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Election Day 2020 is Here!

How are you holding up? I’m good. Tense and in pain from my tooth, but good (root canal tomorrow). Things are looking good in 2020 about like they were in 2016, and if Donald J. Trump can win 2 elections … Continue reading

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The NFL’s New Domestic Violence Policy and the Law of Unintended Consequences

USA Today: NFL toughens its stance on domestic violence NFL commissioner Roger Goodell admits he was wrong on the Ray Rice decision, and Goodell took an important step Thursday towards showing the league is serious about cracking down on domestic … Continue reading

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An Exercise In Futility

Merced Sun-Stroke: UC Merced students participate in effort to end violence against women About a dozen people used their Monday morning to add UC Merced to a global campaign to end violence against women and girls. Students and staff shot … Continue reading

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News From The Front Lines Of The War On Women

Steve Benen: House GOP blocks Violence Against Women Act Congress had a lengthy to-do list as the end of the year approached, with a series of measures that needed action before 2013 began. Some of the items passed (a fiscal … Continue reading

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Don’t read this post unless you want to be pissed off

It started last week with objections to Chris Brown appearing on the Grammy Awards show Sunday night: I’m Not Okay with Chris Brown Performing at the Grammys and I’m Not Sure Why You Are I’m sick and tired of people … Continue reading

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