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Clinton Cash – Watch today! (2-5 & 8-11pm)

Breitbart is streaming this again between 2-5pm and 8-11pm. It’s only 1 hour and goes fast. Although I admit I had to pause it several times last night while watching because I was getting so mad. Read Breitbart’s post about … Continue reading

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Tin-Foil Hat Tuesday: The Game is Rigged

And the people know it like Melisandre knows that Jon Snow is Robert Baratheon’s bastard. The evidence is all around. You can’t trust these crows. A murderous insider lot, to the last one. Here’s Facebook, posing as the IRS, stifling your … Continue reading

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How Did Dingy Harry Get Rich As A Public Servant?

Real Clear Politics: Harry Reid’s Long, Steady Accretion of Power & Wealth Last month, as the Senate was busy negotiating the final details of its Ukraine aid package, Majority Leader Harry Reid became temporarily distracted with a campaign finance issue. … Continue reading

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If they’re so great, why do we need a law to make people buy them?

From the list of Shit That Pisses Me Off: The incandescent light bulb isn’t dead Reports were greatly exaggerated Perhaps you’ve heard the news: the incandescent light bulb is dead. “When the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, the year … Continue reading

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No Vans Land

Hot Air: Before there was Uber, there was Hector Ricketts’ Community Transportation Systems, Inc. Uber has snagged tons of press and unlikely allies as the San Francisco-based high-end car service app clashes with powerful union and bureaucratic forces in every … Continue reading

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The Moral Equivalent Of War?

Jonah Goldberg: The Hollow Core of Obamaism Longtime readers of mine will recall that one of my bugaboos is the liberal obsession with the “moral equivalent of war.” Ever since William James coined the phrase, liberalism has essentially become a … Continue reading

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Boomtown is full of rats

‘Boomtown’ Special Angers, Resonates with Americans Fox News will re-air “Boomtown” on Sunday at 9 p.m. EST and 9 p.m. PST. “Boomtown” is a one-hour investigative special that assails Washington, D.C.’s permanent political class for “extracting” taxpayer dollars from Americans … Continue reading

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