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Detroit Broke City

Turns out it wasn’t the bankers after all. It wasn’t the auto makers either. Or the Republicans. Detroit Free Press: How Detroit went broke: The answers may surprise you – and don’t blame Coleman Young Detroit is broke, but it … Continue reading

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No Vans Land

Hot Air: Before there was Uber, there was Hector Ricketts’ Community Transportation Systems, Inc. Uber has snagged tons of press and unlikely allies as the San Francisco-based high-end car service app clashes with powerful union and bureaucratic forces in every … Continue reading

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An Historic Boondoggle

Hot Air: For all the money being spent on high-speed rail, Griffin reports that the only high-speed rail line that’s actually being built is the California corridor between San Francisco and Los Angeles (eventually, anyway) that runs along and over … Continue reading

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Blue Model Fail

Reuters: Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, already the most unpopular governor in the nation, has his work cut out for him at his annual “state of the state” speech on Wednesday – and this time he probably won’t be relying on … Continue reading

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