB says:

    Yeah, I found the book club ! May I recommend Ben Carson’s One Nation, very inspiring. I just started Dinesh D’Souza’s America, whoa, a few pages in, quite a ride so far.

    On the nightstand is Hillary’s 2003 bio, Living History. So far, not the warm slice of Americana that was Laura Bush’s bio, Spoken from the Heart. Yes, I’m reading First Ladies’ bios, backwards 😀

    Ok, just wanted to see how this pops up …… thanks myiq/vm for the blogroll addition. Now for a page for recipes so I can copy/paste that ham casserole before it scrolls off beyond my short term memory.

  6. DeniseVB says:

    This one looks good and seems to come heavily recommended ….. by Chicks on the Right due out Oct 30, 2014

  7. DeniseVB says:

    I’m on happy reading journey of devouring all the First Ladies biographies or memoirs, beginning with Laura Bush’s “Spoken From the Heart”, just finished Hillary’s “Living History” and just started “A Memoir” by Barbara Bush. What a journey so far! Have enjoyed every page of them dishing on their ancestry, childhoods, youths,college years, how they met their husbands, then the journey to the White House. Living in the White House have been my favorite parts so far.

    I feel more connected to Laura and Hillary as we’re all the same age, we could have been buds! Now with “Bar’s” book, I feel a connection back to my mom’s era. Thanks to Amazon, have been able to track down out of print and used books for Nancy Reagan, Rosalyn Carter and Betty Ford.

    I’ll go back to Michelle Obama when hers comes out, just not into that unauthorized stuff or garden books 🙂 I do recommend she start reading these books for guidance. She certainly has tough acts to follow.

    • leslie says:

      There is a book I read a couple of years ago entitled, “(The) American Wife” It is a fictionalized story of Laura Bush and her life before and after her meeting and marriage to “W”. I wouldn’t buy it, but take I would get it from the library.

      I just finished reading a book “The End of Your Life Book Club”. It was wonderful. It’s an account of the relationship between an adult son and his mother centering on the books they read. This covers the last times of her life following a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. It sounds macabre, but it is really lovely and gives tribute to an amazing woman who, despite her liberal politics, has now joined E Roosevelt as an American treasure, in my eyes. I completed it and then ordered 4 copies to give as gifts to people who are very special to me. The back pages on this book have all the titles and authors mentioned in this book. I hope you read it and like it as much as I.

  8. 49erDweet says:

    I used to read books. Lots of books. Then I began meeting authors. Lots of authors. A few I eventually had to put in jail. A few I took to the county psycho ward. A few I had to tow their cars out of snowbanks. Some I just listened too for about 37+ hours. So now I’ve pretty well given up on reading lots of books.

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