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It’s Fri-YAY Open Thread

Have a laugh. Man, Delos Destinations Inc. work has really fallen off since Westworld got quarantined. They aren't even trying anymore… — Woke Lola (@lovelalola) April 17, 2020 Now make me laugh. This is an open I-hope-this-is-almost-over thread thingy!

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Hellweek: Monday Open Thread Edition

Well, this is the first day of what is supposed to be hellweek with this ‘Rone Virus thang. South Carolina is sitting pretty on projections. Unlike some other areas, we are not projected to run out of beds, ICU bed, … Continue reading

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Tenacious Thursday Open Thread

We are all going to get through this, y’all. That is all.

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Covid-19 Scare Hits Close to Home

As readers know, my husband and I are first responders in most crises. He is a nurse working in a hospital with active Covid-19 patients. I work for Child Protective Services. As you know, abuse and neglect of children never … Continue reading

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The Ratchetization of America

Even before Establishment Dems turned a nice trick re-making Bernie Sanders into the left’s own Ron Paul, we were already on this road. This road is marked with plenty of road signs, but few exits. As we drove it we … Continue reading

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