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Jaw-dropping Tuesday

Soooooooo…Rep. John Conyers, D-MI, has been revealed to be a serial sexual predator, and guess where it’s NOT trending. Yep, Twitter took the trend off the list after this Buzzfeed report blew it up. Former staff members allege Rep. John … Continue reading

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A Rotten Barrel Spoils The Apples

Ace of Spades HQ: “CROmnibus” Almost Fails, But Then Retired-by-Primary-Loss Conservative Votes “Yes” To Pass It The guy who switched his vote at the last minute was a conservative from Michigan who had been primaried out of his seat by … Continue reading

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TOTUS’ Former Speechwriter Is Now A “Journalist”

Jon “Titty-groper” Favreau now works for the Daily Beast: Leading From Below …Much has been written over the last few weeks about the limits of presidential power. Some smart observers have pointed out that these limits are not new; that … Continue reading

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While You Weren’t Looking . . .

. . . Congress did it again: Congress quietly repeals financial transparency rules for government officials With little fanfare, the House quickly voted Friday to repeal a financial transparency requirement for senior government officials, which was part of a much-heralded … Continue reading

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wmcb’s Favorite Senator Rocks And Rolls

Via Ace of Spades HQ: The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a ban on the sale and manufacture of more than 150 types of semi-automatic weapons with military-style features Thursday in a party-line vote. The 10-8 vote came after a heated … Continue reading

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News From The Front Lines Of The War On Women

Steve Benen: House GOP blocks Violence Against Women Act Congress had a lengthy to-do list as the end of the year approached, with a series of measures that needed action before 2013 began. Some of the items passed (a fiscal … Continue reading

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