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#BlackFriday Open Thread

Don we now our gay apparel! Falala Lalala LALALA! #SkelfOnTheShelf #BlackFriday2018 — Lola (@lovelalola) November 23, 2018 So I went out into this madness, but it wasn’t that bad. I intended just to pick up a steam mop for … Continue reading

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All The Fake News Fit to Be Intercepted

*Snort* So this is the attention grabbing headline at the Intercept this morning, and the disclaimer they had to add after their former far-left journalist (whom they had fired for inventing fake news and sources) was arrested for calling in … Continue reading

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Teflon Don #MAGA

Like shooting fish in a barrel. They speak, and it’s so easy to refute them. They really just don’t get it. .@SenJeffMerkley "Trump…hasn’t done one thing for working Americans his entire lifetime" Except employ them. #MAGA — Lola@Large (@Lola_at_Large) … Continue reading

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The Donald: Charming as Fuck

So said the television news people ALL DAY LONG yesterday. I was in the car a lot, where I have (a free 90-day) subscription to SiriusXM radio (which I am sorely going to miss when it expires). To my regular … Continue reading

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Gossip, Girl (Open Thread)

Well, well, well. Is anyone surprised that Team Hillary is good at subterfuge? Is anyone surprised that Team FeelTheBern is easily duped? No? Then you won’t mind me posting this example, over which you have my permission to snicker all day. 😎 … Continue reading

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Mattress Girl Made A Porn Video

Just when you think shit can’t get any weirder, they go an prove you wrong: Columbia’s Mattress Girl Has Made An ‘Artistic’ Sex Tape Emma Sulkowicz, the Columbia graduate famous across the country as “Mattress Girl” after she hauled a … Continue reading

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FacePalm Friday – Obama’s New Ebola Czar Is A Political Hack

The euphoric haze/alcohol buzz from last night is gone: New Ebola Czar Ron Klain Is A Long-Time Lobbyist, Democratic Operative Earlier today, President Barack Obama announced that he would be appointing Ron Klain as an additional Ebola czar (he already … Continue reading

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